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略語 : NS
展開形 : normal saline group
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2022 Protective Effect of Lemon Essential Oil and Its Major Active Component, D-Limonene, on Intestinal Injury and Inflammation of E. coli-Challenged Mice. DEO, E D, E. coli, EOs, IL-1beta, IL-6, LEO, MDA, MPO, SOD, TNF-alpha, ZO-1
2021 Astragaloside IV alleviates PM2.5-induced lung injury in rats by modulating TLR4/MyD88/NF-kappaB signalling pathway. BALF, CRP, IL-6, PM2.5, PM2.5, TNF-alpha
2021 Electroacupuncture Improves M2 Microglia Polarization and Glia Anti-inflammation of Hippocampus in Alzheimer's Disease. AD, AD, Arg1, CNS, iNOS, MWM, PCR, SD, Stat6
2019 Higher Concentration of Hypertonic Saline Shows Better Recovery Effects on Rabbits with Uncontrolled Hemorrhagic Shock. SNT, SO, UHS
2018 Identification of lncRNA expression profiles and ceRNA analysis in the spinal cord of morphine-tolerant rats. ceRNA, DElncRNAs, DEmRNAs, GO/KEGG, lncRNAs, MT
2018 Invivo antitumor activity of liposome‑plasmid DNA encoding mutant survivin‑T34A in cervical cancer. ---
2018 [Effects of Coriaria Sinica Maxim's extract on microcirculation and oxidative stress of wounds in rats with deep second-degree burn]. CSME, CSME-L, HR, Hyp, MDA, MVD, SOD, SSD, TM, VEGF, WPL
2017 Acetazolamide Suppresses Multi-Drug Resistance-Related Protein 1 and P-Glycoprotein Expression by Inhibiting Aquaporins Expression in a Mesial Temporal Epilepsy Rat Model. AQP, MRP1, MTLE, P-gp
2016 [Effects of pretreatment with dimethyloxalylglycine on the survival of multi-territory perforator flap in rat and related mechanism]. CZ, DMOG, MVD, POD, PU, VEGF
10  2016 [Effects of transforming growth factor beta1 receptor inhibitor SD-208 on human hypertrophic scar]. BC, TGF-beta1
11  2015 Silencing the NR2B gene in rat ACC neurons by lentivirus-delivered shRNA alleviates pain-related aversion. ACC, NMDA
12  2013 [Effects of diterpene phenol extract of Rosmarinus officinalis on TGFbeta1 and mRNA expressions of its signaling pathway molecules in the lung tissue of pulmonary fibrosis rats]. BLM, DERO, TGF-beta1, TGFbetaRII
13  2012 Selective COX-2 inhibitor ameliorates osteoarthritis by repressing apoptosis of chondrocyte. CE, IBP, IN
14  2011 Morphine preconditioning, cardioprotection and left ventricular remodelling in rabbits. MPC, MS
15  2011 [Effect of hydrogen-rich saline on blood pressure and antioxidant ability of lung tissue in scalded rats following delayed resuscitation]. HS, MDA, PSH, SOD, TBSA
16  2010 [Effects of herba ephedrae, honey-fried herba ephedrae and maxingshigan decoction on autonomic activities of mice]. i.g, MX-H
17  2009 [Detection of BDNF expression after injection of BDNF gene lentiviral vector in rat hippocampus]. BDNF, GFP, SH
18  2007 Effect of resistin on vascular endothelium secretion dysfunction in rats. AB, CO, eNOS, ET, HF, HR, PAI, PI3K, RS, vWF
19  2003 [Comparison of infectious brain edema models induced by different kinds of pertussis bacilli in rats]. EB, PBR, WC
20  2002 [Changes of glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid contents in brain tissue of brain edema and effects of baicalin on them in rats]. BC, GABA, Glu, HPLC, PB
21  1993 Epidural test dose: lidocaine 100 mg, not chloroprocaine, is a symptomatic marker of i.v. injection in labouring parturients. CH, LD, PV, Sn, Sp