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展開形 : Nova Scotia
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2022 Alcohol sales in Canadian liquor outlets as a predictor of subsequent COVID-19 infection rates: a time-series analysis. BC, ON, PHAC
2022 An Examination of Melanoma Detection and Characteristics at a Nova Scotia Tertiary Care Centre, From 2015-2019. IM, MIS
2022 Are fur farms a potential source of persistent organic pollutants or mercury to nearby freshwater ecosystems? DDT, HCH, OCP, PCB, POPs
2022 Identifying children with medical complexity in administrative datasets in a Canadian context: study protocol. NB, PEI
2022 New Canadian and Provincial Records of Coleoptera Resulting from Annual Canadian Food Inspection Agency Surveillance for Detection of Non-Native, Potentially Invasive Forest Insects. BC, CFIA, NB, NL, ON, QC
2022 Opioid Use at End-Of-Life Among Nova Scotia Patients With Cancer. MEQ, NSPMP
2021 Disparities in Utilization of Psychiatry Services Among Home Care Clients: The Tale of Two Canadian Jurisdictions. HC, MB, RAI-HC, WRHA
2021 How is the medical assistance in dying (MAID) process carried out in Nova Scotia, Canada? A qualitative process model flowchart study. MAiD, NP
2021 Nurse Navigators' Views on Patient and System Factors Associated with Navigation Needs among Women with Breast Cancer. CPN
10  2021 Preschool autism services: A tale of two Canadian provinces and the implications for policy. ASD, NB
11  2021 Public awareness, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding the role of pharmacists as immunizers. NB
12  2021 Quality of End-of-Life Cancer Care in Canada: A 12-Year Retrospective Analysis of Three Provinces' Administrative Health Care Data Evaluating Changes over Time. BC, QIs
13  2021 Reopening Oral Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic through a Knowledge Exchange Coalition. OHPs, RTW
14  2021 The chemical composition of free-range and conventionally-farmed eggs available to Canadians in rural Nova Scotia. CNF
15  2021 Understanding the Environment for Health-Promoting Schools Policies in Nova Scotia: A Comprehensive Scan at the Provincial and Regional School Level. HPS
16  2020 Canadian trends in testosterone therapy. PCPs, TT
17  2020 Practices and views of occupational therapists in Nova Scotia regarding wheelchair-skills training for clients and their caregivers: an online survey. OTs
18  2020 Salinity, not genetic incompatibilities, limits the establishment of the invasive hybrid cattail Typhaglauca in coastal wetlands. ---
19  2019 Adherence to quality breast cancer survivorship care in four Canadian provinces: a CanIMPACT retrospective cohort study. BC
20  2019 Capacity building and personal empowerment: participatory food costing in Nova Scotia, Canada. PAR, PFC
21  2019 Changes in primary care provider utilization by phase of care for women diagnosed with breast cancer: a CanIMPACT longitudinal cohort study. BC, MB, ON, PCPs
22  2019 Comparing the 1-year impact of preschool autism intervention programs in two Canadian provinces. ASD, EIBI, NB
23  2019 Environmental scan of Canadian and UK policies for autism spectrum disorder diagnostic assessment. ASD, BC, PEI, UK
24  2019 Investigating caloric values and consumers' perceptions of Nova Scotia rose wines. CATA, PM, UFP
25  2019 Pattern of Opioid Analgesic Prescription for Adults by Dentists in Nova Scotia, Canada. MMEq
26  2019 Source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in small craft harbor (SCH) surficial sediments in Nova Scotia, Canada. PAHs, SCH
27  2019 The Association between Perceived Adequacy and Capacity for School Food Policy Implementation with Food Availability and Policy Adherence in Nova Scotia, Canada. SFNP
28  2019 Types of Services and Costs of Programs for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Sectors: A Comparison of Two Canadian Provinces. ASD, EIBI, NB
29  2018 Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in small craft harbour (SCH) sediments in Nova Scotia, Canada. PAHs, SCH
30  2018 Disparity in public funding of therapies for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer across Canadian provinces. ARATs, BC, mCRPC, ON, OS, PEI, QC, Ra-223
31  2018 Evolution of a high-performance emergency health services system in Nova Scotia. PUM
32  2018 Interprovincial variation in pre-pregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain and their impact on neonatal birth weight with respect to small and large for gestational age. BC, BMI, GWG, NL, ON, PAF, SGA, LGA
33  2018 Moving from Policy to Practice: A Report of School Nutrition Policy Adherence in Nova Scotia. ---
34  2017 'Meet and greet' intake appointments in primary care: a new pattern of patient intakes? FPs
35  2017 Development of a model to quantify the accessibility of a Canadian trauma system. GIS, MVCs
36  2017 Does socio-economic status or having a chronic condition affect whether family physicians accept a new patient? A Nova Scotia population study. FP, SES
37  2017 Protocol for determining primary healthcare practice characteristics, models of practice and patient accessibility using an exploratory census survey with linkage to administrative data in Nova Scotia, Canada. PCPs
38  2017 Reproducing or Reducing Inequity? Considerations for School Food Programs. ---
39  2017 Use of a 40-day rolling incidence to monitor pertussis in Nova Scotia, 2015. ---
40  2016 Are Postgraduate Medical Residency Training Positions in Atlantic Canada Evenly Distributed? CaRMS, NB, NL, PE
41  2016 Assessing access to paediatric trauma centres in Canada, and the impact of the golden hour on length of stay at the hospital: an observational study. BC, PTCs
42  2016 Stronger Together: Use of Storytelling at a Dietetics Conference to Promote Professional Collaboration. ---
43  2015 End-of-Life Cancer Care: Temporal Association between Homecare Nursing and Hospitalizations. BC, ON
44  2015 Moving Forward with School Nutrition Policies: A Case Study of Policy Adherence in Nova Scotia. ---
45  2015 Rethinking refugia: Tree topology, divergence dates, and demographic history trace the distribution of the endangered Plymouth gentian (Sabatia kennedyana) from the Pleistocene glaciation to present day. ---
46  2015 Seniors managing multiple medications: using mixed methods to view the home care safety lens. AB, ID, ON, QC
47  2014 A Comparison of Physical Activity Preferences Among Breast, Prostate, and Colorectal Cancer Survivors in Nova Scotia, Canada. PA
48  2014 Is the minimum enough? Affordability of a nutritious diet for minimum wage earners in Nova Scotia (2002-2012). NNFB
49  2014 Performance of administrative case definitions for comorbidity in multiple sclerosis in Manitoba and Nova Scotia. MB, MS
50  2013 Aleutian mink disease virus in furbearing mammals in Nova Scotia, Canada. AMDV, CIEP
51  2013 European starlings ( Sturnus vulgaris ) suggest that landfills are an important source of bioaccumulative flame retardants to Canadian terrestrial ecosystems. AB, BC, BEHTBP, FRs, ON, PBDEs, QC
52  2013 Pachybrachis (coleoptera, chrysomelidae, cryptocephalinae) of eastern Canada. NB, ON, PE, PE, QC, US
53  2013 The financial burden of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a Nova Scotia experience. IWK, JIA
54  2012 A team approach to improving colorectal cancer services using administrative health data. CRC, NSCR
55  2012 Bioidentical hormone therapy: Nova Scotia pharmacists' knowledge and beliefs. BHs, CHT, CPE
56  2012 Evaluation of an aerobic composting process for the management of Specified Risk Materials (SRM). CCME, SRM
57  2012 Is francophone language status associated with differences in the health services use of rural Nova Scotians? ---
58  2012 Learning from "Knocks in Life": Food Insecurity among Low-Income Lone Senior Women. ---
59  2012 Prevalence of the Aleutian mink disease virus infection in Nova Scotia, Canada. AMDV, CIEP
60  2011 Ecological impacts of the N-viro biosolids land-application for wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium. Ait) production in Nova Scotia. CEC, E. coli, SOM
61  2011 Knowledge of, beliefs about, and perceived barriers to the use of the emergency contraception pill among women aged 18-51 in Nova Scotia. ECP
62  2011 Pleated turtle escapes the box--shape changes in Dermochelys coriacea. CCL, FG
63  2010 Identifying early prescribers of cycloxygenase-2 inhibitors (COX-2s) in Nova Scotia, Canada: Considerations for targeted academic detailing. COX-2s, nsNSAIDs
64  2010 Safety in home care: A research protocol for studying medication management. AB, ON, QC
65  2009 Hereditary renal cell carcinoma associated with von Hippel-Lindau disease: a description of a Nova Scotia cohort. CNS, RCC, VHL
66  2009 Respiratory Watch: Development of a provincial system for respiratory syncytial virus surveillance in Nova Scotia, 2005-2008. RSV
67  2008 Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in seal populations from eastern and western Canada: an assessment of the processes and factors controlling PBDE distribution in seals. BC, MW, NWT, PBDE, PBDEs
68  2007 Coevolution of foraging behavior with intrinsic growth rate: risk-taking in naturally and artificially selected growth genotypes of Menidia menidia. SC
69  2007 Exploring patient demographic and clinical characteristics associated with lipid-lowering pharmacotherapy use in primary care. BC, CV, ON
70  2006 Fetal and neonatal outcomes of diabetic pregnancies. CI, RR
71  2006 The epidemiology of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Nova Scotia. MM
72  2006 The epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease in Canada: a population-based study. AB, BC, CD, IBD, MB, SK, UC
73  2005 Health care restructuring and family physician care for those who died of cancer. ED, FP
74  2005 Home visits by family physicians during the end-of-life: Does patient income or residence play a role? CI, FP, OR
75  2005 Where a cancer patient dies: the effect of rural residency. ---
76  2004 Optimal management of phenylketonuria: a centralized expert team is more successful than a decentralized model of care. NB, NB-D, Phe, PKU
77  2002 The covariance of routine and compensatory juvenile growth rates over a seasonality gradient in a coastal fish. NY, SC
78  2001 Temporal and biogeographic comparisons of PCBs and persistent organochlorine pollutants in the blubber of fin whales from eastern Canada in 1971-1991. age, NFLD, OC, StL
79  2000 Incidence of cancer in Sydney and Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia 1979-1997. CBCo, ICBxS
80  1993 Blood lead concentrations of waterfowl from unhunted and heavily hunted marshes of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada. PEI, ppb
82  1990 Countergradient variation in growth rate: compensation for length of the growing season among Atlantic silversides from different latitudes. NY, SC
83  1990 Role of physiotherapy auxiliary personnel in Nova Scotia: a descriptive survey. NSCP
84  1984 Seroepidemiology of Q fever in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. PEI