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展開形 : neurosarcoidosis
  (病名) 神経サルコイドーシス
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Inflammatory profiles in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with neurosarcoidosis. CSF, HC
2022 Isolated CNS Sarcoidosis Versus Systemic Sarcoidosis With CNS Involvement: A Same Disease? ACE, CSF, INS, SNS
2022 [Neurosarcoidosis]. ---
2021 A 46-Year-Old Presenting With Inferior Mononuclear Visual Field Defect as the Sole Manifestation of Neurosarcoidosis. ---
2021 A Case of Neurosarcoid Presenting as Multiple Intraparenchymal Hemorrhages. IPH
2021 Clinical characterization and outcomes of 85 patients with neurosarcoidosis. ---
2021 Isolated neurosarcoidosis mimicking multiple sclerosis. MRI, MS
2021 Neurosarcoidosis mimicry of MS: Clues from cases with CNS tissue diagnosis. ADEM, MS
2021 Overcoming the Elusiveness of Neurosarcoidosis: Learning from Five Complex Cases. CINS, CT, MRI
10  2021 Unique imaging appearance of neurosarcoidosis as a solitary cystic mass with mural enhancement. ---
11  2021 Vascular Involvement in Neurosarcoidosis: Early Experiences From Intracranial Vessel Wall Imaging. VWI
12  2020 A Study of the Clinical Profile, Radiologic Features, and Therapeutic Outcomes in Neurosarcoidosis from Two Tertiary Care Centers in Southern India. ---
13  2020 Acute central nervous system vasculitis as a manifestation of neurosarcoidosis: A case report and literature review. ---
14  2020 Cauda Equina Syndrome in Neurosarcoidosis. CE, CM
15  2020 Clinical Spectrum and Outcome of Neurosarcoidosis: A Retrospective Cohort Study from a Teaching Hospital in India. ---
16  2020 Differentiation between neurosarcoidosis and primary central nervous system vasculitis based on demographic, cerebrospinal and imaging features. PACNS
17  2020 Evaluating S100B as a serum biomarker for central neurosarcoidosis. CNS, ENS
18  2020 FLT-PET for the assessment of systemic sarcoidosis including cardiac and CNS involvement: a prospective study with comparison to FDG-PET. CS, FDG
19  2020 Leukocyte profiles in blood and CSF distinguish neurosarcoidosis from multiple sclerosis. MS
20  2020 Neurosarcoidosis and Ocular Inflammation: A Case Series and Literature Review. ---
21  2020 Retrospective, dual-centre review of imaging findings in neurosarcoidosis at presentation: prevalence and imaging sub-types. MRI, NEWM
22  2020 The Burden of Neurosarcoidosis: Essential Approaches to Early Diagnosis and Treatment. ---
23  2020 [New Treatment for Patients with Neurosarcoidosis]. TNF
24  2019 Hydrocephalus as the first presenting symptom of neurosarcoidosis in two patients: a diagnosis more forthcoming in the context of systemic disease. ---
25  2019 Measurement of cerebrospinal fluid ACE level in aseptic meningitis: diagnostic? CSF
26  2019 Multiple sclerosis and sarcoidosis: A case for coexistence. ---
27  2018 Neuroimaging Findings in Intracranial Sarcoid Phlebitis: A Case Report. ICH, SWI, VWI
28  2018 Neurosarcoidosis As a Rare Differential Diagnosis for Single Or Multiple Lesions of the Nervous System. ---
29  2018 [Neurosarcoidosis - diagnosis, clinical picture and therapy]. SA
30  2017 Association of Prognostic Factors and Immunosuppressive Treatment With Long-term Outcomes in Neurosarcoidosis. EDSS, HR, OR, RFS
31  2017 Case report: middle-aged woman from Ghana with unsteady gait and enlarging cerebellar mass. ---
32  2017 Extrapyramidal signs in neurosarcoidosis versus multiple sclerosis: Is TNF alpha the link? MS, PD, TNF-alpha
33  2016 [Neurosarcoidosis - clinical characteristics, diagnosis and treatment]. ---
34  2015 Cerebrospinal fluid angiotensin-converting enzyme for diagnosis of neurosarcoidosis. AUC, CNS, CSF, ROC
35  2015 Hypothalamic-pituitary sarcoidosis with vision loss and hypopituitarism: case series and literature review. HP, PHAs
36  2015 Neurosarcoidosis-associated central diabetes insipidus masked by adrenal insufficiency. AI, CDI
37  2015 Neurosarcoidosis: diagnosis, therapy and biomarkers. ---
38  2015 The intrathecal, polyspecific antiviral immune response in neurosarcoidosis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and autoimmune encephalitis compared to multiple sclerosis in a tertiary hospital cohort. ADEM, AI, AIE, MRZR, MS, OCB
39  2014 An unusual cause of sudden hearing loss. Probable neurosarcoidosis (NS). ---
40  2014 Isolated spinal neurosarcoidosis: An enigmatic intramedullary spinal cord pathology-case report and review of the literature. FDG-PET
41  2014 Overview of neurosarcoidosis: recent advances. SA
42  2013 Neurosarcoidosis: two case reports with multiple cranial nerve involvement and review of the literature. ACE, CSF, HDCTT, MRI
43  2012 Detection of clinical and subclinical retinal abnormalities in neurosarcoidosis with optical coherence tomography. AMT, CSF, OCT, RNFL
44  2012 Neurosarcoidosis: guidance for the general neurologist. ---
45  2010 Neurosarcoidosis mimicry of multiple sclerosis: clinical, laboratory, and imaging characteristics. MS
46  2010 Soluble CSF interleukin 2 receptor as indicator of neurosarcoidosis. CSF, MS, sIL-2R
47  2009 Presentations and outcomes of neurosarcoidosis: a study of 54 cases. CSF, MRIs
48  2008 Neurosarcoidosis: a study of 30 new cases. CSF
49  2007 Aggressive therapy for neurosarcoidosis: long-term follow-up of 48 treated patients. ---
50  2005 Neurosarcoidosis. Clinical description of 7 cases with a proposal for a new diagnostic strategy. CSF, HRCT
51  2004 Neurosarcoidosis: findings in MRI. MRI
52  2002 Necrotizing neurosarcoidosis of the cranial base resembling an en plaque sphenoid wing meningioma: case report. NSG
53  1997 Imaging quiz case 1. Neurosarcoidosis (NS). ---
54  1997 Sarcoidosis en-plaque. Report of a case and review of the literature. CSF, MRI, SACE
55  1995 Sarcoid optic neuropathy: a case report. ---