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Abbreviation : NX
Long Form : naloxone
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Changes in murine respiratory dynamics induced by aerosolized carfentanil inhalation: Efficacy of naloxone and naltrexone. CRF, DC, IM, MV, NTX, TV
2019 Characterization of Analgesic Actions of the Chronic Intrathecal Infusion of H-Dmt-D-Arg-Phe-Lys-NH2 in Rat. ---
2019 Simultaneous quantification of high-dose naloxone and naloxone-3-beta-d-glucuronide in human plasma by UHPLC-MS/MS. NXG, RE, RSD
2017 Nalmefene Prevents Alcohol-Induced Neuroinflammation and Alcohol Drinking Preference in Adolescent Female Mice: Role of TLR4. EtOH, KO, LPS, NF, NT, PFC
2017 Neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb induced by paced mating in the female rat is opioid dependent. AOB, MOB
2016 Naloxone impairs concurrent but not sequential flavor aversion: Resorting to a flexible/explicit learning. FAL
2013 Parenteral buprenorphine-naloxone abuse is a major cause of fatal buprenorphine-related poisoning. BNX, BPN, NOR
2011 Antioxidant enzyme and element status in heroin addiction or heroin withdrawal in rats: effect of melatonin and vitamin E plus Se. FDH, SOD, VDH
2010 Expression of the micro-opioid receptor on Malassezia pachydermatis and its effect in modulating phospholipase production. MOR, p.a
10  2009 Expression of the mu opioid receptor and effects of the opioid antagonist naloxone on in vitro maturation of oocytes recovered from anoestrous bitches. IVM, MOR, mt
11  2007 Effect of small doses of naloxone on the pulsatile secretion of prolactin in the crossbreed ewe during the non-breeding season. Pr
12  2005 In vitro modulation of cytokine expression by enkephalin-derived peptides. Con A, IFN-gamma, IL
13  2004 Effects of the combined treatment of naloxone and indomethacin on catecholamines and behavior after intranigral lipopolysaccharide injection. 5-HIAA, DA, HVA, IM, LPS
14  2004 Precipitated opioid withdrawal across acute physical dependence induction methods. ANOVA, APD, HM, MS
15  2003 G protein-independent G1 cell cycle block and apoptosis with morphine in adenocarcinoma cells: involvement of p53 phosphorylation. ---
16  2003 Mechanism of anti-nociceptive effects of Asarum sieboldii Miq. radix: potential role of bradykinin, histamine and opioid receptor-mediated pathways. BK
17  2002 Direct and indirect inhibition by nociceptin/orphanin FQ on noradrenaline release from rodent cerebral cortex in vitro. NC, NE
18  2002 Effects of beta-endorphin and Naloxone on in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes. COCs, ERK, IVM, MAPK, MEK, MI, MII
19  2002 Prenatal opiate withdrawal activates the chick embryo hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal axis and dilates vitelline blood vessels via serotonin(2) receptors. HPA, IBMX, NLAAM
20  2001 Evidence for a peripheral mechanism in cardiac opioid withdrawal. DA, DOPAC, MHPG, NA, NML, NMN, NxM, PVN
21  1999 Suppression of alcohol intake by chronic naloxone treatment in P rats: tolerance development and elevation of opiate receptor binding. ---
22  1999 Suppression of morphine withdrawal by electroacupuncture in rats: dynorphin and kappa-opioid receptor implicated. EA, TENS, TFL
23  1999 [Effect of anti-opioid peptide sera on the enhancement of electroacupuncture analgesia induced by neurotensin in PAG of rats]. ADYNS, AEPS, AMEKS, EA, NT, PAG
24  1997 Effects of naloxone on amphetamine induced striatal dopamine release in vivo: a microdialysis study. AMPH, DA
25  1997 Naloxone reverses the inhibitory effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on central DA release in vivo in awake animals: a microdialysis study. DA, GHB
26  1997 [The role of periaqueductal gray neurotensin in electroacupuncture analgesia]. ANTS, EA, NT, PAG
27  1996 alpha-Adrenoceptor and opioid receptor modulation of clonidine-induced antinociception. CLON, i.c.v, i.p, NTX
28  1996 Influence of low and high doses of naloxone on tonic pain and motor activity in rats. ---
29  1996 Lack of effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on mu, delta and kappa opioid receptor binding. GHB
30  1996 Naloxone reverses the inhibitory effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on central DA release in vivo in awake animals: a microdialysis study. DA, GHB
31  1996 The effect of naloxone on spontaneous and evoked dopamine release in the central and peripheral nervous systems. DA
32  1995 Effects of footshock-, psychological- and forced swimming-stress on the learning and memory processes: involvement of opioidergic pathways. FS, PSY, SIA, SW
33  1995 Interaction of opioids with antidepressant-induced antinociception. CLO, IMI, MAP, NTX, ZIM
34  1995 Peripheral effects of naloxone in mice with acute diarrhea associated with intestinal inflammation. CO, GI
35  1995 Tolerance to naloxone-induced suppression of intake: learning and cross-tolerance to cholecystokinin in rats. ---
36  1995 [Effect of electrical stimulation of red nucleus on acupuncture analgesia]. RN, SDHN
37  1994 Interaction between the central histaminergic and the muscarinic cholinergic systems. ATMB, BP, HA, HR, i.c.v
38  1994 [Effects and mechanism of total saponins of Panax Notoginseng on anti-inflammation and analgesia]. ANAE, EA, NBT, PMN, TSPN
39  1993 Effects of naloxone treatment on memory-enhancing properties of post-training administration of substance P. SP
40  1993 [The role of OLS in peripheral acupuncture analgesia in arthritic rats]. AA, OLS, PT
41  1992 Analgesic effect of benzodiazepines and flumazenil. BZD, FLU
42  1992 Naloxone reduces amphetamine-induced stimulation of locomotor activity and in vivo dopamine release in the striatum and nucleus accumbens. AMPH, NAcc, STR
43  1992 Restraint inhibits luteinizing hormone and testosterone secretion in intact male rhesus macaques: effects of concurrent naloxone administration. ---
44  1991 Angiogenesis: modulation with opioids. beta-EP, MS
45  1991 Effects of morphine on the pituitary-thyroid axis: morphological and analytical studies. ---
46  1991 Synergic activity of combined prostacyclin: dimethyl sulfoxide in experimental brain ischemia. CS, DS, MCAO, NM
47  1990 "Paradoxical" analgesia and aggravated morphine dependence induced by opioid antagonists. nor-BNI, NTI, NTX
48  1990 Effect of naloxone pretreatment on habituation in the crab Chasmagnathus granulatus. ---
49  1990 Effects of morphine and naloxone on play-rewarded spatial discrimination in juvenile rats. ---
50  1990 Mouse paw oedema induced by Habu snake (Trimeresurus flavoviridis) venom: inhibition by morphine, naloxone and methylnaloxone alone or in combinations. MeNx, MO
51  1990 Narcotic reversal in hypercapnic dogs: comparison of naloxone and nalbuphine. CA, EPI, HR, MAP, NBPH, NE
52  1990 Pharmacologic evidence for nociception resulting from noncontingent "rewarding" brain stimulation. EKC, MFB
53  1990 [The role of substance P in electroacupuncture analgesia and its relation to enkephalins in the rat brain]. EA, i.c.v, LEK, SP
54  1989 Beta-endorphin administration interferes with the acquisition and initial maintenance of ethanol preference in the rat. beta-E, EP, s.c
55  1989 Danger stimulus-induced analgesia in the crab Chasmagnathus granulatus. DW
56  1989 Endogenous opioid peptides in the control of food intake in cats. Ac, NTxMB
57  1989 Evidence of single dose opioid dependence in 12- to 14-day-old chicken embryos. B-FNA, IBMX, METH
58  1989 Pharmacological study of an irreversible partial agonist of opiate receptors, A-alpha-CAO. 3H-Etor, MOR
59  1989 [The change of the concentration of substance P in the rats "channel" "point" skin and plasma in the acupuncture analgesia]. RIA, SP
60  1988 Cardiovascular effects of fentanyl reversal by naloxone at varying arterial carbon dioxide tensions in dogs. CA, EPI, FEN, HR, MAP, NE
61  1988 Effect of ethylketocyclazocine on acetylcholine release in guinea-pig brain slices. ACh, Ch, EKC, MO
62  1988 Experimental pharmacologic cerebroprotection. AA, APL, DEF, NS, SOD
63  1988 Metabolism of methadone by chicken embryos prevents induction of chronic opioid-type dependence after a single injection: use of osmotic pumps for continuous infusion. METH, NLAAM
64  1988 Opiate receptor subtypes in the nucleus tractus solitarii of the cat: the effect of vagal section. EKC
65  1988 Opioid modulation of gonadotrophin release in Tourette's syndrome. DA, TS
66  1987 Beta-endorphin impairs forced extinction of an inhibitory avoidance response in rats. FE
67  1987 Dual dose-related action of peripherally administered morphine on cold-stimulated thyrotropin secretion in male rats. MO
68  1987 Further investigations on neurotensin as central modulator of intestinal motility in rats. i.c.v, NT, PAG, TRH
69  1986 Consumption of ethanol solution is potentiated by morphine and attenuated by naloxone persistently across repeated daily administrations. ES, MOR
70  1986 Effect of single and repeated treatment of chlordiazepoxide and sodium valproate on water intake in the rat and their influence on the antidipsogenic action of naloxone. CDP, VPA
71  1986 Opioid-receptor blockade reduces nose-poke self-stimulation derived from medial entorhinal cortex. SS
72  1986 Opioids and intake of alcoholic beverages. ES, MOR
73  1985 Effect of morphine on acetylcholine content of electrically stimulated brain slices. ACh, MO
74  1985 Plasma corticosterone changes in response to central or peripheral administration of kappa and sigma opiate agonists. EKC
75  1985 Selected opioids and responding for intracranial reinforcement. EKC, ICS
76  1984 Effect of naloxone on dopamine uptake and release in vitro in the striatum. DA
77  1984 Regulation of body temperature and nociception induced by non-noxious stress in rat. DEXA, Tb
78  1983 Effect on intestinal transit of neurotensin administered intracerebroventricularly to rats. DM, i.c.v, i.p, NT, PAG
79  1983 Hyper- and hypothermia induced by non-noxious stress: effects of naloxone, diazepam and gamma-acetylenic GABA. AcG, DZP
80  1983 Opiate withdrawal increases ornithine decarboxylase activity which is otherwise unaltered in brains of dependent chicken fetuses. NLAAM, ODC
81  1983 The effect of tripelennamine alone and in combination with opiates to produce antinociception in mice. ANTI, Hm, NB, Tp
82  1982 Naloxone modifies sugar-water intake in rats drinking with open gastric fistulas. ---
83  1982 Possible DA agonist properties of naloxone. ---
84  1982 Quantitative studies of the antagonism by naloxone and N-cyclopropylmethyl-norazido-dihydroisomorphine (CAM) of different opiates. CAM, OR
85  1982 The effect of pituitary removal on pain regulation in the rat. ---
86  1979 Effect of narcotic analgesics and naloxone on proestrous surges of LH, FSH and prolactin in rats. FSH, LH, MOR, PRL
87  1978 Clonidine antagonizes naloxone-induced suppression of conditioned behavior and body weight loss in morphine-dependent rats. ---
88  1977 A comparison of the effects of naloxone upon body weight loss and suppression of fixed-ratio operant behavior in morphine-dependent rats. ---
89  1976 A comparison of withdrawal in rats implanted with different types of morphine pellets. ---