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展開形 : native starch
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2022 Effect of nano-conversion on morphological, rheological and thermal properties of barley starch. SNP's
2022 Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Modified KJ CMU-107 Rice Starches as Pharmaceutical Excipients. CLCMS, CLs, CMS, EDX, HPS, PGS, SEM, Tg, XRD
2021 Effect of starch concentration and resistant starch filler addition on the physical properties of starch hydrogels. RS2, XRD
2021 Effects on the structure and properties of native corn starch modified by enzymatic debranching (ED), microwave assisted esterification with citric acid (MCAE) and by the dual ED/MCAE treatment. DS, ED, MCAE, MCAE, MCDS, MCS
2021 Preparation, structure characterization, and specific gut microbiota properties related to anti-hyperlipidemic action of type 3 resistant starch from Canna edulis. Ce, DP
2020 Acetylation and Evaluation of Taro Boloso-I Starch as Directly Compressible Excipient in Tablet Formulation. DC, DS, SA, TS
2020 Effects of heat-moisture and acid treatments on the structural, physicochemical, and in vitro digestibility properties of lily starch. AT, HMT
2019 Common buckwheat-resistant starch as a suitable raw material for food production: A structural and physicochemical investigation. DSC, HMT, RS, RVA, SEM, XRD
2019 Effects of native starch and modified starches on the textural, rheological and microstructural characteristics of soybean protein gel. ADSP, AS, LF-NMR
10  2019 Ingestion of resistant starch by mice markedly increases microbiome-derived metabolites. IPA, RS
11  2019 Physicochemical Properties of Rice Starch during Microwave Heating for Food Product Quality. MRS, MRS_40S
12  2019 [Anticancer effect of modified banana (Musa cavendish AAA) starch in rats with 1.2-dimethylhydrazine]. RS
13  2018 Characterization and properties of biodegradable thermoplastic grafted starch films by different contents of methacrylic acid. MAA, TPS
14  2018 Effect of dual modification on properties of biodegradable crosslinked-oxidized starch and oxidized-crosslinked starch films. C-OS, CS, O-CS, OS
15  2018 Effect of single and dual-modifications on stability and structural characteristics of foxtail millet starch. AUS, AUS, RS, UAS, US
16  2018 Effects of modified banana (Musa cavendish)starch on glycemic control and blood pressure in rats with high sucrose diet. BP, ERM, FF, HDL, HSD, IR, NC, PC, PI, PW, TC
17  2018 Kithul palm (Caryota urens) as a new source of starch: Effect of single, dual chemical modifications and annealing on the physicochemical properties and in vitro digestibility. ANS, AOS, FT-IR, RS, XRD
18  2017 New technique in starch nanoparticles synthesis. StNPs
19  2016 Acetylated starch nanocrystals: Preparation and antitumor drug delivery study. AS, ASN, DOX, DS, SN
20  2011 Dynamic moisture sorption characteristics of enzyme-resistant recrystallized cassava starch. AMRS, NAMRS
21  2009 Structure and function of starch and resistant starch from corn with different doses of mutant amylose-extender and floury-1 alleles. ae, AM, AP, DSC, fl1, MW, PV, RS, RS-NS, RS-NS, RS-RVA-F, RVA, RVA-R