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Abbreviation : NHE3
Long Form : Na(+)/H(+) exchanger 3
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A role for tubular Na+/H+ exchanger NHE3 in the natriuretic effect of the SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin. NHE3-ko, SBP, WT
2020 Altered absorptive function in the gall bladder during cholesterol gallstone formation is associated with abnormal NHE3 complex formation. GB, GBECs, NHERF1, TCDC
2020 Effects of prostaglandin E combined with continuous renal replacement therapy on septic acute kidney injury. ALR, BUN, CRRT, PGE, SAKI, SCr
2020 Establishment and identification of primary bovine omasal epithelial cells. BOECs, MCT1, NHE1
2020 Impairment of electroneutral Na+ transport and associated downregulation of NHE3 contributes to the development of diarrhea following in vivo challenge with Brachyspira spp. ---
2020 Lactose-Induced Chronic Diarrhea Results From Abnormal Luminal Microbial Fermentation and Disorder of Ion Transport in the Colon. CFTR
2020 Segment-specific effects of resveratrol on porcine small intestinal dipeptide absorption depend on the mucosal pH and are due to different mechanisms: potential roles of different transport proteins and protein kinases. AMPK, ERK, PEPT1, PKA, RSV, SGK
2020 Sex differences in solute transport along the nephrons: effects of Na+ transport inhibition. ENaC, NCC, NKCC2, TNa
2019 Adenosine A2A receptor blocks the A 1 receptor inhibition of renal Na + transport and oxygen consumption. ---
10  2019 Effect of renal tubule-specific knockdown of the Na+/H+ exchanger NHE3 in Akita diabetic mice. GFR, KO
11  2019 Effect of salinity and temperature on the expression of genes involved in branchial ion transport processes in European sea bass. FW, nka alpha1a, SW
12  2019 Furosemide reduces BK-alphabeta4-mediated K+ secretion in mice on an alkaline high-K+ diet. BK-beta4-KO, HK, V-ATPase, WT
13  2019 G protein-coupled receptor 37L1 regulates renal sodium transport and blood pressure. GPCRs, GPR37L1
14  2019 Hypertension as a Metabolic Disorder and the Novel Role of the Gut. BP, GLP-1, RAAS, SGLT, SNS
15  2019 Impact of angiotensin II-mediated stimulation of sodium transporters in the nephron assessed by computational modeling. Ang II, NKCC2-P
16  2019 Inhibition of intestinal villus cell Na/K-ATPase mediates altered glucose and NaCl absorption in obesity-associated diabetes and hypertension. BBM, BLM, DRA, ODHT, PAT1
17  2019 New Molecules for Treating Resistant Hypertension: a Clinical Perspective. ASIs, BP, CKD, DbetaH, MRAs, NPRA-A, RAS, RH, VIP
18  2019 Pharmacological reversal of renal cysts from secretion to absorption suggests a potential therapeutic strategy for managing autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. ADPKD, CFTR, ENaC
19  2019 Sex difference in kidney electrolyte transport II: impact of K+ intake on thiazide-sensitive cation excretion in male and female mice. AT1aR, HCTZ, HK, KO, NCC, WT
20  2018 Antidiarrheal Action of Bacillus subtilis CU1 CNCM I-2745 and Lactobacillus plantarum CNCM I-4547 in Mice. CFTR, LPS, TLR4
21  2018 Cholera toxin inhibits SNX27-retromer-mediated delivery of cargo proteins to the plasma membrane. CT, PM
22  2018 Dynamics of Gene Expression Responses for Ion Transport Proteins and Aquaporins in the Gill of a Euryhaline Pupfish during Freshwater and High-Salinity Acclimation. AQP3, CA2, CFTR, mRNAs, ncc2, nhe2a, NKCC1
23  2018 Epigenetic modulation of intestinal Na+/H+ exchanger-3 expression. GADD45b, IBD, KO, MethyMiner
24  2018 Expression of lysophosphatidic acid receptor 5 is necessary for the regulation of intestinal Na+/H+ exchanger 3 by lysophosphatidic acid in vivo. LPA
25  2018 Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4alpha regulates the expression of intestinal epithelial Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 3. HNF-4alpha, IBD
26  2018 Identifying the localization and exploring a functional role for Gprc5c in the kidney. KO, PTs, SNARF, WT
27  2018 Na+ /H+ exchanger 3 blockade ameliorates type 2 diabetes mellitus via inhibition of sodium-glucose co-transporter 1-mediated glucose absorption in the small intestine. BBM, SGK1, SGLT1, T2DM
28  2018 Predicted effect of circadian clock modulation of NHE3 of a proximal tubule cell on sodium transport. CRY1, Per2, ROR
29  2018 Resveratrol Inhibits Porcine Intestinal Glucose and Alanine Transport: Potential Roles of Na⁺/K⁺-ATPase Activity, Protein Kinase A, AMP-Activated Protein Kinase and the Association of Selected Nutrient Transport Proteins with Detergent Resistant Membranes. AMPK, cAMP, DRMs, LKB1, PEPT1, PKA-S, RSV, SGLT1
30  2018 Section-specific expression of acid-base and ammonia transporters in the kidney tubules of the goldfish Carassius auratus and their responses to feeding. CAIIa, GDH, GS
31  2017 Antihypertensive effect of Ganjang (traditional Korean soy sauce) on Sprague-Dawley Rats. CAII, CT, GJ, NC, NKAalpha1, SBP
32  2017 Dopamine reduces cell surface Na+/H+ exchanger-3 protein by decreasing NHE3 exocytosis and cell membrane recycling. DA
33  2017 Functional classification of gill ionocytes and spatiotemporal changes in their distribution after transfer from seawater to freshwater in Japanese seabass. CFTR, FW, ncc2, NKCC1a, SW
34  2017 Na+/H+ Exchanger Regulates Amino Acid-Mediated Autophagy in Intestinal Epithelial Cells. ATG, EIPA, IECs, LC3, TEM
35  2017 Phosphorylation and subcellular localization of Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 3 (NHE3) are associated with altered gallbladder absorptive function after formation of cholesterol gallstones. GBECs
36  2017 Regulation of glomerulotubular balance: flow-activated proximal tubule function. ---
37  2017 Relative contribution of clear cells and principal cells to luminal pH in the mouse epididymis. CCs, Cd, cpt-cAMP, PCs, V-ATPase
38  2017 Sexual Dimorphic Pattern of Renal Transporters and Electrolyte Homeostasis. ENaC, NCC
39  2017 Stimulation of renal afferent fibers leads to activation of catecholaminergic and non-catecholaminergic neurons in the medulla oblongata. BP, RVLM, TH
40  2017 The effects of angiotensin-(1-7) on the exchanger NHE3 and on [Ca2+]i in the proximal tubules of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR, WKY
41  2016 Angiotensin II counteracts the effects of cAMP/PKA on NHE3 activity and phosphorylation in proximal tubule cells. Ang II, AT1R, FSK, Gi, OKP
42  2016 Azilsartan Improves Salt Sensitivity by Modulating the Proximal Tubular Na+-H+ Exchanger-3 in Mice. ---
43  2016 Discovery and Optimization of 1-Phenoxy-2-aminoindanes as Potent, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Inhibitors of the Na+/H+ Exchanger Type 3 (NHE3). HTS, PK
44  2016 Distribution and dynamics of branchial ionocytes in houndshark reared in full-strength and diluted seawater environments. NKA, SW, V-ATPase
45  2016 Flow-activated proximal tubule function underlies glomerulotubular balance. ---
46  2016 Novel developments in differentiating the role of renal and intestinal sodium hydrogen exchanger 3. ---
47  2016 Temperature Modulates the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Intestinal Ion Transport in Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua. CLC3, NKA, VHA
48  2016 The physiological role of glucagon-like peptide-1 in the regulation of renal function. GLP-1, GLP-1R
49  2015 Adenosine, type 1 receptors: role in proximal tubule Na+ reabsorption. APR
50  2015 Caffeine-induced diuresis and natriuresis is independent of renal tubular NHE3. ---
51  2015 Crosstalk between the renal sympathetic nerve and intrarenal angiotensinII modulates proximal tubular sodium reabsorption. Ang II, AT1, RNS
52  2015 Diet induced obesity in rats reduces NHE3 and Na(+) /K(+) -ATPase expression in the kidney. HFD
53  2015 Evidence for a causal link between adaptor protein PDZK1 downregulation and Na⁺/H⁺ exchanger NHE3 dysfunction in human and murine colitis. shRNA
54  2015 Human Clostridium difficile infection: inhibition of NHE3 and microbiota profile. CDI, HIOs
55  2015 Nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms of NHE3 differentially decrease NHE3 transporter activity. CHP, SNPs
56  2015 Osmoregulation by juvenile brown-banded bamboo sharks, Chiloscyllium punctatum, in hypo- and hyper-saline waters. VHA
57  2015 Parathyroid hormone inhibition of Na(+)/H(+) exchanger 3 transcription: Intracellular signaling pathways and transcription factor expression. JAK/STAT, OKP, PKA, PTH
58  2015 Prolactin 177, prolactin 188, and extracellular osmolality independently regulate the gene expression of ion transport effectors in gill of Mozambique tilapia. FW, NCC, NKA alpha1a, NKCC1a, oPRL, PRL, PRLR2
59  2015 Proximal tubule NHE3 activity is inhibited by beta-arrestin-biased angiotensin II type 1 receptor signaling. Ang II
60  2015 Rapamycin Inhibition of mTOR Reduces Levels of the Na+/H+ Exchanger 3 in Intestines of Mice and Humans, Leading to Diarrhea. mTOR
61  2015 Regulation of glomerulotubular balance. III. Implication of cytosolic calcium in flow-dependent proximal tubule transport. 2-APB
62  2015 Regulation of NHE3 by lysophosphatidic acid is mediated by phosphorylation of NHE3 by RSK2. EGFR, LPA, PDK1, Pyk2
63  2015 Renal plasticity in response to feeding in the Burmese python, Python molurus bivittatus. CA, d pf
64  2015 Role of the Na+/H+ exchanger 3 in angiotensin II-induced hypertension in NHE3-deficient mice with transgenic rescue of NHE3 in small intestines. Ang II, MAP, SBP
65  2015 Role of the Na+/H+ exchanger 3 in angiotensin II-induced hypertension. Ang II, MAP, SBP
66  2015 Short-term nonpressor angiotensin II infusion stimulates sodium transporters in proximal tubule and distal nephron. Ang II, CD, DCT, NCC, NKCC2, PT, SPAK, TALH
67  2015 Tenapanor hydrochloride for the treatment of constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome. GI
68  2015 The effects of acute salinity challenges on osmoregulation in Mozambique tilapia reared in a tidally changing salinity. AQP3, CFTR, FW, NCC, NKA, PRL, SW
69  2015 The Na+/H+ Exchanger-3 (NHE3) Activity Requires Ezrin Binding to Phosphoinositide and Its Phosphorylation. CHP1
70  2015 Transcriptional regulation of NHE3 and SGLT1 by the circadian clock protein Per1 in proximal tubule cells. Per
71  2014 A new model for fish ion regulation: identification of ionocytes in freshwater- and seawater-acclimated medaka (Oryzias latipes). AC, AE, CFTR, FW, NCC, NKA, NKCC, SW
72  2014 Blockade of Na+/H+ exchanger type 3 causes intracellular acidification and hyperexcitability via inhibition of pH-sensitive K+ channels in chemosensitive respiratory neurons of the dorsal vagal nucleus in rats. DVN
73  2014 Expression and subcellular localization of NHE₃ in the human gallbladder epithelium. CGD
74  2014 Functional role of glucose metabolism, osmotic stress, and sodium-glucose cotransporter isoform-mediated transport on Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 3 activity in the renal proximal tubule. ---
75  2014 Increasing plasma [K+] by intravenous potassium infusion reduces NCC phosphorylation and drives kaliuresis and natriuresis. ENaC, NCC, NKCC, SPAK
76  2014 Inhibition of central Na(+)/H(+) exchanger type 3 can alleviate sleep apnea in Sprague-Dawley rats. AI, NREM, SD, TPSAI
77  2014 Local pH domains regulate NHE3-mediated Na⁺ reabsorption in the renal proximal tubule. ---
78  2014 Lysophosphatidic acid stimulation of NHE3 exocytosis in polarized epithelial cells occurs with release from NHERF2 via ERK-PLC-PKCdelta signaling. BB, EGFR, LPA, MV, NHERF, OK, ROCK
79  2014 Modulation of angiotensin II-induced inflammatory cytokines by the Epac1-Rap1A-NHE3 pathway: implications in renal tubular pathobiology. ---
80  2014 NHERF2/NHERF3 protein heterodimerization and macrocomplex formation are required for the inhibition of NHE3 activity by carbachol. FRAP, PDZ
81  2014 The distinct roles of anion transporters Slc26a3 (DRA) and Slc26a6 (PAT-1) in fluid and electrolyte absorption in the murine small intestine. CAII, WT
82  2014 Unique regulation of human Na+/H+ exchanger 3 (NHE3) by Nedd4-2 ligase that differs from non-primate NHE3s. hNHE3
83  2013 Anti-diarrheal constituents of Alpinia oxyphylla. AQP4
84  2013 Carbachol-induced MUC17 endocytosis is concomitant with NHE3 internalization and CFTR membrane recruitment in enterocytes. CCh, CFTR
85  2013 Chronic regulation of the renal Na(+)/H(+) exchanger NHE3 by dopamine: translational and posttranslational mechanisms. DA
86  2013 Differential regulation of Na+ transporters along nephron during ANG II-dependent hypertension: distal stimulation counteracted by proximal inhibition. Ang II, IHC, NCC, NKCC2, SPAK, TALH
87  2013 Dose-dependent effects of angiotensin-(1-7) on the NHE3 exchanger and [Ca(2+)](i) in in vivo proximal tubules. ---
88  2013 Expression of a novel isoform of Na(+)/H(+) exchanger 3 in the kidney and intestine of banded houndshark, Triakis scyllium. NHE3g
89  2013 Expression of ion transporters in gill mitochondrion-rich cells in Japanese eel acclimated to a wide range of environmental salinity. FW, MR, NKCC1a, SW
90  2013 Expression of sodium/hydrogen exchanger 3 and cation-chloride cotransporters in the kidney of Japanese eel acclimated to a wide range of salinities. ---
91  2013 Increased susceptibility of db/db mice to rosiglitazone-induced plasma volume expansion: role of dysregulation of renal water transporters. AQP, Hct, PPARgamma, RGZ, TZDs
92  2013 Loss of NHE3 alters gut microbiota composition and influences Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron growth. B. thetaiotaomicron, C. difficile
93  2013 Molecular transport machinery involved in orchestrating luminal acid-induced duodenal bicarbonate secretion in vivo. CFTR, DBS-R
94  2013 PLC-gamma directly binds activated c-Src, which is necessary for carbachol-mediated inhibition of NHE3 activity in Caco-2/BBe cells. CCh, SH2
95  2013 Proximal tubular NHEs: sodium, protons and calcium? ---
96  2013 The biophysical and molecular basis of intracellular pH sensing by Na+/H+ exchanger-3. CHP1
97  2012 Acid secretion by mitochondrion-rich cells of medaka (Oryzias latipes) acclimated to acidic freshwater. MR
98  2012 Berberine increases the expression of NHE3 and AQP4 in sennosideA-induced diarrhoea model. AQP4, HIEC
99  2012 Calmodulin kinase II constitutively binds, phosphorylates, and inhibits brush border Na+/H+ exchanger 3 (NHE3) by a NHERF2 protein-dependent process. BB, CaMKII
100  2012 Deciphering the mechanisms of the Na+/H+ exchanger-3 regulation in organ dysfunction. ---