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Abbreviation : NFI
Long Form : nuclear factor I
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A positive feedback loop involving nuclear factor IB and calpain 1 suppresses glioblastoma cell migration. CAST, FABP7, GBM, RhoA
2019 Effects of nuclear factor I phosphorylation on calpastatin (CAST) gene variant expression and subcellular distribution in malignant glioma cells. CAST, MG
2018 NFIB Haploinsufficiency Is Associated with Intellectual Disability and Macrocephaly. ID
2018 Nuclear Factor I Represses the Notch Effector HEY1 in Glioblastoma. ChIP, GBMs, GFAP
2018 Prognostic significance of NFIA and NFIB in esophageal squamous carcinoma and esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma. DFS, EJA, ESCC, OS
2018 Transcription of the Human 5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptor 2B (HTR2B) Gene Is under the Regulatory Influence of the Transcription Factors NFI and RUNX1 in Human Uveal Melanoma. HTR2B, UM
2018 Vitamin C Promotes Astrocyte Differentiation Through DNA Hydroxymethylation. DA, NSC, VC
2017 Differential neuronal and glial expression of nuclear factor I proteins in the cerebral cortex of adult mice. NFIA, NFIB, NFIX
2017 DNA Methylome Analysis Identifies Transcription Factor-Based Epigenomic Signatures of Multilineage Competence in Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells. LMRs
10  2017 The convergent roles of the nuclear factor I transcription factors in development and cancer. ---
11  2017 Transcriptional regulation of Nfix by NFIB drives astrocytic maturation within the developing spinal cord. ---
12  2016 BEND3 is involved in the human-specific repression of calreticulin: Implication for the evolution of higher brain functions in human. BEND3, CALR
13  2016 Nfib Regulates Transcriptional Networks That Control the Development of Prostatic Hyperplasia. AR, FOXA1
14  2015 Characterization of the neural stem cell gene regulatory network identifies OLIG2 as a multifunctional regulator of self-renewal. bHLH, CREs, GRN, NS cell, TFs
15  2015 MicroRNA-153 Regulates the Acquisition of Gliogenic Competence by Neural Stem Cells. miR-153, NSPCs, OE
16  2015 NFIX mutations affecting the DNA-binding domain cause a peculiar overgrowth syndrome (Malan syndrome): a new patients series. NFIX
17  2015 PAX6 does not regulate Nfia and Nfib expression during neocortical development. ---
18  2014 NFI transcription factors interact with FOXA1 to regulate prostate-specific gene expression. AR, ChIP, FOX
19  2014 Sulfotransferase 1A1 (SULT1A1) gene expression is regulated by members of the NFI transcription factors in human breast cancer cells. SULT1A1
20  2013 Calcineurin regulates nuclear factor I dephosphorylation and activity in malignant glioma cell lines. B-FABP, GFAP, MG
21  2013 Nuclear Factor I genomic binding associates with chromatin boundaries. ChIP-Seq, GEO
22  2013 Temporal regulation of nuclear factor one occupancy by calcineurin/NFAT governs a voltage-sensitive developmental switch in late maturing neurons. CaN, CGNs, NFATc
23  2012 A peculiar mutation in the DNA-binding/dimerization domain of NFIX causes Sotos-like overgrowth syndrome: a new case. NFIX
24  2012 Polymorphisms of beta-lactoglobulin promoter region in three Sicilian goat breeds. BLG, MPBFs, SNPs, TFs
25  2012 Stimulation of BK virus DNA replication by NFI family transcription factors. BKV, NCCR, Pol-primase, PVAN, Tag
26  2011 Analysis of the regulation of fatty acid binding protein 7 expression in human renal carcinoma cell lines. FABP7, RCC
27  2011 Mesenchymal nuclear factor I B regulates cell proliferation and epithelial differentiation during lung maturation. ---
28  2011 Recombination activation gene-2-deficient blastocyst complementation analysis reveals an essential role for nuclear factor I-A transcription factor in T-cell activation. ---
29  2011 Suppression of alpha5 gene expression is closely related to the tumorigenic properties of uveal melanoma cell lines. AP-1
30  2011 Temporal control of a dendritogenesis-linked gene via REST-dependent regulation of nuclear factor I occupancy. CGNs
31  2011 The NFI-Regulome Database: A tool for annotation and analysis of control regions of genes regulated by Nuclear Factor I transcription factors. ---
32  2010 Identification of Yin Yang 1-interacting partners at -1026C/A in the human iNOS promoter. AP-1, YY1
33  2010 Insulin represses transcription of the thyroid stimulating hormone beta-subunit gene through increased recruitment of nuclear factor I. TSHbeta
34  2010 Repressors NFI and NFY participate in organ-specific regulation of von Willebrand factor promoter activity in transgenic mice. NF-Y, vWF
35  2010 Targets of the nuclear factor I regulon involved in early and late development of postmitotic cerebellar granule neurons. CGNs
36  2009 DNA-binding specificity and in vivo targets of Caenorhabditis elegans nuclear factor I. ---
37  2009 Expression and purification of recombinant NFI proteins for functional analysis. GST
38  2009 Novel protein RGPR-p117: its role as the regucalcin gene transcription factor. rgn
39  2009 Nuclear factor I regulates brain fatty acid-binding protein and glial fibrillary acidic protein gene expression in malignant glioma cell lines. B-FABP, GFAP
40  2009 Nuclear factor I transcription factors regulate IGF binding protein 5 gene transcription in human osteoblasts. IGFBP-5
41  2009 Nuclear factor I-A represses expression of the cell adhesion molecule L1. ChIP, EMSA, NFI-A, NFI-A, NRSF
42  2009 Regulation of the CYP3A4 and CYP3A7 promoters by members of the nuclear factor I transcription factor family. HNF
43  2009 Thermogenomics: thermodynamic-based approaches to genomic analyses of DNA structure. ---
44  2008 Lifespan extension and increased pumping rate accompany pharyngeal muscle-specific expression of nfi-1 in C. elegans. ---
45  2008 The transcription factor Nfix is essential for normal brain development. ---
46  2008 Transcriptional regulation of the human alpha6 integrin gene by the transcription factor NFI during corneal wound healing. ECM, EMSAs, LM, TF
47  2007 Basic helix-loop-helix factors recruit nuclear factor I to enhance expression of the NaV 1.4 Na+ channel gene. bHLH
48  2007 Cloning and characterization of the rat lysyl oxidase gene promoter: identification of core promoter elements and functional nuclear factor I-binding sites. LO
49  2007 Nuclear factor I coordinates multiple phases of cerebellar granule cell development via regulation of cell adhesion molecules. CGNs, EGL
50  2007 Nuclear factor I X deficiency causes brain malformation and severe skeletal defects. ---
51  2007 Phylogenomic analysis of the emergence of GC-rich transcription elements. TSS, ZDRs
52  2007 The C-terminal domain of the nuclear factor I-B2 isoform is glycosylated and transactivates the WAP gene in the JEG-3 cells. ---
53  2007 Transcriptional regulation of human CYP2A13 expression in the respiratory tract by CCAAT/enhancer binding protein and epigenetic modulation. C/EBP
54  2006 Transcriptional regulation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1A (p21) gene by NFI in proliferating human cells. CDK, CDKN1A, ChIP, LM-PCR
55  2005 Retinoic acid activates human secretin gene expression by Sp proteins and nuclear factor I in neuronal SH-SY5Y cells. RA
56  2005 The transcription factor gene Nfib is essential for both lung maturation and brain development. ---
57  2005 Transcriptional enhancement of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase form 1A2 (UGT1A2) by nuclear factor I-A (NFI-A) in rat hepatocytes. CEREM, NFI-A, UGT1A2
58  2004 A role for nuclear factor I in the intrinsic control of cerebellar granule neuron gene expression. ---
59  2004 Bending of adenovirus origin DNA by nuclear factor I as shown by scanning force microscopy is required for optimal DNA replication. Ad5
60  2004 Crystal structure of human pirin: an iron-binding nuclear protein and transcription cofactor. Bcl-3
61  2004 Distributions of Z-DNA and nuclear factor I in human chromosome 22: a model for coupled transcriptional regulation. ZDRs
62  2004 NFI and Oct-1 bend the Ad5 origin in the same direction leading to optimal DNA replication. ---
63  2004 NFI-Ski interactions mediate transforming growth factor beta modulation of human papillomavirus type 16 early gene expression. HPV16, HPVs, TGF-beta, URR
64  2004 Regulation of Cyp2a5 transcription in mouse primary hepatocytes: roles of hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 and nuclear factor I. CYP2A5, EMSA, HNF-4
65  2003 Abnormal development of forebrain midline glia and commissural projections in Nfia knock-out mice. ACC
66  2003 Adenovirus type 5 DNA binding protein stimulates binding of DNA polymerase to the replication origin. Ad, DBP, pol
67  2003 Bel1-mediated transactivation of the spumaretroviral internal promoter is repressed by nuclear factor I. IP
68  2003 Essential role for NFI-C/CTF transcription-replication factor in tooth root development. ---
69  2003 Identification and characterization of a prostate-specific androgen-independent protein-binding site in the probasin promoter. PB
70  2003 Nuclear factor I/thyroid transcription factor 1 interactions modulate surfactant protein C transcription. NFIen, SP-C, TTF-1
71  2003 Physical interaction of tumour suppressor p53/p73 with CCAAT-binding transcription factor 2 (CTF2) and differential regulation of human high-mobility group 1 (HMG1) gene expression. CTF, CTF2, HMG1
72  2003 Regulation of renin enhancer activity by nuclear factor I and Sp1/Sp3. CRE, RT-PCR
73  2003 The Nuclear Factor I (NFI) gene family in mammary gland development and function. ---
74  2003 Viral regulatory region sequence variations in kidney tissue obtained from patients with BK virus nephropathy. BKVAN, NCCR
75  2002 Suppression of metallothionein-I/II expression and its probable molecular mechanisms. GST-pi, MT
76  2002 Transcription factor NFIC undergoes N-glycosylation during early mammary gland involution. Con A
77  2001 Differential interactions of specific nuclear factor I isoforms with the glucocorticoid receptor and STAT5 in the cooperative regulation of WAP gene transcription. CoRE, GR
78  2000 Activator protein-2 regulates human placental lactogen gene expression. AP-2, hGH, hPL-A
79  2000 Characterization of 5'-flanking region of human aggrecanase-1 (ADAMTS4) gene. ---
80  2000 NFI in the development of the olfactory neuroepithelium and the regulation of olfactory marker protein gene expression. OMP
81  2000 Regulation of brain fatty acid-binding protein expression by differential phosphorylation of nuclear factor I in malignant glioma cell lines. B-FABP, bp
82  2000 Roles of the NFI/CTF gene family in transcription and development. ---
83  2000 The histone-interacting domain of nuclear factor I activates simian virus 40 DNA replication in vivo. ---
84  2000 Thyroglobulin repression of thyroid transcription factor 1 (TTF-1) gene expression is mediated by decreased DNA binding of nuclear factor I proteins which control constitutive TTF-1 expression. Tg, TTF-1
85  1999 An autoregulatory loop controlling CYP1A1 gene expression: role of H(2)O(2) and NFI. CYP1A1
86  1999 CREB binding protein coordinates the function of multiple transcription factors including nuclear factor I to regulate phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (GTP) gene transcription. CBP, CRE
87  1999 Delineation of the insulin-responsive sequence in the rat cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase gene: binding sites for hepatocyte nuclear factor-3 and nuclear factor I. C/EBP, GRE, HNF-3, IRE
88  1999 Disruption of the murine nuclear factor I-A gene (Nfia) results in perinatal lethality, hydrocephalus, and agenesis of the corpus callosum. Nfia
89  1999 Exon structure of the nuclear factor I DNA-binding domain from C. elegans to mammals. ---
90  1999 Nuclear factor I-mediated repression of the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter is abrogated by the coactivators p300/CBP and SRC-1. GR, MMTV
91  1999 The Bcl-3 oncoprotein acts as a bridging factor between NF-kappaB/Rel and nuclear co-regulators. ---
92  1999 Upregulation of mineralocorticoid- and glucocorticoid-receptor gene expression by Sp-I. GR, MR
93  1998 Inhibition by insulin of glucocorticoid-induced gene transcription: involvement of the ligand-binding domain of the glucocorticoid receptor and independence from the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways. C/EBP, GR, GRU, HNF, PFK-2
94  1998 Nuclear factor I (NFI) isoforms differentially activate simple versus complex NFI-responsive promoters. GREs, NFI-Ad
95  1998 Nuclear factor I regulates expression of the gene for phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (GTP). CRE, CREB, GTP, PKAc
96  1998 Thioltransferase (glutaredoxin) reactivates the DNA-binding activity of oxidation-inactivated nuclear factor I. ---
97  1997 DNA binding and transcriptional activation by the Ski oncoprotein mediated by interaction with NFI. ---
98  1997 Effect of acetaldehyde on Sp1 binding and activation of the mouse alpha 2(I) collagen promoter. ---
99  1997 Expression patterns of the four nuclear factor I genes during mouse embryogenesis indicate a potential role in development. MMTV
100  1997 Genital papillomaviruses (PVs) and epidermodysplasia verruciformis PVs occur in the same monkey species: implications for PV evolution. EV-PVs, HPVs, LCR, PVs