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Abbreviation : OS
Long Form : oxidative stress
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 11beta-HSD1 Inhibition Rescues SAMP8 Cognitive Impairment Induced by Metabolic Stress. AD, GR, HFD, ROS, SAMP8
2020 Association of oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in hypertension. FMD, HTN, TAS, TOS
2020 Can We Safely Obtain Formal Oxidation States from Centroids of Localized Orbitals? TM
2020 Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization on Cadmium-Mediated Oxidative Stress in Glycine max (L.) Merr. AMF, HM, ROS
2020 Effect of the platelet-rich plasma covering of polypropylene mesh on oxidative stress, inflammation, and adhesions. ANOVA, MPO, NAG, PPM, PRP
2020 Emerging signal regulating potential of small molecule biflavonoids to combat neuropathological insults of Alzheimer's disease. AD, NFTs
2020 Linkage of typically cytosolic peroxidases to erythrocyte membrane - A possible mechanism of protection in Hereditary Spherocytosis. CAT, GPx, HS, LPO, MBH, Prx2, spl
2020 Maternal Exposure to Environmental Disruptors and Sexually Dimorphic Changes in Maternal and Neonatal Oxidative Stress. EDCs
2020 microRNA-592 blockade inhibits oxidative stress injury in Alzheimer's disease astrocytes via the KIAA0319-mediated Keap1/Nrf2/ARE signaling pathway. AD, ASTs, miR-592, ROS
10  2020 Mitoprotective Clinical Strategies in Type 2 Diabetes and Fanconi Anemia Patients: Suggestions for Clinical Management of Mitochondrial Dysfunction. FA, MDF, MNs, T2D
11  2020 N-acetylcysteine (NAC) alleviates the peripheral neuropathy associated with liver cirrhosis via modulation of neural MEG3/PAR2/ NF-ҡB axis. NAC, PAR2, TAA, vF
12  2020 Neural Glyoxalase Pathway Enhancement by Morin Derivatives in an Alzheimer's Disease Model. AD, AGEs, DBM, GP, MG, MNP
13  2020 Oxidative stress and male infertility: current knowledge of pathophysiology and role of antioxidant therapy in disease management. ROS
14  2020 Oxidative stress in pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia. ER, ROS
15  2020 Oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines and body composition of master athletes: The interplay. CAT, MA, MC, SOD
16  2020 Oxidative stress-induced KLF4 activates inflammatory response through IL17RA and its downstream targets in retinal pigment epithelial cells. AMD, IL17, RPE
17  2020 P53 and Parkin co-regulate mitophagy in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells to promote the repair of early steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head. BMSCs, ONFH
18  2020 Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Perspectives of Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Narrative Review. ---
19  2020 Protective effect of Liraglutide on diabetic retinal neurodegeneration via inhibiting oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress. ER, GLP-1, LIRA, STZ
20  2020 Quantitation of in vivo brain glutathione conformers in cingulate cortex among age-matched control, MCI, and AD patients using MEGA-PRESS. AD, CC, MCI, NC, ROC
21  2020 Telomere length analysis on leukocytes derived from patients with Huntington Disease. BIR, HD, PP, RTL
22  2020 The change in Thiol-Disulphide Homeostasis levels as an oxidative stress marker after varicocelectomy: Is there a relationship with sperm parameters? TDH
23  2019 A Comparison Between Two Assays for Measuring Seminal Oxidative Stress and their Relationship with Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Semen Parameters. DFI, PMN, ROS, SCSA, sORP
24  2019 A High-Throughput Screening Identifies MicroRNA Inhibitors That Influence Neuronal Maintenance and/or Response to Oxidative Stress. ASOs, HTFS, miRNAs, sncRNAs
25  2019 A novel compound AB38b attenuates oxidative stress and ECM protein accumulation in kidneys of diabetic mice through modulation of Keap1/Nrf2 signaling. DN, ECM, GMCs, ROS
26  2019 A pilot study of the effect of phospholipid curcumin on serum metabolomic profile in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. AUC, NAFLD
27  2019 A review on proteomics analysis to reveal biological pathways and predictive proteins in sulfur mustard exposed patients: roles of inflammation and oxidative stress. MMPs, NAD, ROS, SM
28  2019 Aberrant Upregulation of Compensatory Redox Molecular Machines May Contribute to Sperm Dysfunction in Infertile Men with Unilateral Varicocele: A Proteomic Insight. IPA, OXPHOS, UV, WB
29  2019 Acute coffee ingestion with and without medium chain triglycerides decreases blood oxidative stress markers and increases ketone levels. AOPP, D-BHB, HDL-C, MCTs, MDA, TC
30  2019 Agave fructans and oligofructose decrease oxidative stress in brain regions involved in learning and memory of overweight mice. AF, CB, FC, HP, OF, OM
31  2019 Age-Related Modulations in Erythrocytes under Blood Bank Conditions. CAT, GOT, Hb, KIMS, LDH, MDA, PMRS
32  2019 Aging and Hyperglycemia Intensify Dyslipidemia-Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Rats: Assessment of Restorative Potentials of ALA and EPA + DHA. ALA, DHA, EPA, HFL
33  2019 Agitation, Oxidative Stress, and Cytokines in Alzheimer Disease: Biomarker Analyses From a Clinical Trial With Nabilone for Agitation. 4-HNE, AD
34  2019 AKF-PD alleviates diabetic nephropathy via blocking the RAGE/AGEs/NOX and PKC/NOX Pathways. AGE, DN, HG, HMCs, NADPH, NOX4, PKC, RAGE, ROS
35  2019 AKT-GSK3beta Signaling Pathway Regulates Mitochondrial Dysfunction-Associated OPA1 Cleavage Contributing to Osteoblast Apoptosis: Preventative Effects of Hydroxytyrosol. ---
36  2019 Alpha-Tocopherol Supplementation Restricts Aluminium- and Ethanol-Induced Oxidative Damage in Rat Brain but Fails to Protect Against Neurobehavioral Damage. CL, FC, HC, SPHC
37  2019 Amnion membrane organ-on-chip: an innovative approach to study cellular interactions. AECs, AM-OOC, AMCs, NAC
38  2019 Amoxicillin and gentamicin antibiotics treatment adversely influence the fertility and morphology through decreasing the Dazl gene expression level and increasing the oxidative stress. CAT, Dazl, G6PD, GR, GST, SOD
39  2019 An in silico investigation on the inhibitory potential of the constituents of Pomegranate juice on antioxidant defense mechanism: Relevance to neurodegenerative diseases. AD, PD, PJ, RONS
40  2019 Anti-Diabetic Countermeasures Against Tobacco Smoke-Dependent Cerebrovascular Toxicity: Use and Effect of Rosiglitazone. BBB, Nrf2, PPARgamma, RSG, TS
41  2019 Antioxidant Supplementation in Renal Replacement Therapy Patients: Is There Evidence? HD, PD
42  2019 Antioxidants and Male Fertility: from Molecular Studies to Clinical Evidence. ART, ROS
43  2019 Antioxidants for Pancreatic Functions in Chronic Pancreatitis: A Double-blind Randomized Placebo-controlled Pilot Study. AO, CP, PL, QOL
44  2019 Apocynin Dietary Supplementation Delays Mouse Ovarian Ageing. MMPs, TIMPs
45  2019 Apple intake improves antioxidant parameters in hemodialysis patients without affecting serum potassium levels. HD
46  2019 Approaches and Methods to Measure Oxidative Stress in Clinical Samples: Research Applications in the Cancer Field. ROS
47  2019 Assessment of Oxidative Stress in Patients with Sudden Hearing Loss: A Non-randomized Prospective Clinical Study. LOOH, OSI, SHL, TAS, TOS
48  2019 Association between hot flashes severity and oxidative stress among Mexican postmenopausal women: A cross-sectional study. GPx, HFs, SOD
49  2019 ATR-IR and EPR spectroscopy for detecting the alterations in cortical synaptosomes induced by aluminium stress. AD, Al
50  2019 Behavioural and biochemical alterations by chlorpyrifos in aquatic insects: an emerging environmental concern for pristine Alpine habitats. MDA
51  2019 Biodegradable and biocompatible spherical dendrimer nanoparticles with a gallic acid shell and a double-acting strong antioxidant activity as potential device to fight diseases from "oxidative stress". GA, GAD, PLE
52  2019 Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Metabolic Syndrome and Associated Diseases. MS
53  2019 Calorie Restriction in Adulthood Reduces Hepatic Disorders Induced by Transient Postnatal Overfeeding in Mice. CR, NF, OF, SIPS
54  2019 Cerebrovascular and Neurological Disorders: Protective Role of NRF2. AD, ALS, ARE, HD, Nrf2, PD, ROS, XAR
55  2019 Changes in salivary oxidative status, salivary cortisol, and clinical symptoms in female patients with temporomandibular disorders during occlusal splint therapy: a 3-month follow up. MDA, MP, SC, TAC, TMD
56  2019 Chemical Activation of the Constitutive Androstane Receptor Leads to Activation of Oxidant-Induced Nrf2. AhR, CAR, PPARalpha
57  2019 Chronic venous insufficiency and venous microangiopathy: management with compression and Pycnogenol. ASLS, CVI, RAS, RT
58  2019 Clinical observation of the reduced glutathione in the treatment of diabetic chronic kidney disease. AOPP, CKD, ES, MDA, NK, SOD, VEGF
59  2019 Clinical, microbiological and oxidative stress evaluation of periodontitis patients treated with two regimens of systemic antibiotics, adjunctive to non-surgical therapy: A placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial. AMX, BAP, CAL, CP, d-ROMs, FMBS, MTZ, TID
60  2019 Copper accumulation in the brain causes the elevation of oxidative stress and less anxious behavior in Ts1Cje mice, a model of Down syndrome. DS, ICP-MS
61  2019 Correlation of oxidation reduction potential and total motile sperm count: its utility in the evaluation of male fertility potential. NPV, ORP, PPV, ROC, sORP, TMSC
62  2019 Correlation of oxidation-reduction potential with hormones, semen parameters and testicular volume. FSH, LH, ORP
63  2019 Crocin Improves Oxidative Stress by Potentiating Intrinsic Anti-Oxidant Defense Systems in Pancreatic Cells During Uncontrolled Hyperglycemia. MDA, SOD
64  2019 Crosstalk Between Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Damage: Focus on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. RNS, ROS, RSS
65  2019 Crosstalk between Oxidative Stress and Tauopathy. ROS
66  2019 Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) inhibits steroidogenesis and induces mitochondria-ROS mediated apoptosis in rat ovarian granulosa cells. DEHP, NAC, ROS
67  2019 Dissociation of HKII in retinal epithelial cells induces oxidative stress injury in the retina. MMP, NAC, ROS, SOD
68  2019 Dnmt3a-Mediated DNA Methylation Changes Regulate Osteogenic Differentiation of hMSCs Cultivated in the 3D Scaffolds under Oxidative Stress. hMSCs
69  2019 Down regulation of UCP2 expression in retinal pigment epithelium cells under oxidative stress: an in vitro study. FCM, ROS, RT-PCR, UCP2
70  2019 Down-regulation of miR-320 exerts protective effects on myocardial I-R injury via facilitating Nrf2 expression. CK, HO-1, IR, LDH, MDA, Nrf2, qRT-PCR, ROS, SOD
71  2019 Downregulation of long noncoding RNA H19 rescues hippocampal neurons from apoptosis and oxidative stress by inhibiting IGF2 methylation in mice with streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus. DM, IGF2, lncRNA H19, STZ
72  2019 E6 Oncoproteins from High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Induce Mitochondrial Metabolism in a Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Model. HNSCC, ROS, VDAC
73  2019 Effect of Curcumin Supplementation on Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Muscle Damage, and Muscle Soreness. CK, MDA, MDP, PLA, TAC, TNF-alpha, VAS
74  2019 Effect of H2O2 induced oxidative stress (OS) on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and intracellular metabolism in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. GC-MS, RNS, ROS, SPME, VOCs
75  2019 Effect of omega-3 fatty acid plus vitamin E Co-Supplementation on oxidative stress parameters: A systematic review and meta-analysis. CAT, MDA, NO, SMD, SMD, SMD, SOD, TAC
76  2019 Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Oxidative Stress in Patients Diagnosed with Cancer: A Narrative Review. CINAHL, PA, STROBE
77  2019 Effects of EBN on embryo implantation, plasma concentrations of reproductive hormones, and uterine expressions of genes of PCNA, steroids, growth factors and their receptors in rats. AO, EBN, EGF, EGFR, GH, PCNA, TAC, VEGF
78  2019 Effects of long-term intermittent versus chronic calorie restriction on oxidative stress in a mouse cancer model. AL, CAT, CCR, CR, ICR, MDA, MMTV-TGF-alpha, SOD
79  2019 Effects of psychological stress during exercise on markers of oxidative stress in young healthy, trained men. AOPP, DSC, EA, SOD
80  2019 Elevated Serum Ferritin Levels Are Predictive of Renal Function Recovery among Patients with Acute Kidney Injury. AKI, ROS
81  2019 Ellagic acid reduces methotrexate-induced apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction via up-regulating Nrf2 expression and inhibiting the IBalpha/NFB in rats. EA, HO-1, IL-6, MTX, NF-B, Nrf2, ROS
82  2019 Emerging Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Acute and Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Levels and Determinants. ACS, AMI, CAD, CV, LOX-1, ROM
83  2019 Emerging Roles of Redox-Mediated Angiogenesis and Oxidative Stress in Dermatoses. ---
84  2019 Enhanced In Situ Availability of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae Constituents Entrapped in Buccal Films for the Treatment of Oxidative Stress-Related Oral Diseases: Biomechanical Characterization and In Vitro/Ex Vivo Evaluation. AFA
85  2019 Epistasis between ADIPOQ rs1501299 and PON1 rs662 polymorphisms is potentially associated with the development of knee osteoarthritis. MDR, OA
86  2019 Evaluation of Oxidative Stress in Testis and Sperm of Rat Following Induced Varicocele. VC
87  2019 Evaluation of the Neuroprotective Role of Boric Acid in Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury-Mediated Oxidative Stress. BA, CAT, LP, MDA, TBI
88  2019 Evaluation of the NOX5 protein expression and oxidative stress in sperm from asthenozoospermic men compared to normozoospermic men. NOX5, ROS
89  2019 Evaluation of Total Antioxidant Capacity and Total Oxidant Status of Preterm and Term Breast Milk during the Course of Lactation and within a Nursing Session. OSI, TOS
90  2019 Evaluation of trace elements associated with antioxidant enzymes in blood of primary epithelial ovarian cancer patients. AOEs, Cu,Zn-SOD, EOC, ICP/MS, Mn, MnSOD, ROS, Se, SI-II, SIII, Zn
91  2019 Features of Oxidative and Nitrosative Metabolism in Lung Diseases. NS
92  2019 Flavanols protect the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae against heating and freezing/thawing injury. ---
93  2019 Gender- and age-dependencies of oxidative stress, as detected based on the steady state concentrations of different biomarkers in the MARK-AGE study. MDA
94  2019 Genistein protects ovarian granulosa cells from oxidative stress via cAMP-PKA signaling. cAMP, CAT, GC, GSH-Px, MDA, MMP, mRNA, PKA, ROS, SOD
95  2019 Glutathione "Redox Homeostasis" and Its Relation to Cardiovascular Disease. CVD, RS
96  2019 Green tea supplementation improves oxidative stress biomarkers and modulates IL-6 circulating levels in obese women. BMI, IL-6, MDA, TEAC
97  2019 Heme oxygenase-1 induction by hemin prevents oxidative stress-induced acute cholestasis in the rat. BR, BSEP, CAT, HO-1, MRP2, SOD, t-BuOOH
98  2019 Heptachlor-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition in HK-2 cells mediated via TGF-beta1/Smad signalling. EMT, GSH, TGF
99  2019 High Levels of Oxidative Stress and Skin Microbiome are Critical for Initiation and Development of Chronic Wounds in Diabetic Mice. ---
100  2019 High-fat diet induces mouse liver steatosis with a concomitant decline in energy metabolism: attenuation by eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) or hydroxytyrosol (HT) supplementation and the additive effects upon EPA and HT co-administration. AMPK, CD, EPA, HFD, HT, n-3 LCPUFA, NRF-2, PGC-1alpha