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Abbreviation : OC
Long Form : occipital cortex
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 The effects of age on cerebral responses to self-initiated actions during social interactions: An exploratory study. EX, FG, RT
2019 Evidence of top-down modulation of the Brentano illusion but not of the glare effect by transcranial direct current stimulation. PPC, tDCS
2019 Lipostatic Mechanisms Preserving Cerebellar Lipids in MPTP-Treated Mice: Focus on Membrane Microdomains and Lipid-Related Gene Expression. DAT, LR, PD
2019 Revealing the Dynamic Brain Connectivity from Perception of Speech Sound to Semantic Processing by EEG. EEG, FC
2019 Tai Chi Chuan exercise related change in brain function as assessed by functional near-infrared spectroscopy. MC, PFC, TCC
2018 Phosphorylated alpha-Synuclein Accumulations and Lewy Body-like Pathology Distributed in Parkinson's Disease-Related Brain Areas of Aged Rhesus Monkeys Treated with MPTP. LB, MPTP, PD, PFC, SN, TC, TH
2018 The connectivity signature of co-speech gesture integration: The superior temporal sulcus modulates connectivity between areas related to visual gesture and auditory speech processing. fMRI, MTG, STS
2018 Using high-amplitude and focused transcranial alternating current stimulation to entrain physiological tremor. PFC, tACS
2017 Bi-phasic activation of the primary motor cortex by pain and its relation to pain-evoked potentials - an exploratory study. CHEPs
10  2016 GABA quantitation using MEGA-PRESS: Regional and hemispheric differences. FC, GABA, PC
11  2016 The inhibition/excitation ratio related to task-induced oscillatory modulations during a working memory task: A multtimodal-imaging study using MEG and MRS. GABA, MEG, MRS, pgACC, TIOMs, WM
12  2015 In vivo detection of acute pain-induced changes of GABA+ and Glx in the human brain by using functional 1H MEGA-PRESS MR spectroscopy. ACC
13  2015 Relationship of gamma-aminobutyric acid and glutamate+glutamine concentrations in the perigenual anterior cingulate cortex with performance of Cambridge Gambling Task. ACC, CGT, Cr, GABA, pgACC
14  2014 Alpha-synuclein transcript isoforms in three different brain regions from Parkinson's disease and healthy subjects in relation to the SNCA rs356165/rs11931074 polymorphisms. CB, PD, SN, SNCA
15  2014 Differential cortical neurotrophin and cytogenetic adaptation after voluntary exercise in normal and amnestic rats. 2-wk, BDNF, FC, NGF, OLPs, PF, PTD, RSC, Stat, VEx
16  2014 Identifying neuropathic pain using (18)F-FDG micro-PET: a multivariate pattern analysis. AMY, AON, BF/POA, CBL, HT, IC, MVPA, PC, RSC, RVM, SA, SNL, SVM, TC, VMB
17  2014 The Effect of SSRIs on the Binding of (18)F-FP-CIT in Parkinson Patients: A Retrospective Case Control Study. Cb, DAT, HY, PD, PET, RN, SERT, SSRIs, ST, URs, VOI
18  2013 Higher glutamate to glutamine ratios in occipital regions in women with migraine during the interictal state. Gln, Glu, SD
19  2012 Ex vivo detection for chronic ethanol consumption-induced neurochemical changes in rats. Cere, CPMG, FC, HIP, THAL
20  2012 Reduced gamma-aminobutyric acid in occipital and anterior cingulate cortices in primary insomnia: a link to major depressive disorder? ACC, GABA, MDD, PI
21  2011 Optimal scanning time window for 18F-FP-(+)-DTBZ (18F-AV-133) summed uptake measurements. DVR, NCs, PD, SUVR, VOIs
22  2011 Power estimation predicts specific function action of acupuncture: an fMRI study. EAS
23  2010 Brain switches utilitarian behavior: does gender make the difference? tDCS, VPC
24  2010 Preserved functional specialization for spatial processing in the middle occipital gyrus of the early blind. MOG
25  2008 Brain histamine H1 receptor occupancy of orally administered antihistamines, bepotastine and diphenhydramine, measured by PET with 11C-doxepin. IC, OFC, PC, PET, SMC
26  2008 Time-course of posterior parietal and occipital cortex contribution to sound localization. PPC, TMS
27  2006 Brain histamine H receptor occupancy of orally administered antihistamines measured by positron emission tomography with (11)C-doxepin in a placebo-controlled crossover study design in healthy subjects: a comparison of olopatadine and ketotifen. BBB, BPR, DV, PET
28  2005 Investigating the role of 99mTc-TRODAT-1 SPECT imaging in idiopathic Parkinson's disease. ANOVA, CB, PD, ROIs
29  2005 Short-lasting impairment of temperature perception by high frequency rTMS of the sensorimotor cortex. cold, rTMS
30  2004 Involvement of the superior temporal cortex and the occipital cortex in spatial hearing: evidence from repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. rTMS, STG
31  2003 Neuropathological evidence for ischemia in the white matter of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in late-life depression. ACC, DLPFC, ICAM-1, VCAM-1
32  2000 [Effect of reperfusion after local ischaemia on the M receptor density in rat brains]. CP, FC, TC
33  1998 Acetylcholine determination of microdialysates of fetal neocortex grafts that induce recovery of learning. ACh, CTA, IC
34  1998 Role of monoamine oxidase type A and B on the dopamine metabolism in discrete regions of the primate brain. CN, DA, DOPAC, EC, FC, GP, HI, HVA, HY, MAO, MC, SN
35  1994 Asymmetrical modulation of immune reactivity in left- and right-biased rats after ipsilateral ablation of the prefrontal, parietal and occipital brain neocortex. BSA, PC, PFC
36  1992 Analysis of individual CNS protein synthesis. AM, BS, CB, FC, HIP, PC, SN, ST, TH
37  1990 Long-term impairment of behavioral recovery from cortical damage can be produced by short-term GABA-agonist infusion into adjacent cortex. AMC, SMC
38  1986 Evolution of evoked potentials during conditioning in immobilized cats. AEP, Cer. C, CN, LGB, MRF
39  1984 Electrical activity of the reticular formation during aversive and appetitive conditioning in rats. CG, CS, EP, p-p, RF
40  1983 Ca2+-dependence of 3H-catecholamines release evoked by black widow spider venom gland extract in rat hypothalamus, occipital cortex and caudate nucleus. BW-GE, CN, HT