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Abbreviation : NEG
Long Form : nonenzymatic glycosylation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Insights into the Progression of Labile Hb A1c to Stable Hb A1c via a Mechanistic Assessment of 2,3-Bisphosphoglycerate Facilitation of the Slow Nonenzymatic Glycation Process. 2,3-BPG
2019 Structure-activity relationship of procyanidins on advanced glycation end products formation and corresponding mechanisms. AGEs, EC
2018 Accumulation of carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) in human cortical bone. AGEs, CML, fAGEs
2018 Potential roles of inorganic phosphate on the progression of initially bound glucopyranose toward the nonenzymatic glycation of human hemoglobin: mechanistic diversity and impacts on site selectivity. Pi
2017 A Perspective on Reagent Diversity and Non-covalent Binding of Reactive Carbonyl Species (RCS) and Effector Reagents in Non-enzymatic Glycation (NEG): Mechanistic Considerations and Implications for Future Research. HSA, RCS
2016 Advanced glycation end products mediated cellular and molecular events in the pathology of diabetic nephropathy. AGEs, DN, ESRD, RAGE
2016 Effects of insulin therapy on porosity, non-enzymatic glycation and mechanical competence in the bone of rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Ct.Po, IU, ZDF
2016 Effects of parathyroid hormone on cortical porosity, non-enzymatic glycation and bone tissue mechanics in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Ct.Po, DB, fem, ND, PTH, vert, ZDF
2015 A direct role of collagen glycation in bone fracture. AGEs
10  2014 N-phenacylthiazolium bromide reduces bone fragility induced by nonenzymatic glycation. AGEs, PTB
11  2013 Alterations in kidney tissue following zinc supplementation to STZ-induced diabetic rats. LPO, STZ
12  2013 In vitro non-enzymatic ribation reduces post-yield strain accommodation in cortical bone. AGEs
13  2013 Protective effect of vanadyl sulfate on skin injury in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. CAT, GST, LPO, SOD, STZ
14  2013 Protective effect of vanadyl sulfate on skin injury in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. CAT, GST, LPO, SOD, STZ
15  2012 Antiaging effect of pine pollen in human diploid fibroblasts and in a mouse model induced by D-galactose. AG
16  2012 Effect of nonenzymatic glycosylation on the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent binding to human serum albumin. HSA, MRI
17  2012 Heterogeneous glycation of cancellous bone and its association with bone quality and fragility. ECM, UPLC
18  2011 Conformational analysis of human serum albumin and its non-enzymatic glycation products using monoclonal antibodies. AGE, HSA, mAbs, N-B
19  2011 The relative contributions of non-enzymatic glycation and cortical porosity on the fracture toughness of aging bone. AGEs
20  2010 Aggregation and self assembly of non-enzymatic glycation of collagen in the presence of amino guanidine and aspirin: an in vitro study. AG, CD, RTT
21  2010 Effects of short-term streptozotocin-induced diabetes and vitamin C on platelet non-enzymatic glycation. STZ
22  2010 Non-enzymatic glycation alters microdamage formation in human cancellous bone. AGEs, DS/DV, DV/BV
23  2009 Advanced Glycation End-products and Bone Fractures. AGEs
24  2009 Changes in non-enzymatic glycation and its association with altered mechanical properties following 1-year treatment with risedronate or alendronate. AGEs, BPs, VEH
25  2009 Study on the interaction of levocetirizine dihydrochloride with human serum albumin by molecular spectroscopy. CD, HSA
26  2009 The effects of combined treatment of antioxidants on the liver injury in STZ diabetic rats. LPO, PCNA, Se, STZ
27  2007 Effects of non-enzymatic glycation on cancellous bone fragility. AGEs
28  2006 Alterations in somatostatin cells and biochemical parameters following zinc supplementation in gastrointestinal tissue of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. i.p, LPO, STZ
29  2006 Effect of vanadyl sulfate on the status of lipid parameters and on stomach and spleen tissues of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. i.p, LPO, STZ
30  2006 Effects of glibornuride versus metformin on eye lenses and skin in experimental diabetes. LPO, SDS, STZ
31  2006 Effects of parsley (Petroselinum crispum) extract versus glibornuride on the liver of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. LPO, STZ
32  2006 Nitrite-induced cross-linking alters remodeling and mechanical properties of collagenous engineered tissues. NEN
33  2006 Plantar skin in type II diabetes: an investigation of protein glycation and biomechanical properties of plantar epidermis. HPLC, SC, T2DM
34  2006 Vanadyl sulfate administration protects the streptozotocin-induced oxidative damage to brain tissue in rats. CAT, LDH, LPO, STZ
35  2004 Effect of Aloe vera leaf gel and pulp extracts on the liver in type-II diabetic rat models. ALP, LPO, PBS
36  2004 Effects of chard (Beta vulgaris L. var cicla) on the liver of the diabetic rats: a morphological and biochemical study. LPO
37  2001 Fluorometric and mass spectrometric analysis of nonenzymatic glycosylated albumin. ---
38  2001 Influence of nonenzymatic glycation on biomechanical properties of cortical bone. ---
39  1999 Analysis of non enzymatic glycosylation in vivo: impact of different dialysis solutions. AGEs, G/NG, PD, Peff, UFF
40  1999 Intracellular protein glycation in cultured retinal capillary pericytes and endothelial cells exposed to high-glucose concentration. AGEs, ELISA
41  1998 Ageing and zonal variation in post-translational modification of collagen in normal human articular cartilage. The age-related increase in non-enzymatic glycation affects biomechanical properties of cartilage. LP
42  1998 Impaired reactive oxygen metabolism of phagocytic leukocytes in NIDDM patients. A role for non-enzymatic glycosylation of collagen. CL, PMNs, ROM
43  1996 Contributions to senescence: non-enzymatic glycosylation of proteins. ---
44  1996 Monocyte oxygenation activities are significantly influenced by non-enzymatic glycosylation of collagen. CL, ROS
45  1996 [Pulmonary complications in diabetes mellitus]. ---
46  1994 Effects of matrix glycation on mesangial cell adhesion, spreading and proliferation. ECM, GBM/MM, HKM, tIV
47  1994 Thiobarbiturate and fructosamine assays: significance and interest of the borohydride blank. APR, CRP, SP-TBA, TBA
48  1993 Nonenzymatic glycosylation-induced modifications of intact bovine kidney tubular basement membrane. LVSEM, TBM
49  1992 Altered intestinal and renal brush border amino-oligopeptidase structure in diabetes and metabolic acidosis: normal and biobreed (BB) rats. BB, SDS, STZ
50  1992 Effects of nonenzymatic glycosylation and fatty acids on tryptophan binding to human serum albumin. HSA
51  1991 [Metabolic consequences of the nonenzymatic glucosylation of apolipoproteins]. ---
52  1991 [The role of arterial collagen nonenzymatic glycosylation (NEG) in the pathogenesis of diabetic macroangiopathy]. 5-HMF, CLF
53  1990 Evidence against the involvement of nonenzymatic glycosylation in diabetic cardiomyopathy. ATPase
54  1990 Short-term hyperglycemia depresses immunity through nonenzymatic glycosylation of circulating immunoglobulin. ---
55  1989 A method for localizing the early products of nonenzymatic glycosylation in fixed tissue. ---
56  1989 Changes in solubility, non-enzymatic glycation, and fluorescence of collagen in tail tendons from diabetic rats. AIC
57  1989 Changes in the cross-linking of collagen from rat tail tendons due to diabetes. ---
58  1989 Protein glycosylation and collagen metabolism in normal and diabetic rats. 5-HMF, ASA, PTFE
59  1986 The prevention and reversibility of tissue non-enzymatic glycosylation in diabetes. ---
60  1983 Altered glycosylation and sialylation of serum proteins and lipid bound sialic acids in chronic renal failure. CRF, LSA, PSA, TNS
61  1983 Inhibition of alkaline phosphatase activity by glucose. AP