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Abbreviation : OC
Long Form : osteochondrosis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Cervical articular process joint osteochondrosis in Warmblood foals. APJ, CVM, OR
2019 Histone Deacetylase 4 Promotes Osteosarcoma Cell Proliferation and Invasion by Regulating Expression of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen. HDAC4, OS, PCNA
2019 Osteochondroma of the coronoid process: A case report and review of the literature. CBCT
2019 Osteochondrosis in the Distal Femoral Physis of Pigs Starts With Vascular Failure. CT
2019 Wilkes Stage IV Internal Derangement-An Osteochondromatosis of Condyle. ---
2018 Differences between horse selection based on two forms of osteochondrosis in fetlock. GWAS, OCD
2018 Expression of pro-apoptotic markers is increased along the osteochondral junction in naturally occurring osteochondrosis. ---
2018 Genetic risk factors for osteochondrosis in various horse breeds. OCD, SNP
2018 Incidence and characteristics of juvenile tarsocrural osteochondrosis in purebred Angus bulls. ---
10  2018 Is Sclerostin Glycoprotein a Suitable Biomarker for Equine Osteochondrosis? ---
11  2018 Occlusal adjustment after local resection of type 1 condylar osteochondroma. AS, CT, FH, SS, TMJ
12  2018 Solitary Osteochondroma of the Ventral Scapula Associated with Large Bursa Formation and Pseudowinging of the Scapula: A Case Report and Literature Review. ---
13  2018 Structural Features of Heparan Sulfate from Multiple Osteochondromas and Chondrosarcomas. HS, MO, PCSs
14  2018 Synovial Fluid Metabolites Differentiate between Septic and Nonseptic Joint Pathologies. NMR, OA, SF
15  2017 From ideal occlusion to dentofacial deformity and back to ideal: an osteochondroma treatment with lingual orthodontics. ---
16  2017 Growth Plate Lesions of Fattening Bulls. ---
17  2017 In vivo visualization using MRI T2 mapping of induced osteochondrosis and osteochondritis dissecans lesions in goats undergoing controlled exercise. ---
18  2017 Osteochondroma: Review of 431 patients from one medical institution in South China. MO, SO
19  2017 Osteochondrosis, Synovial Fossae, and Articular Indentations in the Talus and Distal Tibia of Growing Domestic Pigs and Wild Boars. CT
20  2017 Polymorphisms in ten candidate genes are associated with conformational and locomotive traits in Spanish Purebred horses. MAS
21  2017 Quantitative and qualitative aspects of standing-up behavior and the prevalence of osteochondrosis in Warmblood foals on different farms: could there be a link? ---
22  2017 Solitary osteochondroma of the proximal femur causing sciatic nerve compression. ---
23  2016 Candidate gene analysis of osteochondrosis in Spanish Purebred horses. SNPs
24  2016 Differences in the vascular tree of the femoral trochlear growth cartilage at osteochondrosis-susceptible sites in foals revealed by SWI 3T MRI. EGC, SWI
25  2016 Identification and validation of risk loci for osteochondrosis in standardbreds. ---
26  2016 Osteochondroma of Bilateral Mandibular Condyle with Review of Literature. ---
27  2016 Osteochondroma of the condyle: case report with 15 years of follow-up. ---
28  2016 Osteochondrosis prevalence and severity at 12 and 24 weeks of age in commercial pigs with and without organic-complexed trace mineral supplementation. CTM, ITM, TM
29  2016 Prevalence and characteristics of osteochondrosis in 309 Spanish Purebred horses. SP
30  2016 Prevalence of humeral head osteochondrosis in the Greater Swiss Mountain dog and the Border Collie in Switzerland. BC, GSMD
31  2015 A rare case report of Patellar Osteochondroma. ---
32  2015 Age-dependent expression of osteochondrosis-related genes in equine leukocytes. ---
33  2015 Associations of conformation and locomotive characteristics in growing gilts with osteochondrosis at slaughter. CLC
34  2015 Comparison of the blood supply to the articular-epiphyseal growth complex in horse vs. pony foals. ---
35  2015 Computer-assisted surgical planning and intraoperative navigation in the treatment of condylar osteochondroma. ---
36  2015 Endoscope-assisted intraoral excision of osteochondroma of the mandibular condyle. ---
37  2015 Expression profile of Twist, vascular endothelial growth factor and CD34 in patients with different phases of osteosarcoma. MVD, OS, VEGF
38  2015 Multiparametric MRI of Epiphyseal Cartilage Necrosis (Osteochondrosis) with Histological Validation in a Goat Model. PG
39  2015 Osteochondroma (OC) of the Condyle of Left Mandible: A Rare Case. TMJ
40  2015 Osteochondroma at the angle of mandible: A rare case. ---
41  2015 Short- and long-term racing performance of Standardbred pacers and trotters after early surgical intervention for tarsal osteochondrosis. LTR
42  2015 Surgical induction, histological evaluation, and MRI identification of cartilage necrosis in the distal femur in goats to model early lesions of osteochondrosis. AECC, MFC, MRI
43  2015 Wnt/beta-catenin signaling of cartilage canal and osteochondral junction chondrocytes and full thickness cartilage in early equine osteochondrosis. CC, OCJ
44  2014 Alterations in sclerostin protein in lesions of equine osteochondrosis. EO, IHC
45  2014 Arthroscopic assessment of osteochondrosis of the medial humeral condyle treated with debridement and sliding humeral osteotomy. FMCP, SHO
46  2014 Endoscope-assisted conservative condylectomy combined with orthognathic surgery in the treatment of mandibular condylar osteochondroma. ---
47  2014 Genetic trends of conformation traits and genetic correlations to osteochondrosis in boars. CT, OCT
48  2014 Heritabilities and genetic correlations between fetlock, hock and stifle osteochondrosis and fetlock osteochondral fragments in Hanoverian Warmblood horses. DOFs, OCD, OFs, POFs, REML
49  2014 Heritability estimates of tarsocrural osteochondrosis and palmar/plantar first phalanx osteochondral fragments in Standardbred trotters. POFs
50  2014 Involvement of mitochondrial dysfunction and ER-stress in the physiopathology of equine osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). OCD
51  2014 Next-generation sequencing identifies equine cartilage and subchondral bone miRNAs and suggests their involvement in osteochondrosis physiopathology. miRNAs
52  2014 Symptomatic osteochondroma of lumbosacral spine: report of 5 cases. ---
53  2014 The influence of floor type before and after 10 weeks of age on osteochondrosis in growing gilts. OR
54  2013 A review of terminology for equine juvenile osteochondral conditions (JOCC) based on anatomical and functional considerations. JOCC
55  2013 Articular osteochondrosis: a comparison of naturally-occurring human and animal disease. ---
56  2013 Association of breeding conditions with prevalence of osteochondrosis in foals. ---
57  2013 Effects of bilayer gelatin/beta-tricalcium phosphate sponges loaded with mesenchymal stem cells, chondrocytes, bone morphogenetic protein-2, and platelet rich plasma on osteochondral defects of the talus in horses. BMP-2, GT, MSCs, PRP, QCT
58  2013 Endoscope-assisted conservative condylectomy in the treatment of condylar osteochondroma through an intraoral approach. TMJ
59  2013 Foetal and postnatal equine articular cartilage development: magnetic resonance imaging and polarised light microscopy. AC, FSE, MRI, PLM
60  2013 Gene expression profiling of articular cartilage reveals functional pathways and networks of candidate genes for osteochondrosis in pigs. DE, GWA, QTL
61  2013 Genome-Wide Association Identifies TBX5 as Candidate Gene for Osteochondrosis Providing a Functional Link to Cartilage Perfusion as Initial Factor. GWAS, LD, SSC, TBX5
62  2013 Osteochondroma of mandibular condyle: A clinic-radiographic correlation. CT, TMJ
63  2013 Osteochondrosis in pigs diagnosed with computed tomography: heritabilities and genetic correlations to weight gain in specific age intervals. CT, D30_50, D50_70, D70_90, D90_100
64  2013 Outcome and prognosis of myelopathy and radiculopathy from osteochondroma in the mobile spine: a report on 14 patients. ---
65  2013 Pathogenesis of epiphyseal osteochondrosis. AECC, OCD
66  2013 Problems and pointers in osteochondrosis: Twenty years on. DOD, JOCC, OCD
67  2013 The genetics of equine osteochondrosis. QTL
68  2013 The influence of dietary restriction before and after 10 weeks of age on osteochondrosis in growing gilts. ---
69  2013 The Normandy field study on juvenile osteochondral conditions: conclusions regarding the influence of genetics, environmental conditions and management, and the effect on performance. BOSAC, JOCC
70  2013 Tissue mineral concentrations and osteochondrosis lesions in prolific sows across parities 0 through 7. ---
71  2013 Transection of vessels in epiphyseal cartilage canals leads to osteochondrosis and osteochondrosis dissecans in the femoro-patellar joint of foals; a potential model of juvenile osteochondritis dissecans. JOCD, OCD
72  2012 Association and expression study of MMP3, TGFbeta1 and COL10A1 as candidate genes for leg weakness-related traits in pigs. CP, DuPi, TGF-beta1
73  2012 Associations between osteochondrosis and conformation and locomotive characteristics in pigs. CLC
74  2012 Gambling on putative biomarkers of osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis by equine synovial fluid proteomics. OA, SF
75  2012 Gene and protein expression of cartilage canal and osteochondral junction chondrocytes and full-thickness cartilage in early equine osteochondrosis. Ihh, MMP-13, -3, PDGF-A, PTHrP, RT, VEGF
76  2012 Genome-wide association studies for osteochondrosis in French Trotter horses. ECA
77  2012 Osteochondrosis and osteochondral fragments in Standardbred trotters: prevalence and relationships. DIT, DOD, LTT, MCP, MTP, OCD, POF, UPE
78  2012 The cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor NS-398 inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in human osteosarcoma cells via downregulation of the survivin pathway. CAS-3, COX-2, OS, PCNA, SUV
79  2011 Assessment of synovial fluid biomarkers in healthy foals and in foals with tarsocrural osteochondrosis. GAG, IGF, MMP, PG, SF, TGF
80  2011 Equine hospital data as a source for study of prevalence and heritability of osteochondrosis and palmar/plantar osseous fragments of Swedish Warmblood horses. DOF, POF, SWB
81  2011 Osteochondroma of the mandibular condyle. TMJ
82  2011 Osteochondrosis of the elbow joint in finishing pigs from three herds: associations among different types of joint changes and between osteochondrosis and growth rate. OCD
83  2011 Treatment of severe facial asymmetry secondary to osteochondroma of the mandibular condyle: case report. ---
84  2010 Fine mapping of a quantitative trait locus for osteochondrosis on horse chromosome 2. ---
85  2010 Gene expression profiling from leukocytes of horses affected by osteochondrosis. DGE
86  2010 Genetic parameters for bone strength, osteochondrosis and meat percentage in Finnish Landrace and Yorkshire pigs. ---
87  2010 Genome-wide association analysis of osteochondrosis of the tibiotarsal joint in Norwegian Standardbred trotters. GWAS, OCD, QTL, SB, SNP
88  2010 Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with osteochondrosis in standardbred horses using RNA arbitrarily primed PCR. RAP-PCR
89  2010 Molecular characterization and methylation study of matrix gla protein in articular cartilage from pig with osteochondrosis. MGP, SNP
90  2010 Use of serum biomarkers to predict the development and severity of osteochondrosis lesions in the distal portion of the femur in pigs. CPII
91  2009 Association of growth, feeding practices and exercise conditions with the prevalence of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease in limbs of French foals at weaning. DOD
92  2009 Diagnostic imaging of canine elbow dysplasia: a review. CED, FMCP, UAP
93  2009 Effect of the administration of an oral hyaluronan formulation on clinical and biochemical parameters in young horses with osteochondrosis. HA, HJ, NO, PGE2
94  2009 Genetic variables of various manifestations of osteochondrosis and their correlations between and within joints in Dutch warmblood horses. ---
95  2009 Osteochondroma after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in childhood. An Italian study on behalf of the AIEOP-HSCT group. HSCT, TBI
96  2009 Prevalence of various radiographic manifestations of osteochondrosis and their correlations between and within joints in Dutch warmblood horses. ---
97  2009 Refinement of a quantitative gene locus on equine chromosome 16 responsible for osteochondrosis in Hanoverian warmblood horses. OCD, QTL, SNPs
98  2009 The candidate gene XIRP2 at a quantitative gene locus on equine chromosome 18 associated with osteochondrosis in fetlock and hock joints of South German Coldblood horses. ECA, OCD, QTL, SGC, SNPs, XIRP2
99  2008 Associations between candidate gene markers at a quantitative trait locus on equine chromosome 4 responsible for osteochondrosis dissecans in fetlock joints of South German Coldblood horses. AOAH, ECA, OCD, QTL, SNPs, UTR
100  2008 Autogenous osteochondral grafting for treatment of stifle osteochondrosis in dogs. OATS