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略語 : NS
展開形 : Neuroserpin
  (神経細胞由来分泌糖タンパク質) ニューロセルピン
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Polymerogenic neuroserpin causes mitochondrial alterations and activates NFκB but not the UPR in a neuronal model of neurodegeneration FENIB. ER, NPCs
2021 Contrasting conformational dynamics of beta-sheet A and helix F with implications in neuroserpin inhibition and aggregation. FENIB, tPA
2021 Inhibition of plasminogen/plasmin system retrieves endogenous nerve growth factor and adaptive spinal synaptic plasticity following peripheral nerve injury. CNS, i.t, NGF, PA, SNI, tPA
2021 Neuroserpin Inclusion Bodies in a FENIB Yeast Model. ER
2020 Changes in strand 6B and helix B during neuroserpin inhibition: Implication in severity of clinical phenotype. tPA, WT
2020 Embelin as Lead Compound for New Neuroserpin Polymerization Inhibitors. EMB, FENIB
2020 Glycosylation Tunes Neuroserpin Physiological and Pathological Properties. FENIB, gNS
2017 A hydrophobic patch surrounding Trp154 in human neuroserpin controls the helix F dynamics with implications in inhibition and aggregation. CD, MD, tPA, WT
2016 Chitosan-myristate nanogel as an artificial chaperone protects neuroserpin from misfolding. CMA
10  2016 Embelin binds to human neuroserpin and impairs its polymerisation. FENIB, tPA
11  2015 The stability and activity of human neuroserpin are modulated by a salt bridge that stabilises the reactive centre loop. FENIB, RCL, tPA
12  2014 Functional and dysfunctional conformers of human neuroserpin characterized by optical spectroscopies and Molecular Dynamics. FENIB, SERPIN
13  2011 The mate choice brain: comparing gene profiles between female choice and male coercive poeciliids. NLG-3, NMDAR
14  2010 Molecular bases of neuroserpin function and pathology. ---
15  2005 The brain-specific tissue-type plasminogen activator inhibitor, neuroserpin, protects neurons against excitotoxicity both in vitro and in vivo. tPA
16  2001 Expression, purification, and functional characterization of the serine protease inhibitor neuroserpin expressed in Drosophila S2 cells. ---