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略語 : NS
展開形 : nociceptive specific
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2018 Characterization and pharmacological modulation of noci-responsive deep dorsal horn neurons across diverse rat models of pathological pain. heat, WDR
2018 Decanoic acid attenuates the excitability of nociceptive trigeminal primary and secondary neurons associated with hypoalgesia. DA, TG, WDR
2017 The medullary dorsal reticular nucleus as a relay for descending pronociception induced by the mGluR5 in the rat infralimbic cortex. DRt, IL, mGluR5, WDR
2016 Neuronal hyperexcitability in the ventral posterior thalamus of neuropathic rats: modality selective effects of pregabalin. SNL, VP, WDR
2015 D-aspartate modulates nociceptive-specific neuron activity and pain threshold in inflammatory and neuropathic pain condition in mice. D-Asp, DDO, NMDARs
2014 Effect of spinal manipulation thrust duration on trunk mechanical activation thresholds of nociceptive-specific lateral thalamic neurons. HVLA-SM
2014 Effect of spinal manipulation thrust magnitude on trunk mechanical activation thresholds of lateral thalamic neurons. HVLA-SM, WDR
2014 PC1, a non-peptide PKR1-preferring antagonist, reduces pain behavior and spinal neuronal sensitization in neuropathic mice. PKs, SNI
2014 Spinal presynaptic inhibition in pain control. ---
10  2014 The bradykinin B1 receptor antagonist BI113823 reverses inflammatory hyperalgesia by desensitization of peripheral and spinal neurons. CFA, WDR
11  2014 The somatostatin receptor 4 agonist J-2156 reduces mechanosensitivity of peripheral nerve afferents and spinal neurons in an inflammatory pain model. CFA, SST, WDR
12  2012 Spontaneous firing and evoked responses of spinal nociceptive neurons are attenuated by blockade of P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptors in inflamed rats. WDR
13  2012 The role of the dopamine D2 receptor in descending control of pain induced by motor cortex stimulation in the neuropathic rat. D2Rs, WDR
14  2011 Facial injections of pruritogens or algogens elicit distinct behavior responses in rats and excite overlapping populations of primary sensory and trigeminal subnucleus caudalis neurons. AITC, DRG, TG, WDR
15  2010 Role of the NKCC1 co-transporter in sensitization of spinal nociceptive neurons. BTD, CAP, DRG, NKCC1, PAD, WDR
16  2010 TRPA1 modulation of spontaneous and mechanically evoked firing of spinal neurons in uninjured, osteoarthritic, and inflamed rats. OA, WDR
17  2010 TRPV1-related modulation of spinal neuronal activity and behavior in a rat model of osteoarthritic pain. MIA, OA, WDR
18  2009 Rat dorsal horn nociceptive-specific neurons are more sensitive than wide dynamic range neurons to depression by immobilizing doses of volatile anesthetics: an effect partially reversed by the opioid receptor antagonist naloxone. MAC, WDR
19  2009 Selective inhibitory effects of pregabalin on peripheral C but not A-delta fibers mediated nociception in intact and spinalized rats. BV, DH
20  2007 Differential effects of estradiol on encoding properties of TMJ units in laminae I and V at the spinomedullary junction in female rats. ATP, HE2, LE2, TMJ, WDR
21  2007 Long-lasting descending and transitory short-term spinal controls on deep spinal dorsal horn nociceptive-specific neurons in response to persistent nociception. DH, NK-1, WDR
22  2006 Central sensitization in thalamic nociceptive neurons induced by mustard oil application to rat molar tooth pulp. MO, PO, VPM, WDR
23  2006 Central sensitization induced in thalamic nociceptive neurons by tooth pulp stimulation is dependent on the functional integrity of trigeminal brainstem subnucleus caudalis but not subnucleus oralis. MO, PO, VPM
24  2006 Effect of electrical stimulation of the internal capsule on nociceptive neurons responding to orofacial stimuli in the medullary dorsal horn of the rat. IC, WDR
25  2006 GABAA-Receptor blockade reverses the injury-induced sensitization of nociceptor-specific (NS) neurons in the spinal dorsal horn of the rat. CAP, MO, RFs
26  2005 Application of nucleus pulposus to L5 dorsal root ganglion in rats enhances nociceptive dorsal horn neuronal windup. AD, NP, WDR
27  2005 Craniofacial inputs to upper cervical dorsal horn: implications for somatosensory information processing. LTM, WDR
28  2005 Effect of chronic inflammation on dorsal horn nociceptive neurons in aged rats. CFA, WDR
29  2005 Endogenous ATP involvement in mustard-oil-induced central sensitization in trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn). ---
30  2005 Involvement of dorsal column nucleus neurons in nociceptive transmission in aged rats. DCN, GN, LTM, SP-LI, WDR
31  2004 Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) modulates nociceptive trigeminovascular transmission in the cat. CGRP, SSS, WDR
32  2004 Electrophysiological characterisations of rat lamina I dorsal horn neurones and the involvement of excitatory amino acid receptors. ---
33  2004 Posterior triangular thalamic neurons convey nociceptive messages to the secondary somatosensory and insular cortices in the rat. NNS, PoT
34  2003 Alterations in dorsal horn neurones in a rat model of cancer-induced bone pain. WDR
35  2003 Differential sensitization of amygdala neurons to afferent inputs in a model of arthritic pain. CeA, MR
36  2003 Effects of glutamate receptor antagonists on spinal dorsal horn neurons during zymosan-induced inflammation in rats. AP3, APV, DNQX, NMDA, SRFs, WDR
37  2003 Response properties of TMJ units in superficial laminae at the spinomedullary junction of female rats vary over the estrous cycle. RF, TMJ, WDR
38  2002 Responses of superficial dorsal horn neurons to intradermal serotonin and other irritants: comparison with scratching behavior. i.c, WDR
39  2002 Spinal administration of prostaglandin E(2) or prostaglandin F(2alpha) primarily produces mechanical hyperalgesia that is mediated by nociceptive specific spinal dorsal horn neurons. i.t, PGE2, PGF2, WDR
40  2001 Alteration of medullary dorsal horn neuronal activity following inferior alveolar nerve transection in rats. IAN, LTM, MDH, WDR
41  2001 Effect of different concentrations of iontophoretic nociceptin on distinct classes of nociceptive neurons in rat spinal cord. NC, WDR
42  2001 Intensity coding by TMJ-responsive neurons in superficial laminae of caudal medullary dorsal horn of the rat. TMD, TMJ, WDR
43  2001 Neuroplasticity induced by tooth pulp stimulation in trigeminal subnucleus oralis involves NMDA receptor mechanisms. EMG, LTM, MO, WDR
44  2001 Quantitative response characteristics of thermoreceptive and nociceptive lamina I spinothalamic neurons in the cat. ---
45  2000 Diffuse noxious inhibitory controls in anti-nociception produced by acupuncture and moxibustion on trigeminal caudalis neurons in rats. DNIC, LTM, WDR
46  2000 Response properties and organization of nociceptive neurons in area 1 of monkey primary somatosensory cortex. LTM, WDR
47  2000 Superficial dorsal horn neurons identified by intracutaneous histamine: chemonociceptive responses and modulation by morphine. i.c, i.t, WDR
48  1999 Effects of electrical stimulation of thalamic nucleus submedius and periaqueductal gray on the visceral nociceptive responses of spinal dorsal horn neurons in the rat. CRD, PAG, Sm, VSR, WDR
49  1999 Neural mechanisms and pathways in craniofacial pain. WDR
50  1998 alpha2-adrenoceptors modulate NMDA-evoked responses of neurons in superficial and deeper dorsal horn of the medulla. alpha2-AR, LT, WDR
51  1998 Differential activation of spinal dorsal horn units by subcutaneous formalin injection in the cat: an electrophysiological study. LTM, RF, s.c, WDR
52  1998 Direct comparison of heat-evoked activity of nociceptive neurons in the dorsal horn with the hindpaw withdrawal reflex in the rat. MR
53  1998 Distribution of nociceptive neurons in the ventrobasal complex of macaque thalamus. VB, VPLc, VPM, WDR
54  1997 Encoding of corneal input in two distinct regions of the spinal trigeminal nucleus in the rat: cutaneous receptive field properties, responses to thermal and chemical stimulation, modulation by diffuse noxious inhibitory controls, and projections to the parabrachial area. DNIC, LTM, MO, PBA, WDR
55  1997 Response characteristics of nucleus submedius neurons to colo-rectal distension in the rat. CRD, Sm
56  1997 Responses of primary afferents and spinal dorsal horn neurons to thermal and mechanical stimuli before and during zymosan-induced inflammation of the rat hindpaw. AMH, CMH, CMN, HTM, LTM, WDR
57  1997 Spinal strychnine alters response properties of nociceptive-specific neurons in rat medial thalamus. i.t, RF, STR
58  1996 Cooling-specific spinothalamic neurons in the monkey. ---
59  1996 Inhibitory effects of electrical stimulation of thalamic nucleus submedius on the nociceptive responses of spinal dorsal horn neurons in the rat. DA, Sm, WDR
60  1996 Morphological and electrophysiological properties of ACCx nociceptive neurons in rats. ACCx, RFs
61  1996 Opioids modulate N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA)-evoked responses of neurons in the superficial and deeper dorsal horn of the medulla (trigeminal nucleus caudalis). AP5, BNTX, LT, NMDA, WDR
62  1996 Quantitative analysis of substance P-immunoreactive boutons on physiologically characterized dorsal horn neurons in the cat lumbar spinal cord. CGRP, NK-1, NN, SP, WDR
63  1995 Differential inhibitory mechanisms in VPL versus intralaminar nociceptive neurons of the cat: I. Effects of periaqueductal gray stimulation. CL, MRF, NRD, PAG, Pc, Pf, SPL, VLF, VPL, WDR
64  1995 Differential inhibitory mechanisms in VPL versus intralaminar nociceptive neurons of the cat: II. Effects of systemic morphine and CCK. CCK, CL, Pf, SPL, VPL, WDR
65  1995 Poststimulus afterdischarges of spinal WDR and NS units in rats with chronic nerve constriction. CCI, WDR
66  1995 Spino (trigemino) parabrachiohypothalamic pathway: electrophysiological evidence for an involvement in pain processes. mPB, PB, PB-H, RCh
67  1995 The effects of clonidine and tizanidine on responses of nociceptive neurons in nucleus ventralis posterolateralis of the cat thalamus. VLF, VPL, WDR
68  1994 Inflammation and hyperalgesia in rats neonatally treated with capsaicin: effects on two classes of nociceptive neurons in the superficial dorsal horn. WDR
69  1994 Intracellular analysis of cutaneous afferent-induced excitation and inhibition in rat dorsal horn neurones in vitro. EPSPs, IPSPs, LT, WDR
70  1994 Membrane properties of physiologically classified rat dorsal horn neurons in vitro: correlation with cutaneous sensory afferent input. INH, LT, SUB, WDR
71  1994 Parabrachial area and nucleus raphe magnus-induced modulation of nociceptive and nonnociceptive trigeminal subnucleus caudalis neurons activated by cutaneous or deep inputs. LTM, NRM, PBA, RA, SA, WDR
72  1994 Sensitization of high mechanothreshold superficial dorsal horn and flexor motor neurones following chemosensitive primary afferent activation. HT, LT, WDR
73  1993 Characterization of spinal somatosensory neurons having receptive fields in lumbar tissues of cats. WDR
74  1993 Nociceptive neurons of the raccoon lateral thalamus. LT, RFs, VB, WDR
75  1993 Nociceptive responses in the neostriatum and globus pallidus of the anesthetized rat. GP, INH, LTM, WDR
76  1993 Responses of rat medullary dorsal horn neurons following intranasal noxious chemical stimulation: effects of stimulus intensity, duration, and interstimulus interval. ISI, SRFs, WDR
77  1993 Wide dynamic range but not nociceptive-specific neurons encode multidimensional features of prolonged repetitive heat pain. WDR
78  1992 Intracellular HRP study of nociceptive neurons within the ventrobasal complex of the cat thalamus. LTM, VB, WDR
79  1992 Stimulation of craniofacial muscle afferents induces prolonged facilitatory effects in trigeminal nociceptive brain-stem neurones. LTM, WDR
80  1991 Changes in tonic descending inhibition of spinal neurons with articular input during the development of acute arthritis in the cat. TDI, WDR
81  1991 Differential action of amitriptyline on neurons in the trigeminal nucleus. AMI, SI, WDR
82  1991 Responses of cat C1 spinal cord dorsal and ventral horn neurons to noxious and non-noxious stimulation of the head and face. LTM, WDR
83  1990 Distribution and response properties of cat SI neurons responsive to changes in tooth temperature. LTM, PS, TPNs, WDR
84  1990 Evidence for a central component in the sensitization of spinal neurons with joint input during development of acute arthritis in cat's knee. WDR
85  1990 Properties of nociceptive and non-nociceptive neurons in trigeminal subnucleus oralis of the rat. LTM, WDR
86  1990 Response properties of nociceptive and non-nociceptive neurons in the rat's trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn) related to cutaneous and deep craniofacial afferent stimulation and modulation by diffuse noxious inhibitory controls. DNIC, LTM, WDR
87  1990 Responses of nociceptive VPL neurons to intracardiac injection of bradykinin in the cat. LTM, VPL, WDR
88  1990 The spino(trigemino)pontoamygdaloid pathway: electrophysiological evidence for an involvement in pain processes. Ce, NR, PA, PB, PBel, PRF
89  1989 Effects of tooth pulp deafferentation on nociceptive and nonnociceptive neurons of the feline trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn). LTM, WDR
90  1989 Nociceptive neurons in rat superior colliculus: response properties, topography, and functional implications. LT, WDR
91  1989 Physiological properties of sensory trigeminal neurons projecting to mesencephalic parabrachial area in the cat. LTM, PBA, RFs, WDR
92  1989 Responses of neurons in nucleus ventralis posterolateralis of the cat thalamus' to hypogastric inputs. VPL, WDR
93  1989 Thalamic mechanism of pain: shell theory of thalamic nociception. VB, VPL, VPM proper, WDR
94  1988 Effects of temporomandibular joint stimulation on nociceptive and nonnociceptive neurons of the cat's trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn). LTM, TMJ, WDR
95  1988 Nociceptive body representation in nucleus ventralis posterolateralis of cat thalamus. VB, VPL, WDR
96  1987 Cardiac sympathetic afferent input onto neurons in nucleus ventralis posterolateralis in cat thalamus. ICN, LTM, VPL, WDR
97  1987 Response properties of nociceptive and low-threshold mechanoreceptive neurons in the hamster superior colliculus. LT, SC, WDR
98  1986 Convergence of cutaneous, tooth pulp, visceral, neck and muscle afferents onto nociceptive and non-nociceptive neurones in trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn) and its implications for referred pain. LTM, WDR
99  1986 Responses of neurons in feline trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn) to cutaneous, intraoral, and muscle afferent stimuli. LTM, WDR
100  1986 Tooth pulp input to the shell region of nucleus ventralis posteromedialis of the cat thalamus. TPS, WDR