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Abbreviation : NE
Long Form : normal endometrium
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 The Significance of Galectin-1 and Galectin-9 Expression in Endometrial Carcinoma. AH, EC
2019 Aberrant expression of CHL1 gene and long non-coding RNA CHL1-AS1, CHL1-AS2 in ovarian endometriosis. EC, EM, EU, GSEA, IHC, lncRNAs, qPCR
2019 Knockdown of long noncoding RNA CCDC144NL-AS1 attenuates migration and invasion phenotypes in endometrial stromal cells from endometriosis†. EC, EM, EU, F-actin, lncRNAs, rAFS
2019 Noscapine Inhibiting the Growth and Angiogenesis of Human Eutopic Endometrium of Endometriosis Patients through Expression of Apoptotic Genes and Nitric Oxide Reduction in Three-Dimensional Culture Model. EEE, FBS, NO
2019 Nuclear expression of beta-catenin in endometrial hyperplasia as marker of premalignancy. DOR, EC, EH, OR
2019 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator 1alpha-mediated pathway as a possible therapeutic target in endometriosis. IL, OE, PGC-1alpha, RXRalpha, SCs
2019 Uterine endometrial cytology, biopsy, bacteriology, and serum C-reactive protein in clinically healthy diestrus bitches. CEH, END
2018 DNA Repair Gene (XPD, XRCC4, and XRCC1) Polymorphisms in Patients with Endometrial Hyperplasia: A Pilot Study. CAH, CH, PCR, RFLP, SH
2018 [Expression and clinical significance of MIIP and PAK1 in endometrial carcinoma]. AHE, EC, FIGO, MIIP, PAK1
10  2016 A New Hysteroscopic Risk Scoring System for Diagnosing Endometrial Hyperplasia and Adenocarcinoma. AEH, EC, EH
11  2016 Distinct expression profile of lncRNA in endometrial carcinoma. EC
12  2016 Inter-observer reproducibility of endometrial cytology by the Osaki Study Group method: utilising the Becton Dickinson SurePath™ liquid-based cytology. ATEC-A, ATEC-US, EGBD, EH, LBC, OSG, SP
13  2016 Perfusion and diffusion characteristics of endometrial malignancy based on intravoxel incoherent motion MRI at 3.0 T: comparison with normal endometrium. ADC, AUC 0.786-0.961, EM, IVIM, MRI, ROC
14  2014 Membrane expression of trail receptors DcR1 and DcR2 in the normal endometrium, endometrial atypical hyperplasia and endometrioid endometrial cancer. EAH, EEC, TS
15  2014 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma, coactivator 1alpha enhances local estrogen biosynthesis by stimulating aromatase activity in endometriosis. EE, OE, PGC-1alpha, SCs, TNF
16  2014 Toll-like receptor-4 pathway is required for the pathogenesis of human chronic endometritis. CE, IL-1beta, TLR, TNF-alpha
17  2013 Chemokines mRNA expression in relation to the Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) mRNA and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) mRNA expression in the microenvironment of endometrial cancer tissue and normal endometrium: a pilot study. EC, MIF, TAMs, VEGF
18  2013 Epigenetic disorder may cause downregulation of HOXA10 in the eutopic endometrium of fertile women with endometriosis. 5-AC, ESCs, mRNA, RT-PCR
19  2013 Hypomethylation of ETS transcription factor binding sites and upregulation of PARP1 expression in endometrial cancer. EAC
20  2013 Membrane expression of the death ligand trail receptors DR4 and DR5 in the normal endometrium, endometrial atypical hyperplasia and endometrioid endometrial cancer. EAH, EEC, TS
21  2013 Membrane expression of TRAIL receptors DR4, DR5, DcR1 and DcR2 in the normal endometrium, atypical endometrial hyperplasia and endometrioid adenocarcinoma: a tissue microarray study. AEH, DFS, EAC, OS, TS
22  2012 Abnormal expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP9) correlates with clinical course in Chinese patients with endometrial cancer. EAH, EC, MMP9
23  2012 MicroRNA-125b down-regulation mediates endometrial cancer invasion by targeting ERBB2. 3'UTR, EEC, miRNAs
24  2012 Phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) pseudogene expression in endometrial cancer: a conserved regulatory mechanism important in tumorigenesis? EMCA, miRNAs, PTEN
25  2012 [Expression of MMR in endometrial adenocarcinoma in women under 50 years old]. BMI, CAHE, EC, MMR, SHE
26  2010 Expression of Efp, VEGF and bFGF in normal, hyperplastic and malignant endometrial tissue. AH, bFGF, EC, Efp, VEGF
27  2010 Expression of PSCA, PIWIL1, and TBX2 in endometrial adenocarcinoma. EAC, PIWIL1, PSCA, TBX2
28  2009 Involvement of Akt, Ras and cell cycle regulators in the potential development of endometrial hyperplasia in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. HE, PCOSE
29  2008 The expression and ovarian steroid regulation of endometrial micro-RNAs. ECE, GEC, miRNAs
30  2008 Trefoil factor 3: a novel serum marker identified by gene expression profiling in high-grade endometrial carcinomas. qRT-PCR, TFF3
31  2007 Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) expression in human endometrial carcinoma and precursor lesions and its possible use in cancer chemoprevention and therapy. ACH, COX-2, EACA, EH, IHC
32  2007 Deregulation of tissue homeostasis in endometria from patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome with and without endometrial hyperplasia. HE, PCOSE
33  2006 Androgen and estrogen receptors and co-regulators levels in endometria from patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome with and without endometrial hyperplasia. AR, ERalpha, ERbeta, HE, PCOSE
34  2004 Drastic decrease of progesterone receptor form B but not A mRNA reflects poor patient prognosis in endometrial cancers. EC, PR, PR-A
35  2002 Ezrin, a membrane-cytoskeletal linking protein, is highly expressed in atypical endometrial hyperplasia and uterine endometrioid adenocarcinoma. AH, cH, sH, UEC
36  2000 Clinical significance of numerical aberrations on chromosome 17 in uterine cervical and endometrial neoplasias. EA, EH, FISH, NCE
37  2000 Induction of an angiogenic phenotype in endometriotic stromal cell cultures by interleukin-1beta. BBCE, EI, IL-1beta, IL-1RI, IL-6, RT-PCR, VEGF
38  2000 [Methylation and expression of the p16 gene in endometrial carcinoma]. AH, EC, SCH
39  1999 Oestrogen receptor (ER)-alpha and ER-beta isoforms in normal endometrial and endometriosis-derived stromal cells. EI, ERbeta, RT-PCR
40  1996 Interleukin-6 secretion in vitro is up-regulated in ectopic and eutopic endometrial stromal cells from women with endometriosis. EE, EI
41  1993 [The phytohemagglutinins and soybean agglutinin in diagnosis of endometrial adenocarcinoma]. CGH, EA
42  1991 Expression of carcinoembryonic antigen and ferritin in normal, hyperplastic, and neoplastic endometrium. AAH, CA, CEA