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Abbreviation : NMB-R
Long Form : neuromedin B receptor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Impact of natural neuromedin-B receptor variants on iron metabolism. ---
2019 Development and Characterization of a Novel, High-Affinity, Specific, Radiolabeled Ligand for BRS-3 Receptors. BN, BnRs, CNS, GRPR, hBRS-3
2016 PDE7B, NMBR and EPM2A Variants and Schizophrenia: A Case-Control and Pharmacogenetics Study. EPM2A, PDE7B, SCZ
2016 Viability of D283 medulloblastoma cells treated with a histone deacetylase inhibitor combined with bombesin receptor antagonists. GRPR, HDACi, MB
2015 Cloning of neuromedin B and its receptor in the rabbit and generating a polyclonal antibody to the neuromedin B protein. NMB
2015 Monitoring beta-arrestin recruitment via beta-lactamase enzyme fragment complementation: purification of peptide E as a low-affinity ligand for mammalian bombesin receptors. FACS, GPCRs, GRPR, hBRS-3
2014 Cross-inhibition of NMBR and GRPR signaling maintains normal histaminergic itch transmission. CQ, GRPR, KO
2013 Comparative pharmacology of bombesin receptor subtype-3, nonpeptide agonist MK-5046, a universal peptide agonist, and peptide antagonist Bantag-1 for human bombesin receptors. BN, BRS-3, FAK, GRPR, hBRS-3, MAPK, PLA2, PLC
2013 Hypoxia regulates the expression of the neuromedin B receptor through a mechanism dependent on hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha. HIF-1alpha, HRE
10  2012 Neuromedin B and its receptor influence the activity of myometrial primary cells in vitro through regulation of Il6 expression via the Rela/p65 pathway in mice. NMB, RNAi, siRNA
11  2011 Neuromedin B and its receptor induce labor onset and are associated with the RELA (NFKB P65)/IL6 pathway in pregnant mice. IL-6, NMB
12  2010 Pharmacology of putative selective hBRS-3 receptor agonists for human bombesin receptors (BnR): affinities, potencies and selectivity in multiple native and BnR transfected cells. BN, BnR, BRS-3, GRPR
13  2009 In vitro binding evaluation of 177Lu-AMBA, a novel 177Lu-labeled GRP-R agonist for systemic radiotherapy in human tissues. BBN, GRP, GRPR, HRPC
14  2009 [Expression of NMBR in myometrium in pregnant mice at different gestational ages and its relation with parturition]. EP, LP, MP, NP, PP, PT
15  2007 [Scanning of drug targets related to uterus contraction from the uterine smooth muscles by cDNA microarray]. CACNA, NPY
16  2006 177Lu-AMBA: Synthesis and characterization of a selective 177Lu-labeled GRP-R agonist for systemic radiotherapy of prostate cancer. AMBA, BBN, GRPR, PK
17  2006 Molecular mechanisms mediating gastrin-releasing peptide receptor modulation of memory consolidation in the hippocampus. BB, D1R, GRPR, IA, MAPK, PKA, PKC
18  2003 Bombesin-like peptides and mast cell responses: relevance to bronchopulmonary dysplasia? BLPs, BPD
19  2003 Detection of tumor specific gene expression in bone marrow and peripheral blood from patients with small cell lung carcinoma. GRPR, NSCLC, preproGRP, RT-PCR, SCLC
20  2003 Stress-induced impairment of inhibitory avoidance learning in female neuromedin B receptor-deficient mice. BN, NMB
21  2002 Decreased marble burying behavior in female mice lacking neuromedin-B receptor (NMB-R) implies the involvement of NMB/NMB-R in 5-HT neuron function. DR, NMB, PCPA
22  2002 Modulation of 5-HT system in mice with a targeted disruption of neuromedin B receptor. ---
23  2002 Restraint stress impaired maternal behavior in female mice lacking the neuromedin B receptor (NMB-R) gene. NMB
24  2002 Systematic optimization of a lead-structure identities for a selective short peptide agonist for the human orphan receptor BRS-3. BRS-3, GRPR
25  2001 Molecular basis for selectivity of high affinity peptide antagonists for the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor. BN, EC, GRPR
26  2001 Rational design of a peptide agonist that interacts selectively with the orphan receptor, bombesin receptor subtype 3. BN, GRPR
27  2001 Tyrosine 220 in the 5th transmembrane domain of the neuromedin B receptor is critical for the high selectivity of the peptoid antagonist PD168368. GRPR
28  2000 Bombesin-like peptides: studies on food intake and social behaviour with receptor knock-out mice. BN, BRS-3, GRPR
29  2000 Detection of occult tumor cells in peripheral blood from patients with small cell lung cancer by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. BM, PB, PBPC, RT-PCR
30  2000 Presence of receptors for bombesin/gastrin-releasing peptide and mRNA for three receptor subtypes in human prostate cancers. BRS-3, GRPR
31  2000 The presence of receptors for bombesin/GRP and mRNA for three receptor subtypes in human ovarian epithelial cancers. BRS-3, GRP, GRPR, RT-PCR
32  1999 Evidence for autocrine actions of neuromedin B and gastrin-releasing peptide in non-small cell lung cancer. BLPs, GRP, GRPR, HBE, HPLC, NMB, NSCLC, RT-PCR, SCLC
33  1999 The bombesin receptor subtypes have distinct G protein specificities. BRS-3, GRPR
34  1998 A human gene encodes a putative G protein-coupled receptor highly expressed in the central nervous system. BN, ET-B, GPCR, GRPR, PCR
35  1998 Four amino acid residues are critical for high affinity binding of neuromedin B to the neuromedin B receptor. BRS-3, GRP, GRPR
36  1997 Cloning and expression of the neuromedin B receptor and the third subtype of bombesin receptor genes in the mouse. BRS-3
37  1997 Identification of four amino acids in the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor that are required for high affinity agonist binding. BB4, BRS-3, GRPR
38  1997 Mice lacking bombesin receptor subtype-3 develop metabolic defects and obesity. BRS-3, GRPR
39  1997 Neuromedin B receptor activation causes tyrosine phosphorylation of p125FAK by a phospholipase C independent mechanism which requires p21rho and integrity of the actin cytoskeleton. GRP, NMB, rNMR-R
40  1996 Bombesin receptor structure and expression in human lung carcinoma cell lines. BRS-3, GRP, GRPR, NMB, PLC
41  1994 Desensitization of neuromedin B receptors (NMB-R) on native and NMB-R-transfected cells involves down-regulation and internalization. NMBR
42  1994 Expression of mRNA for three bombesin receptor subtypes in human bronchial epithelial cells. BRS-3, GRP, GRPR, HBE, NSCLC
43  1994 Glycosylation of bombesin receptors: characterization, effect on binding, and G-protein coupling. endo H, Endo-F2, GRPR, PNGase F
44  1994 Neuromedin B receptor, expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes, selectively couples to G alpha q and not G alpha 11. GRPR
45  1993 Bombesin Receptor Gene Expression in Rat Embryos: Transient GRP-R Gene Expression in the Posterior Pituitary. BnR, GRPR