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略語 : NS
展開形 : neostriatum
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No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2007 Intranasal dopamine application increases dopaminergic activity in the neostriatum and nucleus accumbens and enhances motor activity in the open field. DA, i.p, NAc
2004 Different inhibitory inputs onto neostriatal projection neurons as revealed by field stimulation. GP, IPSCs
2004 Down-regulation of dopamine D1 and D2 receptors in the basal ganglia of PTZ kindling model of epilepsy: effects of angiotensin IV. Ang IV, DA, NA, OT, PTZ, rNA
1998 Dopamine and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor interactions in the neostriatum. DA, NMDA
1995 Neurochemical characteristics of the rat neostriatum and motor cortex after the development of a unilateral manipulatory reflex. AC, ACE, nt
1995 Projections from the visual areas to the neostriatum in rats. A re-examination. ---
1994 Different effects of scopolamine on extracellular acetylcholine levels in neostriatum and nucleus accumbens measured in vivo: possible interaction with aversive stimulation. ACh, NAc
1994 [The neurochemical characteristics of the rat neostriatum and motor cortex after the acquisition of a unilateral manipulatory reflex]. AC, AChE, nt
1992 Single-unit activity in the globus pallidus and neostriatum of the rat during performance of a trained head movement. GP
10  1991 A comparison of substance P peptide and preprotachykinin mRNA levels during development of rat medullary raphe and neostriatum. MRN, PPT, SP
11  1991 Comparative analysis of the effects of iontophoretically applied dopamine in different regions of the rat brain, with special reference to the cingulate cortex. Acb, ACG, DA, PAR, PF
12  1991 Serotonin regulation of tachykinin biosynthesis in the rat neostriatum. PCPA
13  1990 Projection subtypes of rat neostriatal matrix cells revealed by intracellular injection of biocytin. EP, GP, SN
14  1989 Sodium and potassium regulation of guanine nucleotide-stimulated adenylate cyclase in brain. CB, DR, FC, HP, LC, SN, VT
15  1987 The morphogenesis of glutamic acid decarboxylase in the neostriatum of the cat: neuronal and ultrastructural localization. GABA, GAD