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2022 Effects of soil colloids on the aggregation and degradation of engineered nanoparticles (Ti3C2Tx MXene). ENPs, Mt, SH
2022 Metagenomic analysis displays the potential predictive biodegradation pathways of the persistent pesticides in agricultural soil with a long record of pesticide usage. BDGs, PCAS, PDGs
2021 Spent mushroom compost and calcium carbonate modification enhances phytoremediation potential of Macleaya cordata to lead-zinc mine tailings. FTIR, SMC, TEM
2020 Long-term effects of two organic amendments on bacterial communities of calcareous mediterranean soils degraded by mining. CW, EC, SS, TN, TOC
2020 Soil quality assessment of constructed Technosols: Towards the validation of a promising strategy for land reclamation, waste management and the recovery of soil functions. SMAF, SQ
2019 The effect of ambient air pollution on circulatory mortality: a short-term exposure assessment in Xi'an, China. GAM
2018 Methane oxidation and attenuation of sulphur compounds in landfill top cover systems: Lab-scale tests. MBP, MOR, PB
2018 Protection of extractable lipid and lignin: Differences in undisturbed and cultivated soils detected by molecular markers. OM, SOM
2017 The presence of acquired enamel pellicle changes acid-induced erosion from dissolution to a softening process. AEP, AS, DW, SMH
10  2016 Ecotoxicological assessment of biosolids by microcosms. TAS
11  2015 Almond Skin Inhibits HSV-2 Replication in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells by Modulating the Cytokine Network. HSV-2, PBMCs
12  2015 Effect of different storage conditions on the physical properties of bleached enamel: An in vitro vs. in situ study. AS, IS, KHN, PW, SEM, SM
13  2014 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in road-deposited sediments, water sediments, and soils in Sydney, Australia: Comparisons of concentration distribution, sources and potential toxicity. PAHs, RDS, TEQ, WS
14  2012 Effects of soil-plant interactive system on response to exposure to ZnO nanoparticles. DHA, NPs, PCA
15  2012 Inhibition of cytochrome P450 3A in rat liver by the Diorganotin (IV) compound di-n-Butyl-di-(4-chlorobenzo-hydroxamato)tin (IV) and Its Probable Mechanism. AFS, FQ-PCR, HPLC
16  2012 Sensitivity of Eisenia andrei (Annelida, Oligochaeta) to a commercial formulation of abamectin in avoidance tests with artificial substrate and natural soil under tropical conditions. TAS
17  2010 Air pollution and health: a European and North American approach (APHENA). df, GLM, NMMAPS, PACF, PM10, PS
18  2010 Seasonal pattern of the acute mortality effects of air pollution. CI, PM10
19  2009 Enhanced washing of HCB contaminated soils by methyl-beta-cyclodextrin combined with ethanol. CD, HCB, MCD
20  2009 The comparison of alternative smoothing methods for fitting non-linear exposure-response relationships with Cox models in a simulation study. FP, P-splines, RCS, RMSE
21  2007 Association of daily cause-specific mortality with ambient particle air pollution in Wuhan, China. GAMs, PM
22  2006 Land application of carbonatic lake-dredged materials: effects on soil quality and forage productivity. CLDM
23  2006 Modeling human metabolism of benzene following occupational and environmental exposures. ---
24  2004 Assessing the efficacy of dredged materials from Lake Panasoffkee, Florida: implication to environment and agriculture. Part 1: Soil and environmental quality aspect. ICP, LDM, LP, PEL, TEL
25  2004 Assessing the efficacy of dredged materials from Lake Panasoffkee, Florida: implication to environment and agriculture. Part 2: pasture establishment and forage productivity. BG, CP, LDM
26  2004 Differential distribution of elastic tissue in human natural skin and tissue-engineered skin. TES
27  2001 In vitro remineralisation of eroded enamel lesions by saliva. AS, LD, RS