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展開形 : nucleosides
  (核酸塩基+糖) ヌクレオシド
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2020 Monoclonal antibody 2C5 specifically targets neutrophil extracellular traps. NETs
2017 Effect of dietary nucleosides and yeast extracts on composition and metabolic activity of infant gut microbiota in PolyFermS colonic fermentation models. nt, SCFA, YE
2015 Absorption and intermediary metabolism of purines and pyrimidines in lactating dairy cows. BS, DP, PDV, TSP
2015 Effective de novo assembly of fish genome using haploid larvae. DBG, OLC
2015 Stacking Free Energies of All DNA and RNA Nucleoside Pairs and Dinucleoside-Monophosphates Computed Using Recently Revised AMBER Parameters and Compared with Experiment. DNMPs, MD
2012 Fluorescence and electrochemical recognition of nucleosides and DNA by a novel luminescent bioprobe Eu(III)-TNB. CV, DPP, SWV, TNB
2011 Size-selective template-assisted electrophoretic assembly of nanoparticles for biosensing applications. PSL
2010 Differentiation of intestinal epithelial cells mediated by cell confluence and/or exogenous nucleoside supplementation. IEC-6, nt, T-CGI, U-CGI
2010 Nucleotides and nucleosides in ovine and caprine milk during lactation. nt
10  2008 Tumor-specific anti-nucleosome antibody improves therapeutic efficacy of doxorubicin-loaded long-circulating liposomes against primary and metastatic tumor in mice. LLC, mAb 2C5
11  2007 Exogenous nucleic acids and nucleotides are efficiently hydrolysed and taken up as nucleosides by intestinal explants from suckling piglets. nt
12  2007 Exogenous nucleosides modulate proliferation of rat intestinal epithelial IEC-6 cells. ---
13  2006 Gadolinium-loaded polychelating polymer-containing cancer cell-specific immunoliposomes. mAb 2C5, MRI, PAPs
14  2004 Dietary nucleosides and nucleotides do not affect tumor incidence but reduce amyloidosis incidence in B6C3F1 mice irradiated with californium-252. ---
15  2004 Exogenous nucleosides stimulate proliferation of fetal rat hepatocytes. nt
16  2004 Immunosuppressive effect of nucleoside-nucleotide-free diet in rat allogeneic small intestinal transplantation. IL-2, nt
17  2004 Tumor-targeted liposomes: doxorubicin-loaded long-circulating liposomes modified with anti-cancer antibody. PEG-PE
18  2003 Effect of a nucleoside/nucleotide-free diet in rat allogenic small intestinal transplantation. IL-2, nt
19  2003 The emergence of anti-dsDNA antibodies precedes nucleosome-specific antibodies in MRL/lpr and MRL/+ mice. ds, SLE
20  2001 Lead(II)-binding properties of the 5'-monophosphates of adenosine (AMP2-), inosine (IMP2-), and guanosine (GMP2-) in aqueous solution. Evidence for nucleobase-lead(II) interactions. ---
21  1990 Comparison of the self-association properties of the 5'-triphosphates of inosine (ITP), guanosine (GTP), and adenosine (ATP). Further evidence for ionic interactions in the highly stable dimeric [H2(ATP)]2(4-) stack. ATP, GTP, Guo, Ino