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Abbreviation : NOM
Long Form : natural organic matter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Bimetallic Fe-Mn Oxide-Activated Oxone for In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) of Trichloroethylene in Groundwater: Efficiency, Sustained Activity, and Mechanism Investigation. BFMO, ESR, ISCO, PS, RSE, TCE
2020 A comparative study of UV/H2O2 and UV/PDS for the degradation of micro-pollutants: kinetics and effect of water matrix. ATZ, TCA, TCS, UV/PDS
2020 A novel peroxymonosulfate (PMS)-enhanced iron coagulation process for simultaneous removal of trace organic pollutants in water. BQ, CBZ, HQ, PMS, TrOCs
2020 A Novel Strategy to Evaluate the Aromaticity Degree of Natural Organic Matter Based on Oxidization-Induced Chemiluminescence. OCL
2020 Absorption Mode Spectral Processing Improves Data Quality of Natural Organic Matter Analysis by Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. FT-ICR MS
2020 Accelerated oxidation of iopamidol by ozone/peroxymonosulfate (O3/PMS) process: Kinetics, mechanism, and simultaneous reduction of iodinated disinfection by-product formation potential. I-DBPs, I-THMs, IPM
2020 Activated carbon and organic matter characteristics impact the adsorption of DBP precursors when chlorine is added prior to GAC contactors. Br-DBPs, DBPs, EfOM, GAC, HAA
2020 Adsorption kinetics of synthetic organic contaminants onto superfine powdered activated carbon. S-PAC
2020 Adsorption of microplastic-derived organic matter onto minerals. DOM, FTIR, MP, MP-DOM, PS, PS-DOM, PVC, UV
10  2020 Adsorption onto ACFC of mixture of pharmaceutical residues in water - experimental studies and modelling. EBC, HSDM, IAST
11  2020 Algal softening followed by ozonation: The fate of persistent micropollutants and natural organic matter in groundwater. ---
12  2020 Analysis of natural organic matter via fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry: an overview of recent non-petroleum applications. FT-ICR, MS/MS
13  2020 Anion-exchange resin adsorption followed by electrolysis: A new disinfection approach to control halogenated disinfection byproducts in drinking water. DBPs
14  2020 Application of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry to characterize natural organic matter. FT-ICR MS
15  2020 Application of heat-activated peroxydisulfate pre-oxidation for degrading contaminants and mitigating ultrafiltration membrane fouling in the natural surface water treatment. DOC, HPSEC, PARAFAC, PDS, UF
16  2020 AQDS and Redox-Active NOM Enables Microbial Fe(III)-Mineral Reduction at cm-Scales. AQDS, FeRB
17  2020 Arsenic behavior during gallic acid-induced redox transformation of jarosite under acidic conditions. AMD, GA
18  2020 Binding of Hg to preformed ferrihydrite-humic acid composites synthesized via co-precipitation and adsorption with different morphologies. FH-HA
19  2020 Bioaccumulation kinetics and tissue distribution of silver nanoparticles in zebrafish: The mechanisms and influence of natural organic matter. BCF
20  2020 Biochar Modified by Nano-manganese Dioxide as Adsorbent and Oxidant for Oxytetracycline. BC, OTC
21  2020 Biological ion exchange as an alternative to biological activated carbon for drinking water treatment. BAC, BIEX
22  2020 Carbon doped Fe3O4 peroxidase-like nanozyme for mitigating the membrane fouling by NOM at neutral pH. BSA, FTIR, HA, HPSEC, NF, UF
23  2020 Change of disinfection byproducts formation potential of natural organic matter after exposure to persulphate and bicarbonate. FTIR, MS, PS, SEC
24  2020 Characteristics and mechanisms of Pb(II) sorption onto Fe-rich waste water treatment residue (WTR): A potential sustainable Pb immobilisation technology for soils. EXAFS, WTR
25  2020 Characterization and influence of floc under different coagulation systems on ultrafiltration membrane fouling. PAC, PAC-PolyDMDAAC, UF
26  2020 Characterizing the molecular weight distribution of dissolved organic matter by measuring the contents of electron-donating moieties, UV absorbance, and fluorescence intensity. DOC, EDM, EDMMW/DOCMW, EfOM, MW
27  2020 Chemical behaviors and toxic effects of ametryn during the UV/chlorine process. AMT, DBPs, RCS
28  2020 Chlorinated effluent organic matter causes higher toxicity than chlorinated natural organic matter by inducing more intracellular reactive oxygen species. CHO, DBPs, EOM, RNS, ROS
29  2020 Combination of humic acid and clay reduce the ecotoxic effect of TiO2 NPs: A combined physico-chemical and genetic study using zebrafish embryo. DLVO, ENPs
30  2020 Comparative adsorption mechanism of doxycycline and Congo red using synthesized kaolinite supported CoFe2O4 nanoparticles. CR, Dox, TEM
31  2020 Comparative removal of Suwannee River natural organic matter and perfluoroalkyl acids by anion exchange: Impact of polymer composition and mobile counterion. AER, PFAAs, PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, SRNOM
32  2020 Comparison of acetaminophen degradation in UV-LED-based advance oxidation processes: Reaction kinetics, radicals contribution, degradation pathways and acute toxicity assessment. AAP, AOPs, UV-LED
33  2020 Competitive co-adsorption of bacteriophage MS2 and natural organic matter onto multiwalled carbon nanotubes. MWCNT, SRNOM
34  2020 Countereffect of glutathione on divalent mercury removal by nanoscale zero-valent iron in the presence of natural organic matter. nZVI, SRNOM, ZVI
35  2020 Coupled Manganese Redox Cycling and Organic Carbon Degradation on Mineral Surfaces. HA
36  2020 Coupling of natural organic matter-metal binding and laccase-catalyzed oxidation of tetrabromobisphenol A. TBBPA
37  2020 Crystalline phase and surface coating of Al2O3 nanoparticles and their influence on the integrity and fluidity of model cell membranes. QCM-D
38  2020 Decomplexation of Cu(II)-natural organic matter complex by non-thermal plasma oxidation: Process and mechanisms. Cu-HA
39  2020 Degradation of acetaminophen in photo-enzyme coupling system with natural organic matters from different sources. AAP, HRP, PECS
40  2020 Degradation of diclofenac by Fe(II)-activated peracetic acid. DCF, PAA
41  2020 Degradation of diiodoacetamide in water by UV/chlorination: Kinetics, efficiency, influence factors and toxicity evaluation. DIAcAm, HAcAms
42  2020 Developing a restricted chlorine-dosing strategy for UV/chlorine and post-chlorination under different pH and UV irradiation wavelength conditions. CTFAC
43  2020 Development and comparison of formula assignment algorithms for ultrahigh-resolution mass spectra of natural organic matter. UHR-MS
44  2020 Disinfection by-products in Croatian drinking water supplies with special emphasis on the water supply network in the city of Zagreb. DBAA, DBPs, HAAs, PARAFAC, THMs
45  2020 Disinfection byproducts and halogen-specific total organic halogen speciation in chlorinated source waters - The impact of iopamidol and bromide. CHBrClI, DBPs, THM
46  2020 Do the joint effects of size, shape and ecocorona influence the attachment and physical eco(cyto)toxicity of nanoparticles to algae? ENPs
47  2020 Eco-Corona vs Protein Corona: Effects of Humic Substances on Corona Formation and Nanoplastic Particle Toxicity in Daphnia magna. FA, HA, HSs, NPPs
48  2020 Effect of natural organic matter on thallium and silver speciation. ---
49  2020 Effect of Natural Organic Matter on the Fate of Cadmium During Microbial Ferrihydrite Reduction. Cd
50  2020 Effects of fulvic acids on the electrochemical reactions and mass transfer properties of organic cation toluidine blue: Results of measurements by the method of rotating ring-disc electrode. EC, MW, PPFA, RRDE, SRFA, TB
51  2020 Effects of organic matter-goethite interactions on reactive transport of nalidixic acid: column study and modeling. GCS, LHA, NA
52  2020 Effects of pre, post, and simultaneous loading of natural organic matter on 2-methylisoborneol adsorption on superfine powdered activated carbon: Reversibility and external pore-blocking. MIB, MIB, PAC, SPAC
53  2020 Efficient natural organic matter removal from water using nano-MgO coupled with microfiltration membrane separation. HA
54  2020 Efficient removal of GenX (HFPO-DA) and other perfluorinated ether acids from drinking and recycled waters using anion exchange resins. HFPO-DA, PFEAS
55  2020 Electrochemical oxidation of sulfamethoxazole in BDD anode system: Degradation kinetics, mechanisms and toxicity evaluation. BDD, DFT, SMX, SS
56  2020 Electron Hopping Enables Rapid Electron Transfer between Quinone-/Hydroquinone-Containing Organic Molecules in Microbial Iron(III) Mineral Reduction. ---
57  2020 Enhanced removal of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate using a resin-based nanocomposite hydrated iron oxide through a Fenton-like process: Capacity evaluation and pathways. EPR, IP, OPs, TCEP, XPS
58  2020 Enrichment of Geogenic Ammonium in Quaternary Alluvial-Lacustrine Aquifer Systems: Evidence from Carbon Isotopes and DOM Characteristics. DOM, FT-ICR MS, NOSC
59  2020 Evaluating the transport of Hg(II) in the presence of natural organic matter through a diffusive gradient in a thin-film passive sampler. DGTs
60  2020 Facet-Dependent Adsorption and Fractionation of Natural Organic Matter on Crystalline Metal Oxide Nanoparticles. ---
61  2020 Facilitating microplastic quantification through the introduction of a cellulose dissolution step prior to oxidation: Proof-of-concept and demonstration using diverse samples from the Inner Oslofjord, Norway. ---
62  2020 Fate of natural organic matter and oxidation/disinfection by-products formation at a full-scale drinking water treatment plant. GAC
63  2020 Fluorescence-based monitoring of anthropogenic pollutant inputs to an urban stream in Southern California, USA. Trp
64  2020 Formation of assimilable organic carbon (AOC) during drinking water disinfection: A microbiological prospect of disinfection byproducts. AOC, DBPs
65  2020 Formation of haloacetic acids from different organic precursors in swimming pool water during chlorination. BIF, BP-3, DHAAs, HAAs, MHAAs, SRHA, THAAs
66  2020 Halogenated semivolatile acetonitriles as chloramination disinfection by-products in water treatment: a new formation pathway from activated aromatic compounds. DBPs, DCAN, HANs
67  2020 High frequency fluorescence monitoring reveals new insights into organic matter dynamics of an urban river, Birmingham, UK. ---
68  2020 High-Flux, Antifouling Hydrophilized Ultrafiltration Membranes with Tunable Charge Density Combining Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone) and Aminated Graphene Oxide Nanohybrid. APTES, FESEM-EDX, NIPS, SPES, UF
69  2020 Hydrogen production from natural organic matter via cascading oxic-anoxic photocatalytic processes: An energy recovering water purification technology. HA
70  2020 Impact of groundwater quality and associated byproduct formation during UV/hydrogen peroxide treatment of 1,4-dioxane. DI, EEO
71  2020 Impact of Natural Organic Matter on Plutonium Vadose Zone Migration from an NH4Pu(V)O2CO3(s) Source. SRS
72  2020 Impact of origin and structure on the aggregation behavior of natural organic matter. ---
73  2020 Impacts of Natural Organic Matter Adhesion on Irreversible Membrane Fouling during Surface Water Treatment Using Ultrafiltration. AFM, QCM-D, UF
74  2020 Influence of granular activated carbon media properties on natural organic matter and disinfection by-product precursor removal from drinking water. DBP, DBPFP, DOC, GAC, HAAs, THMs
75  2020 Interactions of emerging contaminants with model colloidal microplastics, C60 fullerene, and natural organic matter - effect of surface functional group and adsorbate properties. AMP, CBZ
76  2020 Interplay between extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from a marine diatom and model nanoplastic through eco-corona formation. EPS, NSW, SEC
77  2020 Interpreting main features of the differential absorbance spectra of chlorinated natural organic matter: Comparison of the experimental and theoretical spectra of model compounds. DAS, DBP, QC
78  2020 Kinetics and pathways of the degradation of PPCPs by carbonate radicals in advanced oxidation processes. PPCPs
79  2020 Laboratory results and mathematical modeling of spore surface interactions in stormwater runoff. DLVO
80  2020 Micro-Polluted Surface Water Treated by Yeast-Chitosan Bio-Microcapsules. ---
81  2020 Molecular Evidence of Arsenic Mobility Linked to Biodegradable Organic Matter. DOM, WSOM
82  2020 Molecular insight into the interfacial chemical functionalities regulating heterogeneous calcium-arsenate nucleation. Ca-As
83  2020 Molecular insights into the formation and remobilization potential of nonextractable anthropogenic organohalogens in heterogeneous environmental matrices. AOHs, HiMcAr-AOHs, HoMcAr-AOHs, NER, PcAr-AOHs
84  2020 Molecular Tagging for the Molecular Characterization of Natural Organic Matter. ---
85  2020 Morphology, structure, and composition of sulfidized silver nanoparticles and their aggregation dynamics in river water. CCC
86  2020 Multifunctional beta-Cyclodextrin Polymer for Simultaneous Removal of Natural Organic Matter and Organic Micropollutants and Detrimental Microorganisms from Water. 2,4,6-TCP, 2-NO, 3-PH, beta-CDP, BPA, BPS, OMPs
87  2020 Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Imparts Molecular-Weight-Dependent Steric Stabilization or Electrostatic Destabilization to Ferrihydrite Nanoparticles. Fh NPs, MW
88  2020 Natural organic matter does not diminish the mammalian bioavailability of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. AFC, IgM, TCDD
89  2020 Natural organic matter-enhanced transportation of iodine in groundwater in the Datong Basin: Impact of irrigation activities. EEM
90  2020 New Route to Toxic Nitro and Nitroso Products upon Irradiation of Micropollutant Mixtures Containing Imidacloprid: Role of NOx and Effect of Natural Organic Matter. ---
91  2020 NOM mitigates the phytotoxicity of AgNPs by regulating rice physiology, root cell wall components and root morphology. FA, iXRF, SRHA
92  2020 Nonhalogenated Aromatic DBPs in Drinking Water Chlorination: A Gap between NOM and Halogenated Aromatic DBPs. DBPs
93  2020 Novel Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic Chlorine Activation Process for Carbamazepine Degradation in Drinking Water. AOP, UV, VgC-AOP
94  2020 One-step Ferrate(VI) treatment as a core process for alternative drinking water treatment. ---
95  2020 Organic Amines Enhance the Formation of Iodinated Trihalomethanes during Chlorination of Iodide-Containing Waters. FC, Gly, HOI, I-THMs, OAs, Sar, Tea
96  2020 Organic Functionalized Graphene Oxide Behavior in Water. CCC, DLVO, GO, HGO
97  2020 Organic micropollutants and disinfection byproducts removal from drinking water using concurrent anion exchange and chlorination process. DBPs, HA, HAAs, OMPs, THMs
98  2020 Photocatalytic degradation of organic micropollutants: Inhibition mechanisms by different fractions of natural organic matter. OMPs, ROS
99  2020 Pilot-scale iron electrocoagulation treatment for natural organic matter removal. ML
100  2020 Polyethyleneimine modification of activated fly ash and biochar for enhanced removal of natural organic matter from water via adsorption. BC, EEM-PARAFAC, FA, PEI