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Abbreviation : OLGs
Long Form : oligodendrocytes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 SIRT1 decelerates morphological processing of oligodendrocyte cell lines and regulates the expression of cytoskeleton-related oligodendrocyte proteins. TPPP
2021 The Role of the lncRNA-LRCF in Propofol-Induced Oligodendrocyte Damage in Neonatal Mouse. lncRNA, miRNA, TFBS
2020 Histone Deacetylase SIRT1 Mediates C5b-9-Induced Cell Cycle in Oligodendrocytes. MS, OPCs, PI3K, PKC
2020 Insights into the pathogenesis of multiple system atrophy: focus on glial cytoplasmic inclusions. GCIs, MSA
2020 Lithium treatment mitigates white matter injury after intracerebral hemorrhage through brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling in mice. BDNF, GSK-3beta, ICH, WMI
2020 Metformin accelerates myelin recovery and ameliorates behavioral deficits in the animal model of multiple sclerosis via adjustment of AMPK/Nrf2/mTOR signaling and maintenance of endogenous oligodendrogenesis during brain self-repairing period. CPZ, MET, MS, mTOR
2020 Sodium-Calcium Exchangers of the SLC8 Family in Oligodendrocytes: Functional Properties in Health and Disease. SLC8
2019 Chronic exposure to high fat diet triggers myelin disruption and interleukin-33 upregulation in hypothalamus. CNS, HFD, IL-33
2019 Down-regulation of interleukin-33 expression in oligodendrocyte precursor cells impairs oligodendrocyte lineage progression. IL-33, IL33-KO, MBP, PLP, TEM, WT
10  2019 Effects of the CRMP2 activator lanthionine ketimine ethyl ester on oligodendrocyte progenitor cells. CRMP2, LKE, OPCs
11  2019 Matrine protects oligodendrocytes by inhibiting their apoptosis and enhancing mitochondrial autophagy. EAE, MAT, MS
12  2019 Sepantronium Bromide (YM155), A Small Molecule Survivin Inhibitor, Promotes Apoptosis by Induction of Oxidative Stress, Worsens the Behavioral Deficits and Develops an Early Model of Toxic Demyelination: In Vivo and In-Silico Study. cup, Klf, MZFs, SPs, TFAPs, ZNFPs
13  2018 Expression Pattern of Myelin-Related Apolipoprotein D in Human Multiple Sclerosis Lesions. ApoD, MS
14  2018 Low, but not high, dose triptolide controls neuroinflammation and improves behavioral deficits in toxic model of multiple sclerosis by dampening of NF-kappaB activation and acceleration of intrinsic myelin repair. Cup, MS, NF-kappaB, TP
15  2018 Pathological Endogenous alpha-Synuclein Accumulation in Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells Potentially Induces Inclusions in Multiple System Atrophy. GCIs, OPCs, PFFs
16  2017 Alpha-lipoic acid mitigates toxic-induced demyelination in the corpus callosum by lessening of oxidative stress and stimulation of polydendrocytes proliferation. ALA, CC, CNS, cup, MS, ROSs
17  2017 Effect of Fingolimod on Neural Stem Cells: A Novel Mechanism and Broadened Application for Neural Repair. EAE, MS, NSCs
18  2017 MicroRNA-212 inhibits oligodendrocytes during maturation by down-regulation of differentiation-associated gene expression. CNPase, GC, GPCs, MBP, mir-212, OPCs, PLP1
19  2017 Neurons define non-myelinated axon segments by the regulation of galectin-4-containing axon membrane domains. G4Ds, Gal-4
20  2017 Neuroprotective effects of ellagic acid on cuprizone-induced acute demyelination through limitation of microgliosis, adjustment of CXCL12/IL-17/IL-11 axis and restriction of mature oligodendrocytes apoptosis. CC, cup, EA, IL-11, IL-17, SDF-1alpha
21  2017 Protecting Oligodendrocytes by Targeting Non-Glutamate Receptors as a New Therapeutic Strategy for Ischemic Stroke. ---
22  2017 Role of the microtubule-associated TPPP/p25 in Parkinson's and related diseases and its therapeutic potential. PD
23  2016 A novel function of TBK1 as a target of Cdon in oligodendrocyte differentiation and myelination. Cdon, IP, TBK1
24  2016 Extracellular cues influencing oligodendrocyte differentiation and (re)myelination. ECM
25  2016 HIV-1 Tat Inhibits Autotaxin Lysophospholipase D Activity and Modulates Oligodendrocyte Differentiation. ATX, LPA, LPC, lysoPLD
26  2016 MAL Is a Regulator of the Recruitment of Myelin Protein PLP to Membrane Microdomains. ---
27  2016 Role of Sonic Hedgehog Signaling in Oligodendrocyte Differentiation. CNS, MAG, MBP, OLPs, Shh, Smo
28  2015 Inducible Expression of a Truncated Form of Tau in Oligodendrocytes Elicits Gait Abnormalities and a Decrease in Myelin: Implications for Selective CNS Degenerative Diseases. CNS, EGFP, PLP, Tg, TM
29  2015 Pio del Rio Hortega and the discovery of the oligodendrocytes. CNS
30  2015 The Autotaxin-Lysophosphatidic Acid Axis Modulates Histone Acetylation and Gene Expression during Oligodendrocyte Differentiation. ATX, LPA, lysoPLD
31  2015 Transferrin and thyroid hormone converge in the control of myelinogenesis. aTf, NSCs, OPCs, TH
32  2014 Concepts for regulation of axon integrity by enwrapping glia. EG, PNS and CNS, SCs
33  2014 Histone deacetylase expression in white matter oligodendrocytes after stroke. APC, HDACs, OPCs
34  2014 Interaction of myelin basic protein with cytoskeletal and signaling proteins in cultured primary oligodendrocytes and N19 oligodendroglial cells. MBP, ZO-1
35  2013 FMRP and myelin protein expression in oligodendrocytes. FMRP, FXS, MBP
36  2013 Gestational nicotine exposure modifies myelin gene expression in the brains of adolescent rats with sex differences. CNS, GN, PFC, qRT-PCR
37  2013 UDP-glucose enhances outward K(+) currents necessary for cell differentiation and stimulates cell migration by activating the GPR17 receptor in oligodendrocyte precursors. OPCs
38  2012 Classic 18.5- and 21.5-kDa myelin basic protein isoforms associate with cytoskeletal and SH3-domain proteins in the immortalized N19-oligodendroglial cell line stimulated by phorbol ester and IGF-1. MBP, ZO-1
39  2012 Galectin-4, a novel neuronal regulator of myelination. ECM
40  2012 The 21.5-kDa isoform of myelin basic protein has a non-traditional PY-nuclear-localization signal. MBP, RFP
41  2012 [Molecular mechanism and new protective strategy for ischemic white matter damages]. BCCAL, CREB, OPCs, WMLs
42  2011 C5b-9-activated, K(v)1.3 channels mediate oligodendrocyte cell cycle activation and dedifferentiation. ---
43  2011 Neurobiological effects of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulation in the cuprizone model. cupr, S1P
44  2011 Oligogenesis and oligodendrocyte progenitor maturation vary in different brain regions and partially correlate with local angiogenesis after ischemic stroke. BG, CC, CTX, OPCs, tMCAO
45  2011 Protective effects of catalpol on oligodendrocyte death and myelin breakdown in a rat model of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion. CREB, OLG, pCREB, WMLs
46  2011 Tissue transglutaminase activity is involved in the differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells into myelin-forming oligodendrocytes during CNS remyelination. CNS, OPCs
47  2010 CNS-targeted LIF expression improves therapeutic efficacy and limits autoimmune-mediated demyelination in a model of multiple sclerosis. CNS, LIF, LVs, MS
48  2010 Experimental models for analysis of oligodendrocyte pathophysiology in stroke. OPCs
49  2010 Glucocorticoid protection of oligodendrocytes against excitotoxin involving hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha in a cell-type-specific manner. EPO, GR, HIF-1alpha, MP, SCI
50  2010 Simvastatin interferes with process outgrowth and branching of oligodendrocytes. CNP, MS
51  2010 The role of oligodendrocytes in the molecular pathobiology and potential molecular treatment of cervical spondylotic myelopathy. CSM
52  2009 Ethanol alters the expressions of c-Fos and myelin basic protein in differentiating oligodendrocytes. BIM, DoD, MBP, PKC
53  2009 Neuroprotective effects of the complement terminal pathway during demyelination: implications for oligodendrocyte survival. EAE, MS
54  2009 Oligovascular signaling in white matter stroke. OPCs
55  2009 Sexual dimorphism in the white matter of rodents. ---
56  2008 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor effects on oligodendrocyte progenitors of the basal forebrain are mediated through trkB and the MAP kinase pathway. BF, MAPK, OPCs, PI3K, PLCgamma
57  2008 Cyclical and dose-dependent responses of adult human mature oligodendrocytes to fingolimod. S1P
58  2008 Sexual dimorphism of oligodendrocytes is mediated by differential regulation of signaling pathways. DHT, MS
59  2007 Functional consequences of S1P receptor modulation in rat oligodendroglial lineage cells. OPCs, PDGF, S1P
60  2007 Sorting signals and regulation of cognate basolateral trafficking in myelin biogenesis. ---
61  2007 The immunomodulator FTY720 has a direct cytoprotective effect in oligodendrocyte progenitors. MS, NT-3
62  2006 Characterization of thromboxane A2 receptor signaling in developing rat oligodendrocytes: nuclear receptor localization and stimulation of myelin basic protein expression. MBP, OPCs
63  2006 Implications of protease M/neurosin in myelination during experimental demyelination and remyelination. CNS, MBP, TNF-alpha
64  2006 Mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway mediates effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor on differentiation of basal forebrain oligodendrocytes. BDNF, BF, MAG, MAPK, MBP, PI3K, PLCgamma, PLP
65  2006 Oligodendrocyte cell death in pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis: Protection of oligodendrocytes from apoptosis by complement. EAE, MS
66  2006 Simvastatin regulates oligodendroglial process dynamics and survival. MS, OPCs
67  2005 Amyloid-beta peptide enhances tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced iNOS through neutral sphingomyelinase/ceramide pathway in oligodendrocytes. 3-OMS, AD, ASMase, iNOS, NF-kappaB, nSMase, TNF-alpha
68  2005 Analyses of proteolipid protein mutants show levels of proteolipid protein regulate oligodendrocyte number and cell death in vitro and in vivo. jp, PLP
69  2005 Anti-inflammatory immunotherapy for multiple sclerosis/experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) disease. CNS, EAE, MS, NO
70  2005 Axonal degeneration induced by targeted expression of mutant human tau in oligodendrocytes of transgenic mice that model glial tauopathies. FTDP-17, Tg
71  2005 Distinct effects of p75 in mediating actions of neurotrophins on basal forebrain oligodendrocytes. BDNF, BF, MBP, NGF, NT-3
72  2005 Targeted expression of anti-apoptotic protein p35 in oligodendrocytes reduces delayed demyelination and functional impairment after spinal cord injury. SCI
73  2005 Thromboxane A receptor-mediated cell proliferation, survival and gene expression in oligodendrocytes. MAPK, OPCs, PKA, PKC
74  2004 Comparison of in vivo and in vitro subcellular localization of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in oligodendrocytes. ERs
75  2004 Distinctive properties of human adult brain-derived myelin progenitor cells. ---
76  2004 New oligodendrocytes are generated after neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in rodents. HI
77  2004 NOVOcan: a molecular link among selected glial cells. ---
78  2003 Caspase-mediated oligodendrocyte cell death in the pathogenesis of autoimmune demyelination. CNS, EAE, MS
79  2003 Oligodendrocytes express functional A1 adenosine receptors that stimulate cellular migration. A1ARs, CPA, NECA, OPCs
80  2003 The trophic role of oligodendrocytes in the basal forebrain. BDNF, BF, NT-3
81  2003 Upregulation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells associated with restoration of mature oligodendrocytes and myelination in peri-infarct area in the rat brain. OPCs
82  2002 Analysis of the K+ current profile of mature rat oligodendrocytes in situ. ---
83  2002 Protein kinase C inhibitors counteract the ethanol effects on myelin basic protein expression in differentiating CG-4 oligodendrocytes. MBP, PKC, PMA
84  2002 Regulation and differential expression of tau mRNA isoforms as oligodendrocytes mature in vivo: implications for myelination. ---
85  2001 Amyloid-beta peptides are cytotoxic to oligodendrocytes. AD
86  2001 Ethanol exerts different effects on myelin basic protein and 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase expression in differentiating CG-4 oligodendrocytes. CNP, EtOH, MBP
87  2001 Phosphorylation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding protein in oligodendrocytes in the corpus callosum after focal cerebral ischemia in the rat. AMP, LCBF, MAG, MBP, MCA, MCAO
88  2000 Caspases determine the vulnerability of oligodendrocytes in the ischemic brain. ---
89  2000 Effects of transient ethanol exposure on the incorporation of [(3)H]ethanolamine into plasmalogen in the differentiating CG-4 oligodendrocyte cell line. diacyl-EPG, EPl, EtOH
90  2000 In vitro analysis of cell death of spinal oligodendrocytes in a rat model of HTLV-I infection. HAM, HTLV-I, TNF-alpha, WKAH
91  2000 Neuregulins and erbB receptor expression in adult human oligodendrocytes. NRGs
92  2000 Role of caspase-1 subfamily in cytotoxic cytokine-induced oligodendrocyte cell death. ICE, MS, TNF
93  1999 Different neuroligands and signal transduction pathways stimulate CREB phosphorylation at specific developmental stages along oligodendrocyte differentiation. ---
94  1999 Regulation of mitogen-activated protein kinases by sphingolipid products in oligodendrocytes. Cer, ERK2, MAPKs, Sph, SPP
95  1999 [Oligodendrocyte cell death by caspase family proteases]. MS, TNF
96  1998 Ceramide inhibits inwardly rectifying K+ currents via a Ras- and Raf-1-dependent pathway in cultured oligodendrocytes. Cer, IKir
97  1997 Arachidonic acid inhibits myelin basic protein phosphorylation in cultured oligodendrocytes. AA, MBP
98  1997 Characterization of delayed rectifier Kv channels in oligodendrocytes and progenitor cells. OP
99  1997 ICE/CED-3 family executes oligodendrocyte apoptosis by tumor necrosis factor. MS, TNF
100  1997 Role of extracellular signal-regulated protein kinases 1 and 2 in oligodendroglial process extension. ERK, MBP, MEK, PKC, PMA