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Abbreviation : NEFA
Long Form : non-esterified fatty acids
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 24-h variations of blood serum metabolites in high yielding dairy cows and calves. BHBA
2020 3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole Induces Quick and Strong Fat Loss in Mice with High Fat-Induced Metabolic Syndrome. ATZ, MetS, WAT
2020 A global perspective on the crosstalk between saturated fatty acids and Toll-like receptor 4 in the etiology of inflammation and insulin resistance. SFAs, TLR4
2020 A Tale of Two Biomarkers: Untargeted 1H NMR Metabolomic Fingerprinting of BHBA and NEFA in Early Lactation Dairy Cows. BHBA
2020 Acupuncture improved lipid metabolism by regulating intestinal absorption in mice. AG, NAFLD, NG, TGs
2020 Acute phase proteins and markers of oxidative status in water buffalos during the transition from late pregnancy to early lactation. AGP, AOPP, AP, APP, d-ROM, Hp, OSI, PP, SAA, TBARS, wk
2020 Adipocyte Insulin Resistance in PCOS: Relationship With GLUT-4 Expression and Whole-Body Glucose Disposal and beta-Cell Function. Adipo-IR, AIRg, AT, DI, GLUT-4, HOMA, IR, mFSIVGTT, PCOS, SI
2020 Altered metabolic and hormonal responses to moderate exercise in overweight/obesity. ACTH, hGH
2020 Anti-obesity potential of Moringa olifera seed extract and lycopene on high fat diet induced obesity in male Sprauge Dawely rats. HFABP, HFD, IHC, iNOS, LYC
10  2020 Associations of maternal and fetal SCD-1 markers with infant anthropometry and maternal diet: Findings from the ROLO study. SCD-1
11  2020 Changes in peripheral blood oxidative stress markers and hepatic gene expression related to oxidative stress in Holstein cows with and without subacute ruminal acidosis during the periparturient period. AST, GPx, MGST3, SARA
12  2020 Changes in the metabolic profiles of dairy cows before and after calving that were mainly fed fodder beet (Beta vulgaris vulgaris L.) during the dry period. AST, BCS, BHBA
13  2020 Changes of Plasma Fatty Acids in Four Lipid Classes to Understand Energy Metabolism at Different Levels of Non-Esterified Fatty Acid (NEFA) in Dairy Cows. BHB, FAs, TLC-GC
14  2020 Characterization of serum adiponectin and leptin in healthy perinatal dairy cows or cows with ketosis, and their effectson ketosis involved indices. BHBA, GLU
15  2020 Circulating lipids in men with type 2 diabetes following 3 days on a carbohydrate-free diet versus 3 days of fasting. BHB, CHO-free, IGFBP-1, T2DM, TAG
16  2020 Clinical translation of 18F-fluoropivalate - a PET tracer for imaging short-chain fatty acid metabolism: safety, biodistribution, and dosimetry in fed and fasted healthy volunteers. 18F-FPIA, SCFA
17  2020 Co-administration of 5alpha-reductase Inhibitors Worsens the Adverse Metabolic Effects of Prescribed Glucocorticoids. 5alpha-RI, GCs
18  2020 Comparable Exogenous Carbohydrate Oxidation from Lactose or Sucrose during Exercise. CHO
19  2020 Dietary Alcohol and Fat Differentially Affect Plasma Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Activity and Triglycerides in Normo- and Hypertriglyceridemic Subjects. CE, CETA, HDL, HTG, NTG, SAT, TAG
20  2020 Does increased immune response at early postpartum period have a relationship with metabolic markers and subsequent fertility? BHB, Ca, CON, ICIR
21  2020 Effect of a ketogenic diet on hepatic steatosis and hepatic mitochondrial metabolism in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. IHTG, KD, NAFLD
22  2020 Effect of air temperature on growth performance, apparent digestibilities, rumen fermentation and serum metabolites in Altay and Hu lambs. ADG, VFA
23  2020 Effect of Almond Supplementation on Non-Esterified Fatty Acid Values and Exercise Performance. FA
24  2020 Effect of Dry-Period Diet on the Performance and Metabolism of Dairy Cows in Early Lactation. FA
25  2020 Effect of parity number on the dry matter intake of dairy cows during the first week after calving. Ca, DMI, TP
26  2020 Effect of pomegranate by-product silage on feed intake, blood metabolites, inflammatory responses, and prostaglandin F2alpha metabolites in Holstein dairy cows. BHBA, DMI, IL-1, MDA, PBS, SAA
27  2020 Effect of transport and rest stop duration on the welfare of conditioned cattle transported by road. ADG, AUC, BW
28  2020 Effects of beta-1,3-glucan supplementation on concentrations of serum metabolites in transition Holstein cows. AST, BHBA, HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TG, VLDL
29  2020 Effects of corn supplementation and age on performance and reproduction of beef females grazing lush spring pasture. ADF, AI, BCS, BHBA, BUN, BW, CON-C, CON-H, SUPP-C
30  2020 Effects of dexmedetomidine on glucose homeostasis in healthy cats. ---
31  2020 Effects of dietary dihydroartemisinin supplementation on growth performance, hepatic inflammation, and lipid metabolism in weaned piglets with intrauterine growth retardation. DHA, IUGR, NBW
32  2020 Effects of dietary electrolytes, osmolytes, and energetic compounds on body temperature indices in heat-stressed lactating cows. EHB, EOEC, HS, RR, Tr, Ts, TV
33  2020 Effects of intermittent fasting or calorie restriction on markers of lipid metabolism in human skeletal muscle. CR, IF
34  2020 Effects of non-esterified fatty acids on relative abundance of prostaglandin E2 and F2alpha synthesis-related mRNA transcripts and protein in endometrial cells of cattle in vitro. BEND, NEB, PG, PGE2, PGF2 alpha
35  2020 Effects of pretransport diet, transport duration, and type of vehicle on physiological status of young veal calves. BHB
36  2020 Effects of zinc propionate supplementation on growth performance, skeletal muscle fiber, and receptor characteristics in beef steers. beta-AR, BW, CON, HD, IHC, RH, SUN
37  2020 Energy homeostasis in rabbit does during pregnancy and pseudopregnancy. AI, PP
38  2020 Evaluation of oxidant/antioxidant status, metabolic profile and milk production in cows with metritis. AST, BHB, GPx, MDA, Se, TAS
39  2020 Exposure to chronic light-dark phase shifts during the prepartum nonlactating period attenuates circadian rhythms, decreases blood glucose, and increases milk yield in the subsequent lactation. BHB, CTR, PS
40  2020 Fatty acid metabolism and associations with insulin sensitivity differs between black and white South African women. CE, IS, SA
41  2020 FXR-mediated inhibition of autophagy contributes to FA-induced TG accumulation and accordingly reduces FA-induced lipotoxicity. BA, DEG, FA, FXR, NAFLD, TG
42  2020 Gan-Jiang-Ling-Zhu decoction alleviates hepatic steatosis in rats by the miR-138-5p/CPT1B axis. AST, CPT1B, DEGs, GJLZ, HADHA, LDL, NAFLD, PPAR, RT-PCR, TC, TG
43  2020 GH directly inhibits steatosis and liver injury in a sex-dependent and IGF1-independent manner. aHepGHRkd, GH, GHR, IGF-1, NAFLD, WAT
44  2020 Glucose and lipid metabolism of broiler chickens fed diets with graded levels of corn resistant starch. CS, GS, RS
45  2020 Gpr120 mRNA expression in gonadotropes in the mouse pituitary gland is regulated by free fatty acids. FSH, Fshb, Gnrh-r, LCFA, LHB
46  2020 Hepatic lipid metabolism is affected by a daily 3-meal pattern with varying dietary crude protein with a pig model. ATGL, BMAL1, CP, LCH, Per1, Per2, RT-qPCR
47  2020 Heritability estimates of predicted blood beta-hydroxybutyrate and nonesterified fatty acids and relationships with milk traits in early-lactation Holstein cows. BHB, DIM, MIR
48  2020 High-Dose Dexamethasone Manipulates the Tumor Microenvironment and Internal Metabolic Pathways in Anti-Tumor Progression. DEX, FAO, FFA, qPCR, TAMs, TG
49  2020 High-fat Overfeeding Does Not Exacerbate Rapid Changes in Forearm Glucose and Fatty Acid Balance During Immobilization. AV-V, BMI, FGU, HFD
50  2020 Hormonal and metabolic profiles related to placental retention with emphasis on oxidative stress and serotonin receptors in pluriparous buffaloes. BHBA
51  2020 Impact of Stress on Health and Final Weight in Fattening Lambs. FCM, N/L, ORC
52  2020 Influence of rumen bypass fat supplementation during early lactation in tropical crossbred dairy cattle. BHBA, BW, MUN, NEB, SNF, TMR, TMR
53  2020 Intravenous Administration of Butaphosphan and Cyanocobalamin Combination to Late-Pregnant Dairy Cows Reduces Their Insulin Resistance After Calving. BHBA, CTRL
54  2020 Ketotic cows display a different serum nonesterified fatty acid composition. GC-MS
55  2020 Lipotoxicity and Diabetic Nephropathy: Novel Mechanistic Insights and Therapeutic Opportunities. ---
56  2020 Long-term hypercortisolism induces lipogenesis promoting palmitic acid accumulation and inflammation in visceral adipose tissue compared with HFD-induced obesity. DNL, GCs, HFD, HOMA-IR, NMRI, PA, PUFA, SAT, VAT
57  2020 Maternal lipids are associated with newborn adiposity, independent of GDM status, obesity and insulin resistance: a prospective observational cohort study. BW, BWR, GDM, GWG, LGA, NFM, NGT, OGTT, SSFT, TG
58  2020 Maternal resistance to diet-induced obesity partially protects newborn and post-weaning male mice offspring from metabolic disturbances. HFD, OP, OR
59  2020 Mathematical model of diabetes and lipid metabolism linked to diet, leptin sensitivity, insulin sensitivity and VLDLTG clearance predicts paths to health and type II diabetes. HCLF, LCHF, VLDL-TG
60  2020 Maximising Lucerne (Medicago sativa) Pasture Intake of Dairy Cows: 2-the Effect of Post-Grazing Pasture Height and Mixed Ration Level. DM, PMR
61  2020 Metabolic markers for purulent vaginal discharge and subclinical endometritis in dairy cows. BHB, Hp, IGF-1, PMN, PVD, SCE
62  2020 Metabolic Profiling of Plasma in Different Calving Body Condition Score Cows Using an Untargeted Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Approach. BHB, CBCS, GPI, IL-6, KEGG, LC-MS, TNF-alpha
63  2020 Metrnl deficiency decreases blood HDL cholesterol and increases blood triglyceride. HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TG
64  2020 Mid-infrared spectroscopic analysis of raw milk to predict the blood nonesterified fatty acid concentrations in dairy cows. MIR
65  2020 Modulation of the metabolic response using dexamethasone in beef steers vaccinated with a multivalent respiratory vaccine. ACU, BW, CHR, CON, DEX, SUN
66  2020 N-acetylcysteine modulates non-esterified fatty acid-induced pyroptosis and inflammation in granulosa cells. GCs, IL, NAC, NEB, NO
67  2020 Non-esterified Fatty Acid Induce Dairy Cow Hepatocytes Apoptosis via the Mitochondria-Mediated ROS-JNK/ERK Signaling Pathway. AIF, Bax, Bcl-2, cyt c, JNK, MMP, NAC, Nrf2, ROS
68  2020 Non-Esterified Fatty Acid-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species Mediated Granulosa Cells Apoptosis Is Regulated by Nrf2/p53 Signaling Pathway. ERS, GCs, NAC, NEB, Nrf2, ROS
69  2020 Nutrient requirements in Hanwoo cows with artificial insemination: effects on blood metabolites and embryo recovery rate. AI, ALB, AST, BCS, BUN, NR, TP
70  2020 Nutritional Physiology and Biochemistry of Dairy Cattle under the Influence of Heat Stress: Consequences and Opportunities. HS, NEBAL
71  2020 Obesity increases hepatic glycine dehydrogenase and aminomethyltransferase expression while dietary glycine supplementation reduces white adipose tissue in Zucker diabetic fatty rats. AMT, GCSH, GLDC, ZDF
72  2020 Oocyte maturation under lipotoxic conditions induces carryover transcriptomic and functional alterations during post-hatching development of good-quality blastocysts: novel insights from a bovine embryo-transfer model. BASAL, ED, EXT, GEO
73  2020 Ovine prenatal growth-restriction and sex influence fetal adipose tissue phenotype and impact postnatal lipid metabolism and adiposity in vivo from birth until adulthood. HSL, PAT
74  2020 Oxidative Status of Goats with Different CSN1S1 Genotypes Fed ad Libitum with Fresh and Dry Forages. BAP, BHBA, CSN1S1, GPx, OSI, ROMs, SOD
75  2020 Performance of growing lambs supplemented with ground licuri (Syagrus coronata). ADG, DM, EE, NDF, peNDF, TG
76  2020 Plasma Docosahexaenoic Acid and Eicosapentaenoic Acid Concentrations Are Positively Associated with Brown Adipose Tissue Activity in Humans. BAT, DHA, EPA, NE, PET/CT
77  2020 Plasma mtDNA copy numbers are associated with GSTK1 expression and inflammation in type 2 diabetes. CI, GSTK1, hs-CRP, IL-6, mtDNA, OR, qPCR, TNF-alpha
78  2020 Policaptil Gel Retard Intake Reduces Postprandial Triglycerides, Ghrelin and Appetite in Obese Children: A Clinical Trial. AUC, GLP-1, PGR
79  2020 Postpartum health disorders in lactating dairy cows and its associations with reproductive responses and pregnancy status afterfirst timed-AI. AST, BHB, INF, ISG15, MET, PGFM
80  2020 PPARA/RXRA signalling regulates the fate of hepatic non-esterified fatty acids in a sheep model of maternal undernutrition. BHBA, FAO, KEGG
81  2020 Predicting physiological imbalance in Holstein dairy cows by three different sets of milk biomarkers. BHB, cv, DIM, EBAL, FT-MIR, IgG, MME
83  2020 Radix Polygoni Multiflori and Its Main Component Emodin Attenuate Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Zebrafish by Regulation of AMPK Signaling Pathway. ACOX1, AMPKalpha, CPT-1a, IR, NAFLD, PI3K, PPARalpha, RPMP, TC, TG
84  2020 Regulatory Roles of SREBF1 and SREBF2 in Lipid Metabolism and Deposition in Two Chinese Representative Fat-Tailed Sheep Breeds. SREBPs, TC
85  2020 Relationships between early postpartum nutritional and metabolic profiles and subsequent reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows. AI, AST, CI, OR
86  2020 Replacing smoking with vaping during pregnancy: Impacts on metabolic health in mice. SE
87  2020 Residual Feed Intake in Dairy Ewes: An Evidence of Intraflock Variability. BCS, BW, DIM, RFI
88  2020 Ringer's Lactate Prevents Early Organ Failure by Providing Extracellular Calcium. LA
89  2020 Serum acylcarnitine profile in endurance horses with and without metabolic dysfunction. ---
90  2020 Serum paraoxonase-1 activity in tail and mammary veins of ketotic dairy cows. MDA, PON1
91  2020 Short communication: Associations between nonesterified fatty acids, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and glucose in periparturient dairy goats. BHB, SD
92  2020 Short Communication: Response of lactating dairy cows fed different supplemental zinc sources with and without evaporative cooling to intramammary lipopolysaccharide infusion: Metabolite and mineral profiles in blood and milk. DM, LPS
93  2020 Short communication: Short-term fasting and refeeding induced changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue physiology in 7-day old Japanese quail. ---
94  2020 Sirtuin 3 improves fatty acid metabolism in response to high nonesterified fatty acids in calf hepatocytes by modulating gene expression. ACC1, ACO, FAS, si, SIRT3, TG
95  2020 Sleep apnea in men is associated with altered lipid metabolism, glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, and body fat percentage. AHI, HRV, OGTT, OSA
96  2020 Study on the protection of water extracts of Polygoni Multiflori Radix and Polygoni Multiflori Radix Praeparata against NAFLD and its mechanism. AST, BODIPY, CPT1A, ETO, HFD, HPLC, NAFLD, PMR, PMRP, PMRPWE, PMRWE, ROS, TC, TG, TSG
97  2020 Technical note: Comparative evaluation of 3 methods for the quantification of nonesterified fatty acids in bovine plasma sampled prepartum. ---
98  2020 The Effect of Fructose Feeding on Intestinal Triacylglycerol Production and De Novo Fatty Acid Synthesis in Humans. CM, DNL, TAG, VLDL
99  2020 The effects of spinach-derived thylakoid supplementation in combination with calorie restriction on anthropometric parameters and metabolic profiles in obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. DHEAS, FAI, FBG, FSH, LH, PCOS, SHBG
100  2020 The effects of supplementing yeast fermentation products on gut permeability, hormone concentration, and growth in newborn dairy calves. ADG, AOFE, BW, GLP-2, SCFP, SI, YFP