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Abbreviation : NMDARs
Long Form : NMDA-type glutamate receptors
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 CaMKII T286 phosphorylation has distinct essential functions in three forms of long-term plasticity. CaMKII, mGluRs
2022 Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptors Bidirectionally Modulate Intrinsic Excitability of Inhibitory Neurons. ---
2020 Leptin modulates pancreatic beta-cell membrane potential through Src kinase-mediated phosphorylation of NMDA receptors. ---
2020 Tonic NMDA receptor signalling shapes endosomal organisation in mammalian cells. CNS, VGCCs
2020 TRPing into excitotoxic neuronal death. ---
2019 Antidepressant-relevant concentrations of the ketamine metabolite (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine do not block NMDA receptor function. fEPSPs, mEPSCs
2019 Differences in GluN2B-Containing NMDA Receptors Result in Distinct Long-Term Plasticity at Ipsilateral versus Contralateral Cortico-Striatal Synapses. LTD, LTP, VGLUT
2018 Mechanisms for localising calcineurin and CaMKII in dendritic spines. CaMKII
2018 Triheteromeric GluN1/GluN2A/GluN2C NMDARs with Unique Single-Channel Properties Are the Dominant Receptor Population in Cerebellar Granule Cells. ---
10  2017 A novel serine racemase inhibitor suppresses neuronal over-activation in vivo. SRR, Srr-KO
11  2017 Dopamine promotes NMDA receptor hypofunction in the retina through D1 receptor-mediated Csk activation, Src inhibition and decrease of GluN2B phosphorylation. Csk, D1Rs
12  2017 Targeting nitric oxide and NMDA receptor-associated pathways in treatment of high grade glial tumors. Hypotheses for nitro-memantine and nitrones. COX, GBM, iNOS, NO, PBN
13  2016 A possible significant role of zinc and GPR39 zinc sensing receptor in Alzheimer disease and epilepsy. GlyR, nAChRs
14  2016 The transcription factor calcium-response factor limits NMDA receptor-dependent transcription in the developing brain. BDNF, CaRF, L-VGCCs
15  2015 Calpain-Mediated Degradation of Drebrin by Excitotoxicity In vitro and In vivo. AD, DS
16  2015 Differential Effects of Pharmacologic and Genetic Modulation of NMDA Receptor Activity on HIV/gp120-Induced Neuronal Damage in an In Vivo Mouse Model. HAND, Tg
17  2015 Increasing the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase EphB2 Prevents Amyloid-beta-induced Depletion of Cell Surface Glutamate Receptors by a Mechanism That Requires the PDZ-binding Motif of EphB2 and Neuronal Activity. AD
18  2015 Non-Ionotropic NMDA Receptor Signaling Drives Activity-Induced Dendritic Spine Shrinkage. 7-CK, LTD, NMDAR
19  2014 Developmental changes in NMDA receptor subunit composition at ON and OFF bipolar cell synapses onto direction-selective retinal ganglion cells. DSGCs, TRHR
20  2014 Differential effects of synaptic and extrasynaptic NMDA receptors on Abeta-induced nitric oxide production in cerebrocortical neurons. eNMDARs, NO
21  2014 GluN3A promotes dendritic spine pruning and destabilization during postnatal development. ---
22  2014 mGlu5 receptors and cellular prion protein mediate amyloid-β-facilitated synaptic long-term depression in vivo. mGlu5Rs
23  2014 NMDA receptor activation strengthens weak electrical coupling in mammalian brain. ---
24  2013 GluN3A expression restricts spine maturation via inhibition of GIT1/Rac1 signaling. ---
25  2012 Control of neuronal excitability by NMDA-type glutamate receptors in early developing binaural auditory neurons. APs, NL
26  2012 Genetic deletion of NR3A accelerates glutamatergic synapse maturation. NR3A-KO, PSD
27  2012 Is NMDA receptor-coincidence detection required for learning and memory? ---
28  2012 The NMDA receptor subunit GluN3A protects against 3-nitroproprionic-induced striatal lesions via inhibition of calpain activation. 3-NP
29  2011 Electrophysiological analysis of the modulation of NMDA-receptors function by D-serine and glycine in the central nervous system. ---
30  2011 mGluR and NMDAR activation internalize distinct populations of AMPARs. AMPARs, LTD
31  2011 Neuregulin1/ErbB4-induced migration in ST14A striatal progenitors: calcium-dependent mechanisms and modulation by NMDA receptor activation. NRG1, SOCE
32  2011 Severely impaired learning and altered neuronal morphology in mice lacking NMDA receptors in medium spiny neurons. MSNs
33  2011 VEGF modulates NMDA receptors activity in cerebellar granule cells through Src-family kinases before synapse formation. GCs
34  2010 Absence of NMDA receptors in dopamine neurons attenuates dopamine release but not conditioned approach during Pavlovian conditioning. D1R-KO, DA
35  2010 Long-term potentiation in the CA1 hippocampus induced by NR2A subunit-containing NMDA glutamate receptors is mediated by Ras-GRF2/Erk map kinase signaling. LTP
36  2010 MHC class I modulates NMDA receptor function and AMPA receptor trafficking. CNS, MHC-I
37  2009 Burst-timing-dependent plasticity of NMDA receptor-mediated transmission in midbrain dopamine neurons. ---
38  2009 Glycine transport inhibitors for the treatment of schizophrenia: symptom and disease modification. GlyT1, GTIs
39  2009 Neuroprotection by the NR3A subunit of the NMDA receptor. KO, Tg, WT
40  2008 Glutamatergic calcium dynamics and deregulation of rat retinal ganglion cells. RGCs
41  2008 Presynaptic NMDA receptors: newly appreciated roles in cortical synaptic function and plasticity. preNMDARs
42  2008 Regulation of NMDA receptor subunit expression and its implications for LTD, LTP, and metaplasticity. ---
43  2007 Distinct structural and ionotropic roles of NMDA receptors in controlling spine and synapse stability. ---
44  2007 Natural oligomers of the Alzheimer amyloid-beta protein induce reversible synapse loss by modulating an NMDA-type glutamate receptor-dependent signaling pathway. AD
45  2007 Rapid bidirectional switching of synaptic NMDA receptors. ---
46  2007 Regulation of synaptic signalling by postsynaptic, non-glutamate receptor ion channels. AMPARs
47  2007 Spike-timing-dependent plasticity of neocortical excitatory synapses on inhibitory interneurons depends on target cell type. FS, LTD, LTP, LTS, PC, STDP
48  2006 Distinct roles for Ras-guanine nucleotide-releasing factor 1 (Ras-GRF1) and Ras-GRF2 in the induction of long-term potentiation and long-term depression. LTD, LTP, MAP, NR1, Ras-GRF1
49  2006 NMDA receptors, glial cells, and clinical medicine. ---
50  2005 CaMKIIalpha enhances the desensitization of NR2B-containing NMDA receptors by an autophosphorylation-dependent mechanism. CaMKII
51  2004 Learning from NMDA receptor trafficking: clues to the development and maturation of glutamatergic synapses. ---
52  2002 Phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase regulates synapse specificity of hippocampal long-term depression. LTD, mGluRs, PI 3-kinase
53  2001 A role for the cytoplasmic polyadenylation element in NMDA receptor-regulated mRNA translation in neurons. CPEs, GFP
54  2001 Mutant huntingtin enhances excitotoxic cell death. HD
55  1999 Cannabinoids enhance NMDA-elicited Ca2+ signals in cerebellar granule neurons in culture. IP3