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Abbreviation : PEC
Long Form : pectin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 3D-Printed Pectin/Carboxymethyl Cellulose/ZnO Bio-Inks: Comparative Analysis with the Solution Casting Method. CMC, FESEM, NDFB, ZnO
2022 Biological investigation of a novel nanocomposite based on functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets with pectin, silk fibroin and zinc chromite nanoparticles. EDS, FESEM, FTIR, GO, NPs, SF, TGA, XRD
2022 Pectin Based Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Applications: A Mini Review. ---
2022 Pectin supplementation ameliorates intestinal epithelial barrier function damage by modulating intestinal microbiota in lipopolysaccharide-challenged piglets. LPS, SCFAs
2022 Preparation of shell-core fiber-encapsulated Lactobacillus rhamnosus 1.0320 using coaxial electrospinning. ATR-FTIR, ES100, PVA, TGA, XRD
2021 Effects of Pectin on the Physicochemical Properties and Freeze-Thaw Stability of Waxy Rice Starch. WRS
2021 Microencapsulation of Brazilian Cherokee blackberry extract by freeze-drying using maltodextrin, gum Arabic, and pectin as carrier materials : Encapsulation of Cherokee blackberry extract using different kinds of carrier materials. aw, GA, MD, RE
2021 Preliminary Evaluation of 3D Printed Chitosan/Pectin Constructs for Biomedical Applications. CS
2021 Study on the emulsification and oxidative stability of ovalbumin-pectin-pumpkin seed oil emulsions using ovalbumin solution prepared by ultrasound. OVA, PSO, su
10  2020 A novel natural GRAS-grade enteric coating for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. ALG, GMS
11  2020 Exploration of natural polymers for use as green corrosion inhibitors for AZ31 magnesium alloy in saline environment. ALG, CHI, CMC, DEX, GA, HEC
12  2020 Freeze-Dried Matrices for Buccal Administration of Propranolol in Children: Physico-Chemical and Functional Characterization. CH, CH/HPMC, Gel, GT, HA, HPMC
13  2020 Functional Analysis of Sugars in Modulating Bacterial Communities and Metabolomics Profiles of Medicago sativa Silage. Fru, STA
14  2020 Hydrocolloid-Based Coatings with Nanoparticles and Transglutaminase Crosslinker as Innovative Strategy to Produce Healthier Fried Kobbah. ACR, CH-NPs, GPF, MSN, NPs, TGase
15  2020 Improvement of Postharvest Quality of Plum (Prunus domestica L.) Using Polysaccharide-Based Edible Coatings. CMC, DPPH, PG, POD, PPO, TA, TSS, Vit C
16  2020 Modulation of Pectin on Mucosal Innate Immune Function in Pigs Mediated by Gut Microbiota. SCFAs
17  2020 Pectin Degradation is an Important Determinant for Alfalfa Silage Fermentation through the Rescheduling of the Bacterial Community. CE, GA, LP, PA, PEE
18  2020 Regression-Derived Ileal Endogenous Amino Acid Losses in Broiler Chickens and Cannulated Pigs Fed Corn Fiber, Wheat Bran, and Pectin. CF, EAA
19  2020 Synthesis and characterization of pectin-chitosan conjugate for biomedical application. CS, PEC-CS
20  2019 Development of a Mucoadhesive in Situ Gelling Formulation for the Delivery of Lactobacillus gasseri into Vaginal Cavity. MC, SVF, Xyl
21  2019 Magnetite nanoparticle embedded Pectin-graft-poly(N-hydroxyethylacrylamide) hydrogel: Evaluation as adsorbent for dyes and heavy metal ions from waste water. HEAA, Pec-g-PHEAA, R6G
22  2019 Water-soluble myofibrillar protein-pectin complex for enhanced physical stability near the isoelectric point: Fabrication, rheology and thermal property. WSMP
23  2018 Application of Silver Nanostructures Synthesized by Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Inactivation of Bacterial Phytopathogens from the Genera Dickeya and Pectobacterium. SDS
24  2018 Construction, stability, and enhanced antioxidant activity of pectin-decorated selenium nanoparticles. SeNPs
25  2018 Effect of cellobiose supplementation and dietary soluble fibre content on in vitro caecal fermentation of carbohydrate-rich substrates in rabbits. CEL, HSF, LSF, SBP, VFA
26  2018 Effect of xanthan gum or pectin addition on Sacha Inchi oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by ovalbumin or tween 80: Droplet size distribution, rheological behavior and stability. OVA, SIO, TW80, XG
27  2018 Fabrication of functionalized citrus pectin/silk fibroin scaffolds for skin tissue engineering. FTIR, SF
28  2018 Microencapsulation of Carvacrol Using Pectin/Aloe-gel as a Novel Wound Dressing Films. AG, CAR, WVP
29  2018 Pectin-conjugated magnetic graphene oxide nanohybrid as a novel drug carrier for paclitaxel delivery. FTIR, GO, TEM, XRD
30  2017 Microencapsulation of sacha inchi oil using emulsion-based delivery systems. FTIR, HGS, OVA, SEM, SIO, TAG, TGA, XG, XRD
31  2017 Stability of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG incorporated in edible films: Impact of anionic biopolymers and whey protein concentrate. Gel
32  2017 Ultrasound impact on whey protein concentrate-pectin complexes and in the O/W emulsions with low oil soybean content stabilization. ---
33  2016 Application of DoE approach in the development of mini-capsules, based on biopolymers and manuka honey polar fraction, as powder formulation for the treatment of skin ulcers. CS, Fr1, HA, MGO, MH, PBS
34  2016 Design, modification and in vitro evaluation of pectin's bucco-adhesiveness. CYS, PECCYS
35  2016 Engineered porous scaffolds for periprosthetic infection prevention. beta-TCP, CHIT, HA, VCA
36  2016 Influence of Pectin as a green polymer electrolyte on the transport properties of Chitosan-Pectin membranes. CH
37  2016 Newly Developed Topical Cefotaxime Sodium Hydrogels: Antibacterial Activity and In Vivo Evaluation. CTX, E. coli, GG, HPMC 4000, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, XG
38  2016 Particulate systems based on pectin/chitosan association for the delivery of manuka honey components and platelet lysate in chronic skin ulcers. CS, MH, PL
39  2015 Antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties of polysaccharides from Allanblackia floribunda Oliv stem bark and Chromolaena odorata (L.) King and H.E. Robins leaves. ABTS, DPPH, ELISPOT, HEM, PBMCs, PoS
40  2015 Osteoinductive activity of insulin-functionalized cell culture surfaces obtained using diazonium chemistry. ALP, DR, hMSCs, LbL, rhBMP-2
41  2015 Studies on methylcellulose/pectin/montmorillonite nanocomposite films and their application possibilities. MC, MMT, MP10
42  2015 Thermal-Responsive Behavior of a Cell Compatible Chitosan/Pectin Hydrogel. CS
43  2014 Effects of exposure to dietary chromium on tissue mineral contents in rats fed diets with fiber. CEL, FF
44  2014 Formulation of indomethacin colon targeted delivery systems using polysaccharides as carriers by applying liquisolid technique. CH, CSDD, E-RL 100, GG, IDM, LS
45  2014 In vitro fermentation characteristics of novel fibers, coconut endosperm fiber and chicory pulp, using canine fecal inoculum. BP, CEF, CHP, PC
46  2014 Synthesis and characterization of pectin derivative with antitumor property against Caco-2 colon cancer cells. ---
47  2014 Water dispersible Ag@polyaniline-pectin as supercapacitor electrode for physiological environment. IEMDs, PANI-PEC
48  2013 Development and in vitro evaluation of a buccal drug delivery system based on preactivated thiolated pectin. ---
49  2013 Exploration of the biomacromolecular interactions of an interpenetrating proteo-saccharide hydrogel network at the mucosal interface. ATR-FTIR, eta, MMER, MUC
50  2013 Preactivated thiomers: evaluation of gastroretentive minitablets. Cys, MNA
51  2013 Synthesis and in vitro characterization of entirely S-protected thiolated pectin for drug delivery. ---
52  2012 Effects of dietary fibers with different physicochemical properties on feeding motivation in adult female pigs. LC, RS
53  2011 Effect of cellulose, pectin and chromium(III) on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in rats. CEL, FF, NEFA, TG
54  2011 Pectin and high-amylose maize starch increase caecal hydrogen production and relieve hepatic ischaemia-reperfusion injury in rats. HAS, IR, RS
55  2009 Synthesis and water absorption transport mechanism of a pH-sensitive polymer network structured on vinyl-functionalized pectin. DMAc, GMA
56  2007 The effect of rabbit age on in vitro caecal fermentation of starch, pectin, xylan, cellulose, compound feed and its fibre. ADF, CEL, DM, NDF, NDFFEED, STA, TMFR, XYL
57  2003 Apple pectin and a polyphenol-rich apple concentrate are more effective together than separately on cecal fermentations and plasma lipids in rats. PL
58  2002 Combinations of indigestible carbohydrates affect short-chain fatty acid formation in the hindgut of rats. DF, GG, HAS, RS, SCFA
59  2002 Differences in yields of microbial crude protein from in vitro fermentation of carbohydrates. CP, iNDF, NFC, STA, Suc, TCA
60  2001 Dietary carbohydrates affect caecal fermentation and modify nitrogen excretion patterns in rats. II. Studies with diets differing in protein quality. CEL, PS
61  2000 Chitosan-based coagulating agents for treatment of cheddar cheese whey. ALG, CAR, Chi-Pol, MR
62  2000 Dietary carbohydrates affect caecal fermentation and modify nitrogen excretion patterns in rats. I. Studies with protein-free diets. CEL, CS, PF, PS, SCFA
63  1996 [The effect of a protein concentrate from milk whey and its fractions on the macromolecular permeability of the intestinal barrier in rats with experimental food anaphylaxis]. HM, LM, MP, PEG 4000, SA
64  1995 The influence of the period of adaptation on the digestibility of diets containing different types of indigestible polysaccharides in rats. CEL, GG, RS