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Abbreviation : NRC
Long Form : Nuclear Regulatory Commission
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 The Million Person Study, whence it came and why. CDC, DoD, DOE, EPA, MPS, NASA, NCI
2019 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission radiation protection policy and opportunities for the future. AEC, LNT
2018 Saving Lives and Preventing Injuries From Unjustified Protective Actions-Method for Developing a Comprehensive Public Protective Action Strategy for a Severe NPP Emergency. DHS, EPA, FDNPP, ICRP
2018 The Past Informs the Future: An Overview of the Million Worker Study and the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Cohort. DoD, DOE, MCW, MWS, NCRP
2017 A Figure of Merit: Quantifying the Probability of a Nuclear Reactor Accident. PRA
2017 Meeting Regulatory Needs. ---
2017 Self-Shielding Analysis of the Zap-X System. MV, SRS
2016 Occupational Dose and Dose Limits: Experience in a Large Multisite Hospital System. ACLs, DDE, LDE
2015 Comparison of state dental radiography safety regulations. ADA, FDA, NCRP
10  2015 Model Uncertainty via the Integration of Hormesis and LNT as the Default in Cancer Risk Assessment. LNT, NAS
11  2015 The impact of shadow evacuation on evacuation time estimates for nuclear power plants. EPZ, ETE, NPP
12  2015 Time to Reject the Linear-No Threshold Hypothesis and Accept Thresholds and Hormesis: A Petition to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. LNT
13  2014 Radiation emission from patients treated with holmium-166 radioembolization. RE, TEDE
14  2014 Thyroid cancer: radiation safety precautions in 131I therapy based on actual biokinetic measurements. ATA
15  2014 Worker protection implications of the solubility and human metabolism of modern uranium mill products in the U.S. LDH
16  2013 Organ S values and effective doses for family members exposed to adult patients following I-131 treatment: a Monte Carlo simulation study. DTC
17  2012 After Fukushima: managing the consequences of a radiological release. ---
18  2012 Moving forward with safety culture. HPS
19  2012 Radiation emission from patients treated with selective hepatic radioembolization using yttrium-90 microspheres: are contact restrictions necessary? TEDE
20  2012 US NRC discussion of options to revise radiation protection recommendations. ---
21  2011 Environmental radiation: risk benchmarks or benchmarking risk assessment. ---
22  2011 Information needs for siting new, and evaluating current, nuclear facilities: ecology, fate and transport, and human health. ---
23  2011 Regulatory evaluation of prostate volume implants: pitfalls of a retrospective assessment. MEs
24  2009 Medical use of byproduct material--authorized user clarification. Direct final rule. ---
25  2009 Physical presence during gamma stereotactic radiosurgery. ADR, OI, UPMC
26  2008 NRC inspections: risk-informed and performance-based. ---
27  2008 Web-based training course for evaluating radiological dose assessment in NRC's license termination process. ---
28  2007 History of personal dosimetry performance testing in the United States. DOE, DOELAP, NVLAP
29  2007 Licensee over-reliance on conservatisms in NRC guidance regarding the release of patients treated with 131I. DDE, EDE, TEDE
30  2006 Nuclear medicine technologists and unauthorized self-injections. ADR, OI
31  2005 A technical evaluation of the Nucletron FIRST system: conformance of a remote afterloading brachytherapy seed implantation system to manufacturer specifications and AAPM Task Group report recommendations. AAPM, ABS, FIRST
32  2005 Proposed framework for cleanup and site restoration following a terrorist incident involving radioactive material. DOE, EPA, IND, RDD
33  2005 Quantitating isotopic molecular labels with accelerator mass spectrometry. AMS
34  2005 Radioactive materials in biosolids: national survey, dose modeling, and publicly owned treatment works (POTW) guidance. POTW
35  2005 Toward the framework and implementation for clearance of materials from regulated facilities. NORM, TENORM
36  2004 Ramifications of risk measures in implementing quantitative performance assessment for the proposed radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, USA. DOE
37  2003 Kinetic analysis of data obtained from studies on microbial degradation of cement waste forms, using shrinking core models. SUC
38  2002 A survey of physical dosimetry to date and in the near future: Part 1. Review of standards and regulatory issues. ANSI, CIRMS, DOELAP, IEC, ISO, MIL-STD, MPD, NVLAP
39  2002 Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulatory status of approved intravascular brachytherapy systems. HDR, IVB
40  2001 Consideration of potassium iodide in emergency plans. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Final rule. ---
41  2001 Outpatient treatment with (131)I-anti-B1 antibody: radiation exposure to family members. ---
42  2001 Stability evaluation of a cement based waste form to microbially induced degradation. T. thiooxidans
43  2000 Development of a biofilm formation method for waste forms stability evaluation. MID
44  2000 Medical use of byproduct material; policy statement, revision. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Final policy statement; revision. ---
45  2000 Protective action recommendations based upon plant conditions. PARs
46  2000 Radiation exposure from outpatient radioactive iodine (131I) therapy for thyroid carcinoma. ---
47  2000 Radiation safety role in institutional disaster planning. ---
48  2000 The U.S.-Russian radiation health effects research program in the Southern Urals. DHHS, DoD, DOE, EPA, JCCRER, MAYAK, NASA
49  1999 Caution! NRC as protector of worker health and safety at nuclear power plants. DOE
50  1999 Development of a performance assessment capability in the waste management programs of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. ---
51  1999 Radiation safety parameters following prostate brachytherapy. ---
52  1998 Comprehensive quality assurance in medical use and a standard of care--NRC. Advance notice of proposed rulemaking: withdrawal. ANPRM
53  1998 Medical use of byproduct material; draft policy statement--NRC. draft policy statement. ---
54  1998 Medical use of byproduct material; proposed revision--NRC. Proposal rule. ---
55  1998 Nonmyeloablative iodine-131 anti-B1 radioimmunotherapy as outpatient therapy. 75 rad, RIT
56  1997 Criteria for the release of individuals administered radioactive materials--NRC. Final rule. ICRP, NCRP
57  1997 Exempt distribution of a radioactive drug containing one microcurie of carbon-14 urea--NRC. Final rule. ---
58  1997 Medical use of byproduct material: issues and request for public input--NRC. Request for public input on rule development. SA
59  1997 Regulations for radioiodine therapy in the United States: current status and the process of change. ---
60  1996 Lessons learned from investigations of therapy misadministration events. INEL
61  1995 A study of the angular dependence problem in effective dose equivalent assessment. AP, ICRP, ICRU, MCNP, PA
62  1995 Preparation, transfer for commercial distribution, and use of byproduct material for medical use--NRC. Final rule; clarification. ---
63  1993 An attempt to standardize the radiodiagnostic risk statement in an Institutional Review Board consent form. IRBs, RDRC
64  1992 Departures from manufacturer's instructions; elimination of recordkeeping requirements--NRC. Final rule. FDA
65  1992 Limited revision of fee schedules--NRC. Final rule. ---
66  1992 Revision of fee schedules; 100% fee recovery, FY 1992--NRC. Final rule. FY, NWF
67  1992 Site-specific parameter values for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's food pathway dose model. SRS
68  1992 Standards for protection against radiation; extension of implementation date--NRC. Final rule. ---
69  1991 Quality management program and misadministrations--Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Final rule. ---
70  1991 Revision of fee schedules; 100% fee recovery; clarification of size standards--Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Final rule. ---
71  1991 Standards for protection against radiation--Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Final rule. ---
72  1989 Mortality and career radiation doses for workers at a commercial nuclear power plant: feasibility study. CCNPP
73  1988 The Presbyterian-University Hospital, Pittsburgh. The gamma knife: brain surgery without an incision. ---
74  1986 Comparative pathway analysis of radiocesium in the Hudson River Estuary: environmental measurements and regulatory dose assessment models. CEDE
75  1986 Guidelines for radiation protection. ICRP, NCRP
76  1984 Distribution of radionuclides in Dardanelle Reservoir sediments. ---
77  1984 Shielding hospital rooms for brachytherapy patients: design, regulatory and cost/benefit factors. ---
78  1983 Fortification of existing rooms used for brachytherapy patients. NCRP
79  1982 Institutional Radiation Safety Committee--Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Final rule. ---
80  1981 Measurement of the activity of radiopharmaceutical dosages: Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Proposed rule. ---
81  1978 Experimental investigations of the possible cause of liver appearance during bone scanning. ---
82  1978 Regulatory controls over the medical use of radioisotopes. ---