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Abbreviation : NF-kappaB
Long Form : nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Novel Combined Scientific and Artistic Approach for the Advanced Characterization of Interactomes: The Akirin/Subolesin Model. AKR/SUB
2020 Amelioration of Repeated Restraint Stress-Induced Behavioral Deficits and Hippocampal Anomalies with Taurine Treatment in Mice. RS
2020 Apoptosis induction and ERK/NF-kappaB inactivation are associated with magnolol-inhibited tumor progression in hepatocellular carcinoma in vivo. ERK, HCC, MMP-9, pERK, VEGF, XIAP
2020 Autophagy Promotes Duck Tembusu Virus Replication by Suppressing p62/SQSTM1-Mediated Innate Immune Responses In Vitro. DEF, DTMUV, IRF7, p-TBK1
2020 Bacterial Energetic Requirements for Helicobacter pylori Cag Type IV Secretion System-Dependent Alterations in Gastric Epithelial Cells. IL-8, TLR9
2020 Cerevisterol Alleviates Inflammation via Suppression of MAPK/NF-kappaB/AP-1 and Activation of the Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling Cascade. AP-1, CRVS, HO-1, IkappaBalpha, IL-1beta, Keap1, MAPK, NO, Nrf2, PGE2, TNF-alpha
2020 Comparative anti-inflammatory effects of plant- and marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids explored in an endothelial cell line. ALA, COX, DHA, EC, EPA, ICAM, IL, SDA, TNF
2020 Comparative effectiveness of different antiplatelet agents at reducing TNF-driven inflammatory responses in a mouse model. D-gal, LPS, MAPK, TNF
2020 Curcumin Protects against White Matter Injury through NF-kappaB and Nrf2 Cross Talk. ARE, BAY, CUR, GFAP, IL-1, NF-H, Nrf2, ROS, TNF-alpha, TUNEL, WMI
10  2020 Effect of rosiglitazone on myocardial injury in septic rats through NF-kappaB pathway. ELISA, EMSA, LDH, mRNA, qRT-PCR, SD, TNF-alpha, TUNEL
11  2020 Electrospun anti-inflammatory patch loaded with essential oils for wound healing. PCL, THY, Tyr
12  2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Polyphenols: Modulation of Cellular Pathways Related to Oxidant Species and Inflammation in Aging. EVOO, Nrf2
13  2020 Gamma Visual Stimulation Induces a Neuroimmune Signaling Profile Distinct from Acute Neuroinflammation. MAPK
14  2020 Herpesviruses induce aggregation and selective autophagy of host signalling proteins NEMO and RIPK1 as an immune-evasion mechanism. LC3, RIPK1, VPS26B
15  2020 HMGB1 was negatively regulated by HSF1 and mediated the TLR4/MyD88/NF-kappaB signal pathway in asthma. HMGB1, IFN-gamma, MyD88, TLR4
16  2020 Identification and characterisation of tumour necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) associated factor 3 from Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. LPS, TNFR
17  2020 IkappaBzeta is a key player in the antipsoriatic effects of secukinumab. Act1, JNK, MAPK
18  2020 Label-Free Quantitative Proteomic Profiling of LAD2 Mast Cell Releasates Reveals the Mechanism of Tween-80-Induced Anaphylactoid Reaction. LAD2, PKC, PLCgamma
19  2020 Link N suppresses interleukin-1beta-induced biological effects on human osteoarthritic cartilage. IL-1beta, LN, OA, PMM
20  2020 Lixisenatide Reduced Damage in Hippocampus CA1 Neurons in a Rat Model of Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Possibly Via the ERK/P38 Signaling Pathway. GLP-1, I/R, MAPK, MPO, TLRs
21  2020 Melatonin mediates mucosal immune cells, microbial metabolism, and rhythm crosstalk: A therapeutic target to reduce intestinal inflammation. ---
22  2020 Microglia and mast cells generate proinflammatory cytokines in the brain and worsen inflammatory state: Suppressor effect of IL-37. IL, MCs, TNF
23  2020 Neuroprotective effect of Wogonin on Rat's brain exposed to gamma irradiation. CAT, GPx, HO-1, IL-1beta, IL-6, MDA, Nrf2, SOD, TNF-alpha
24  2020 Oxidative Stress and Cancer Development: Are Noncoding RNAs the Missing Links? EGFR, FOXO3, GSK3beta, Keap1, lncRNAs, ncRNAs, Nrf2, PTEN, ROS, Wnt
25  2020 Phytochemicals and Gastrointestinal Cancer: Cellular Mechanisms and Effects to Change Cancer Progression. AMPK, GI, MAPK, mTOR, PI3K, Wnt
26  2020 Pro-survival and anti-inflammatory roles of NF-kappaB c-Rel in the Parkinson's disease models. DA, PD, SNpc
27  2020 Regulation of Immunity-Related Genes by Infectious Bronchitis Virus Challenge in Spleen of Laying Chickens. CXCR4, FAS, FKBP1B, IBV, IFN-alpha, IgA, IL-7, MHC-II, MIP3A, NLRP3, PSMA3, TGFB3, TLR7, TRAF3, VCAM1
28  2020 Resveratrol ameliorates inflammatory and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats. GK, IL-1beta, IL-6, SD, TNF-alpha
29  2020 Serum amyloid A1 mediates myotube atrophy via Toll-like receptors. BMS, ICUAW, IL-6, SAA1, TLR
30  2020 Sialyltransferase7A promotes angiotensin II-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy via HIF-1alpha-TAK1 signalling pathway. Ang II, cTnT, HIF-1, Siat7A, STn
31  2020 Single-molecule imaging reveals the oligomeric state of functional TNFalpha-induced plasma membrane TNFR1 clusters in cells. TNFR1
32  2020 Sulfur-containing amino acids in aged garlic extract inhibit inflammation in human gingival epithelial cells by suppressing intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression and IL-6 secretion. AGE, hbetaD3, ICAM-1, IL-6, S1PC, SAC, SAMC, TNF-alpha
33  2020 Targeting of the cGAS-STING system by DNA viruses. cGAS, IRF, STING
34  2020 The IDH-TAU-EGFR triad defines the neovascular landscape of diffuse gliomas. amp, EGFR, MAPT, mut, TAZ, WT
35  2020 The NF-kappaB regulator IkappaBbeta exhibits different molecular interactivity and phosphorylation status from IkappaBalpha in an IKK2-catalysed reaction. IkappaBalpha, IkappaBbeta, IKK, IKK2, PEST
36  2019 2-O-digalloyl-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-galloyl-beta-D-glucose isolated from Galla Rhois suppresses osteoclast differentiation and function by inhibiting NF-kappaB signaling. DTOGG, RANKL
37  2019 A Bcr-Abl Inhibitor GNF-2 Attenuates Inflammatory Activation of Glia and Chronic Pain. LPS, siRNA
38  2019 A proteasome-resistant fragment of NIK mediates oncogenic NF-kappaB signaling in schwannomas. HGF, NF2, SCs
39  2019 A study of regulatory effects of TLR4 and NF-kappaB on primary biliary cholangitis. AST, Bax, Bcl-2, ELISA, HE, IL-6, mRNA, MyD88, PBC, qPCR, TLR4, TNF-alpha
40  2019 Abdominal Fat SIRT6 Expression and Its Relationship with Inflammatory and Metabolic Pathways in Pre-Diabetic Overweight Patients. CRP, IL-6, PPARgamma, SIRT6, SREBP-1, TNF-alpha
41  2019 Aberrant histone deacetylase 1 expression upregulates vimentin expression via an NF-kappaB-dependent pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, HDAC1
42  2019 Absence of an osteopetrosis phenotype in IKBKG (NEMO) mutation-positive women: A case-control study. IP, NEMO, OPT
43  2019 Adiponectin improves long-term potentiation in the 5XFAD mouse brain. AD, GSK3beta
44  2019 Ameliorative effect of fisetin against lipopolysaccharide and restraint stress-induced behavioral deficits via modulation of NF-kappaB and IDO-1. HO-1, IDO, LPS, RS
45  2019 An Isocaloric Nordic Diet Modulates RELA and TNFRSF1A Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome-A SYSDIET Sub-Study. CD, MetS, ND, PBMCs, TNF
46  2019 Andrographolide prevents human nucleus pulposus cells against degeneration by inhibiting the NF-kappaB pathway. ANDRO, IDD, LPS, NP
47  2019 Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Sulforaphane on LPS-Activated Microglia Potentially through JNK/AP-1/NF-kappaB Inhibition and Nrf2/HO-1 Activation. AP-1, HO-1, JNK, LPS, MAPK, Nrf2, SFN
48  2019 Anti-Neuroinflammatory Effect of Alantolactone through the Suppression of the NF-kappaB and MAPK Signaling Pathways. ALA, CNS, MAPK, MCAO/R
49  2019 Apigenin and its methylglyoxal-adduct inhibit advanced glycation end products-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in endothelial cells. AGEs, API, HUVECs, MGO, RCS, ROS
50  2019 Apigenin attenuates PM2.5-induced airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation by down-regulating NF-kappaB in murine model of asthma. AHR, BALF, IL, OVA, PM, Th
51  2019 Artificial Hibernation by Phenothiazines: A Potential Neuroprotective Therapy Against Cerebral Inflammation in Stroke. ICAM-1, IL-1beta, TNF-alpha, VCAM-1
52  2019 Asiatic Acid Attenuates Bone Loss by Regulating Osteoclastic Differentiation. AA, TGF-beta
53  2019 Astrocyte Mechano-Activation by High-Rate Overpressure Involves Alterations in Structural and Junctional Proteins. FAK, GFAP, ICAM-1, MAPK, PCNA
54  2019 Autophagy Promotes Survival of CHP-212 Neuroblastoma Cells Treated With Casiopeinas. Bcl-2, Cas, ERK, LC3, MYCN
55  2019 Backbone resonance assignments of the dimeric domain of the p50 NF-kappaB subunit. ---
56  2019 BCG-induced cytokine release in bladder cancer cells is regulated by Ca2+ signaling. BCG, IL-8
57  2019 Benzisothiazolinone upregulates the MUC5AC expression via ERK1/2, p38, and NF-kappaB pathways in airway epithelial cells. BIT
58  2019 beta-Glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae induces SBD-1 production in ovine ruminal epithelial cells via the Dectin-1-Syk-NF-kappaB signaling pathway. Dectin-1, ELISA, ORECs, qPCR, SBD-1
59  2019 Bioactive Constituents from the Roots of Eurycoma longifolia. IL-6, iNOS, LPS, NO
60  2019 Butorphanol attenuates inflammation via targeting NF-kappaB in septic rats with brain injury. CLP, Cr, ELISA, GFAP, GLU, HE, IL-6, MPO, mRNA, qRT-PCR, TLR2, TNF-alpha
61  2019 C-Cbl negatively regulates TRAF6-mediated NF-kappaB activation by promoting K48-linked polyubiquitination of TRAF6. BMMs, IFN-gamma, IKK, IL-1beta, RANKL, TNF-alpha, TRAF6
62  2019 Cardiomyocyte-Specific Snrk Prevents Inflammation in the Heart. Ang II, CMs, SNRK
63  2019 Circular RNA CircEZH2 Suppresses Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus-induced Opening of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore via Targeting MiR-22 in IPEC-J2. HK2, IL-6, IPEC, mPTP, TGE, TGEV
64  2019 Clock mutant promotes osteoarthritis by inhibiting the acetylation of NFkappaB. ChIP, OA, PCR
65  2019 Comparison of backbone dynamics of the p50 dimerization domain of NFkappaB in the homodimeric transcription factor NFkappaB1 and in its heterodimeric complex with RelA (p65). DD
66  2019 Controlling Nuclear NF-kappaB Dynamics by beta-TrCP-Insights from a Computational Model. beta-TrCP
67  2019 Could Polyphenols Help in the Control of Rheumatoid Arthritis? IL-1beta, JNK, MAPK, RA, TNF-alpha
68  2019 Curcumin Can Improve Spinal Cord Injury by Inhibiting TGF-beta-SOX9 Signaling Pathway. HMG, SCI, TGF-beta
69  2019 Curdlan oligosaccharides having higher immunostimulatory activity than curdlan in mice treated with cyclophosphamide. CR3, Ig, MAPK, NO, TLR2
70  2019 Cyclooxygenase-2 is Essential for Mediating the Effects of Calcium Ions on Stimulating Phosphorylation of Tau at the Sites of Ser 396 and Ser 404. AD, COX-2, PG
71  2019 Data on changes of NF-kappaB gene expression in liver and lungs as a biomarker and hepatic injury in CLP-induced septic rats. CLP
72  2019 Decidual RANKL/RANK interaction promotes the residence and polarization of TGF-beta1-producing regulatory gammadelta T cells. dgammadeltaTau, DSCs, pgammadeltaTau, RANKL, RSA, TGF
73  2019 Differential Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides in Streptococcus pneumoniae Keratitis and STAT3-Dependent Expression of LL-37 by Streptococcus pneumoniae in Human Corneal Epithelial Cells. AMPs, HCEC, MAPK, STAT3
74  2019 Dimethyl fumarate, a two-edged drug: Current status and future directions. DMF, NF-E2, RRMS
75  2019 Dimethylaminoparthenolide reduces the incidence of dysplasia and ameliorates a wasting syndrome in HPV16-transgenic mice. DMAPT, HPV
76  2019 Effect of baicalin on renal function in patients with diabetic nephropathy and its therapeutic mechanism. AR, beta2-MG, FPG, GSH-Px, SOD, TGF-beta1, UAER, VEGF
77  2019 Effect of Docosahexaenoic Acid on Ca2+ Signaling Pathways in Cerulein-Treated Pancreatic Acinar Cells, Determined by RNA-Sequencing Analysis. AP-1, DHA, PACs, RyR
78  2019 Effect of IL-1beta on apoptosis of synovial cells in rheumatoid arthritis rats via the NF-kappaB pathway. Bcl-2, COX-2, IL-1beta, MMP-3, RA, VEGF
79  2019 Effect of lncRNA CRNDE on sepsis-related kidney injury through the TLR3/NF-kappaB pathway. AKI, CRNDE, lncRNA, LPS, PAS, RT-PCR, siRNA, TLR3, TUNEL
80  2019 Effect of lncRNA H19 on the apoptosis of vascular endothelial cells in arteriosclerosis obliterans via the NF-kappaB pathway. ASO, Caspase-3, HUVECs, lncRNA, miR, WB
81  2019 Effects of a selanylimidazopyridine on the acute restraint stress-induced depressive- and anxiety-like behaviors and biological changes in mice. ARS, BDNF, IDO, iNOS, MPI
82  2019 Effects of crocin and saffron aqueous extract on gene expression of SIRT1, AMPK, LOX1, NF-kappaB, and MCP-1 in patients with coronary artery disease: A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. AMPK, CAD, LOX1, MCP-1, ox-LDL, SAE, SIRT1
83  2019 Effects of Farnesiferol B on Ischemia-Reperfusion-Induced Renal Damage, Inflammation, and NF-kappaB Signaling. I/R, LPS
84  2019 Effects of lncRNA HOTAIR on proliferation and apoptosis of myeloma cells through NF-kappaB pathway. HOTAIR, lncRNA, MTT, RT-PCR
85  2019 Effects of long non-coding RNA NEAT1 on sepsis-induced brain injury in mice via NF-kappaB. Bax, Bcl-2, lncRNA, NEAT1, qRT-PCR, siRNAs, TUNEL
86  2019 Effects of MiR-146a on repair and inflammation in rats with spinal cord injury through the TLR/NF-kappaB signaling pathway. CG, IL-8, miR-34a, qRT-PCR, SCI, TLR
87  2019 Effects of Ultraviolet Irradiation on Cellular Senescence in Keratinocytes Versus Fibroblasts. HaCaT, HDFs, UV
88  2019 Egg White Ovotransferrin Attenuates RANKL-Induced Osteoclastogenesis and Bone Resorption. Bad, Bcl-2, Bcl-xL, MAPK, RANKL
89  2019 Endothelial Stanniocalcin 1 Maintains Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Prevents Oxidant-Induced Lung Injury via Toll-Like Receptor 4. ALI, HSP70, STC1
90  2019 Enzymatic hydrolysates obtained from Trametes versicolor polysaccharopeptides protect human skin keratinocyte against AAPH-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory. COX-2, ERK, HaCaT, HO-1, JNK, Nrf2, PSPs
91  2019 Erastin Inhibits Septic Shock and Inflammatory Gene Expression via Suppression of the NF-kappaB Pathway. BMDMs, IL, LPS, TNF
92  2019 Erythromycin acts through the ghrelin receptor to attenuate inflammatory responses in chondrocytes and maintain joint integrity. IL-1beta, MIA, OA
93  2019 Estrogen receptor beta plays a protective role in zearalenone-induced oxidative stress in normal prostate epithelial cells. ERbeta, HIF-1alpha, ZEA
94  2019 Estrogen receptor beta upregulates CCL2 via NF-kappaB signaling in endometriotic stromal cells and recruits macrophages to promote the pathogenesis of endometriosis. ERbeta, ESCs
95  2019 Evodiamine inactivates NF-kappaB and potentiates the antitumor effects of gemcitabine on tongue cancer both in vitro and in vivo. Bcl-2, Bcl-xL, EVO, GEM, PI
96  2019 Exercise and Neuroinflammation in Health and Disease. AD, ALS, MS, PD
97  2019 Expression of NF-kappaB in juvenile rats with nephrotic syndrome and its effects on inflammatory changes and renal injury. ELISA, IL-1, mRNA, qPCR, SD
98  2019 Fangchinoline Ameliorates Diabetic Retinopathy by Inhibiting Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-Products (RAGE)-Nuclear Factor Kappa-Light-Chain-Enhancer of Activated B Cells (NF-kappaB) Pathway in Streptozotocin (STZ)-Induced Diabetic Rats. AGEs, DR, ELISA, RAGE, RT-PCR, STZ
99  2019 FKBP8 inhibits virus-induced RLR-VISA signaling. FKBP8, IFN-beta, IRF3, ISRE, TBK1, TRAF3, VISA
100  2019 Fluoxetine Induces Apoptosis through Extrinsic/Intrinsic Pathways and Inhibits ERK/NF-kappaB-Modulated Anti-Apoptotic and Invasive Potential in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells In Vitro. BAK, ERK, HCC, Mcl-1, MMP-9, VEGF, XAIP