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Abbreviation : NP-40
Long Form : Nonidet P-40
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Deficient Incorporation of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein into Virions Enhances Virus-Induced Immune Evasion and Viral Pathogenicity. DCs, DTT, RABV, VNAs, WT
2018 Evaluation of viral contamination in a baculovirus expression system. ---
2014 Mutations of rat surfactant protein A have distinct effects on its glycosylation, secretion, aggregation and degradation. 4-PBA, CHO, CRD, SP-A
2013 Clinical and Immunological Analysis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis before and after Different Treatments. CL, DTH, ELISA, GLU, IDR, IOD, SR, TLCK
2011 Enhanced removal of a human norovirus surrogate from fresh vegetables and fruits by a combination of surfactants and sanitizers. GRAS, MNV-1, SDS
2009 Buffer optimization for high resolution of human lung cancer tissue proteins by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. IEF
2009 Optimization of RNA isolation from Brittle Leaf Disease affected date palm leaves and construction of a subtractive cDNA library. BLD, PVP
2008 Evaluation of an effective sample prefractionation method for the proteome analysis of breast cancer tissue using narrow range two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. CHAPS, DTT, IEF, TBP
2006 Immobilized beta-cyclodextrin polymer coupled to agarose gel properly refolding recombinant Staphylococcus aureus elongation factor-G in combination with detergent micelle. beta-CD, EF-G
10  2005 Antibodies against granulosa luteinized cells and their targets in women attending IVF program. COHS, ELISA, ET, GLCs, IVF, MM
11  2005 Detection of activity and mass spectrometric identification of mouse liver carboxylesterase and aldehyde dehydrogenase separated by non-denaturing two-dimensional electrophoresis after extraction with detergents. SDS
12  2004 Proteome analysis of brain proteins in Alzheimer's disease: subproteomics following sequentially extracted protein preparation. AD, CHAPS, GFAP, SB3-10
13  2002 Effect of geldanamycin on androgen receptor function and stability. AR, GA, GR, PR, PSA
14  2001 SDS -PAGE and Western Blotting Techniques. SDS-PAGE
15  2001 Two-dimensional electrophoretic analysis of rice proteins by polyethylene glycol fractionation for protein arrays. ARF, PEG
16  2000 Flow cytometric cell division tracking using nuclei. BrdU, CFSE, PCNA
17  2000 Soluble, template-dependent extracts from Nicotiana benthamiana plants infected with potato virus X transcribe both plus- and minus-strand RNA templates. PVX, RCNMV
18  1999 Isolation and biological characterization of boar sperm capacitation-related antigen. ELISA, FPLC, IVF, mAb, SDS-PAGE
19  1996 Identification of the major membrane and core proteins of vaccinia virus by two-dimensional electrophoresis. DTT, IMV
20  1996 Use of flow cytometry and RT-PCR for detecting gene expression by single cells. BLV, RT
21  1995 Selective phosphorylation of cationic polypeptide aggregated with phosphatidylserine/diacylglycerol/Ca2+/detergent mixed micelles by Ca(2+)-independent but not Ca(2+)-dependent protein kinase C isozymes. DG, PI, PKC, PS
22  1994 PCR based detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: effect of sample preparation. PCR, SDS
23  1993 Antigenic differentiation of avian pneumovirus isolates using polyclonal antisera and mouse monoclonal antibodies. AVP, mAbs, VN
24  1993 Optimizing a method of protein extraction for two-dimensional electrophoretic separation of proteins from planarians (Platyhelminthes, Turbellaria). SDS
25  1993 p63cdc13, a B-type cyclin, is associated with both the nucleolar and chromatin domains of the fission yeast nucleus. ---
26  1993 Pro-tumour necrosis factor cleavage enzyme in macrophage membrane/particulate. LPS, TNF
27  1992 Differences in cellular proteins between high and low metastatic potential sublines from the methylcholanthrene-induced rat fibrosarcoma cell line. ---
28  1992 In situ immunocytochemical detection of cells containing antibodies specific for Eimeria tenella antigens. TX-100
29  1992 Membrane fusion of Semliki Forest virus involves homotrimers of the fusion protein. SFV
30  1992 The MB-1/B29 heterodimer couples the B cell antigen receptor to multiple src family protein tyrosine kinases. ---
31  1991 Isoelectric Focusing of Plant Plasma Membrane Proteins : Further Evidence that a 55 Kilodalton Polypeptide Is Associated with beta-1,3-Glucan Synthase Activity from Pea. IEF, kD
32  1991 Studies on mouse sperm binding molecule (ligand) to egg zona pellucida. II. Purification of ligand molecule from cauda epididymal sperm. SDS-PAGE
33  1990 Isolation and characterization of gastric microsomal glycoproteins. Evidence for a glycosylated beta-subunit of the H+/K(+)-ATPase. ---
34  1989 Antigenic reactivity of matrix protein and nucleoprotein of influenza virus as detected by EIA after dissociation with different detergents. EIA, NP, OG, SDS
35  1989 Preparation and biochemical characterization of Lassa virus subvirion fractions. ---
36  1988 Characterization of neuroectodermal antigen by a monoclonal antibody and its application in CSF diagnosis of human glioma. CSF, ELISA, SDS-PAGE
37  1987 EGF-dependent phosphorylation of the EGF receptor in plasma membranes isolated from young and senescent WI-38 cells. EGF
38  1987 Monoclonal antibody against carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) identifies two new forms of crossreacting antigens of molecular weight 90,000 and 160,000 in normal granulocytes. CEA, mAb, NCAs, SDS-PAGE
39  1987 Protein phosphorylation in intact bovine epididymal spermatozoa: identification of the type II regulatory subunit of cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase as an endogenous phosphoprotein. ATP, CHES, SDS
40  1987 Tetrameric alkaline phosphatase from human liver is converted to dimers by phosphatidylinositol phospholipase C. PI-PLC
41  1986 Axokinin phosphorylation by cAMP-dependent protein kinase is sufficient for activation of sperm flagellar motility. ---
42  1986 Comparison of different blocking agents and nitrocelluloses in the solid phase detection of proteins by labelled antisera and protein A. NC
43  1986 The preparation and characterization of anti-peptide heteroantisera recognizing subregions of the intracytoplasmic domain of class I H-2 antigens. ---
44  1985 Actin in ejaculated human sperm cells. ---
45  1985 Biosynthesis of mannose-containing lipid-linked oligosaccharides by solubilized enzyme preparation from cultured soybean cells. ---
46  1985 Evidence for transmembrane orientation of acylated simian virus 40 large T antigen. PML
47  1985 Reversible inactivation and reactivation of vaccinia virus by manipulation of viral lipid composition. ABMP, PS
48  1985 Simple solid-phase radioimmunoassay for human leukemia-associated cell membrane antigens. CHAPS, mAb
49  1985 The spatial distribution of maternal mRNA is determined by a cortical cytoskeletal domain in Chaetopterus eggs. CD
50  1984 Cytoskeleton-associated Pr65gag and assembly of retrovirus temperature-sensitive mutants in chronically infected cells. Mo-MuLV, MuLV, R-MuLV, ts
51  1984 Deficiency in C3b receptors on neutrophils of patients with chronic granulomatous disease and hyperimmunoglobulin-E recurrent infection (Job's) syndrome. CGD, Es
52  1984 Immunogenic proteins of feline rhinotracheitis virus. SDS-PAGE
53  1984 Solubilization of plasma membranes in anionic, non-ionic and zwitterionic surfactants for iso-dalt analysis: a critical evaluation. IF-SDS, SB3-8
54  1983 Acylated simian virus 40 large T-antigen: a new subclass associated with a detergent-resistant lamina of the plasma membrane. ---
55  1983 Cytoskeleton-associated Pr65gag and retrovirus assembly. R-MuLV
56  1983 Studies on the induction and expression of T-cell-mediated immunity. XIII. Membrane-associated antigens of cytotoxic T lymphocytes involved in cytotoxicity. CTL, SDS
57  1982 Detection of Raji binding activity in hyperimmune allogeneic tumor bearing sera associated with anti-BSA activity. BN, BSA, PAGE
58  1982 Glycoproteins of Sendai virus (HVJ) have a critical ratio for fusion between virus envelopes and cell membranes. HN
59  1982 Isolation of a basophilic membrane protein binding the anti-allergic drug cromolyn. SDS-PAGE
60  1981 Manipulation of cell-cell and cell-substratum interactions in mouse mammary tumor epithelial cells using broad spectrum antisera. ---
61  1981 Protein composition of the virions of five plant rhabdoviruses. EMDV, LNVY, SV, SYNV, SYVV
62  1981 Purification of measles virus glycoproteins and their integration into artificial lipid membranes. ---
63  1981 The effects of nonidet P40 on the function of rat peritoneal mast cells in vitro. ATP
64  1980 Association of gross virus-associated cell-surface antigen with liposomes. GCSAa
65  1980 Improved transport of horseradish peroxidase after injection with a non-ionic detergent (Nonidet P-40) into mouse cortex and observations on the relationship between spread at the injection site and amount of transported label. HRP
66  1979 Effect of diphosphonates on hydroxyapatite formation induced by calcium-phospholipid-phosphate complexes. EHDP, HA, SDS
67  1978 Cellular immunity to solubilized tumor antigens of a methylcholanthrene-induced sarcoma with a migration inhibition assay. CS, Meth A, MIF, MMC, MMI, PE
68  1978 Differential activation of hepatitis B DNA polymerase by detergent and salt. HB, HBAg
69  1978 Isolation and characterization of the membrane envelope enclosing the bacteroids in soybean root nodules. PTA, SDS
70  1977 Effect of detergents and chemicals on purified vaccinia virus: analysis by SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and electron microscopy1,2. CTAB, SDC, SDS
71  1976 Characterization of the target cell receptor for IgE. II. Polyacrylamide gel analysis of the surface IgE receptor from normal rat mast cells and from rat basophilic leukemia cells. RBL, RMC, SDS
72  1976 Demonstration of non-infectious hemagglutinating particles of rabies virus and isolation of the hemagglutinin by disruption of the virion with Nonidet P-40. HAnin, HI, VN
73  1976 Factors influencing the isolation of membrane immunoglobulins from T and B lymphocytes. 1. Detergent effects and iodination conditions. ---
74  1975 Immunization against Marek's disease using Marek's disease virus-specific antigens free from infectious virus. MDV
75  1973 DNA polymerase associated with human hepatitis B antigen. HBAg
76  1973 RNA-DNA covalent bonds between the RNA primers and the DNA products formed by RNA tumor virus DNA polymerase. AMV, MuLV