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Abbreviation : PD
Long Form : potential difference
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Differential potential ratiometric sensing platform for enantiorecognition of chiral drugs. GCE, MIPs, rGO
2019 Herbal dry extract BNO 1011 improves clinical and mucociliary parameters in a rabbit model of chronic rhinosinusitis. ASL, CRS, HD, LD, MCC, SMD
2019 Modeling the Action Potential in Characeae Nitellopsis obtusa: Effect of Saline Stress. AP, APW
2019 Modulation of luminal L-alanine transport in proximal tubular cells of frog kidney induced by low micromolar Cd2+ concentration. ---
2019 The human duodenal mucosa harbors all components for a local renin angiotensin system. Ang II, GI, RAS
2018 Knowledge needed about the exchange physiology of the placenta. ---
2018 Surface pH changes suggest a role for H+/OH- channels in salinity response of Chara australis. AFW, FITC
2017 A multiple reader scoring system for Nasal Potential Difference parameters. NPD
2017 Na+/H+ exchanger 3 inhibitor diminishes the amino-acid-enhanced transepithelial calcium transport across the rat duodenum. NHE
10  2016 Evaluating the Functionality of Conjunctiva Using a Rabbit Dry Eye Model. AE, BE, DE, ENaC, OS
11  2016 Excised segments of rat small intestine in Ussing chamber studies: A comparison of native and stripped tissue viability and permeability to drugs. ---
12  2015 Guanylin activates Cl(-) secretion into the lumen of seawater eel intestine via apical Cl(-) channel under simulated in vivo conditions. CFTR, DPC, GN
13  2015 Salinity-induced noise in membrane potential of Characeae Chara australis: effect of exogenous melatonin. ROS
14  2013 Comprehensive study on regional human intestinal permeability and prediction of fraction absorbed of drugs using the Ussing chamber technique. SCC
15  2013 Expression and distribution of claudin subtypes in human corneal endothelium. RT-PCR, SCC, siRNA, TER
16  2013 Reduced sodium transport with nasal administration of the prostasin inhibitor camostat in subjects with cystic fibrosis. CF
17  2013 Transepithelial nasal potential difference (NPD) measurements in cystic fibrosis (CF). CF, CFTR, DeltaAmiloride, NPD
18  2012 Regional differences in rat conjunctival ion transport activities. CFTR, ENaC
19  2012 Zinc ions block H⁺/OH⁻ channels in Chara australis. ME
20  2012 [Effects of shugan jianpi recipe on the ion transport of diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome rat colon mucosa induced by 5-HT]. BC, IBS-D, SJR, TR
21  2011 Active site detection by spatial conformity and electrostatic analysis--unravelling a proteolytic function in shrimp alkaline phosphatase. AP, CLASP, CSA, SAP
22  2011 Cystic fibrosis and survival to 40 years: a study of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator function. CFTR
23  2011 Effects of ethanol and extract of cigarette smoke on the rabbit buccal mucosa. EOCS
24  2011 Glutamine supplementation improves intestinal barrier function in a weaned piglet model of Escherichia coli infection. Gln
25  2011 Salbutamol improves markers of epithelial function in mice with chronic allergic pulmonary inflammation. CBF
26  2010 Epithelial barrier resistance is increased by the divalent cation zinc in cultured MDCKII epithelial monolayers. ---
27  2010 Hymenolepis diminuta: Effect of infection on ion transport in colon and blood picture of rats. CAPSA, dpi, Hgb, MCV, MS, PLT, RBC, RDW
28  2010 In vitro transport and partitioning of AL-4940, active metabolite of angiostatic agent anecortave acetate, in ocular tissues of the posterior segment. RCS, RPE, TEER
29  2010 Measurement of airway ion transport assists the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. CF
30  2010 [Effect of osmolality on ion transport in Guinea pig airway epithelial cells]. DPC, DSCG, EIA, HSS, HSSs
31  2009 Airway delivery of low-dose miglustat normalizes nasal potential difference in F508del cystic fibrosis mice. CF, DIDS, NB-DGJ
32  2009 Angiotensin II receptors are expressed and functional in human esophageal mucosa. ACE, Ang II, RAS
33  2009 Critical pH level of lye (NaOH) for esophageal injury. ---
34  2009 Inhibitions of chloride transport and gap junction reduce fluid flow across the whole porcine ciliary epithelium. DIDS, DMA, FF
35  2009 Movement of heparins across rat gastric mucosa is dependent on molecular weight and pH. LMWHs
36  2009 The additive effect of ethanol and extract of cigarette smoke on rabbit esophagus epithelium. EOCS
37  2009 The role of H(+)/OH(-) channels in the salt stress response of Chara australis. ---
38  2009 [Effects of topical Dry Nose Spray on the transepithelial water loss and potential difference in human nasal mucosa]. TEWL
39  2008 Activation of the CFTR Cl- channel by trimethoxyflavone in vitro and in vivo. TMF
40  2008 Application of chronopotentiometry to determine the thickness of diffusion layer adjacent to an ion-exchange membrane under natural convection. DBL
41  2008 Effectiveness of PTC124 treatment of cystic fibrosis caused by nonsense mutations: a prospective phase II trial. CFTR, mRNA
42  2008 Effects of arginine vasotocin and vasopressin receptor antagonists on Na+ and Cl- transport in the isolated skin of two frog species, Hyla japonica and Rana nigromaculata. AVT
43  2008 Human parietal pleura present electrophysiology variations according to location in pleural cavity. ---
44  2008 In vitro diffusion barriers of the mouse jejunum in Ussing chambers. ---
45  2008 In vitro effects of hydrochloric and lactic acids on bioelectric properties of equine gastric squamous mucosa. LA, NG, NRS
46  2008 Luminal hydrochloric acid stimulates rapid transepithelial ion fluxes in rodent esophageal stratified squamous epithelium. CFTR, DIDS, EIPA, HCl
47  2008 Mechano-perception in Chara cells: the influence of salinity and calcium on touch-activated receptor potentials, action potentials and ion transport. AP, KOR
48  2008 Pharmacological analysis of components of the change in transmural potential difference evoked by distension of rat proximal small intestine in vivo. VPAC
49  2008 Transport systems of Ventricaria ventricosa: asymmetry of the hyper- and hypotonic regulation mechanisms. ---
50  2008 Validation of nasal potential difference measurements in gut-corrected CF knockout mice. CF, FABp
51  2008 Vocal folds detect ionic perturbations on the luminal surface: an in vitro investigation. ---
52  2007 An in vitro study with an ussing chamber showing that unfractionated heparin crosses rat gastric mucosa. anti-IIa, anti-Xa, UFH
53  2007 Electrical parameters and ion species for active transport in human esophageal stratified squamous epithelium and Barrett's specialized columnar epithelium. BSCE, ESSE
54  2007 Fluid transport across the isolated porcine ciliary epithelium. CE, FF
55  2007 Hypertonic saline alters electrical barrier of the airway epithelium. SCC
56  2007 Involvement of prostaglandin E receptor EP3 subtype and prostacyclin IP receptor in decreased acid response in damaged stomach. COX, PGE, TC
57  2007 pH stat studies on bicarbonate secretion in the isolated mouse ileum. NPPB
58  2007 Prophylactic effect of lafutidine against the adverse reaction induced in rat stomach by repeated administration of 5-fluorouracil. 5-FU, GMBF, TC
59  2007 Sodium arsenite affects Na+ transport in the isolated skin of the toad Pleurodema thaul. Isc, PKC
60  2006 Atrial natriuretic peptide and cGMP activate sodium transport through PKA-dependent pathway in the urinary bladder of the Japanese tree frog. ANP, CNG
61  2006 Axial flow modulates proximal tubule NHE3 and H-ATPase activities by changing microvillus bending moments. ---
62  2006 Chloride secretion by porcine ciliary epithelium: New insight into species similarities and differences in aqueous humor formation. AE, AHF, CBE, DIDS, NPE, NPPB, PE
63  2006 Effect of uroguanylin on potassium and bicarbonate transport in rat renal tubules. HMA, UGN
64  2006 Effects of cholera toxin on the potential difference and motor responses induced by distension in the rat proximal small intestine in vivo. CT, VIP
65  2006 Electrophysiology of turgor regulation in marine siphonous green algae. ---
66  2006 Exploring the mechanisms of macrolides in cystic fibrosis. CF, CFTR, FVC, MDR
67  2006 Gastroprotective effect of fructus evodiae water extract on ethanol-induced gastric lesions in rats. FE, NO
68  2006 In vitro effects of hydrochloric acid and various concentrations of acetic, propionic, butyric, or valeric acids on bioelectric properties of equine gastric squamous mucosa. HCl, NG, NRS, VFAs
69  2006 Lack of effect of beta-cyclodextrin and its water-soluble derivatives on in vitro drug transport across rat intestinal epithelium. beta-CD, HP-beta-CD, SBE-beta-CD
70  2006 Less irritative action of wine and Japanese sake in rat stomachs: a comparative study with ethanol. ---
71  2006 Oral but not parenteral aspirin upregulates COX-2 expression in rat stomachs. a relationship between COX-2 expression and PG deficiency. ---
72  2006 Potential difference measurements of ocular surface Na+ absorption analyzed using an electrokinetic model. CF, ENaC
73  2006 Stress-induced breakdown of intestinal barrier function in the rat: reversal by wood creosote. HRP, sc, sc, WAS
74  2006 Successful protocol of anaesthesia for measuring transepithelial nasal potential difference in spontaneously breathing mice. ---
75  2006 The antiepileptic drug carbamazepine affects sodium transport in toad epithelium. CBZ, Isc
76  2006 The characteristics of Ca -activated Cl- channels of the salt-tolerant charophyte Lamprothamnium. AP, Cl, Cl, GHK, TEA
77  2006 Use of simulated intestinal fluids with Caco-2 cells and rat ileum. FaSSIF, FeSSIF, SIF
78  2006 Voltage dependence of transepithelial guanidine permeation across Caco-2 epithelia allows determination of the paracellular flux component. ---
79  2006 [Protective effects of Evodia rutaecarpa water extract on ethanol-induced rat gastric lesions]. ---
80  2006 [The in vitro electrical parameters of the isolated porcine ciliary epithelium]. AHF, SCC
81  2005 A study of the perturbation effects of the local anesthetic procaine on human erythrocyte and model membranes and of modifications of the sodium transport in toad skin. DMPC, DMPE, IUM
82  2005 Assessing the cellular transmembrane electrical potential difference on the hepatic uptake of palmitate. IPL, MID
83  2005 Cysteinyl leukotrienes are secretagogues in atrophic coeliac and in normal duodenal mucosa of children. LTs
84  2005 Effect of amiloride and bumetanide on transepithelial ion transport in isolated rabbit cecal and colonic wall. DMSO, dPD
85  2005 Effect of emodin on small intestinal peristalsis of mice and relevant mechanism. ---
86  2005 Effects of amiloride and bumetanide on hyperpolarization after movement across the distal colon epithelium. ---
87  2005 Effects of luminal deoxynivalenol and L-proline on electrophysiological parameters in the jejunums of laying hens. DON, Rt
88  2005 Electrical potential difference between mother and conceptus in the mouse. ---
89  2005 Epithelial barrier integrity and intraluminal nitric oxide production in response to acid perfusion of the ferret oesophagus. NO
90  2005 Irritative action of alcoholic beverages in rat stomachs: a comparative study with ethanol. ---
91  2005 Luffa operculata affects mucociliary function of the isolated frog palate. DFI
92  2005 Segmental difference of mucosal damage along the length of a mouse small intestine in an Ussing chamber. ---
93  2005 The effect of varying tonicity on nasal epithelial ion transport in cystic fibrosis. CF, CFTR
94  2005 The influence of ambroxol and capsaicin on the isolated rabbit bladder wall. ABX, CAPSA
95  2004 CFTR involvement in nasal potential differences in mice and pigs studied using a thiazolidinone CFTR inhibitor. CF, inh
96  2004 Clinical manifestations of cystic fibrosis among patients with diagnosis in adulthood. CF, PS
97  2004 Defective respiratory amiloride-sensitive sodium transport predisposes to pulmonary oedema and delays its resolution in mice. AFC, CMV
98  2004 Effect of the phase volume ratio on the potential of a liquid-membrane ion-selective electrode. ISE
99  2004 Effects of acute hypovolaemia by furosemide on tracheal transepithelial potential difference and mucus in dogs. ---
100  2004 Effects of deoxynivalenol on general performance and electrophysiological properties of intestinal mucosa of broiler chickens. ---