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Abbreviation : NDs
Long Form : nanodiamonds
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Controlling the fluorescence properties of nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamonds. NV
2019 Effect of Nanodiamond Addition on Flexural Strength, Impact Strength, and Surface Roughness of PMMA Denture Base. PMMA
2019 Growing synergy of nanodiamonds in neurodegenerative interventions. AD, ALS, BBB, HD, NPs, PD
2019 Investigation of near-surface defects of nanodiamonds by high-frequency EPR and DFT calculation. HF, NV
2019 Nanodiamond based surface modified screen-printed electrodes for the simultaneous voltammetric determination of dopamine and uric acid. DA, SPEs, UA
2019 Nanodiamonds conjugated upconversion nanoparticles for bio-imaging and drug delivery. DOX
2019 Nanodiamonds of Different Surface Chemistry Influence the Toxicity and Differentiation of Rat Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cells In Vitro. MSCs, ROS
2019 Nanodiamonds: Minuscule gems that ferry antineoplastic drugs to resistant tumors. ---
2019 Production, surface modification and biomedical applications of nanodiamonds: A sparkling tool for theranostics. ---
10  2019 Structural effects of Diamond nanoparticles and Paclitaxel combination on calf thymus DNA. PTX
11  2018 An all-optical single-step process for production of nanometric-sized fluorescent diamonds. NV
12  2018 Bio-inspired Polydopamine Surface Modification of Nanodiamonds and Its Reduction of Silver Nanoparticles. DA, PDA
13  2018 Designing of membrane-active nano-antimicrobials based on cationic copolymer functionalized nanodiamond: Influence of hydrophilic segment on antimicrobial activity and selectivity. E. coli, HEMA, S. aureus
14  2018 Electrochemical biosensor made with tyrosinase immobilized in a matrix of nanodiamonds and potato starch for detecting phenolic compounds. GCE, PS, Tyr
15  2018 Facile modification of nanodiamonds with hyperbranched polymers based on supramolecular chemistry and their potential for drug delivery. Ad, beta-CD, DOX, ND
16  2018 Functionalization of stable fluorescent nanodiamonds towards reliable detection of biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease. fNDs
17  2018 Immobilization of N-Halamine Based Polycation on Nanodiamonds for High Dispersity and Enhanced Biocidal Activity. E. coli, PCN-NDs, S. aureus
18  2018 Impact of Surface Functionalization on the Quantum Coherence of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds. NV
19  2018 In Vitro Immune Activation of Raw264.7 Cells by Nanodiamonds with Different Surface Chemistry. IL-6, TNF-alpha
20  2018 Inhibition of E. coli Growth by Nanodiamond and Graphene Oxide Enhanced by Luria-Bertani Medium. CFU, GO, LB, MH
21  2018 Interdependent Roles of Electrostatics and Surface Functionalization on the Adhesion Strengths of Nanodiamonds to Gold in Aqueous Environments Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations. ---
22  2018 Matrix Assisted and/or Laser Desorption Ionization Quadrupole Ion Trap Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry of WO3 Clusters Formation in Gas Phase. Nanodiamonds, Fullerene, and Graphene Oxide Matrices. GO, LDI, MALDI
23  2018 Multifunctional Surface Modification of Nanodiamonds Based on Dopamine Polymerization. ---
24  2018 Nanodiamond applications in skin preparations. ---
25  2018 Nanodiamond autophagy inhibitor allosterically improves the arsenical-based therapy of solid tumors. ATO
26  2018 Nanodiamonds facilitate killing of intracellular uropathogenic E. coli in an in vitro model of urinary tract infection pathogenesis. UPEC
27  2018 Photodynamic and photothermal tumor therapy using phase-change material nanoparticles containing chlorin e6 and nanodiamonds. Ce6, PCM
28  2018 The Influence of Suspension Containing Nanodiamonds on the Morphology of the Tooth Tissue Surface in Atomic Force Microscope Observations. AFM
29  2017 Anchored but not internalized: shape dependent endocytosis of nanodiamond. ---
30  2017 Carboxylated nanodiamonds can be used as negative reference in in vitro nanogenotoxicity studies. ---
31  2017 Cetuximab-conjugated nanodiamonds drug delivery system for enhanced targeting therapy and 3D Raman imaging. EGFR
32  2017 Clinical validation of a nanodiamond-embedded thermoplastic biomaterial. NDGP, RCT
33  2017 Controlling Adult Stem Cell Behavior Using Nanodiamond-Reinforced Hydrogel: Implication in Bone Regeneration Therapy. DEX, GelMA, hASCs
34  2017 Efficiency of Cathodoluminescence Emission by Nitrogen-Vacancy Color Centers in Nanodiamonds. CL, NV
35  2017 Fe doped Magnetic Nanodiamonds made by Ion Implantation. ---
36  2017 Host-Guest Complexes of Cyclodextrins and Nanodiamonds as a Strong Non-Covalent Binding Motif for Self-Assembled Nanomaterials. beta-CD and gamma-CD, CDVs
37  2017 Metal-free hybrids of graphitic carbon nitride and nanodiamonds for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic applications. MB
38  2017 Multifunctional nanodiamonds in regenerative medicine: Recent advances and future directions. ---
39  2017 Nanodiamond-based injectable hydrogel for sustained growth factor release: Preparation, characterization and in vitro analysis. VEGF
40  2017 Nanodiamonds as pH-switchable oxidation and reduction catalysts with enzyme-like activities for immunoassay and antioxidant applications. ELISA, IgG
41  2017 Nanodiamonds Mediate Oral Delivery of Proteins for Stem Cell Activation and Intestinal Remodeling in Drosophila. ---
42  2017 Nanodiamonds on tetrahedral amorphous carbon significantly enhance dopamine detection and cell viability. ta-C
43  2017 Optical imaging of localized chemical events using programmable diamond quantum nanosensors. NV
44  2017 Spin-manipulated nanoscopy for single nitrogen-vacancy center localizations in nanodiamonds. ODMR
45  2017 Ubiquitin-coated nanodiamonds bind to autophagy receptors for entry into the selective autophagy pathway. GFP, SQSTM1, Ub
46  2017 Uptake and intracellular accumulation of diamond nanoparticles - a metabolic and cytotoxic study. HPHT
47  2016 Antibacterial Applications of Nanodiamonds. ---
48  2016 Atomically precise understanding of nanofluids: nanodiamonds and carbon nanotubes in ionic liquids. CNTs, IL, MD, NF, NPs
49  2016 Combinatorial approaches to evaluate nanodiamond uptake and induced cellular fate. ---
50  2016 Comprehensive evaluation of carboxylated nanodiamond as a topical drug delivery system. ROS
51  2016 Doxorubicin loaded nanodiamond-silk spheres for fluorescence tracking and controlled drug release. DoX, NDSX, NP, SF
52  2016 Investigating Functional DNA Grafted on Nanodiamond Surface Using Site-Directed Spin Labeling and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. ---
53  2016 Lysine-functionalized nanodiamonds as gene carriers: development of stable colloidal dispersion for in vitro cellular uptake studies and siRNA delivery application. lys-ND
54  2016 Multi-instrument characterization of five nanodiamond samples: a thorough example of nanomaterial characterization. BET, DRIFT, EELS, ICP-MS, PSD, TEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS, XRD
55  2016 Nano-assembly of nanodiamonds by conjugation to actin filaments. ---
56  2016 Nanodiamond-Decorated Silica Spheres as a Chromatographic Material. IR, ND, TEM, UV, XPS
57  2016 Nanodiamond-Gold Nanocomposites with the Peroxidase-Like Oxidative Catalytic Activity. ---
58  2016 Nanodiamonds coupled with 5,7-dimethoxycoumarin, a plant bioactive metabolite, interfere with the mitotic process in B16F10 cells altering the actin organization. ---
59  2016 Paclitaxel-Nanodiamond Nanocomplexes Enhance Aqueous Dispersibility and Drug Retention in Cells. PTX
60  2016 Plant Cell Imaging Based on Nanodiamonds with Excitation-Dependent Fluorescence. ---
61  2016 Role of Nanodiamonds in Drug Delivery and Stem Cell Therapy. ---
62  2016 Synergistic Effect of Hybrid Multilayer In2Se3 and Nanodiamonds for Highly Sensitive Photodetectors. ---
63  2016 The Development of Novel Nanodiamond Based MALDI Matrices for the Analysis of Small Organic Pharmaceuticals. M - H, MALDI-MS
64  2016 The Effect of High Concentration and Small Size of Nanodiamonds on the Strength of Interface and Fracture Properties in Epoxy Nanocomposite. F-NDs, P-NDs
65  2015 Atom-Photon Coupling from Nitrogen-vacancy Centres Embedded in Tellurite Microspheres. NV
66  2015 DNA-Based Self-Assembly of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds. ---
67  2015 Field emission luminescence of nanodiamonds deposited on the aligned carbon nanotube array. CNTs, DMSO
68  2015 Functionalization of graphene oxide nanostructures improves photoluminescence and facilitates their use as optical probes in preclinical imaging. GQDs, nGOs, PEG-PEI
69  2015 Functionalized nanomaterials: are they effective to perform gene delivery to difficult-to-transfect cells with no cytotoxicity? MWCNTs, NRs
70  2015 Luminescent Diamond Nanoparticles: Physical, Chemical and Biological Aspects of the Phenomenon. ---
71  2015 Nanodiamond-based chemotherapy and imaging. ---
72  2015 Nanodiamond-Gutta Percha Composite Biomaterials for Root Canal Therapy. GP, NDGP, RCT
73  2015 Nanodiamonds act as Trojan horse for intracellular delivery of metal ions to trigger cytotoxicity. ICP-MS, MD, MTT, mu-XRF, ROS, STXM, TEM
74  2015 Nanodiamonds protect skin from ultraviolet B-induced damage in mice. UV
75  2015 Near-IR nonlinear optical filter for optical communication window. ---
76  2015 Oxidative stress and histological changes following exposure to diamond nanoparticles in the freshwater Asian clam Corbicula fluminea (Muller, 1774). ---
77  2015 Patterning of nanodiamond tracks and nanocrystalline diamond films using a micropipette for additive direct-write processing. MEMS, NCD, RIE
78  2015 Protein Attachment on Nanodiamonds. ---
79  2015 Raman microspectroscopy of nanodiamond-induced structural changes in albumin. cNDs
80  2015 Solid-phase synthesis, characterization, and cellular activities of collagen-model nanodiamond-peptide conjugates. ---
81  2015 Toward multifunctional "clickable" diamond nanoparticles. ---
82  2014 Carbon-based drug delivery carriers for cancer therapy. CNTs
83  2014 Carbon-based smart nanomaterials in biomedicine and neuroengineering. CNTs
84  2014 Carboxylated nanodiamonds are neither cytotoxic nor genotoxic on liver, kidney, intestine and lung human cell lines. ---
85  2014 Comparative study of cytotoxicity of detonation nanodiamond particles with an osteosarcoma cell line and primary mesenchymal stem cells. DND, rMSCs
86  2014 Comprehensive interrogation of the cellular response to fluorescent, detonation and functionalized nanodiamonds. ---
87  2014 Deterministic optical-near-field-assisted positioning of nitrogen-vacancy centers. NV
88  2014 Factors controlling the enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of nanodiamond-reinforced cross-linked high density polyethylene. ---
89  2014 Fluorescent nanodiamonds embedded in biocompatible translucent shells. FNDs, HPHT
90  2014 Free Energy Calculation of Nanodiamond-Membrane Association-The Effect of Shape and Surface Functionalization. MD
91  2014 Green chemistry of carbon nanomaterials. ---
92  2014 Nanodiamond-mitoxantrone complexes enhance drug retention in chemoresistant breast cancer cells. ABC
93  2014 Nanodiamonds activate blood platelets and induce thromboembolism. ---
94  2014 Nanostructuring of biosensing electrodes with nanodiamonds for antibody immobilization. IDEs
95  2014 Quantifying the distribution of nanodiamonds in pre-Younger Dryas to recent age deposits along Bull Creek, Oklahoma panhandle, USA. ET
96  2014 Range-finding risk assessment of inhalation exposure to nanodiamonds in a laboratory environment. ---
97  2014 Synthesis and characterization of biocompatible nanodiamond-silk hybrid material. ---
98  2014 Synthesis of nanodiamond-daunorubicin conjugates to overcome multidrug chemoresistance in leukemia. DNR
99  2013 Effect of the nanodiamond host on a nitrogen-vacancy color-centre emission state. NV
100  2013 Grafting nitroxide radicals on nanodiamond surface using click chemistry. EPR, tens