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Abbreviation : NBs
Long Form : nanobubbles
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Adsorption of bulk nanobubbles on the chemically surface-modified muscovite minerals. DDA, HC
2019 Biocompatible Chitosan Nanobubbles for Ultrasound-Mediated Targeted Delivery of Doxorubicin. DOX, DOX-NBs, MCF-7, US
2019 Bulk Nanobubbles Fabricated by Repeated Compression of Microbubbles. ATR-FTIR
2019 Contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging by nature-inspired ultrastable echogenic nanobubbles. UCAs
2019 Development of Antibody-Modified Nanobubbles Using Fc-Region-Binding Polypeptides for Ultrasound Imaging. US
2019 Development of novel ST68/PLA-PEG stabilized ultrasound nanobubbles for potential tumor imaging and theranostic. ---
2019 Echographic and physical characterization of albumin-stabilized nanobubbles. ---
2019 Influence of Mixing and Nanosolids on the Formation of Nanobubbles. ---
2019 Lipid nanobubbles as an ultrasound-triggered artesunate delivery system for imaging-guided, tumor-targeted chemotherapy. FA, US
10  2019 Nano-lipospheres as acoustically active ultrasound contrast agents: evolving tumor imaging and therapy technique. ---
11  2019 Nanobubble Technologies Offer Opportunities To Improve Water Treatment. ROS
12  2019 Surface nanobubbles: Theory, simulation, and experiment. A review. ---
13  2018 Apatinib-loaded lipid nanobubbles combined with ultrasound-targeted nanobubble destruction for synergistic treatment of HepG2 cells in vitro. US
14  2018 Cavitation-threshold Determination and Rheological-parameters Estimation of Albumin-stabilized Nanobubbles. US
15  2018 Generation of nanobubbles by ceramic membrane filters: The dependence of bubble size and zeta potential on surface coating, pore size and injected gas pressure. ---
16  2018 Influences of Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide Nanobubbles on Seed Germination and Plant Growth. ---
17  2018 Nanobubble-embedded inorganic 808nm excited upconversion nanocomposites for tumor multiple imaging and treatment. CNs, MBs, NIR, ROS, UCNPs
18  2018 Porphyrin-Loaded Pluronic Nanobubbles: A New US-Activated Agent for Future Theranostic Applications. ROS, SDT
19  2018 Resveratrol delivery by ultrasound-mediated nanobubbles targeting nucleus pulposus cells. IDD, RES, US
20  2018 Targeted delivery of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets using multifunctional ultrasound nanobubbles for visualization and enhanced photothermal therapy. GPC3, HCC, NIR, rGO, rGO-GPC3, SEM, UTND
21  2018 The therapeutic effect in gliomas of nanobubbles carrying siRNA combined with ultrasound-targeted destruction. MBs, NBs-siRNA, UI, UTD
22  2017 Entrapment of interfacial nanobubbles on nano-structured surfaces. ---
23  2017 Heterogeneity of hypoxia in solid tumours and mechanochemical reactions with oxygen nanobubbles. NB
24  2017 Nanobubbles as ultrasound contrast agent for facilitating small cell lung cancer imaging. CEUS, proGRP, SCLC
25  2017 Nerve growth factor delivery by ultrasound-mediated nanobubble destruction as a treatment for acute spinal cord injury in rats. NGF, NS, PLGA, SCIs, US
26  2017 Neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor-mediated biodegradable photoluminescent nanobubbles as ultrasound contrast agents for targeted breast cancer imaging. BPLPs, UCAs
27  2017 Paclitaxel-loaded and A10-3.2 aptamer-targeted poly(lactide-co-glycolic acid) nanobubbles for ultrasound imaging and therapy of prostate cancer. PLGA, PSMA, PTX, US
28  2017 Photoinduced nanobubble-driven superfast diffusion of nanoparticles imaged by 4D electron microscopy. NPs
29  2017 Preparation and characterization of a novel silicon-modified nanobubble. ---
30  2017 Raw water clarification by flotation with microbubbles and nanobubbles generated with a multiphase pump. F-MP, MBs, WTP
31  2017 Robust nanobubble and nanodroplet segmentation in atomic force microscope images using the spherical Hough transform. AFM, NDs, SHT
32  2017 Vancomycin-loaded nanobubbles: A new platform for controlled antibiotic delivery against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections. MRSA, PFP, US, VM, VmLNBs
33  2016 Cell-penetrating peptide-doxorubicin conjugate loaded NGR-modified nanobubbles for ultrasound triggered drug delivery. CPP-Dox, CPPs
34  2016 Ceramic membrane defouling (cleaning) by air Nano Bubbles. AFM
35  2016 Comparison of the synergistic effect of lipid nanobubbles and SonoVue microbubbles for high intensity focused ultrasound thermal ablation of tumors. HIFU, MBs, PBS, SonoVue MBs
36  2016 Doxorubicin-Loaded Nanobubbles Combined with Extracorporeal Shock Waves: Basis for a New Drug Delivery Tool in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. ATC, ESWs
37  2016 Formation of Stable Nanobubbles on Reconstituting Lyophilized Formulations Containing Trehalose. PS20
38  2016 Inertial cavitation initiated by polytetrafluoroethylene nanoparticles under pulsed ultrasound stimulation. IC, NP, PTFE
39  2016 Inhibition of prostate cancer growth using doxorubicin assisted by ultrasound-targeted nanobubble destruction. DOX, US, UTND
40  2016 Novel cell-penetrating peptide-loaded nanobubbles synergized with ultrasound irradiation enhance EGFR siRNA delivery for triple negative Breast cancer therapy. CPP, EGFR, siEGFR, TNBC, UTMD
41  2015 Automatic morphological characterization of nanobubbles with a novel image segmentation method and its application in the study of nanobubble coalescence. ---
42  2015 Cell-penetrating peptide-siRNA conjugate loaded YSA-modified nanobubbles for ultrasound triggered siRNA delivery. CPPs, siRNA
43  2015 Gas nanobubbles and aqueous nanostructures: the crucial role of dynamization. ---
44  2015 Multifunctional PLGA Nanobubbles as Theranostic Agents: Combining Doxorubicin and P-gp siRNA Co-Delivery Into Human Breast Cancer Cells and Ultrasound Cellular Imaging. DOX, MDR, P-gp, PEI
45  2015 Nanobubble-Affibody: Novel ultrasound contrast agents for targeted molecular ultrasound imaging of tumor. HER2, UCAs
46  2015 Novel lactoferrin-conjugated amphiphilic poly(aminoethyl ethylene phosphate)/poly(L-lactide) copolymer nanobubbles for tumor-targeting ultrasonic imaging. LF, PAEEP-PLLA
47  2014 Methotrexate-loaded PLGA nanobubbles for ultrasound imaging and Synergistic Targeted therapy of residual tumor during HIFU ablation. HIFU, mAbHLA-G, MTX, PLGA
48  2012 Experimental techniques for imaging and measuring transient vapor nanobubbles. ---
49  2012 Nanobubbles for enhanced ultrasound imaging of tumors. MBs
50  2011 Evaluation of antitumor effects following tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene delivery using nanobubbles and ultrasound. US
51  2011 Multifunctional microbubbles and nanobubbles for photoacoustic imaging. MBs
52  2011 Principle and applications of microbubble and nanobubble technology for water treatment. MBs