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Abbreviation : PA
Long Form : positive affect
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Reformulated Architecture of Cognitive Risks for Psychopathology: Common and Specific Dimensions and Links to Internalizing Outcomes in Adolescence. AA, DA, NA, NIS
2020 Affect relative to day-level drinking initiation: Analyzing ecological momentary assessment data with multilevel spline modeling. NA
2020 Associations between affect and alcohol consumption in adults: an ecological momentary assessment study. NA
2020 Cannabis-Related Impairment and Social Anxiety: The Role of Use to Manage Negative and Positive Affect in Social Situations. NA
2020 Daily Stress Reactivity Across the Life span: Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Effects of Age. NA
2020 Emotion dynamics concurrently and prospectively predict mood psychopathology. NA
2020 Everyday emotional dynamics in major depression. NA
2020 Positive affect and chronic pain: a preregistered systematic review and meta-analysis. CNCP, NA
2020 Positive and negative affect in the daily life of world trade center responders with PTSD: An ecological momentary assessment study. EMA, NA, PTSD, WTC
10  2020 Predictors of affect following discharge from partial hospitalization: a two-week ecological momentary assessment study. EMA, PA/NA, PHP
11  2020 Prior Day Negative Affect Influences Current Day Procrastination: A Lagged Daily Diary Analysis. NA
12  2020 Striatal hypofunction as a neural correlate of mood alterations in chronic pain patients. fMRI, MID, NA
13  2019 Acute stress responses after indirect exposure to the MH17 airplane crash. NA
14  2019 Adaptation of the Morningness-Eveningness Stability Scale improved (MESSi) into Turkish. CFA, DI, EFA, EV, MA, MESSi, NA, PANAS, PSQI
15  2019 Affective dynamics in bipolar spectrum psychopathology: Modeling inertia, reactivity, variability, and instability in daily life. NA
16  2019 An Ecological Momentary Assessment of Affect, Mental Health Symptoms, and Decisions to Drink Among First-Year College Women: A Pilot Study. EMA, NA
17  2019 Association of Positive Affect with Cognitive Health and Decline for Elder Mexican Americans. SALSA
18  2019 Borderline personality disorder traits and affect reactivity to positive affect induction followed by a stressor. BPD, NA
19  2019 Can't look Away: Attention control deficits predict Rumination, depression symptoms and depressive affect in daily Life. EMA, NA, sad faces
20  2019 Costs and benefits of acting extraverted: A randomized controlled trial. NA
21  2019 Diminished Anticipatory and Consummatory Pleasure in Dysphoria: Evidence From an Experience Sampling Study. ---
22  2019 Drinking Problems and Social Anxiety among Young Adults: The Roles of Drinking to Manage Negative and Positive Affect in Social Situations. NA
23  2019 Effectiveness of a Mental Health Service Navigation Website (Link) for Young Adults: Randomized Controlled Trial. BASH, GHSQ, NA
24  2019 Effects of a Game-Centered Health Promotion Program on Fall Risk, Health Knowledge, and Quality of Life in Community-Dwelling Older Adults. QOL
25  2019 Emotional Responses to Stressors in Everyday Life Predict Long-Term Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms. NA
26  2019 Evaluating "mentalizing positive affect" as an intervention for enhancing positive affectivity in borderline personality disorder using a single-case multiple-baseline design. BPD, MBT
27  2019 Evaluating the Indirect Effects of Trait Mindfulness Facets on State Tripartite Components Through State Rumination and State Experiential Avoidance. NA, PH
28  2019 Examining Positive and Negative Affect as Outcomes and Moderators of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder. ACT, CBT, NA, SAD, WL
29  2019 Happiness in dermatology: a holistic evaluation of the mental burden of skin diseases. HIV, SWL
30  2019 Implicit affectivity in clinically depressed patients during acute illness and recovery. NA
31  2019 Just how miserable is work? A meta-analysis comparing work and non-work affect. NA
32  2019 Longitudinal associations between positive affect and relationship quality among children and adolescents: Examining patterns of co-occurring change. ---
33  2019 Mechanisms linking mindfulness and early smoking abstinence: An ecological momentary assessment study. EMA, NA
34  2019 Momentary affect, stress coping, and food intake in mother-child dyads. NA
35  2019 Momentary working memory performance is coupled with different dimensions of affect for different children: A mixture model analysis of ambulatory assessment data. NA, WMP
36  2019 Patterns of Positivity: Positive Affect Trajectories Among Infants of Mothers with a History of Depression. ---
37  2019 Positive affect and functional somatic symptoms in young adults. ASR, FSS, NA, PCA, TRAILS
38  2019 Positive Affect and Health: What Do We Know and Where Next Should We Go? ---
39  2019 Positive Affect as a Buffer between Chronic Stress and Symptom Severity of Emotional Disorders. GAD, MDD, SAD
40  2019 Positive Affect Is Associated With Decreased Symptom Severity in the Daily Lives of Individuals With Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD, NA
41  2019 Positive and Negative Affect and Salivary Markers of Inflammation Among Young Adults. CRP, IL, NA
42  2019 Protective Buffering and Individual and Relational Adjustment Following Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Dyadic Daily-Diary Study. HSCT, NA
43  2019 Psychometric properties of the St. Elizabeth Youngstown hospital wellbeing inventory and non-burnout inventory for physicians and nurses. MBI, NA, PANAS, SEYH, WBI
44  2019 Randomized Trial of a Positive Psychology Intervention for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes. EDU, T1D
45  2019 Sharing Positive Experiences Boosts Resilient Thinking: Everyday Benefits of Social Connection and Positive Emotion in a Community Sample. PRV, RC
46  2019 Stressful work conditions, positive affect, and physical health of middle-aged couples: A dyadic analysis. SWCs
47  2019 Subjective effects from the first cigarette of the day vary with precigarette affect in premenopausal female daily smokers. BS, NA, WS, WS-PA
48  2019 The dynamical signature of anhedonia in major depressive disorder: positive emotion dynamics, reactivity, and recovery. MDD
49  2019 The Effect of Positive and Negative Affect on Early Treatment Milestones in the Context of Integrated Smoking Treatment. AS, CI, NA, OR
50  2019 The posited effect of positive affect in anorexia nervosa: Advocating for a forgotten piece of a puzzling disease. AN
51  2019 The role of state and trait positive affect and mindfulness in affective reactivity to pain in chronic migraine. NA, PI
52  2019 Toward an Understanding of Incongruent Affect in People With Schizophrenia. BMAC, NA
53  2019 Trait and state approach-motivated positive affects interactively influence stress cardiovascular recovery. AMPA
54  2019 Using a Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Promote Subjective Well-Being, Trait Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, and Resilience in Women With Fibromyalgia. ANCOVA, ANOVA, CG, FM, MANCOVA, MANOVA, MBI, PANAS, SWL, SWLS, TEI, TEIQue-SF
55  2019 Validity and reliability of a shorter version of the Geriatric Depression Scale in institutionalized older Portuguese adults. GAI, GDS, MINI, NA, SWLS
56  2018 A multi-method investigation of the association between emotional clarity and empathy. NA
57  2018 A Pilot Study of the Effects of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Positive Affect and Social Anxiety Symptoms. GAD, MBCT, NA, SAD
58  2018 Affect and between-meal snacking in daily life: the moderating role of gender and age. NA
59  2018 Affective experience across the adult lifespan: An accelerated longitudinal design. NA
60  2018 Affective reactivity to daily life stress: Relationship to positive psychotic and depressive symptoms in a general population sample. NA
61  2018 Affective well-being in the last years of life: The role of health decline. NA
62  2018 Aggression Profiles in the Spanish Child Population: Differences in Perfectionism, School Refusal and Affect. LCA, NA, SOP, SPP
63  2018 Alpha-amylase reactivity and recovery patterns in anhedonic young adults performing a tandem skydive. ---
64  2018 Associations between resting respiratory sinus arrhythmia, intraindividual reaction time variability, and trait positive affect. RSA, RT
65  2018 Associations of Positive Affect and Negative Affect With Allostatic Load: A Lifelines Cohort Study. AL, NA
66  2018 Benefit finding and diurnal cortisol after prostate cancer: The mediating role of positive affect. BF
67  2018 Differential responses of positive affect, negative affect, and worry in CBT for generalized anxiety disorder: A person-specific analysis of symptom course during therapy. CBT, GAD, NA
68  2018 Ecological momentary analysis of the relations among stressful events, affective reactivity, and smoking among smokers with high versus low depressive symptoms during a quit attempt. CES-D, EMA, HD, LD, NA, OR, SEs
69  2018 Effects of maternal depression in the Still-Face Paradigm: A meta-analysis. GA, NA, SFE, SFP
70  2018 Emotional reactivity to daily events in youth with anxiety disorders. NA
71  2018 Everyday Support to Aging Parents: Links to Middle-Aged Children's Diurnal Cortisol and Daily Mood. ADL, AUCg, NA
72  2018 Expressive suppression and emotional eating in older and younger adults: An exploratory study. NA
73  2018 Gender difference in affect of job applicants on completion of projective test battery for personality assessment in armed forces. NA
74  2018 Happiness as a Buffer of the Association Between Dependence and Acute Tobacco Abstinence Effects in African American Smokers. AA, SH
75  2018 Maternal Affective Expression and Adolescents' Subjective Experience of Positive Affect in Natural Settings. EMA, NA
76  2018 Mean level of positive affect moderates associations between volatility in positive affect, mental health, and alcohol consumption among mothers. EMA
77  2018 Modeling Nonstationary Emotion Dynamics in Dyads using a Time-Varying Vector-Autoregressive Model. TV-VAR
78  2018 Mothers' Ideal Positive Affect Predicts their Socialization of Children's Positive Affect. i.e., IPA, IPA
79  2018 Negative affect and intolerance of uncertainty as potential mediators of change in comorbid depression in transdiagnostic CBT for anxiety. IU, NA, TGCBT
80  2018 Negative Affect Is Associated With Higher Risk of Incident Cognitive Impairment in Nondepressed Postmenopausal Women. MCI, NA, PANAS, WHISCA
81  2018 Parent- and Observer-Rated Positive Affect in Early Childhood: Genetic Overlap and Environmental Specificity. ---
82  2018 Pathways to happiness are multidirectional: Associations between state mindfulness and everyday affective experience. ESM, NA
83  2018 Positive Affect as a Predictor of Smoking Cessation and Relapse: Does It Offer Unique Predictive Value among Depressive Symptom Domains? CES-D
84  2018 Positive and Negative Affect and Adolescent Adjustment: Moderation Effects of Prefrontal Functioning. ---
85  2018 Positive and negative affect as predictors of social functioning in Spanish children. CASAFS, NA, PANAS-C-SF
86  2018 Positive and negative affect mediate the bidirectional relationship between emotional processing and symptom severity and impact in irritable bowel syndrome. ---
87  2018 Positive and Negative Affect Schedule-Short Form: Factorial Invariance and Optimistic and Pessimistic Affective Profiles in Spanish Children. MCA, NA, PANAS-C-SF
88  2018 Positive factors, pain, and function in adults with multiple sclerosis. MS
89  2018 Social relationship quality buffers negative affective correlates of everyday solitude in an adult lifespan and an older adult sample. NA
90  2018 State and trait positive and negative affectivity in relation to restraint intention and binge eating among adults with obesity. EMA, GEEs, NA
91  2018 Subjective Age and Emotion Covariation: Findings from Two Daily Experience Studies. NA
92  2018 The effect of therapist use of validation strategies on change in client emotion in individual dbt treatment sessions. ANOVA, DBT, NA, VL
93  2018 The everyday dynamics of rumination and worry: precipitant events and affective consequences. GAD, MDD, NA
94  2018 The impact of neural responses to food cues following stress on trajectories of negative and positive affect and binge eating in daily life. BN, EMA, NA
95  2018 The many facets of mindfulness and the prediction of change following mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). MBSR, NA
96  2018 The predictive value of positive affect and Type D personality for adverse cardiovascular clinical outcomes in patients with non-obstructive coronary artery disease. ED, NOCAD
97  2018 The Reciprocity of Prosocial Behavior and Positive Affect in Daily Life. ---
98  2018 The relationship between positive affect and negative affect during treatment for major depressive disorder. MDD, NA
99  2018 Thought Control Ability Moderates the Effect of Mind Wandering on Positive Affect via the Frontoparietal Control Network. FPCN, HMW, LMW, NE, PE, rs-fMRI, SWKN, TCA
100  2018 When is affect variability bad for health? The association between affect variability and immune response to the influenza vaccination. Ab, NA