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Abbreviation : OC
Long Form : olivocochlear
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Cochlear Efferent Innervation Is Sparse in Humans and Decreases with Age. LOC, LOC, MOC, MOC
2018 Olivocochlear efferents: Their action, effects, measurement and uses, and the impact of the new conception of cochlear mechanical responses. AN, BM, LOC, MOC, OAEs, OHCs, RL
2017 Difference in Perseverative Errors during a Visual Attention Task with Auditory Distractors in Alpha-9 Nicotinic Receptor Subunit Wild Type and Knock-Out Mice. KO, OHCs, WT
2017 Differentiating Middle Ear and Medial Olivocochlear Effects on Transient-Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions. MEM, MEMR, OAEs
2017 Minimal Effects of Age and Exposure to a Noisy Environment on Hearing in Alpha9 Nicotinic Receptor Knockout Mice. alpha9KO
2016 Absence of Early Neuronal Death in the Olivocochlear System Following Acoustic Overstimulation. FG, OCN
2015 Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Protein Deletion in Efferent Olivocochlear Neurons Perturbs Afferent Synaptic Maturation and Reduces the Dynamic Range of Hearing. APC, cKO, IHCs, SGNs
2015 Corticofugal modulation of peripheral auditory responses. CN, IC, MGB, SOC
2015 Restricted loss of olivocochlear but not vestibular efferent neurons in the senescent gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus). LOC, LSO, MOC
10  2015 The olivocochlear reflex strength and cochlear sensitivity are independently modulated by auditory cortex microstimulation. ---
11  2014 Olivocochlear efferent function: issues regarding methods and the interpretation of results. AN, ipsi, MOC, OAEs, SNRs
12  2013 Activation of presynaptic GABA(B(1a,2)) receptors inhibits synaptic transmission at mammalian inhibitory cholinergic olivocochlear-hair cell synapses. ACh, VGCCs
13  2013 Identification of inputs to olivocochlear neurons using transneuronal labeling with pseudorabies virus (PRV). PRV
14  2013 Olivocochlear suppression of outer hair cells in vivo: evidence for combined action of BK and SK2 channels throughout the cochlea. ---
15  2012 Neuroanatomical technique for studying long axonal projections in the central nervous system: combined axonal staining and pre-labeling in parasagittal gerbil brain slices. IC, MGB, SOC
16  2011 Auditory efferents facilitate sound localization in noise in humans. MOC
17  2011 Patterns of olivocochlear axonal branches. ---
18  2011 Toluene effect on the olivocochlear reflex. ---
19  2010 Ca(2+) and Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels that support and modulate transmitter release at the olivocochlear efferent-inner hair cell synapse. ACh, IHCs, VGCCs
20  2009 Neurochemistry of olivocochlear neurons in the hamster. AVP, LOC, MOC, nNOS, OT, PACAP, SOC, VIP
21  2009 Olivocochlear neuron central anatomy is normal in alpha 9 knockout mice. ---
22  2009 Slow build-up of cochlear suppression during sustained contralateral noise: central modulation of olivocochlear efferents? CAPs, DP, OAEs
23  2007 Bandwidth dependency of cochlear centrifugal pathways in modulating hearing desensitization caused by loud sound. MOCS
24  2007 Selective removal of lateral olivocochlear efferents increases vulnerability to acute acoustic injury. ABRs, DPOAEs, OHCs
25  2006 Bandwidth determines modulatory effects of centrifugal pathways on cochlear hearing desensitization caused by loud sound. ---
26  2005 Contextual modulation of olivocochlear pathway effects on loud sound-induced cochlear hearing desensitization. COC, high-side frequencies, TTSs, UOC, WN
27  2005 The final stage of cholinergic differentiation occurs below inner hair cells during development of the rodent cochlea. IHCs, OHCs
28  2004 Behavioral studies of the olivocochlear efferent system: learning to listen in noise. ---
29  2003 Anatomy of olivocochlear neurons in the hamster studied with FluoroGold. LSO
30  2003 Crossed and uncrossed olivocochlear pathways exacerbate temporary shifts in hearing sensitivity after narrow band sound trauma in normal ears of animals with unilateral hearing impairment. COC, TTSs, UOC
31  2003 Diversity of axonal ramifications belonging to single lateral and medial olivocochlear neurons. LOC, MOC, OHC
32  2003 Effects of contralateral noise on the measurement of auditory threshold. SPL
33  2003 Loss of alpha CGRP reduces sound-evoked activity in the cochlear nerve. ABR, alpha-CGRP, DPOAEs, OHCs
34  2003 Modulation of cochlear afferent response by the lateral olivocochlear system: activation via electrical stimulation of the inferior colliculus. IC, MOC
35  2003 Olivocochlear innervation in the mouse: immunocytochemical maps, crossed versus uncrossed contributions, and transmitter colocalization. ACh, CGRP, GABA, GAD, VAT
36  2002 Organization of olivocochlear neurons in the cat studied with the retrograde tracer cholera toxin-B. CTB, LOC, LSO, MOC
37  2001 Effects of olivocochlear feedback on distortion product otoacoustic emissions in guinea pig. DPOAE
38  2001 Fast, but not slow, effects of olivocochlear activation are resistant to apamin. Ca, Ca
39  2000 Effects of contralateral noise on measurement of the psychophysical tuning curve. PTC
40  1999 Long-term sound conditioning enhances cochlear sensitivity. CAPs, DPOAEs, PTSs
41  1998 Choline acetyltransferase expression during a putative developmental waiting period. ChAT, LSO
42  1998 Dense innervation of Deiters' and Hensen's cells persists after chronic deefferentation of guinea pig cochleas. OSCFs
43  1997 Conditioning-related protection from acoustic injury: effects of chronic deefferentation and sham surgery. DPOAEs, OCB, PTS
44  1997 Developmentally regulated expression of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the superior olive. CGRP
45  1996 Olivocochlear innervation of inner and outer hair cells during postnatal maturation: an immunocytochemical study. CGRP, IHCs, OHCs
46  1996 Olivocochlear innervation of inner and outer hair cells during postnatal maturation: evidence for a waiting period. IHCs, OHCs
47  1995 Chronic cochlear de-efferentation and susceptibility to permanent acoustic injury. PTS
48  1995 Efferent-mediated protection from acoustic overexposure: relation to slow effects of olivocochlear stimulation. OCB
49  1995 The effects of contralateral noise on masked compound action potential in humans. CAP, MEMs
50  1995 Time-varying alterations in the f2-f1 DPOAE response to continuous primary stimulation. I: Response characterization and contribution of the olivocochlear efferents. DPOAE
51  1994 Antidromic responses of single units from the spiral ganglion. ---
52  1993 Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. I. Enhancement of compound action potentials to masked tones. CAP, OCB
53  1993 Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. II. Enhancement of auditory-nerve response to masked tones. ANFs, CF, SRs
54  1993 Contralateral sound suppresses distortion product otoacoustic emissions through cholinergic mechanisms. ACh, DPOAEs, MOC, OHCs, WBN
55  1992 Intracochlear application of acetylcholine alters sound-induced mechanical events within the cochlear partition. DPOAEs, OHCs
56  1992 Selective retrograde transport of nipecotic acid, a GABA analog, labels a subpopulation of gerbil olivocochlear neurons. GABA
57  1990 Collaterals from lateral and medial olivocochlear efferent neurons innervate different regions of the cochlear nucleus and adjacent brainstem. D-ASP, Nip, VCN
58  1988 Brainstem branches from olivocochlear axons in cats and rodents. LOC, MOC
59  1988 Ultrastructural characterization of gerbil olivocochlear neurons based on differential uptake of 3H-D-aspartic acid and a wheatgerm agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase conjugate from the cochlea. D-Asp, D-ASP
60  1986 Olivocochlear neurons in the squirrel monkey brainstem. AChE, CAT, LSO, MSO, SOC, VTB
61  1984 Topographic organization of the olivocochlear projections from the lateral and medial zones of the superior olivary complex. ---
62  1983 Differential olivocochlear projections from lateral versus medial zones of the superior olivary complex. IHC, MSO, OHC, SOC
63  1983 The dual origins of the olivocochlear bundle in the albino rat. OCB