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Abbreviation : NVU
Long Form : neurovascular unit
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 3D hydrogel models of the neurovascular unit to investigate blood-brain barrier dysfunction. AD, BBB, ECM, iPSCs, VSMCs
2021 A review of bioeffects induced by focused ultrasound combined with microbubbles on the neurovascular unit. BBB
2021 An engineered neurovascular unit for modeling neuroinflammation. ---
2021 Application and advantages of zebrafish model in the study of neurovascular unit. CNS
2021 Astrocyte-derived Wnt growth factors are required for endothelial blood-brain barrier maintenance. BBB, Cav, Evi
2021 Beta-Secretase 1 Underlies Reactive Astrocytes and Endothelial Disruption in Neurodegeneration. AD, BACE1, CADASIL, FAD, GFAP, IR, PHF, SAD, ZO-1
2021 Blood-Brain Barrier and Neurovascular Unit In Vitro Models for Studying Mitochondria-Driven Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration. BBB, BMECs
2021 Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown in Stress and Neurodegeneration: Biochemical Mechanisms and New Models for Translational Research. BBB
2021 Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction in CNS Disorders and Putative Therapeutic Targets: An Overview. BBB, CNS
10  2021 Brain Endothelial Cells: Metabolic Flux and Energy Metabolism. hBVECs
11  2021 Carbonic Anhydrases as Potential Targets Against Neurovascular Unit Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease and Stroke. AD, CAs, CBF, CNS
12  2021 Catalpol improves impaired neurovascular unit in ischemic stroke rats via enhancing VEGF-PI3K/AKT and VEGF-MEK1/2/ERK1/2 signaling. VEGF
13  2021 CD36 - A novel molecular target in the neurovascular unit. BBB, CNS
14  2021 Cell type-specific changes in transcriptomic profiles of endothelial cells, iPSC-derived neurons and astrocytes cultured on microfluidic chips. hiPSC
15  2021 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of R/S-Roscovitine and CDKs Related Inhibition under Both Focal and Global Cerebral Ischemia: A Focus on Neurovascular Unit and Immune Cells. CDKs
16  2021 Chlorpyrifos Disrupts Acetylcholine Metabolism Across Model Blood-Brain Barrier. BBB, CPF, DETP, MS, OP, TCP
17  2021 Construction of a circRNA-miRNA-mRNA network revealed the potential mechanism of Buyang Huanwu Decoction in the treatment of cerebral ischemia. BHD, CI, circRNA, GFAP, MACO, MAP2, mNSS, vWF
18  2021 Cx43 carboxyl terminal domain determines AQP4 and Cx30 endfoot organization and blood brain barrier permeability. AQP, BBB, Cx43, GJs
19  2021 Defining tumor-associated vascular heterogeneity in pediatric high-grade and diffuse midline gliomas. BBB, DMG, pHGG
20  2021 Downregulation of microRNA-9-5p promotes synaptic remodeling in the chronic phase after traumatic brain injury. BMECs, CCI, miRNA-9-5p, TBI, THBS2
21  2021 Dysfunction of the Neurovascular Unit in Ischemic Stroke: Highlights on microRNAs and Exosomes as Potential Biomarkers and Therapy. ---
22  2021 Early alterations of neurovascular unit in the retina in mouse models of tauopathy. RGCs, TOMA
23  2021 Effects of Thrombin on the Neurovascular Unit in Cerebral Ischemia. BBB
24  2021 Emerging Roles of Microglia in Neuro-vascular Unit: Implications of Microglia-Neurons Interactions. ---
25  2021 Expression of SARS-CoV-2-related Receptors in Cells of the Neurovascular Unit: Implications for HIV-1 Infection. BBB
26  2021 Expression of SARS-CoV-2-related receptors in cells of the neurovascular unit: implications for HIV-1 infection. BBB
27  2021 Extracellular Vesicles From 3xTg-AD Mouse and Alzheimer's Disease Patient Astrocytes Impair Neuroglial and Vascular Components. A-EVs, AD, CM, EVs, GFAP
28  2021 Flicker retinal vasodilation test using a combination of conventional electroretinogram flicker luminescence and blue wavelength autofluorescence. cSLO-FAF, ERG, FRVT
29  2021 FTY720 Reduces Endothelial Cell Apoptosis and Remodels Neurovascular Unit after Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury. BBB, EB, S1PR1, TBI, TUNEL, WB
30  2021 Gestational Hypoxia and Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability: Early Origins of Cerebrovascular Dysfunction Induced by Epigenetic Mechanisms. BBB, IUGR
31  2021 Glial Cell-Based Vascular Mechanisms and Transplantation Therapies in Brain Vessel and Neurodegenerative Diseases. BBB, NDDs, RACs
32  2021 In Vitro Model for Ischemic Stroke: Functional Analysis of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. IS, OGD, SMCs
33  2021 In Vivo Targeting of the Neurovascular Unit: Challenges and Advancements. BBB, CNS
34  2021 Insoluble Vascular Amyloid Deposits Trigger Disruption of the Neurovascular Unit in Alzheimer's Disease Brains. AD, BBB
35  2021 Integrating in vitro disease models of the neurovascular unit into discovery and development of neurotherapeutics. AD, BBB, CNS, PD
36  2021 Interactions between glial cells and the blood-brain barrier and their role in Alzheimer's disease. AD, BBB
37  2021 JAM2: A New Culprit at the Pathophysiology of Primary Familial Brain Calcification. PFBC
38  2021 Lab-on-a-Chip Platforms as Tools for Drug Screening in Neuropathologies Associated with Blood-Brain Barrier Alterations. BBB, LOC, OOC
39  2021 Ligands of the Neuropeptide Y Y2 Receptors as a Potential Multitarget Therapeutic Approach for the Protection of the Neurovascular Unit Against Acute Ischemia/Reperfusion: View from the Perspective of the Laboratory Bench. NPY, Y2R
40  2021 Location Matters: Navigating Regional Heterogeneity of the Neurovascular Unit. BBB
41  2021 Long Non-Coding RNA-Mediated Competing Endogenous RNA Networks in Ischemic Stroke: Molecular Mechanisms, Therapeutic Implications, and Challenges. ceRNA, IS, miRNAs, mRNAs
42  2021 Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Extracellular Vesicles for Repairing the Neurovascular Unit after Ischemic Stroke. BBB
43  2021 Microglia control small vessel calcification via TREM2. CNS
44  2021 Microglia-leucocyte axis in cerebral ischaemia and inflammation in the developing brain. CNS, HIE, TLR
45  2021 Modeling ischemic stroke in a triculture neurovascular unit on-a-chip. ---
46  2021 Motor Progression in Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease: A Clinical Prediction Model and the Role of Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers. BBB, MoCA, PD, PPMI, RBDSQ, RFE
47  2021 Multifunctional Nanostructure RAP-RL Rescues Alzheimer's Cognitive Deficits through Remodeling the Neurovascular Unit. AD, RAGE
48  2021 Multiple regulation and targeting effects of borneol in the neurovascular unit in neurodegenerative diseases. BBB, CNKI
49  2021 Negligible influence of moderate to severe hyperthermia on blood-brain barrier permeability and neuronal parenchymal integrity in healthy men. BBB, NFL, NSE
50  2021 Neural crest cell-derived pericytes act as pro-angiogenic cells in human neocortex development and gliomas. OPCs
51  2021 Neuroprotective effects of Scallop-derived plasmalogen in a mouse model of ischemic stroke. sPlas, tMCAO
52  2021 Neuroprotective effects of synthetic borneol and natural borneol based on the neurovascular unit against cerebral ischaemic injury. ---
53  2021 Neurovascular dysfunction and vascular amyloid accumulation as early events in Alzheimer's disease. AD, BBB, CBF, NFTs
54  2021 Neurovascular Interactions in Malaria. BBB, CM
55  2021 Neurovascular regulation in diabetic retinopathy and emerging therapies. DR, VEGF
56  2021 Neurovascular Unit Alterations in the Growth-Restricted Newborn Are Improved Following Ibuprofen Treatment. FGR
57  2021 Neurovascular Unit: A critical role in ischemic stroke. IS
58  2021 Neurovascular Units and Neural-Glia Networks in Intracerebral Hemorrhage: from Mechanisms to Translation. BBB, CNS, EC, ICH, TJ
59  2021 New Insights in the Complexity and Functionality of the Neurovascular Unit. ---
60  2021 Oxidative Stress and the Neurovascular Unit. ---
61  2021 Pathological changes in neurovascular units: Lessons from cases of vascular dementia. AD, CBF, VD
62  2021 Peripheral Blood and Salivary Biomarkers of Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability and Neuronal Damage: Clinical and Applied Concepts. BBB, CNS
63  2021 Plasminogen Activators in Neurovascular and Neurodegenerative Disorders. tPA, uPA
64  2021 Polymeric Nanoparticles Properties and Brain Delivery. BBB, CNS, NCs, NPs
65  2021 Protection of the neurovascular unit from calcium-related ischemic injury by linalyl acetate. CRII, LA, LDH, MMP, NO, NOX, ROS
66  2021 Protective multi‑target effects of DL‑3‑n‑butylphthalide combined with 3‑methyl‑1‑phenyl‑2‑pyrazolin‑5‑one in mice with ischemic stroke. GFAP, NeuN
67  2021 Pyroptosis in the Retinal Neurovascular Unit: New Insights Into Diabetic Retinopathy. DM, DR, GSDMD, IL-1beta
68  2021 Reconstituting neurovascular unit with primary neural stem cells and brain microvascular endothelial cells in three-dimensional matrix. ---
69  2021 Region-Specific Neurovascular Decoupling Associated With Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's Disease. CBF, HCs, LG, MCI, NC, PD, ReHo
70  2021 Repurposing metformin to treat age-related neurodegenerative disorders and ischemic stroke. CNS, NDs
71  2021 Review of Design Considerations for Brain-on-a-Chip Models. BBB, BoC, ECM
72  2021 Reviewing the Significance of Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in Multiple Sclerosis Pathology and Treatment. BBB, DMF, MS
73  2021 RNA methylation and neurovascular unit remodeling. m5C, m6A
74  2021 Selenium at the Neural Barriers: A Review. BBB, BCB, CNS, Se
75  2021 Synergistic Impairment of the Neurovascular Unit by HIV-1 Infection and Methamphetamine Use: Implications for HIV-1-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders. BBB, HAND, HIV-1, METH
76  2021 Targeting tight junctions to fight against viral neuroinvasion. CNS, TJs
77  2021 The "Neuro-Glial-Vascular" Unit: The Role of Glia in Neurovascular Unit Formation and Dysfunction. BBB, BRB, CNS, ECs, SMCs
78  2021 The 100 most-cited articles about the role of neurovascular unit in stroke 2001-2020: A bibliometric analysis. AI, CNCI, WoS
79  2021 The AMPAR antagonist perampanel protects the neurovascular unit against traumatic injury via regulating Sirt3. AMPAR, BBB, LDH, TBI
80  2021 The blood-retina barrier in health and disease. AMD, BRB, DR, iBRB, oBRB, RPE, TJ
81  2021 The neuroscience of diabetic retinopathy. ---
82  2021 The Neurovascular Unit Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease. AD, CAA, NFTs
83  2021 The region-selective regulation of endothelial claudin-5 expression and signaling in brain health and disorders. BBB, CLDN5, CNS
84  2021 Tubuloglomerular Feedback Synchronization in Nephrovascular Networks. TGF
85  2021 Vascular Dysfunction after Modeled Traumatic Brain Injury Is Preserved with Administration of Umbilical Cord Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Is Associated with Modulation of the Angiogenic Response. BBB, betaAPP, FPI, HUCPVCs, MSCs, qPCR, TBI
86  2020 A cross-platform approach to characterize and screen potential neurovascular unit toxicants. HTS, pVDC
87  2020 A Microfluidic Human Model of Blood-Brain Barrier Employing Primary Human Astrocytes. CNS
88  2020 Activation of the Hedgehog Pathway Promotes Recovery of Neurological Function After Traumatic Brain Injury by Protecting the Neurovascular Unit. BBB, CCI, mNSS, Shh, TBI
89  2020 Advances in blood-brain barrier modeling in microphysiological systems highlight critical differences in opioid transport due to cortisol exposure. BBB, BMECs, CNS, iPSC
90  2020 Alteration in the Function and Expression of SLC and ABC Transporters in the Neurovascular Unit in Alzheimer's Disease and the Clinical Significance. ABC, AD, BBB, CNS, GWAS, SLC
91  2020 An in vitro bioengineered model of the human arterial neurovascular unit to study neurodegenerative diseases. AD, iPSC
92  2020 Benzoinum from Styrax tonkinensis (Pierre) Craib ex Hart exerts a NVU protective effect by inhibiting cell apoptosis in cerebral ischaemia rats. BBB, DCI, HE, MCAO, RT-PCR, TEM, TTC
93  2020 beta-Caryophyllene Liposomes Attenuate Neurovascular Unit Damage After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Rats. BCP-LP, SAH
94  2020 Biphasic roles of pentraxin 3 in cerebrovascular function after white matter stroke. BBB, PTX3
95  2020 Blood-brain barrier integrity in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. AD, BBB
96  2020 Caspr1 Facilitates sAPPalpha Production by Regulating alpha-Secretase ADAM9 in Brain Endothelial Cells. APP, BMECs, Caspr1, HBMECs, NF-kappaB, sAPPalpha
97  2020 CDK5 Targeting as a Therapy for Recovering Neurovascular Unit Integrity in Alzheimer's Disease. AD, Cdk5
98  2020 Cholic Acid Protects In Vitro Neurovascular Units against Oxygen and Glucose Deprivation-Induced Injury through the BDNF-TrkB Signaling Pathway. BBB, BDNF, CA, IS, OGD/R
99  2020 Constitutive Androstane Receptor: A Peripheral and a Neurovascular Stress or Environmental Sensor. BBB, CAR, NR
100  2020 Culture of Brain Capillary Pericytes for Cytosolic Calcium Measurements and Calcium Imaging Studies. AM