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Abbreviation : OMZ
Long Form : oxygen minimum zone
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Aerobic microbial communities in the sediments of a marine oxygen minimum zone. ---
2020 Rapid deep ocean deoxygenation and acidification threaten life on Northeast Pacific seamounts. NEP
2019 Differential Distribution and Determinants of Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea Sublineages in the Oxygen Minimum Zone off Costa Rica. AOA, CRD, DO, WCA, WCB
2019 Double Maximum Ratios of Viruses to Bacteria in the Water Column: Implications for Different Regulating Mechanisms. SCM, SCS, VBR
2019 Metabolic preference of nitrate over oxygen as an electron acceptor in foraminifera from the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone. ---
2019 Morphological Plasticity in a Sulfur-Oxidizing Marine Bacterium from the SUP05 Clade Enhances Dark Carbon Fixation. S-layer
2019 Niche Differentiation of Aerobic and Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidizers in a High Latitude Deep Oxygen Minimum Zone. amoA, AOA
2019 Process and mechanism of nitrogen loss in the ocean oxygen minimum zone. ---
2018 Enhanced carbon-sulfur cycling in the sediments of Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone center. ---
10  2018 High total organic carbon in surface waters of the northern Arabian Gulf: Implications for the oxygen minimum zone of the Arabian Sea. GDW, TOC
11  2018 Metabolic versatility of a novel N2 -fixing Alphaproteobacterium isolated from a marine oxygen minimum zone. ---
12  2018 Orbital-scale denitrification changes in the Eastern Arabian Sea during the last 800 kyrs. IODP
13  2017 Basin Scale Variation on the Composition and Diversity of Archaea in the Pacific Ocean. MBGA, MGI, MGII
14  2017 Climate oscillations reflected within the microbiome of Arabian Sea sediments. ---
15  2017 Diversity of sediment-associated Planctomycetes in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone. ---
16  2017 First evidence of denitrification vis-a-vis monsoon in the Arabian Sea since Late Miocene. EAM, IODP, MPWP, SAM
17  2017 Low oxygen eddies in the eastern tropical North Atlantic: Implications for N2O cycling. ETNA
18  2017 Oxygen minimum zone: An important oceanographic habitat for deep-diving northern elephant seals, Mirounga angustirostris. JME
19  2017 Remineralization of particulate organic carbon in an ocean oxygen minimum zone. ---
20  2017 Seasonal monitoring of deep-sea megabenthos in Barkley Canyon cold seep by internet operated vehicle (IOV). IOV, IOVs
21  2016 Aerobic and anaerobic enzymatic activity of orange roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus) and alfonsino (Beryx splendens) from the Juan Fernandez seamounts area. LDH
22  2016 Marine anoxia and delayed Earth system recovery after the end-Permian extinction. ---
23  2016 Metagenomic analysis of nitrogen and methane cycling in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone. DNRA
24  2016 Plankton dynamics and biogeochemical fluxes in the Costa Rica Dome: introduction to the CRD Flux and Zinc Experiments. CRD
25  2016 Reduction of the Powerful Greenhouse Gas N2O in the South-Eastern Indian Ocean. ---
26  2015 Hypoxia in the St. Lawrence Estuary: How a Coding Error Led to the Belief that "Physics Controls Spatial Patterns". ---
27  2015 North Pacific deglacial hypoxic events linked to abrupt ocean warming. ---
28  2015 Paleoceanographic insights on recent oxygen minimum zone expansion: lessons for modern oceanography. ---
29  2015 Size-fraction partitioning of community gene transcription and nitrogen metabolism in a marine oxygen minimum zone. FL, PA
30  2014 Ecology and evolution of viruses infecting uncultivated SUP05 bacteria as revealed by single-cell- and meta-genomics. SAGs
31  2014 Facets of diazotrophy in the oxygen minimum zone waters off Peru. ---
32  2014 Gene-centric approach to integrating environmental genomics and biogeochemical models. ---
33  2014 Metabolic suppression during protracted exposure to hypoxia in the jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, living in an oxygen minimum zone. ArgP
34  2014 Microbial eukaryote diversity in the marine oxygen minimum zone off northern Chile. ---
35  2014 Oxygen at nanomolar levels reversibly suppresses process rates and gene expression in anammox and denitrification in the oxygen minimum zone off northern Chile. hzo, nirS, OMZs
36  2014 The distribution of dissolved iron in the West Atlantic Ocean. DFe, NADW
37  2014 The first report of a microdiverse anammox bacteria community in waters of Colombian Pacific, a transition area between prominent oxygen minimum zones of the eastern tropical Pacific. OTUs
38  2014 Vertical partitioning of nitrogen-loss processes across the oxic-anoxic interface of an oceanic oxygen minimum zone. DNRA
39  2013 Abundance and distribution of archaeal acetyl-CoA/propionyl-CoA carboxylase genes indicative for putatively chemoautotrophic Archaea in the tropical Atlantic's interior. amoA
40  2013 Abundance and distribution of diverse membrane-bound monooxygenase (Cu-MMO) genes within the Costa Rica oxygen minimum zone. Cu-MMOs
41  2013 Aphotic N2 fixation in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific Ocean. ETSP
42  2013 Denitrifying alphaproteobacteria from the Arabian Sea that express nosZ, the gene encoding nitrous oxide reductase, in oxic and suboxic waters. ---
43  2013 Diversity and population structure of Marine Group A bacteria in the Northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean. CARD-FISH, MGA
44  2013 Exploring nucleo-cytoplasmic large DNA viruses in Tara Oceans microbial metagenomes. NCLDVs
45  2013 Giant hydrogen sulfide plume in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru supports chemolithoautotrophy. ---
46  2013 Molecular tools for investigating microbial community structure and function in oxygen-deficient marine waters. ---
47  2013 Nitrite oxidation in the upper water column and oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical North Pacific Ocean. ETNP, qPCR
48  2013 Ventilation rates and activity levels of juvenile jumbo squid under metabolic suppression in the oxygen minimum zone. ---
49  2012 Benthic nitrogen loss in the arabian sea off pakistan. nirS
50  2012 Distribution and diel vertical movements of mesopelagic scattering layers in the Red Sea. ---
51  2012 Diversity, distribution, and expression of diazotroph nifH genes in oxygen-deficient waters of the Arabian Sea. ODZ
52  2012 Effect of oxygen minimum zone formation on communities of marine protists. ---
53  2012 Locomotion and behavior of Humboldt squid, Dosidicus gigas, in relation to natural hypoxia in the Gulf of California, Mexico. AVP, PAT
54  2012 Nitrite oxidation in the Namibian oxygen minimum zone. NOB
55  2012 Spatio-temporal biodiversity of soft bottom macrofaunal assemblages in shallow coastal waters exposed to episodic hypoxic events. ESSW, HCS
56  2011 Abundance and phylogenetic identity of archaeoplankton in the permanent oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical South Pacific. G-I.1a, MG-II, MG-III
57  2011 Cytochrome cd1-containing nitrite reductase encoding gene nirS as a new functional biomarker for detection of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing (Anammox) bacteria. hzo
58  2011 Intensive nitrogen loss over the Omani Shelf due to anammox coupled with dissimilatory nitrite reduction to ammonium. DNRA, NE
59  2011 Niche segregation of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and anammox bacteria in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone. AOA, HPH, hzo, IPL
60  2011 Nitrogen fixation in denitrified marine waters. ETSP
61  2009 Anoxygenic photosynthesis modulated Proterozoic oxygen and sustained Earth's middle age. Ma, OM
62  2009 Autonomous observations of in vivo fluorescence and particle backscatteringin an oceanic oxygen minimum zone. ESP
63  2009 Denitrification as the dominant nitrogen loss process in the Arabian Sea. ---
64  2009 Denitrifying bacterial community composition changes associated with stages of denitrification in oxygen minimum zones. ---
65  2009 Revising the nitrogen cycle in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone. ETSP
66  2008 Bacterial diversity in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical South Pacific. ---
67  2008 Molecular and biogeochemical evidence for ammonia oxidation by marine Crenarchaeota in the Gulf of California. amoA, AOA, AOB
68  2007 Ammonia-oxidizing beta-proteobacteria from the oxygen minimum zone off northern Chile. amoA, betaAOB
69  2007 Potential interactions of particle-associated anammox bacteria with bacterial and archaeal partners in the Namibian upwelling system. ---
70  2005 Communities of nirS-type denitrifiers in the water column of the oxygen minimum zone in the eastern South Pacific. ESP, PCR
71  2005 The second species of Gromia (Protista) from the deep sea: its natural history and association with the Pakistan margin oxygen minimum zone. SEM
72  1992 Respiratory, Blood, and Heart Enzymatic Adaptations of Sebastolobus alascanus (Scorpaenidae; Teleostei) to the Oxygen Minimum Zone: A Comparative Study. LDH, Vf