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Abbreviation : PER
Long Form : peak ejection rate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 A correlative study of myocardial infarction scar characteristics by DE-MR and the Lown's classification of ventricular premature beats. CMR, DE-MRI, LVEF, LVESV, MI, PFR, VPBs
2017 Prognostic value of right ventricular ejection/filling parameters in IPAH using cardiac magnetic resonance: A prospective pilot study. CMR, HR, IPAH, NT-proBNP, RHC, RV
2017 Volume-time curve of cardiac magnetic resonance assessed left ventricular dysfunction in coronary artery disease patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. CAD, CMR, EDD and ESD, EF, OR, PER/EDV, PET, PFR, PFR/EDV, PFT, SV
2016 Myocardial T1 rho mapping of patients with end-stage renal disease and its comparison with T1 mapping and T2 mapping: A feasibility and reproducibility study. ESRD, PFR, SAPT, TTPF
2014 Clinical usefulness of a novel program "Heart Function View" for evaluating cardiac function from gated myocardial perfusion SPECT. BNPs, EDV, EF, ESV, HFV, LV, MPS, PFR, SD, UCG
2014 Relation of late gadolinium enhancement in cardiac magnetic resonance on the diastolic volume recovery of left ventricle with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. DVR, EDVI, EF, ESV, ESVI, HCM, LGE, PFR
2013 High-resolution cine MRI with TGRAPPA for fast assessment of left ventricular function at 3 Tesla. MM, PFR, STD
2013 Planar radionuclide angiography with a dedicated cardiac SPECT camera. EF, LV, PFR
2013 [Assessment of left ventricle volume filling curve with magnetic resonance imaging: a preliminary study]. CO, EF, PFR, SV
10  2012 Anteroapical aneurysm plication improves mechanical intraventricular dyssynchrony in patients with anterior myocardial infarction. EF, LV, PFR, SDI
11  2012 The agreement of left ventricular function parameters between (99m)Tc-tetrofosmin gated myocardial SPECT and gated myocardial MRI. CMR, EDV, ESV, LVEF, MPS, PFR, TTPF
12  2011 Aging change of left ventricular function in children evaluated by acoustic quantification method. AFF, AQ, EDA, ESA, FAC, PH-6500, PRFR
13  2011 Baseline diastolic dysfunction as a predictive factor of trastuzumab-mediated cardiotoxicity after adjuvant anthracycline therapy in breast cancer. LVEF, PFR, TMC, TPFR
14  2011 Dual-source CT assessment of ventricular function in healthy and infarcted myocardium: an animal study. DSCT, EF, MI, MR, PFR, RV
15  2010 Does left ventricular diastolic function deteriorate earlier than left ventricular systolic function in anthracycline cardiotoxicity? ANOVA, ERNA, LVDF, LVEF, LVSF, PFR, TPER, TPFR
16  2010 Relationship between exercise capacity and cardiac diastolic function assessed by time-volume curve from 16-frame gated myocardial perfusion SPECT. EF, LV, PFR, TPE
17  2009 A dual propagation contours technique for semi-automated assessment of systolic and diastolic cardiac function by CMR. CMR, VTC
18  2009 Development of a new semi-quantitative non-invasive method for evaluating ventricular stroke work. EF, PFR, RSW, SV, SW
19  2009 Quantitative assessment of regional systolic and diastolic functions and temporal heterogeneity of myocardial contraction in patients with myocardial infarction using cine magnetic resonance imaging and Fourier fitting. EDV, EF, LGE, LV, MI, MR, MRI, PFR, TPF, TVC
20  2008 [Effect of urapidil on heart function and ventricular systolic synchrony in acute myocardial infarction patients with no-reflow phenomenon after percutaneous coronary intervention]. AMI, ERNA, FWHM, LVEDP, LVEDVI, LVEF, LVESVI, LVG, MBG, PCI, PFR, PS, PSD, WMS
21  2007 Assessment of global left and right ventricular function using dual-source computed tomography (DSCT) in comparison to MRI: an experimental study in a porcine model. DSCT, EDV, EF, MM, MRI, PFR, RV, SV, TPE, TPF
22  2007 Gated SPECT findings revealing diastolic dysfunction in acute hypothyroidism. EDV, EF, ESV, LV, PFR, QGS, TTPF
23  2007 Preliminary clinical study of real-time three-dimensional echocardiographic volume-time curve in evaluating left ventricular diastolic function. EDV, ESV, IVS, LV, LVEF, PFR
24  2006 Quantification of left ventricular regional functions using ECG-gated myocardial perfusion SPECT--validation of left ventricular systolic functions--. 2DE, 2DEG, EF, ERG, ERNA, LV, MPS, NPV, PPV
25  2005 Acute myocardial infarction: assessment of left ventricular function with 16-detector row spiral CT versus MR imaging--study in pigs. CT, LV, MR, PFR
26  2005 Combined systolic and diastolic dysfunction in the presence of preserved left ventricular ejection fraction. LVEF, PFR
27  2005 Long-term effects of antilipidaemic therapy on left ventricular function in patients with dyslipidaemia: multigated radionuclide ventriculography study. LVS, PFR, RNV, TPFR
28  2005 Relationship between asynchronous myocardial contraction and left ventricular systolic and diastolic function--assessment using the ECG-gated polar map with 99mTc-methoxy-isobutyl isonitrile. EF, LV, PFR, SDP, SPECT
29  2005 Sixteen-slice spiral CT versus MR imaging for the assessment of left ventricular function in acute myocardial infarction. CT, EDV, LV, MRI, MSCT, PFR, TPER
30  2004 Effects of antiarrhythmic agents on left ventricular function during exercise in patients with chronic left ventricular dysfunction. LV, LVEF
31  2004 Identification of exercise-induced left ventricular systolic and diastolic dysfunction using gated SPECT in patients with coronary artery disease. AP, EF, MI, PFR, QGS
32  2003 Analysis of global systolic and diastolic left ventricular performance using volume-time curves by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography. LV, MRI, PFR, RT3DE, VTC
33  2003 Differential systolic and diastolic effects of beta-adrenergic stimulation in patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction: a radionuclide ventriculographic study. EF, LV, PFR
34  2001 Assessment of left ventricular diastolic function from quantitative electrocardiographic-gated 99mTc-tetrofosmin myocardial SPET. EF, LV, PFR, QGS, RNV, TPER
35  2001 New method of on-line quantification of regional wall motion with automated segmental motion analysis. A-SMA, DCM, FAC, LV, MI
36  2000 Does the age of onset of growth hormone deficiency affect cardiac performance? A radionuclide angiography study. DBP, EF, GHD, LV, PFR
37  2000 [Study on left ventricular function of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases in stable phase by using nuclear techniques]. LVEF, PFR, TES
38  1998 Comparison of epirubicin and doxorubicin cardiotoxicity induced by low doses: evolution of the diastolic and systolic parameters studied by radionuclide angiography. DXR, EF, EPI, LV, PFR
39  1998 Hemodynamics after aortic valve replacement with St. Jude Medical valve for patients with small aortic annulus and severe left ventricular hypertrophy. AVR, LV, PAPs, PFR, RI, TPR
40  1997 Left ventricular function in insulin-dependent and in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients: radionuclide assessment. DD, PFR
41  1997 [Echocardiography values in the halothane uptake phase--measurement by acoustic quantification and manual evaluation]. EDA, ESA, FAC, LVEWS, PFR, TEE
42  1996 Diastolic or systolic left and right ventricular impairment at moderate doses of anthracycline? A 1-year follow-up study of women. EF, LV, PFR, RV, TPER
43  1996 Effect of mibefradil on left ventricular diastolic function in patients with congestive heart failure. EF, HR, NYHA, PFR
44  1996 [Effect of infusion of hyperosmolar mannitol on left ventricular function in essential hypertension]. EDV, EH, GEF, PFR, SEF
45  1995 Beat-to-beat analysis of left ventricular pressure-volume relation and stroke volume by conductance catheter and aortic Modelflow in cardiomyoplasty patients. LD, LVEDP, SV
46  1995 Evaluation of left ventricular function in Kawasaki disease using equilibrium multigated blood pooling ventriculography. EF, EMBPV, ET, FFF, PFR, TPFR
47  1995 Impaired left ventricular diastolic filling in patients with acromegaly: assessment with radionuclide angiography. EDV, PFR, SV
48  1994 Left ventricular function in end stage renal disease--non-invasive assessment in patients on maintenance hemodialysis. ARD, EDV, EF, ESV, LAD, LVIDd, LVPWs, PFR
49  1994 [Echocardiography online quantification of left and right ventricular function by automatic boundary detection: reference values and reproducibility in healthy probands]. ABD, EDA, FAC, RV
50  1993 Delayed effect of streptokinase on left ventricular function after acute myocardial infarction assessed by equilibrium gated radionuclide angiocardiography. AMI, EGRA, LVEF, PFR, RWM, SK
51  1993 Short-term effects of somatostatin analogue (SMS 201-995) on left ventricular function in healthy persons: a scintigraphic study. EF, PFR, TES
52  1993 Time-course of left atrial performance during coronary artery occlusion followed by reperfusion in anesthetized dogs by densitometric analysis of digital atrioventriculographic images. LA, LCX, LV, LVEF, PFR, VC
53  1993 [Effect of hemodialysis on left ventricular function in patients with chronic renal failure assessment with radionuclide ventriculography]. CRF, EF, HD, LV, PFR, TES, TPFR
54  1993 [Left ventricular hemodynamics in patients with sick sinus syndrome: analysis by 99mTc-RBC cardiac pool scintigraphy with forward and backward multiple gated method (FBMG)]. FBMG, FBMG, LV, PFR
55  1992 Early abnormalities of left ventricular function in essential hypertension induced by exercise. EF, LVM, PFR, SBP
56  1992 Effect of propranolol and disopyramide on left ventricular function at rest and during exercise in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. EDV, PFR, TPFR
57  1992 Evaluation of ventricular diastolic function in normal children using equilibrium radionuclide angiography. EF, PFR, TPER, TPFR
58  1992 Left ventricular diastolic and systolic function in normotensive obese subjects: influence of degree and duration of obesity. BMI, EDV, EF, LV, PFR, TPER
59  1992 [Postoperative evaluation of left ventricular peak filling rate and peak ejection rate by radionuclide ventriculography for aortic regurgitation]. LV, LVDs, PFR
60  1991 Evaluation of functional parameters and left ventricular size by radionuclide ventriculography (RNV) in myocardial infarction patients. LVEF, PFR, RNV
61  1991 Evaluation of left ventricular diastolic function at rest and during exercise by gated radionuclide angiocardiography in coronary artery disease patients. CAD, EF, LV, PFR
62  1991 Normalized left ventricular filling indexes to detect diastolic dysfunction in hypertension and in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. PFR, PFR/PER, TPFR
63  1991 [Abnormal left ventricular function in diabetic patients, with special reference to abnormal diastolic function. Preclinical findings through diabetic cardiomyopathy]. DM, DRR, DRRe, EF, PFR, RLVG
64  1990 Analysis of left ventricular function by radionuclide ventriculogram in hypertensive patients treated with atenolol. DBP, EF, HR, PFR, SBP
65  1990 Comparison of the acute effects of captopril and of nifedipine on left ventricular diastolic function in elderly hypertensive patients. BP, EF, LV, PFR, TPFR
66  1990 Effects of dialysis on left ventricular diastolic filling in patients with chronic renal failure--assessment with radionuclide ventriculography. LV, PFR
67  1990 Pulmonary thallium uptake: correlation with systolic and diastolic left ventricular function at rest and during exercise. CAD, EF, ERNA, PFR, PM, TPFR
68  1990 [Left ventricular diastolic filling in elder patients with systemic hypertension]. HT, LV, LVEF, PFR
69  1989 Left ventricular diastolic filling improvement obtained by intravenous verapamil in mild to moderate essential hypertension: a complex effect. IRTI, LV, PFR
70  1989 Radionuclide detection of abnormal ventricular filling patterns in rejecting human allografts. CO, HR, LEDV, LEF, PFR, REF, RNV, TPFR
71  1989 Ventricular systolic and diastolic rate indices in patients with either normal or low resting left ventricular ejection fraction. IHD, MFR, PFR
72  1989 [Diastolic ventricular function in hypertrophic, obstructive and non-obstructive cardiomyopathy--effect of gallopamil]. PFR
73  1989 [Functional scintigraphy of radioactive cardiac blood pool: amplitude and phase analysis and conventional parameters of left-ventricular wall motion at rest]. ED, ES, MER, PFR, SDU
74  1988 Non-invasive measurement of pulmonary arterial pressure: II. A radionuclide method. EDC, MPA, Pd, PP
75  1988 Response of left and right ventricle rate indices to exercise in normal volunteers. EF, EP, EX, FP, LV, PFR, Re, RV, TPER, TPFR, TPFR-TPER
76  1988 [Left ventricular volume curve analysis using gated blood pool emission computed tomography]. DCM, EDV, EF, ESV, HCM, MI, PFR
77  1987 [Left ventricular function at rest and during exercise and the effects of propranolol in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy]. CO, EDV, EF, ESV, ET, HCM, LV, PFR, SV, TPF
78  1987 [Videodensitometric assessment of right and left ventricular functions by digital subtraction angiography]. EF, RVEF
79  1986 Correlation of functional parameters derived by equilibrium radionuclide angiocardiography and left ventricular size in patients with old myocardial infarction. LV, LVEF, MI, PFR
80  1986 The accuracy of functional parameters extracted from ventricular time-activity curves by Fourier curve fitting: a simulation study. ERNV, PFR, TACs
81  1986 The use of digitalis in patients with chronic respiratory failure. COPD, CRF, LVEF, PFR, RVEF
82  1986 [Asynchronous wall motion in patients with ischemic heart disease assessed by higher-order harmonics of the Fourier series]. IHD, LV, PFR, TES, TPE
83  1986 [Diabetic cardiomyopathy in mild diabetics: evaluation by thallium-201 scintigraphy and exercise radionuclide ventriculography]. EF, ET, FF, PFR, TPE, TPF
84  1985 Computerized analysis of equilibrium radionuclide ventriculography time-activity curve in the assessment of left ventricular performance: comparison of two methods. CAD, MI, PFR, TAC
85  1985 Ejection fraction and heart rate correlate with diastolic peak filling rate at rest and during exercise. DBP, HR, PFR, SBP, TPER
86  1985 Left ventricular diastolic filling in patients with left ventricular dysfunction. PCP, PFR
87  1985 Pattern of left ventricular diastolic filling in chronic aortic regurgitation: a gated blood pool assessment. AR, MFR, PFR
88  1985 Radionuclide assessment of right-ventricular involvement in inferior acute myocardial infarction: clinical correlations and in-hospital follow-up. AMI, CHF, EF, EGRA, FP, LV, PFR, RV, RWM, TAC
89  1984 Clinical value of phase and amplitude images and left ventricle time-activity curves in assessing patients with acute myocardial infarction. AMI, EGRV, FP, LVEF, LVTAC, PFR
90  1983 Radionuclide analysis of ejection time, peak ejection rate, and time to peak ejection rate: response to supine bicycle exercise in normal subjects and in patients with coronary heart disease. ET, TTp
91  1979 Left-ventricular peak ejection rate, filling rate, and ejection fraction--frame rate requirements at rest and exercise: concise communication. EF, LV, PFR