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Abbreviation : NHB
Long Form : non-heart-beating
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2016 Mesenchymal stem cells improve mouse non-heart-beating liver graft survival by inhibiting Kupffer cell apoptosis via TLR4-ERK1/2-Fas/FasL-caspase3 pathway regulation. DCD, MSCs
2014 Edaravone, a free radical scavenger, improves the graft viability on liver transplantation from non-heart-beating donors in pigs. ED, HB, NHBDs, UW
2014 Iron-induced oxidative rat liver injury after non-heart-beating warm ischemia is mediated by tumor necrosis factor alpha and prevented by deferoxamine. AST, CS, DFO, HB, LDH, MRP, TNF-alpha
2013 [Non-heart-beating kidney donors: first improve ischemic times, then allocation]. HB
2011 End of life care in the operating room for non-heart-beating donors: organization at the University Hospital of Liege. NHBD, OR
2011 The use of non-heart-beating lung donors category III can increase the donor pool. BOS, HB, IQR, NO, PGD
2010 Hydrogen sulphide ameliorates ischaemia-reperfusion injury in an experimental model of non-heart-beating donor kidney transplantation. AUC, IR
2010 Lung transplantation from nonheparinized category III non-heart-beating donors. A single-centre report. HB
2009 Profitability of our lung retrieval program from non heart beating donors. ---
10  2008 Non-heart-beating lung donation: how big is the pool? ---
11  2008 The role of bile salt toxicity in the pathogenesis of bile duct injury after non-heart-beating porcine liver transplantation. ---
12  2007 Non-heart beating organ donation: overview and future perspectives. ---
13  2007 Non-heartbeating donation of kidneys for transplantation. ---
14  2007 Outcome of kidney transplantation from nonheart-beating versus heart-beating cadaveric donors. HB
15  2007 [More potential organ donors than actual donations in 52 intensive-care units in the Netherlands, 2001-2004]. HB, ICUs
16  2006 Agonal period in potential non-heart-beating donors. ---
17  2006 Kidney transplantation using elderly non-heart-beating donors: a single-center experience. ---
18  2006 Redox-active iron released during machine perfusion predicts viability of ischemically injured deceased donor kidneys. HB
19  2006 Renal graft function after prolonged agonal time in non-heart-beating donors. ---
20  2005 Does ex vivo vascular resistance reflect viability of non-heart-beating donor livers? HA, PV, WI
21  2005 Non-heart-beating donor kidneys in the Netherlands: allocation and outcome of transplantation. HB, RR, WIT
22  2005 Possibility of islet transplantation from a nonheartbeating donor pancreas resuscitated by the two-layer method. TL, WI
23  2005 Successful islet transplantation from a single pancreas harvested from a young, low-BMI, non-heart-beating cadaver. BMI, POD
24  2005 The start of an islet transplantation program in Japan. IDDM
25  2005 [Islet transplantation program in Japan]. ---
26  2004 Characteristics of pancreas transplantation currently performed in japan. ---
27  2004 Effects of anti-inflammatory cytokine agent (FR167653) and serine protease inhibitor on warm ischemia-reperfusion injury of the liver graft. HB, NHBDs, NM
28  2004 Ethical issues in non-heart-beating donation. ---
29  2003 Effect of brain death and non-heart-beating kidney donation on renal function and injury: an assessment in the isolated perfused rat kidney. DGF, GFR, PNF
30  2003 Non-heartbeating organ donation: a review. NHBOD
31  2003 Outcome of transplantation using kidneys from controlled (Maastricht category 3) non-heart-beating donors. DGF
32  2002 Enhanced development of caspase-independent cortical cell death during cold storage in kidneys of non-heart-beating donors. DMSO, HB
33  2002 Functional relationship of alpha-glutathione S-transferase and glutathione S-transferase activity in machine-preserved non-heart-beating donor kidneys. alpha-GST, ELISA, pi-GST
34  2002 Kupffer cells play an important role in the cytokine production and activation of nuclear factors of liver grafts from non-heart-beating donors. HB, KE, NHBD
35  2002 Organ donors: heartbeating and non-heartbeating. EDHEP, GST, HB
36  2002 Potential pool of non-heart-beating kidney donors in Taiwan: chart review in a regional hospital. ---
37  2002 Renal transplantations performed using non-heart-beating organ donors: going back to the future? Cad, DGF
38  2001 Hyperthermia-induced HSP expression correlates with improved rat renal isograft viability and survival in kidneys harvested from non-heart-beating donors. CRC, HSPs
39  2001 Renal transplantation with aged donors. ---
40  2000 Non-heart-beating organ donors: a potential source of islets for transplantation? HB
41  1999 The value of dextran 12,000 in ischemically damaged canine kidneys during machine perfusion. IRR, LDH, WIT
42  1998 A good alternative to reduce the kidney shortage: kidneys from nonheartbeating donors. ---
43  1998 Outcome of machine-perfused non-heart-beating donor kidneys, not allocated within the Eurotransplant area. ET, MP
44  1998 [Kidney donation by a 'non-heart-beating' donor from an ethical perspective]. ---
45  1997 Effect of machine perfusion preservation on delayed graft function in non-heart-beating donor kidneys--early results. CS, DF, HB, MP, PNF
46  1997 Glutathione S-transferase as predictor of functional outcome in transplantation of machine-preserved non-heart-beating donor kidneys. alpha-GST, MP, NF, WIT
47  1997 The non heart-beating donor. MP
48  1997 The potential pool of non-heart-beating kidney donors. ED, HB
49  1995 Outcome of transplantation of non-heart-beating donor kidneys. HB
50  1994 Nonheart-beating donors: the Maastricht experience. DF, HB
51  1994 Nonheartbeating cadaveric organ donation. ---
52  1993 In situ preservation of kidneys from non-heart-beating donors--a proposal for a standardized protocol. HB
53  1992 [General aspects of kidney removal from donors with cardiovascular arrest]. ---
54  1992 [Removal of kidneys from donors with circulatory arrest. A simple procedure in lessening the shortage of donor kidneys]. ---