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Abbreviation : PBA
Long Form : Prussian blue analogue
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Making Prussian blue analogues nanoparticles luminescent: effect of the luminophore confinement over the properties. ---
2018 Core-Shell Heterostructured CuFe@FeFe Prussian Blue Analogue Coupling with Silver Nanoclusters via a One-Step Bioinspired Approach: Efficiently Nonlabeled Aptasensor for Detection of Bleomycin in Various Aqueous Environments. BLM, FeFe PB, LOD
2018 Evidence of the Core-Shell Structure of (Photo)magnetic CoFe Prussian Blue Analogue Nanoparticles and Peculiar Behavior of the Surface Species. ---
2018 Investigation of the Prussian Blue Analog Co3 [Co(CN)6 ]2 as an Anode Material for Nonaqueous Potassium-Ion Batteries. ---
2018 Metal-Organic Framework Hybrid-Assisted Formation of Co3 O4 /Co-Fe Oxide Double-Shelled Nanoboxes for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution. MOF
2018 Operando Spectroscopic Identification of Active Sites in NiFe Prussian Blue Analogues as Electrocatalysts: Activation of Oxygen Atoms for Oxygen Evolution Reaction. OER
2018 Strain engineering of photo-induced phase transformations in Prussian blue analogue heterostructures. ---
2017 Activation of Sodium Storage Sites in Prussian Blue Analogues via Surface Etching. ---
2017 Fabrication of Co@SiO2@C/Ni submicrorattles as highly efficient catalysts for 4-nitrophenol reduction. 4-NP, NPs
10  2017 Prussian Blue Analogue with Fast Kinetics Through Electronic Coupling for Sodium Ion Batteries. NiHCF, TCNQ
11  2017 Scale-Activity Relationship of MnOx-FeOy Nanocage Catalysts Derived from Prussian Blue Analogues for Low-Temperature NO Reduction: Experimental and DFT Studies. NH3
12  2017 Self-Templated Synthesis of Porous Ni(OH)2 Nanocube and Its High Electrochemical Performance for Supercapacitor. ---
13  2017 Spatially controlled positioning of coordination polymer nanoparticles onto heterogeneous nanostructured surfaces. ---
14  2016 A Prussian Blue/Zinc Secondary Battery with a Bio-Ionic Liquid-Water Mixture as Electrolyte. ---
15  2016 Compact film fabrication of porous coordination polymer Co3[Co(CN)6]2 and its reversible vapochromic behavior. ---
16  2016 Synthesis of Monocrystalline Nanoframes of Prussian Blue Analogues by Controlled Preferential Etching. ---
17  2015 Formation of nickel sulfide nanoframes from metal-organic frameworks with enhanced pseudocapacitive and electrocatalytic properties. MOFs
18  2015 MOF-derived self-assembled ZnO/Co3O4 nanocomposite clusters as high-performance anodes for lithium-ion batteries. LIBs
19  2015 Self-assembly mechanism of nanoparticles of Ni-based Prussian Blue analogues at the air/liquid interface: a synchrotron X-ray reflectivity study. ---
20  2015 Synthesis of FeCo nanocrystals encapsulated in nitrogen-doped graphene layers for use as highly efficient catalysts for reduction reactions. ---
21  2014 First principles calculation of a large variation in dielectric tensor through the spin crossover in the CsFe[Cr(CN)₆] Prussian blue analogue. phon, SCO
22  2014 Solid-state magnetic switching triggered by proton-coupled electron-transfer assisted by long-distance proton-alkali cation transport. ---
23  2014 Towards bottom-up nanopatterning of Prussian blue analogues. AFM, SEM, XPS
24  2013 Spin polarization in electrodeposited thin films of the molecule-based magnetic semiconductor Cr(5.5)(CN)(12)11.5H(2)O. MR
25  2013 ZnO/Co3O4 porous nanocomposites derived from MOFs: room-temperature ferromagnetism and high catalytic oxidation of CO. ---
26  2012 Elaboration of Prussian Blue Analogue/Silica Nanocomposites: Towards Tailor-Made Nano-Scale Electronic Devices. ---
27  2012 Fabrication based on the Kirkendall effect of Co3O4 porous nanocages with extraordinarily high capacity for lithium storage. ---
28  2012 Non-Prussian blue structures and magnetic ordering of Na2Mn(II)[Mn(II)(CN)6] and Na2Mn(II)[Mn(II)(CN)6]2H2O. ---
29  2012 Patterning of magnetic bimetallic coordination nanoparticles of Prussian blue derivatives by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique. AFM, BAM, DPPC
30  2012 Tailoring magnetic properties of electrodeposited thin films of the molecule-based magnet Cr5.5(CN)12 11.5H2O. ---
31  2011 Diffusion of water in molecular magnet Cu(0.75)Mn(0.75)[Fe(CN)6]7H2O. ---
32  2011 Magnetically separable Prussian blue analogue Mn₃[Co(CN)₆]₂nH₂O porous nanocubes as excellent absorbents for heavy metal ions. ---
33  2011 Prussian Blue Analogue Mn3[Co(CN)6]2nH2O porous nanocubes: large-scale synthesis and their CO2 storage properties. FESEM, PVP, TEM, XRD
34  2010 Engineering a lignocellulosic biosorbent--coir pith for removal of cesium from aqueous solutions: equilibrium and kinetic studies. CP, CP-NiHCF, Cs, NiHCF
35  2008 Microscopic understanding of negative magnetization in Cu, Mn, and Fe based Prussian blue analogues. RMC