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Abbreviation : NIPS
Long Form : Neonatal Infant Pain Scale
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effects of three different methods used during heel lance procedures on pain level in term neonates. ---
2020 High flow nasal cannula and continuous positive airway pressure therapy in treatment of viral bronchiolitis: a randomized clinical trial. CPAP, HFNC, M-WCAS
2020 Neonatal pain response to automatic lancet versus needle heel-prick blood sampling: A prospective randomized controlled clinical trial. IQR
2019 Comparison of the efficacy of eutectic mixture of local anesthetics (EMLA) and dorsal penile nerve block (DPNB) in neonatal circumcision. DPNB, EMLA
2019 Does Repeated Painful Stimuli Change Cerebral Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Response in Healthy, Term, Large for Gestational Age Newborns? AGA, HR, LGA
2019 Effect of breast milk and sucrose on pain and perfusion index during examination for retinopathy of prematurity. HR, PI, ROP
2019 Effects of breastfeeding and heel warming on pain levels during heel stick in neonates. ---
2019 Factors influencing the occurrence of neonatal procedural pain. ---
10  2019 Oral 24% sucrose associated with nonnutritive sucking for pain control in healthy term newborns receiving venipuncture beyond the first week of life. CG, HR, TG
11  2019 The Effect of Aromatherapy by Lavender Oil on Infant Vaccination Pain: a Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial. ---
12  2018 A Randomized Double-Blind Trial Comparing the Effect on Pain of an Oral Sucrose Solution vs. Placebo in Children 1 to 3Months Old Undergoing Simple Venipuncture. ED, FLACC
13  2018 Assessing Neonatal Pain, Duration of Crying and Procedure Time following Use of Automatic or Manual Heel Lances: A Randomized Controlled Study. ---
14  2018 Comparing N-PASS and NIPS: Improving Pain Measurement in the Neonate. N-PASS, NICU
15  2018 Comparison the Effectiveness of Breastfeeding, Oral 25% Dextrose, Kangaroo-Mother Care Method, and EMLA Cream on Pain Score Level Following Heal Pick Sampling in Newborns: a randomized clinical trial. KMCM
16  2018 Is kangaroo mother care effective in alleviating vaccination associated pain in early infantile period? A RCT. KMC
17  2018 Oral Sucrose for Pain Relief During Clubfoot Casting: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial. ---
18  2018 Using feeding to reduce pain during vaccination of formula-fed infants: a randomised controlled trial. FLACC
19  2017 Effect of Environmental and Behavioral Interventions on Pain Intensity in Preterm Infants for Heel Prick Blood Sampling in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. ANOVA
20  2017 Effects of Covering the Eyes versus Playing Intrauterine Sounds on Premature Infants' Pain and Physiological Parameters during Venipuncture. ---
21  2017 Efficacy of Breastfeeding on Babies' Pain During Vaccinations. ---
22  2017 Glucose solution is more effective in relieving pain in neonates than non-nutritive sucking: A randomized clinical trial. NNS
23  2017 Morphine Pharmacodynamics in Mechanically Ventilated Preterm Neonates Undergoing Endotracheal Suctioning. IRT, PIPP, PKs, VAS
24  2017 The Effects of Massage and Breastfeeding on Response to Venipuncture Pain among Hospitalized Neonates. ANOVA
25  2017 The impact of automatic devices for capillary blood collection on efficiency and pain response in newborns: A randomized controlled trial. ---
26  2016 A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of Oral Sucrose in Infants 1 to 3 Months Old Needing Intravenous Cannulation. FLACC
27  2016 Comparative Effect of the Smells of Amniotic Fluid, Breast Milk, and Lavender on Newborns' Pain During Heel Lance. ---
28  2016 Comparative heel stick study showed that newborn infants who had undergone repeated painful procedures showed increased short-term pain responses. SCA
29  2016 Differences in Pediatric Pain Management by Unit Types. AIR, FLACC, N-PASS, NDNQI, NICUs
30  2016 Short-Term Effects of Hydrokinesiotherapy in Hospitalized Preterm Newborns. NICU
31  2015 Bayesian estimation on diagnostic performance of Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, and Consolability and Neonatal Infant Pain Scale for infant pain assessment in the absence of a gold standard. FLACC
32  2015 Laser acupuncture before heel lancing for pain management in healthy term newborns: a randomised controlled trial. LA
33  2015 Neonatal Infant Pain Scale: Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation in Brazil. ---
34  2015 Pain relief effect of breast feeding and music therapy during heel lance for healthy-term neonates in China: a randomized controlled trial. BF, MT
35  2015 The Effect of Mother's Voice on Arterial Blood Sampling Induced Pain in Neonates Hospitalized in Neonate Intensive Care Unit. ABS, NICU
36  2015 The effect of the facilitated tucking position in reducing vaccination-induced pain in newborns. ---
37  2014 A comparative study on the efficacy of glucose and sucrose on the vaccination pain: a randomized controlled clinical trial. ---
38  2014 Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy under sedoanalgesia for treatment of kidney stones in infants: a single-center experience with 102 cases. PADSS, SWL
39  2014 Inferior alveolar nerve blocks for postoperative pain control after mandibular distraction with osteotomies in a neonate. IANBs
40  2014 The effect of facilitated tucking position during endotracheal suctioning on physiological responses and coping with stress in premature infants: a randomized controlled crossover study. ---
41  2013 A comparative study on vaccination pain in the methods of massage therapy and mothers' breast feeding during injection of infants referring to Navabsafavi Health Care Center in Isfahan. LSD
42  2013 A comparison of two different doses of bupivacaine in caudal anesthesia for neonatal circumcision. A randomized clinical trial. ---
43  2013 Analgesia with breastfeeding in addition to skin-to-skin contact during heel prick. BF, SSC
44  2013 Comparison of vaccination-related pain in infants who receive vapocoolant spray and breastfeeding during injection. ---
45  2013 Manual vibrocompression and nasotracheal suctioning in post-operative period of infants with heart defects. ANOVA, BSA, HR, IG, RR
46  2013 Pain evaluation after a non-nociceptive stimulus in preterm infants during the first 28days of life. BIIP, PIPP
47  2013 Salivary biomarkers are not suitable for pain assessment in newborns. sAA, sCgA
48  2012 Breastfeeding or breast milk for procedural pain in neonates. CENTRAL, DAN, MD, NFCS, RCTs, RD, RR
49  2012 Effect of wound infiltration with bupivacaine on postoperative analgesia in neonates and infants undergoing major abdominal surgery: a pilot randomized controlled trial. ---
50  2012 Pain in neonatal intensive care: role of melatonin as an analgesic antioxidant. PIPP
51  2012 Skin conductance indices discriminate nociceptive responses to acute stimuli from different heel prick procedures in infants. ---
52  2012 [Back-of-the hand venepuncture. An alternative to heel puncture?]. ---
53  2011 Acupuncture in preterm babies during minor painful procedures. ---
54  2011 Behavioral response to pain in drowsy and sleeping neonates: a randomized control study. ---
55  2011 Evaluation of the reliability, validity and practicality of 3 measures of acute pain in infants undergoing immunization injections. FLACC, MBPS
56  2011 Pain response in newborns to the order of injecting BCG and Hepatitis-B vaccines: a randomized trial. VAS
57  2010 Assessment of the Analgesic Effects of Extrapleural Infusion of Ropivacaine in Neonates with Esophageal Atresia (EA) Repair. EA, NICU
58  2010 Reducing neonatal pain during routine heel lance procedures. ---
59  2010 The effect of sucrose on infants during a painful procedure. ---
60  2009 Effect of breast-feeding on pain relief during infant immunization injections. ---
61  2009 Interventions to reduce pain during vaccination in infancy. CHEOPS
62  2009 Optimal time for neonatal circumcision: an observation-based study. ---
63  2009 The behavioral pain response to heelstick in preterm neonates studied longitudinally: description, development, determinants, and components. NICUs
64  2009 [The use of sucrose for the prevention of pain during venipuncture in neonates]. ---
65  2008 Comparison of three neonatal pain scales during minor painful procedures. CV, DAN, NFCS
66  2008 Early awakening and extubation with remifentanil in ventilated premature neonates. RDS
67  2008 Remifentanil for percutaneous intravenous central catheter placement in preterm infant: a randomized controlled trial. PICC, PIPP
68  2008 The effect of Kangaroo Care on behavioral responses to pain of an intramuscular injection in neonates. KC
69  2008 [Evaluation of pain in a neonatal intensive care unit during endocrine-metabolic tests]. ---
70  2007 A new method of blood sampling reduces pain for newborn infants: a prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial. NFCS
71  2007 Effect of breastfeeding during venepuncture in neonates. BF
72  2007 Initial validation of the Behavioral Indicators of Infant Pain (BIIP). BIIP, GA, HR, NICU
73  2007 Long-term subcutaneous morphine administration after surgery in newborns. ---
74  2007 Multidimensional pain assessment of preterm newborns at the 1st, 3rd and 7th days of life. NFCS, PIPP, Tpre
75  2007 The effect of two different methods used during peripheral venous blood collection on pain reduction in neonates. ---
76  2007 Venepuncture versus heel lance for blood sampling in term neonates. CI, NFCS, NNT, PIPP, RD, RR, WMD
77  2006 'Facilitated tucking by parents' in pain management of preterm infants-a randomized crossover trial. ---
78  2006 A comparison of postoperative pain scales in neonates. ---
79  2006 Is a nappy change stressful to neonates? PIPP
80  2006 Prior leg massage decreases pain responses to heel stick in preterm babies. ---
81  2006 [The effect of oral glucose on pain relief in newborns]. ---
82  2005 A new device for administration of continuous positive airway pressure in preterm infants: comparison with a standard nasal CPAP continuous positive airway pressure system. CPAP
83  2005 Clinical, physiologic, and biologic impact of environmental and behavioral interventions in neonates during a routine nursing procedure. EBI, GA, TOI
84  2005 Pain response of neonates to venipuncture. ---
85  2005 Remifentanil for sedation and analgesia in a preterm neonate with respiratory distress syndrome. ---
86  2005 The safety and efficacy of oral dextrose for relieving pain following venepuncture in neonates. ---
87  2004 Venepuncture versus heel lance for blood sampling in term neonates. CI, NFCS, NNT, PIPP, RD, RR, WMD
88  2003 Does topical amethocaine gel reduce pain from heel prick blood sampling in premature infants? A randomized double-blind cross-over controlled study. PIPP
89  2003 Newborn behavioral and physiological responses to circumcision. ---
90  2002 Validation of the Pain Assessment in Neonates (PAIN) scale with the Neonatal Infant Pain Scale (NIPS). PAIN
91  2001 Do newborn infants feel pain when submitted to gastric suctioning? ---
92  2001 Venepuncture versus heel lance for blood sampling in term neonates. CI, ERD, NFCS, NNT, PIPP, RR, WMD
93  2000 Differences in pain expression between male and female newborn infants. NFCS
94  2000 Venepuncture versus heel lance for blood sampling in term neonates. CI, ERD, NFCS, NNT, RR
95  1999 Pain-relieving effect of sucrose in newborns during heel prick. CT
96  1999 Validity of behavioral and physiologic parameters for acute pain assessment of term newborn infants. HR, NFCS
97  1998 A simultaneous comparison of three neonatal pain scales during common NICU procedures. SUN
98  1998 Analgesia for neonatal circumcision: a randomized controlled trial of EMLA cream versus dorsal penile nerve block. DPNB, EMLA
99  1998 Infant physiological responses to noxious stimuli of circumcision with anesthesia and analgesia. DPNB, EMLA
100  1997 Neonatal pain response to heel stick vs venepuncture for routine blood sampling. ---