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Abbreviation : OLR
Long Form : organic loading rate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A viable approach for commercial VFAs production from sludge: Liquid fermentation in anaerobic dynamic membrane reactor. AnDMBR, VFAs
2019 Acidogenic properties of carbohydrate-rich wasted potato and microbial community analysis: Effect of pH. LBRs, VFA, WP
2019 Active prokaryotic population dynamics exhibit high correlation to reactor performance during methane production from acid hydrolysates of Agave tequilana var. azul bagasse. ATAB, PCA
2019 AHL-mediated quorum sensing regulates the variations of microbial community and sludge properties of aerobic granular sludge under low organic loading. AGS, AHLs, EPS, QS
2019 Air-side ammonia stripping coupled to anaerobic digestion indirectly impacts anaerobic microbiome. FAN
2019 Anaerobic co-digestion of municipal sewage sludge and fruit/vegetable waste: effect of different mixtures on digester stability and methane yield. FVW, HRT, MSS, SMP, VS, WWTP
2019 Anaerobic digestion of hydrothermally-pretreated lignocellulosic biomass: Influence of pretreatment temperatures, inhibitors and soluble organics on methane yield. AD, VS
2019 Anaerobic digestion performance and microbial community structure of corn stover in three-stage continuously stirred tank reactors. AD, CSTR, TSAD
2019 Anaerobic treatment of N,N-dimethylformamide-containing high-strength wastewater by submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor with a co-cultured inoculum. ADS, DAS, HRT, SAnMBR
10  2019 Benefits and drawbacks of food and dairy waste co-digestion at a high organic loading rate: A Moosburg WWTP case study. AcoD, SBRs, WWTPs
11  2019 Biochar triggering multipath methanogenesis and subdued propionic acid accumulation during semi-continuous anaerobic digestion. AD, DCM
12  2019 Bioengineering of anaerobic digestion for volatile fatty acids, hydrogen or methane production: A critical review. AD, HRT, VFAs
13  2019 Biogas production from the liquid waste of distilled gin production: Optimization of UASB reactor performance with increasing organic loading rate for co-digestion with swine wastewater. ---
14  2019 Composition and ecology of bacterial and archaeal communities in anaerobic reactor fed with residual glycerol. PCR-DGGE, UASB
15  2019 Coproduction of hydrogen and methane in a CSTR-IC two-stage anaerobic digestion system from molasses wastewater. IC
16  2019 Dissection and characterization of the prokaryotic community during the long-term operation of a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor for the anaerobic treatment of N, N-dimethylformamide-containing wastewater with a co-cultured inoculum. DMF, SAnMBR
17  2019 Effect of mixing duration on biogas production and methanogen distribution in an anaerobic digester. HRT
18  2019 Effect of organic loading rate on anaerobic digestion of pig manure: Methane production, mass flow, reactor scale and heating scenarios. CHP, PM, TS, VS
19  2019 Effect of organic loading rate on the recovery of nutrients and energy in a dual-chamber microbial fuel cell. MFC
20  2019 Effect of organic loading rate on thermophilic methane fermentation of stillage eluted from ethanol fermentation of waste paper and kitchen waste. ---
21  2019 Effects of the Organic Loading Rate on Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production from Sugarcane Stillage by Mixed Microbial Cultures. MMC, PHA
22  2019 Effects of thermal hydrolytic pre-treatment on biogas process efficiency and microbial community structure in industrial- and laboratory-scale digesters. THP, VS
23  2019 Efficient poultry manure management: anaerobic digestion with short hydraulic retention time to achieve high methane production. ADS, HRT, PM
24  2019 Energy performance evaluation of ultrasonic pretreatment of organic solid waste in a pilot-scale digester. OSW, TS, UP
25  2019 Evaluation of system stability and anaerobic conversion performance for corn stover using combined pretreatment. ammonia-FT, CS, CSTBRs, SCOD, TAN, VFAs, water-FT
26  2019 Expanded granular sludge blanket reactor treatment of food waste at ambient temperature: Analysis of nitrogen compositions and microbial community structure. EGSB, FW, PON
27  2019 Food waste treatment in an anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnDMBR): Performance monitoring and microbial community analysis. AnDMBR, COD, DM, VFA
28  2019 Granulation of halophilic sludge inoculated with estuarine sediments for saline wastewater treatment. ALE, EPS, SBR
29  2019 Hydrogen and methane production by co-digesting liquid swine manure and brewery wastewater in a two-phase system. ---
30  2019 Impact of goethite dosed continuous stirred tank reactor on continuous methane production at different organic loading rates. ---
31  2019 Impact of solids retention time on the biological performance of an AnMBR treating lipid-rich synthetic dairy wastewater. AnMBR, LCFA, SMA, SRT, VSS
32  2019 Influence of various operating conditions on wastewater treatment in an AS-biofilm reactor and post-treatment using TiO2-based solar/UV photocatalysis. AS, C/N, COD, DO, HRT, TN
33  2019 Intermittent micro-aeration: New strategy to control volatile fatty acid accumulation in high organic loading anaerobic digestion. AD, ORP, VFA, VS
34  2019 Linking process performances and core microbial community structures in anaerobic membrane bioreactor with rotatory disk (ARMBR) system fed with high-strength food waste recycling wastewater. ARMBR, ARMBR, FRW
35  2019 Long-term performance of UASB in treating N, N-dimethylformamide-containing wastewater with a rapid start-up by inoculating mixed sludge. AGS, DAS, DMF, MPR, UASB
36  2019 Metagenomic analysis reveals that activated carbon aids anaerobic digestion of raw incineration leachate by promoting direct interspecies electron transfer. DIET, GAC, HRT, MSW, VFAs
37  2019 Molecular microbial ecology of stable versus failing rice straw anaerobic digesters. AD, FF, RS
38  2019 On-farm wastewater treatment using biochar from local agroresidues reduces pathogens from irrigation water for safer food production in developing countries. AF, AnBF, COD, FIB
39  2019 Optimization of hydraulic retention time and organic loading rate for volatile fatty acid production from low strength wastewater in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor. AnMBR, HRT, VFAs
40  2019 Organic loading rate (OLR) regulation for enhancement of aerobic sludge granulation: Role of key microorganism and their function. PCA
41  2019 Packed-bed biofilm reactor for semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of olive mill wastewater: performances and COD mass balance analysis. GAC, OMWW, VFAs
42  2019 Performance and microbial community of an expanded granular sludge bed reactor in the treatment of cephalosporin wastewater. EGSB, HRT
43  2019 Performance and working mechanism of a novel anaerobic self-flotation reactor for treating wastewater with high suspended solids. ASF, COD, PS, SS, UASB
44  2019 Performance evaluation of a lab-scale moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) using polyethylene as support material in the treatment of wastewater contaminated with terephthalic acid. COD, MBBR, SEM, TPA
45  2019 Performance Evaluation of a Thermophilic Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment. COD, MLVSS, PTFE-HF
46  2019 Performance evaluation of mesophilic semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of high-temperature thermally pre-treated olive mill solid waste. OMSW, VS
47  2019 Polyhydroxyalkanoate production using waste vegetable oil and filtered digestate liquor of chicken manure. HRT, PHA, VS
48  2019 Recovery of unstable digestion of vegetable waste by adding trace elements using the bicarbonate alkalinity to total alkalinity ratio as an early warning indicator. BA, ER, TA, TEs, VFAs, VS, VW
49  2019 Removal of ametryn and organic matter from wastewater using sequential anaerobic-aerobic batch reactor: A performance evaluation study. ASBR, COD, HRT
50  2019 Response of syntrophic aggregates to the magnetite loss in continuous anaerobic bioreactor. AGS, DIET, EPS, VFAs
51  2019 Simultaneous biogas and biogas slurry production from co-digestion of pig manure and corn straw: Performance optimization and microbial community shift. AcoD, AD, TS
52  2019 Stacked multi-electrode design of microbial electrolysis cells for rapid and low-sludge treatment of municipal wastewater. BOD, COD, MECs, TSS
53  2019 Two-Phase Improves Performance of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Food Waste at High Organic Loading Rates. AnMBRs, COD, FW, SP, TP, TP-AP, TP-MP
54  2019 Valorization of sewage sludge for volatile fatty acids production and role of microbiome on acidogenic fermentation. SS, VFA
55  2019 [Influence of Sludge Retention Time on the Performance and Stability of Mesophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste with Waste Activated Sludge]. CSTR, FW, SRT, WAS
56  2018 A critical review on anaerobic digestion of microalgae and macroalgae and co-digestion of biomass for enhanced methane generation. AD, HRT
57  2018 A novel anaerobic filter membrane bioreactor: prototype start-up and filtration assays. COD
58  2018 A VFA-based controller for anaerobic digestion of industrial winery wastewater. UASB, VFA
59  2018 Aerobic granular sludge treating high strength citrus wastewater: Analysis of pH and organic loading rate effect on kinetics, performance and stability. AGSBR, TCOD
60  2018 An innovative approach to minimize excess sludge production in sewage treatment using integrated bioreactors. COD, FICCO, HRT, SOABR, TSS
61  2018 Anaerobic biological treatment of industrial saline wastewater: Fixed bed Reactor performance and analysis of the microbial community structure and abundance. PCR-DGGE, qPCR, TOC, VFA, VS
62  2018 Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 Simulation of High Solids Anaerobic Digestion with Feasibility Study for El Gabal El Asfar Water Resource Recovery Facility. CAD, HSAD, SRT
63  2018 Anaerobic digestion of grape pomace: Effect of the hydraulic retention time on process performance and fibers degradability. HRT
64  2018 Anaerobic digestion of orange peel in a semi-continuous pilot plant: An environmentally sound way of citrus waste management in agro-ecosystems. EO
65  2018 Anaerobic digestion of soft drink beverage waste and sewage sludge. BW
66  2018 Anaerobic digestion of thermal pre-treated emulsified slaughterhouse wastes (TESW): Effect of trace element limitation on process efficiency and sludge metabolic properties. TESW
67  2018 Bioaugmentation strategy for enhancing anaerobic digestion of high C/N ratio feedstock with methanogenic enrichment culture. VMP, VSMP
68  2018 Biohydrogen production under hyper salinity stress by an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor with mixed culture. ASBR
69  2018 Co-digestion of solid waste: Towards a simple model to predict methane production. ---
70  2018 Continuous hydrogen and methane production from Agave tequilana bagasse hydrolysate by sequential process to maximize energy recovery efficiency. CSTR, VHPR, VMPR
71  2018 Continuous liquid fermentation of pretreated waste activated sludge for high rate volatile fatty acids production and online nutrients recovery. VFAs
72  2018 Decentralized biorefinery for lignocellulosic biomass: Integrating anaerobic digestion with thermochemical conversion. AD, VS
73  2018 Development of a high-rate submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor. SAnMBR, TMP
74  2018 Effect of Fe0 addition on volatile fatty acids evolution on anaerobic digestion at high organic loading rates. BMP, OFMSW, TVFA, VFA
75  2018 Effect of Organic Loading Rate on Anaerobic Digestion Performance of Mesophilic (UASB) Reactor Using Cattle Slaughterhouse Wastewater as Substrate. COD, CSWW, HRT, TSS, UASB
76  2018 Effect of organic loading rate on the removal of DMF, MC and IPA by a pilot-scale AnMBR for treating chemical synthesis-based antibiotic solvent wastewater. AnMBR, DMF, IPA, MC
77  2018 Effect of temperature and organic loading rate on siphon-driven self-agitated anaerobic digestion performance for food waste treatment. FW, SDSAR
78  2018 Effects of digestate recirculation on a two-stage anaerobic digestion system, particularly focusing on metabolite correlation analysis. AD, FW
79  2018 Effects of high-concentration influent suspended solids on aerobic granulation in pilot-scale sequencing batch reactors treating real domestic wastewater. AGS, COD, SS
80  2018 Estimation of the Unbiodegradable Fraction of Thickened Waste Activated Sludge. PCOD, SRT, TWAS, VSS
81  2018 Evaluation of process performance and retained sludge properties of a psychrophilic UASB reactor for treatment of iso-plophyl alcohol (2-propanol)-containing wastewater. COD
82  2018 Fermentative hydrogen and methane co-production from anaerobic co-digestion of organic wastes at high loading rate coupling continuously and sequencing batch digesters. ASBRs, CM, CSTR, FVW, OMW, VS, WAS
83  2018 Formation of aerobic granular sludge and the influence of the pH on sludge characteristics in a SBR fed with brewery/bottling plant wastewater. SBR
84  2018 Geobacter Dominates the Inner Layers of a Stratified Biofilm on a Fluidized Anode During Brewery Wastewater Treatment. FISH, ME-FBR
85  2018 Granulation and microbial community dynamics in the chitosan-supplemented anaerobic treatment of wastewater polluted with organic solvents. EPS, UASB
86  2018 Granulation process in an expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB) reactor for domestic sewage treatment: Impact of extracellular polymeric substances compositions and evolution of microbial population. EGSB, EPS, HRT, LB-EPS, TB-EPS, Vup
87  2018 Hydrogen metabolic patterns driven by Clostridium-Streptococcus community shifts in a continuous stirred tank reactor. VHPR
88  2018 Inclusion of Saccharina latissima in conventional anaerobic digestion systems. AD, HRT, VFAs, VS, WWS
89  2018 Industrial wastewater treatment with a bioelectrochemical process: assessment of depuration efficiency and energy production. BESs, MFCs
90  2018 Influence of saturated zone depth and vegetation on the performance of vertical flow-constructed wetland with continuous feeding. COD, HLR, NLR, SND, SZD, TN, VFCWs
91  2018 Insights into biomethane production and microbial community succession during semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of waste cooking oil under different organic loading rates. ---
92  2018 Insights into sludge granulation during anaerobic treatment of high-strength leachate via a full-scale IC reactor with external circulation system. COD, EPS, FT-IR, IC, MSW, VSS
93  2018 Instability diagnosis and syntrophic acetate oxidation during thermophilic digestion of vegetable waste. AD, AM, BA, HM, IA, SAOB, TA, VFA, VMPR, VS, VW
94  2018 Methanol metabolism and archaeal community changes in a bioelectrochemical anaerobic digestion sequencing batch reactor with copper-coated graphite cathode. AD
95  2018 Microbial community composition and diversity in rice straw digestion bioreactors with and without dairy manure. AD, DM, OTUs, RS
96  2018 Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for a real time monitoring of the biogas process. NIRS, TIC, VFA, VFA/TIC
97  2018 Organic loading rate and hydraulic retention time shape distinct ecological networks of anaerobic digestion related microbiome. AD, HRT
98  2018 Organic loading rate effect on the acidogenesis of cheese whey: a comparison between UASB and SBR reactors. DA, SBR, UASB, VFA
99  2018 Performance and design considerations for an anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactor treating brewery wastewater: Impact of surface area loading rate and temperature. AMBBR, HRT, SALR, SCOD, VS
100  2018 Performance and microbial shift during acidification of a real pharmaceutical wastewater by using an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR). AnSBR, FISH, HRT, SRB