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Abbreviation : OS
Long Form : oral secretions
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 An effector from cotton bollworm oral secretion impairs host plant defense signaling. JA, JAZ
2019 Priming and filtering of antiherbivore defences among Nicotiana attenuata plants connected by mycorrhizal networks. AMF, CMNs
2019 SpitWorm, a Herbivorous Robot: Mechanical Leaf Wounding with Simultaneous Application of Salivary Components. VOC
2018 Integration of danger peptide signals with herbivore-associated molecular pattern signaling amplifies anti-herbivore defense responses in rice. DAMPs, HAMPs, Peps
2018 Oral sampling methods are associated with differences in immune marker concentrations. ---
2018 Spodoptera littoralis oral secretions inhibit the activity of Phaseolus lunatus plasma membrane H+-ATPase. ---
2018 The effects of Lepidopteran oral secretion on plant wounds: A case study on the interaction between Spodoptera litura and Arabidopsis thaliana. S. litura
2017 Oral Secretions Affect HIPVs Induced by Generalist (Mythimna loreyi) and Specialist (Parnara guttata) Herbivores in Rice. HIPVs, MYL, PAG, PLS-DA
2016 Herbivore Oral Secreted Bacteria Trigger Distinct Defense Responses in Preferred and Non-Preferred Host Plants. AB, PPO
10  2016 Modulation of plant defense responses to herbivores by simultaneous recognition of different herbivore-associated elicitors in rice. FACs, ROS
11  2016 Oral secretions from Mythimna separata insects specifically induce defence responses in maize as revealed by high-dimensional biological data. ---
12  2015 Cytokinin levels and signaling respond to wounding and the perception of herbivore elicitors in Nicotiana attenuata. CK, HAMPs
13  2015 Direct Contact - Sorptive Tape Extraction coupled with Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry to reveal volatile topographical dynamics of lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) upon herbivory by Spodoptera littoralis Boisd. DC-STE, GC-MS, GLVs, HIPV, HW, PV
14  2015 MAPK signaling: a key element in plant defense response to insects. MAPKs, SIPK, WIPK
15  2015 Spruce Budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Oral Secretions I: Biology and Function. SBW
16  2015 Spruce Budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Oral Secretions II: Chemistry. FACs, SBW, VOCs
17  2014 Fatty acid-amino acid conjugates are essential for systemic activation of salicylic acid-induced protein kinase and accumulation of jasmonic acid in Nicotiana attenuata. JA, MAPKs, TPI
18  2014 Neomycin inhibition of (+)-7-iso-jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine accumulation and signaling. ---
19  2014 Quantitative analysis of herbivore-induced cytosolic calcium by using a Cameleon (YC 3.6) calcium sensor in Arabidopsis thaliana. MD
20  2014 RuBPCase activase (RCA) mediates growth-defense trade-offs: silencing RCA redirects jasmonic acid (JA) flux from JA-isoleucine to methyl jasmonate (MeJA) to attenuate induced defense responses in Nicotiana attenuata. JA, JA-Ile, JMT, MeJA, RCA, WT
21  2014 Secretions from the ventral eversible gland of Spodoptera exigua caterpillars activate defense-related genes and induce emission of volatile organic compounds in tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. VEG, VEGA, VEGI, VOCs
22  2014 Symptom Burden and Quality of Life in Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Patients: AIIMS Study of 100 Patients. AP, BL, CG, CO, DY, EF, FA, HE, HNCA, HO, NV, OM, PA, PALMP, PF, PK, QOL, SL, SW, TA, WL
23  2013 A porin-like protein from oral secretions of Spodoptera littoralis larvae induces defense-related early events in plant leaves. alphaHL, PLP
24  2013 Narboh D, a respiratory burst oxidase homolog in Nicotiana attenuata, is required for late defense responses after herbivore attack. FACs, JA, JA-Ile, ROS, TPIs
25  2013 Nicotiana attenuata MPK4 suppresses a novel jasmonic acid (JA) signaling-independent defense pathway against the specialist insect Manduca sexta, but is not required for the resistance to the generalist Spodoptera littoralis. COI1, FACs, JA, MAPK
26  2013 The HERBIVORE ELICITOR-REGULATED1 gene enhances abscisic acid levels and defenses against herbivores in Nicotiana attenuata plants. ABA, FACs
27  2012 An amino acid substitution inhibits specialist herbivore production of an antagonist effector and recovers insect-induced plant defenses. VBC
28  2012 Insect oral secretions suppress wound-induced responses in Arabidopsis. ---
29  2012 Stress inducible proteinase inhibitor diversity in Capsicum annuum. IRDs, PIs
30  2011 BAK1 regulates the accumulation of jasmonic acid and the levels of trypsin proteinase inhibitors in Nicotiana attenuata's responses to herbivory. BR, EV, JA, TPIs
31  2011 Silencing NOA1 elevates herbivory-induced jasmonic acid accumulation and compromises most of the carbon-based defense metabolites in Nicotiana attenuata(F). JA, JA-Ile, JAR, NOA1, WT
32  2010 Jasmonic acid and ethylene modulate local responses to wounding and simulated herbivory in Nicotiana attenuata leaves. ET, JA, mETR1
33  2010 Lipoxygenase-mediated modification of insect elicitors: generating chemical diversity on the leaf wound surface. FACs
34  2010 Rapid modification of the insect elicitor N-linolenoyl-glutamate via a lipoxygenase-mediated mechanism on Nicotiana attenuata leaves. FACs, JA, LOX
35  2010 SuperSAGE analysis of the Nicotiana attenuata transcriptome after fatty acid-amino acid elicitation (FAC): identification of early mediators of insect responses. FAC, FACs, LPP, UniTags, VIGS
36  2010 Variation in antiherbivore defense responses in synthetic Nicotiana allopolyploids correlates with changes in uniparental patterns of gene expression. JA, JAR4, LOX3, Na, NPR1, Nxo, SA, TPIs, WIPK
37  2009 An ecological analysis of the herbivory-elicited JA burst and its metabolism: plant memory processes and predictions of the moving target model. JA, JA-Ile
38  2009 Down-regulation of systemin after herbivory is associated with increased root allocation and competitive ability in Solanum nigrum. WT
39  2009 Herbivore-induced jasmonic acid bursts in leaves of Nicotiana attenuata mediate short-term reductions in root growth. 1-MCP, asLOX3, irCOI1, JA, WT
40  2009 Insects had it first: surfactants as a defence against predators. ---
41  2009 Pectin methylesterase NaPME1 contributes to the emission of methanol during insect herbivory and to the elicitation of defence responses in Nicotiana attenuata. JA, JA-Ile, MeOH, PMEs, RNAi, SA, WT
42  2009 Polymorphism in jasmonate signaling partially accounts for the variety of volatiles produced by Nicotiana attenuata plants in a native population. ABA, GC-MS, MJ, SA, VOCs
43  2008 A comparison of two Nicotiana attenuata accessions reveals large differences in signaling induced by oral secretions of the specialist herbivore Manduca sexta. ELP
44  2008 Jasmonate perception regulates jasmonate biosynthesis and JA-Ile metabolism: the case of COI1 in Nicotiana attenuata. COI1, JA, JA-Ile, WT
45  2007 Cowpea chloroplastic ATP synthase is the source of multiple plant defense elicitors during insect herbivory. cATPC
46  2007 Herbivory rapidly activates MAPK signaling in attacked and unattacked leaf regions but not between leaves of Nicotiana attenuata. MAPK, SIPK
47  2007 Independently silencing two JAR family members impairs levels of trypsin proteinase inhibitors but not nicotine. JA, JAR1, JAR4, JAR6, M. sexta, N. attenuata, TPIs
48  2007 Oral secretions from herbivorous lepidopteran larvae exhibit ion channel-forming activities. ---
49  2007 RNA-directed RNA polymerase 1 (RdR1) mediates the resistance of Nicotiana attenuata to herbivore attack in nature. EV, irRdR1, RdR1, RDRs
50  2007 Tuning the herbivore-induced ethylene burst: the role of transcript accumulation and ethylene perception in Nicotiana attenuata. ACO, ACS
51  2006 Caterpillar-elicited methanol emission: a new signal in plant-herbivore interactions? MeOH, PMEs, PTR-MS, TPI, VOCs
52  2006 Evolution of proteinase inhibitor defenses in North American allopolyploid species of Nicotiana. JA, Na, Nc, Nq, TPI
53  2006 Innovation in anti-herbivore defense systems during neopolypoloidy - the functional consequences of instantaneous speciation. JA, Na, Nma, Nmi, TPIs
54  2006 Molecular interactions between the specialist herbivore Manduca sexta (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) and its natural host Nicotiana attenuata. VII. Changes in the plant's proteome. FACs
55  2006 Silencing of a germin-like gene in Nicotiana attenuata improves performance of native herbivores. GLPs, VIGS
56  2003 Impact of cysteine proteinase inhibition in midgut fluid and oral secretion on fecundity and pollen consumption of western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera). Cal I, MF, PIs, WCR
57  2003 Synergistic interactions between volicitin, jasmonic acid and ethylene mediate insect-induced volatile emission in Zea mays. JA
58  2001 Herbivore-induced ethylene burst reduces fitness costs of jasmonate- and oral secretion-induced defenses in Nicotiana attenuata. MeJA
59  2000 Eating the evidence? Manduca sexta larvae can not disrupt specific jasmonate induction in Nicotiana attenuata by rapid consumption. JA
60  2000 Ecophysiological comparison of direct and indirect defenses in Nicotiana attenuata. MeJA