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2022 Echocardiographic systolic pulmonary arterial pressure and mortality in coronavirus disease 2019 patients. CI, MeSH, sPAP
2022 Predictors of Mortality in Tocilizumab-Treated Severe COVID-19. LDH, NIV
2022 Prevalence of pre-existing peripheral artery disease in COVID-19 patients and relative mortality risk: Systematic review and meta-analysis. CI, OR, PAD
2022 Risk factors associated with in-hospital mortality for patients with ECLS due to postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock after isolated coronary surgery. CABG, ECLS, PCS
2021 Dynamics of Systemic Inflammation as a Function of Developmental Stage in Pediatric Acute Liver Failure. DyNA, PALF
2021 Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: first results and outcomes of a newly established ECPR program in a large population area. CA, ECPR, OHCA
2021 Kinetics of Immunoglobulins in Septic Shock Patients Treated With an IgM- and IgA-Enriched Intravenous Preparation: An Observational Study. eIg, Ig
2019 Longitudinal Muscle and Myocellular Changes in Community-Dwelling Men Over Two Decades of Successful Aging-The ULSAM Cohort Revisited. ULSAM
2019 Risk Factors Associated with In-Hospital Mortality for Patients with Acute Abdomen After Cardiac Surgery. AA
10  2019 Value of Central Venous to Arterial CO2 Difference after Early Goal-directed Therapy in Septic Shock Patients. EGDT
11  2017 Does Red Cell Distribution Width Predict Outcome in Traumatic Brain Injury: Comparison to Corticosteroid Randomization After Significant Head Injury. AUC, CRASH, GCS, RDW, ROC, TBI
12  2017 Mortality in Patients With Septic Shock by Multidrug Resistant Bacteria: Risk Factors and Impact of Sepsis Treatments. ICU, IgM, MDR, OR
13  2017 Peritoneal Dialysis for the Treatment of Cardiorenal Syndrome Type 1: A Prospective Brazilian Study. ACS, ADHF, CRS, FB, FO, HVPD, LVEF, UF
14  2016 Continuous evaluation of changes in the serum proteome from early to late stages of sepsis caused by Klebsiellapneumoniae. A1AT, EFs, Hp, IL, ORM1, SAA, TTR
15  2015 Procalcitonin kinetics as a prognostic marker in severe sepsis/septic shock. CI, PCT, SOFA
16  2014 Spatial repolarization heterogeneity and survival in Chagas disease. ---
17  2013 Can joint analysis of postoperative MELD, base excess and blood lactate levels be used as an index of postoperative outcome for patients submitted to liver transplantation? BE, OLT
18  2013 Parameters associated with short- and midterm survival in bridging to lung transplantation with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. ECMO
19  2011 Interventional lung assist enables lung protective mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome. pECLA, SAPS, SD
20  2010 Early physiologic responses to hemorrhagic hypotension. HH
21  2007 Factors influencing outcome of inpatient pediatric resuscitation. CPA, CPR, LTS, STS
22  2007 [Surgical concept and results of necrotizing fasciitis]. NF, TBS
23  2005 Markers of oxidative damage, antioxidant status and clinical outcome in critically ill patients. AO, APACHE, F2 IsoPs, ITU, MDA, MOD
24  2004 Continuous peripheral resistance measurement during hemorrhagic hypotension. HH, RL, TPR, TPR
25  2002 Glycine conjugation of para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA): a pilot study of a novel prognostic test in acute liver failure in children. FHF, NPV, PAAHA, PABA, PAHA
26  2000 [Within the limits of viability: the dilemma of the obstetrician. A 5-year experience at a perinatal care center]. ---
27  1999 Systemic and microcirculatory effects of autologous whole blood resuscitation in severe hemorrhagic shock. FCD, MAP, SG
28  1998 Degree of hypercoagulability and hyperfibrinolysis is related to organ failure and prognosis after burn trauma. ---
29  1997 In the early stage of major burns, is there a correlation between survival, interleukin-6 levels and oxygen delivery and consumption? BSA, CI, DO2I, IL-6, TBSA
30  1997 Infections and the inflammatory response in acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, IC, IL, MODS, NIs, SIRS
31  1996 Systemic and subcutaneous microvascular Po2 dissociation during 4-h hemorrhagic shock in conscious hamsters. ---
32  1994 Corticosteroid rescue treatment of progressive fibroproliferation in late ARDS. Patterns of response and predictors of outcome. DR, IVC, IVCT, LIS, MV, NR, PFP, RF, RR, SPI
33  1992 Prognostic variables for survival of neonatal foals under intensive care. NPV, PPV
34  1990 Clinical scoring systems in children with continuous extracorporeal renal support. APSC, PRISM, PSI, TISS
35  1990 Improved survival after Hemopump insertion in patients experiencing postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock during cardiopulmonary bypass. CPB, HP
36  1990 Penetrating injuries of the abdominal aorta. ED, GSW, ISBP, OR, SGW, SW
37  1989 Epidemiology and pathology of traumatic deaths occurring at a Level I Trauma Center in a regionalized system: the importance of secondary brain injury. CNS
38  1989 Evaluation of clinical scoring systems in critically ill infants and children. APSC, CCS, PRISM, PSI, ROC, TISS
39  1989 [Cardiovascular and pulmonary changes in patients with an isolated cerebral lesion. I. Hemodynamics]. LVWI
40  1986 Metabolic changes of patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis. ---
41  1985 Hemorrhagic shock in the dog. II. Studies on central hemodynamics and regional blood flow. CO
42  1984 Depression of left ventricular performance during canine splanchnic artery occlusion shock. SAO
43  1982 Assessment of pediatric intensive care--application of the Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System. CCS, TISS
44  1981 [Prognostic significance of ventricular echo beats induced during programmed ventricular stimulation (author's transl)]. ---
45  1977 Prognostic features of ventricular tachycardia complicating acute myocardial infarction. ---