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  (アミノ酸が置換する遺伝子変異を指して) 非同義
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2022 Biennial surveillance of Plasmodium falciparum anti-malarial drug resistance markers in Democratic Republic of Congo, 2017 and 2019. ACT, ART, CQ, DBS, DRC, RDT, SP, WHO
2022 Characterizing the mutational landscape of MM and its precursor MGUS. NDMM, OS, OTH, SYN, TMB
2022 Genetic mapping of a bioethanol yeast strain reveals new targets for hydroxymethylfurfural- and thermotolerance. CWI, HMF, QTL, SNPs, TOR
2022 Incorporation of transition to transversion ratio and nonsense mutations, improves the estimation of the number of synonymous and non-synonymous sites in codons. Ti, Tv
2022 Molecular characterization and phylogenetic relationships among Rhynchophorus sp. haplotypes in Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region-KSA. COI, COX, RPW
2021 Comparison of the protective antigen variabilities of prevalent Newcastle disease viruses in response to homologous/heterologous genotype vaccines. ND128, NDV
2021 Complete genome sequencing and assessment of mutation-associated protein dynamics of the first Indian bovine ephemeral fever virus (BEFV) isolate. BEF, BEFV
2021 Genome Sequencing and Comparative Genomics of Indian Isolates of Brucella melitensis. MLST
2021 Mutations in the tumor suppressor gene p53 in cattle are associated with enzootic bovine leukosis. BLV, bTP53, EBL, hTP53, PBL
10  2021 Rifampicin exposure reveals within-host Mycobacterium tuberculosis diversity in patients with delayed culture conversion. Mtb, RIF, SNPs, TB, WGS
11  2021 rt269I Type of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Polymerase versus rt269L Is More Prone to Mutations within HBV Genome in Chronic Patients Infected with Genotype C2: Evidence from Analysis of Full HBV Genotype C2 Genome. CHB, HBV, HCC, MHR, NAr, pol, SNPs
12  2021 Selection for Cheaper Amino Acids Drives Nucleotide Usage at the Start of Translation in Eukaryotic Genes. ---
13  2020 Emergence of European and North American mutant variants of SARS-CoV-2 in South-East Asia. ---
14  2020 Genetic Diversity of the Flavohemoprotein Gene of Giardia lamblia: Evidence for High Allelic Heterozygosity and Copy Number Variation. SNVs
15  2020 Kelch 13-propeller polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum from Jazan region, southwest Saudi Arabia. ACT, BLAST, SEA, SNPs, SSA
16  2020 The dynamics of molecular evolution of emerging avian reoviruses through accumulation of point mutations and genetic re-assortment. ARV, sSNVs
17  2020 The lack of K13-propeller mutations associated with artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). ACTs, ART-R, DRC, P. falciparum, RDT, WHO
18  2019 Non-synonymous polymorphisms in candidate gene associated with growth traits in Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus, Rafinesque, 1818). IGF-I, MyoG
19  2019 Plasmodium falciparum Kelch Propeller Polymorphisms in Clinical Isolates from Ghana from 2007 to 2016. ART
20  2019 Standing genomic variation within coding and regulatory regions contributes to the adaptive capacity to climate in a foundation tree species. SNPs
21  2018 A Major Mycobacterium tuberculosis outbreak caused by one specific genotype in a low-incidence country: Exploring gene profile virulence explanations. Mtb
22  2018 Polymorphisms in pattern recognition receptor genes of indigenous and White Leghorn breeds of chicken. GH, NB, PRRs, SYN, WLH
23  2018 Prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum delayed clearance associated polymorphisms in adaptor protein complex 2 mu subunit (pfap2mu) and ubiquitin specific protease 1 (pfubp1) genes in Ghanaian isolates. ACTs, nPCR, pfap2mu, SNPs
24  2017 Alternate efflux pump mechanism may contribute to drug resistance in extensively drug-resistant isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Mtb, SNPs, XDR-TB
25  2017 Characterization of SNPs in the dopamine-beta-hydroxylase gene providing new insights into its structure-function relationship. MD, SIFT, WT
26  2017 Comparison of genetic characteristics in the evolution of Norovirus GII.4 and GII.17. aa
27  2017 Whole-exome sequencing of 228 patients with sporadic Parkinson's disease. GWA, PD, SNV
28  2016 Discovery of Gene Sources for Economic Traits in Hanwoo by Whole-genome Resequencing. SNPs
29  2016 Emerging polymorphisms in falciparum Kelch 13 gene in Northeastern region of India. ---
30  2016 Identification and characterization of NPC1L1 variants in Uygur and Kazakh with extreme low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. LDL-C, NPC1L1
31  2015 Next-generation sequencing for identification of candidate genes for Fusarium wilt and sterility mosaic disease in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan). FW, Seq-BSA, SMD
32  2015 Proteogenomic Study beyond Chromosome 9: New Insight into Expressed Variant Proteome and Transcriptome in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Tissues. C-HPP, Chr 9, HPP, SNPs
33  2015 Regulatory domain or CpG site variation in SLC12A5, encoding the chloride transporter KCC2, in human autism and schizophrenia. ASD, CTRD, ID, IGE, NDs, SCZ, SSC
34  2015 Whole-exome sequencing of over 4100 men of African ancestry and prostate cancer risk. ---
35  2014 Construction and assessment of individualized proteogenomic databases for large-scale analysis of nonsynonymous single nucleotide variants. SNVs
36  2014 Whole-genome analysis of a patient with early-stage small-cell lung cancer. SCLC, SNVs, WGS
37  2013 Exome-wide association study of replicable nonsynonymous variants conferring risk for alcohol dependence. ApoER2, nsSNPs, UBAP2
38  2013 Global Population Structure of the Genes Encoding the Malaria Vaccine Candidate, Plasmodium vivax Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (PvAMA1). PvAMA1, SNPs
39  2013 Multi Step Selection in Ig H Chains is Initially Focused on CDR3 and Then on Other CDR Regions. ---
40  2013 swIFN-beta promotes genetic mutation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Marc-145. PRRSV, swIFN-beta
41  2012 Differences in mtDNA whole sequence between Tibetan and Han populations suggesting adaptive selection to high altitude. ---
42  2012 Population-based resequencing of APOA1 in 10,330 individuals: spectrum of genetic variation, phenotype, and comparison with extreme phenotype approach. apoA-I, HDL, MI
43  2012 Screening and Evaluation of Deleterious SNPs in APOE Gene of Alzheimer's Disease. AD, APOE, PSICs, RMSD, SNPs
44  2011 Epitope variation in the Newcastle disease virus HN gene under antibody immune selective pressure in cell culture. NDV
45  2011 Methionine adenosyltransferase 2A/2B and methylation: gene sequence variation and functional genomics. MAT, SNPs
46  2011 Mouse genome-wide association and systems genetics identify Asxl2 as a regulator of bone mineral density and osteoclastogenesis. Asxl2, BMD, Chrs, GWA, HMDP
47  2011 Rare versus common variants in pharmacogenetics: SLCO1B1 variation and methotrexate disposition. ALL, MAF
48  2010 Functional variants of TSPAN8 are associated with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. BPD, SCZ, SNPs
49  2010 Molecular characterization of the NPC1L1 variants identified from cholesterol low absorbers. ERAD, NPC1L1
50  2009 Comparative gene evolution in haemosporidian (apicomplexa) parasites of birds and mammals. ClpC, COI, cytb, mt
51  2009 Impact of single nucleotide polymorphisms in HBB gene causing haemoglobinopathies: in silico analysis. HBB, SNPs
52  2008 Genetic association analyses of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in diabetic nephropathy. ESRD, SNPs
53  2008 Rare loss-of-function mutations in ANGPTL family members contribute to plasma triglyceride levels in humans. LPL, TG
54  2008 Rhesus angiotensin converting enzyme 2 supports entry of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in Chinese macaques. ACE2, hu, Rh, SARS-CoV
55  2008 Sporadic bilateral optic neuropathy in children: the role of mitochondrial abnormalities. LHON, mt
56  2007 Distributions of single nucleotide polymorphisms in differential chromosome segments of congenic resistant strains that define minor histocompatibility antigens. MHC, MiHAs, SNPs
57  2007 Genetic variation in 1253 immune and inflammation genes and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. CI, MAPK, NHL, OR, SNPs
58  2007 Identification and in silico analysis of functional SNPs of the BRCA1 gene. SNPs, UTR
59  2006 Genetic diversity and function in the human cytosolic sulfotransferases. SULTs
60  2006 Interindividual variability of canalicular ATP-binding-cassette (ABC)-transporter expression in human liver. ABC, SNPs
61  2006 Multiple rare variants in NPC1L1 associated with reduced sterol absorption and plasma low-density lipoprotein levels. LDL-C, LDLs
62  2005 Human immunodeficiency virus mutations during the first month of infection are preferentially found in known cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitopes. HIV
63  2004 A large-scale study of the random variability of a coding sequence: a study on the CFTR gene. CFTR, cSNSs
64  2004 HVR-1 quasispecies modifications occur early and are correlated to initial but not sustained response in HCV-infected patients treated with pegylated- or standard-interferon and ribavirin. ---
65  2003 Intra- and interspecific variation of the CCR5 gene in higher primates. HIV/SIV, SS
66  1997 Genetic drift can dominate short-term human immunodeficiency virus type 1 nef quasispecies evolution in vivo. HIV