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Abbreviation : PET
Long Form : polyethylene terephthalate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 "Self-Matched" Tribo/Piezoelectric Nanogenerators Using Vapor-Induced Phase-Separated Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Recombinant Spider Silk. PVDF
2020 "Swiss roll"-like bioactive hybrid scaffolds for promoting bone tissue ingrowth and tendon-bone healing after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACL, BMP-7, LbL, PCL
2020 A case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a worker exposed to terephthalic acid in the production of polyethylene terephthalate. HP, OHP
2020 Abundance, distribution patterns, and identification of microplastics in Brisbane River sediments, Australia. PA, PE, PP
2020 Ag nanosheets grown on Cu nanowire-based flexible films for sensitive non-enzymatic glucose sensors. Ag NS, CuNW
2020 Agar plate-based screening methods for the identification of polyester hydrolysis by Pseudomonas species. PLD
2020 Assessment of microplastics in freshwater systems: A review. PE, PP, PS
2020 Barriers and Enabling Factors Associated with the Implementation of Household Solar Water Disinfection: A Qualitative Study in Northwest Ethiopia. SODIS
2020 Biowaste-Derived, Self-Organized Arrays of High-Performance 2D Carbon Emitters for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. CDs, ITO, OLEDs, QY
10  2020 Bisphenol analogues in Chinese bottled water: Quantification and potential risk analysis. BPA, BPAF, BPAP, BPB, BPC, BPE, BPF, BPP, BPS, BPZ, EEQ, PC
11  2020 Chemical composition and ecotoxicity of plastic and car tire rubber leachates to aquatic organisms. CTR, CTR, PP, PS, PVC
12  2020 Co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic waste over zeolite- and sodium-based catalysts for enhanced yields of hydrocarbon products. BTXE
13  2020 Co2+ anchored on surface-functionalized PET non-woven fabric and used as high efficiency monoatom-like catalyst for activating Oxone in water. ---
14  2020 Control of thermal deformation with photonic sintering of ultrathin nanowire transparent electrodes. IPL, NW, OLEDs
15  2020 Correction to: Using a marine microalga as a chassis for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) degradation. ---
16  2020 Degradability and biofouling of oxo-biodegradable polyethylene in the planktonic and benthic zones of the Arabian Gulf. FTIR, OXO-PE, SEM
17  2020 Development of Small-diameter Polyester Vascular Grafts Coated with Silk Fibroin Sponge. SF
18  2020 Development of sorbent materials based on polymer waste and their compounds with nanomaterials for oil spill remediation. MWCNTs, PU
19  2020 Effects of chemical pretreatments on microplastic extraction in sewage sludge and their physicochemical characteristics. HCl, MPs, PA, PMMA, PP, SCOD
20  2020 Effects of Denture Cleansing Solutions on Different Materials Used for Fabrication of Polymer Attachment Components. PTFE
21  2020 Efficient biodegradation of highly crystallized polyethylene terephthalate through cell surface display of bacterial PETase. ---
22  2020 Electrical Sensing of Phosphonates by Functional Coupling of Phosphonate Binding Protein PhnD to Solid-State Nanopores. 2AEP, EP, SBPs
23  2020 Enhanced Electrical Properties of Platinum Spotted AZO/PET Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Process. AZO, FOM, Pt, TCO
24  2020 Enzymatic Degradation of p-Nitrophenyl Esters, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Cutin, and Suberin by Sub1, a Suberinase Encoded by the Plant Pathogen Streptomyces scabies. TA
25  2020 Exploring the potential of polyethylene terephthalate in the design of antibacterial surfaces. ---
26  2020 Ferromagnetic-like behavior of Co doped TiO2 flexible thin films fabricated via co-sputtering for spintronic applications. ITO
27  2020 First record of 'plasticrusts' and 'pyroplastic' from the Mediterranean Sea. FTIR, PE
28  2020 Flexible High-Efficiency CZTSSe Solar Cells on Diverse Flexible Substrates via an Adhesive-Bonding Transfer Method. ---
29  2020 Flotation separation of polyethylene terephthalate from waste packaging plastics through ethylene glycol pretreatment assisted by sonication. ABS, FTIR, PC, PVC, XPS
30  2020 Forensic Fiber Analysis by Thermal Desorption/Pyrolysis-Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry. CT, PAN, PBT, PCA, PP, PPMC, PTT
31  2020 Functionalization of polyethylene terephthalate knitted fabric with cowpea protein and biopolymer complex: Applications for enhancing wettability and UV-Protection properties. CP, GAE, UV
32  2020 Highly Flexible, Efficient, and Sandwich-Structured Infrared Radiation Heating Fabric. IRHF
33  2020 Highly Transparent, Highly Thermally Stable Nanocellulose/Polymer Hybrid Substrates for Flexible OLED Devices. CNFs, OLED, PAR
34  2020 Identification and quantification of selected plastics in biosolids by pressurized liquid extraction combined with double-shot pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. dw, PC, PE, PLE, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC
35  2020 Identification of microplastics in wastewater samples by means of polarized light optical microscopy. FTIR, MPs, PE, PLOM, PP
36  2020 Immobilization of the engineered Raoultella ornithinolytica BF60 for biocatalytic synthesis of 2, 5-furandicarboxylic acid. FDCA, HMF
37  2020 In-situ formation of durable akaganeite (beta-FeOOH) nanorods on sulfonate-modified poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabric for dual-functional wastewater treatment. ---
38  2020 Investigation of the microplastics profile in sludge from China's largest Water reclamation plant using a feasible isolation device. PBA, PBMA, PE, PP
39  2020 Investigation on food packaging polymers: Effects on vegetable oil oxidation. PA, PE, PP
40  2020 Liquid Crystal Networks on Thermoplastics: Reprogrammable Photo-Responsive Actuators. LCN
41  2020 Manganese-Doped Tin Oxide for Highly Flexible and Transparent Multilayer Electrodes with Index-Matching Layers. IMLs, PDMS
42  2020 Micro- and Nanoplastics in Alpine Snow: A New Method for Chemical Identification and (Semi)Quantification in the Nanogram Range. PS
43  2020 Microbial colonization of different microplastic types and biotransformation of sorbed PCBs by a marine anaerobic bacterial community. MP, PCBs, PCoA, PE, PP, PS, PVC
44  2020 Microplastics in house dust from 12 countries and associated human exposure. MPs, PC
45  2020 Microplastics in Yellow River Delta wetland: Occurrence, characteristics, human influences, and marker. MPs, PC
46  2020 Molecular Design of Aromatic Polythionoesters. DFT, MO, RIS
47  2020 Multi-layer silver nanowire/polyethylene terephthalate mesh structure for highly efficient transparent electromagnetic interference shielding. SE
48  2020 Nacre-Inspired Mineralized Films with High Transparency and Mechanically Robust Underwater Superoleophobicity. PP, PS
49  2020 New Waterborne Polyurethane-Urea Synthesized with Ether-Carbonate Copolymer and Amino-Alcohol Chain Extenders with Tailored Pressure-Sensitive Adhesion Properties. ATR-IR, DSC, PUU PSAs, TGA
50  2020 Oxygen Concentration Dependence of the Optical and Electrical Properties of Mn-Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films Deposited on a Polyethylene Terephthalate Substrate. ---
51  2020 Periphytic biofilm: An innovative approach for biodegradation of microplastics. MPs, PE, PP
52  2020 PET bottles recycling in China: An LCA coupled with LCC case study of blanket production made of waste PET bottles. ---
53  2020 Physical interactions between marine phytoplankton and PET plastics in seawater. EPR
54  2020 Polyethylene Terephthalate Nanofiber Sheet as the Novel Extraction Medium for the Determination of Phthalates in Water Samples. HPLC
55  2020 Processing of flexible plastic packaging waste into pyrolysis oil and multi-walled carbon nanotubes for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction. MWCNTs
56  2020 Quantification of PET cyclic and linear oligomers in teabags by a validated LC-MS method - In silico toxicity assessment and consumer's exposure. ---
57  2020 Rare episode of cement leakage during vesselplasty in a case of vertebral compression fracture. ---
58  2020 Reproducible Dry Stamping Transfer of PEDOT:PSS Transparent Top Electrode for Flexible Semitransparent Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells. 2-MEA, ITO, MHP, PCBM, PEDOT, PEI
59  2020 Roll-to-roll graphene oxide radon barrier membranes. DFT, GOPR, SBS, XPS
60  2020 Selective Infiltration in Polymer Hybrid Thin Films as a Gas-Encapsulation Layer for Stretchable Electronics. ALI, PFA, WVTR
61  2020 Superhydrophobic Methylated Silica Sol for Effective Oil-Water Separation. FESEM, FTIR, MTMS, PP, PU, TEM, TEOS
62  2020 Sustainable Plastics from Biomass: Blends of Polyesters Based on 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid. DSC, PBF, PC, PCHDMF, PEF, PEN, PLA, PLM, PPF, WAXD
63  2020 Switchable Wettability of Poly(NIPAAm-co-HEMA-co-NMA) Coated PET Fabric for Moisture Management. ---
64  2020 Switching Anionic and Cationic Semipermeability in Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylonitrile: A pH-Tunable Ionic Rectifier. phPAN
65  2020 The adsorption behavior of metals in aqueous solution by microplastics effected by UV radiation. ---
66  2020 Thermal fragmentation enhanced identification and quantification of polystyrene micro/nanoplastics in complex media. MALDI-TOF MS, MNPs, PS
67  2020 Use of recycled polypropylene/poly(ethylene terephthalate) blends to manufacture water pipes: An industrial scale study. PP, PSW
68  2020 Using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) technique for studying biofilm formation on LDPE and PET surfaces: laboratory and field experiments. DRS, LDPE
69  2020 Using single-particle ICP-MS for unravelling the effect of type of food on the physicochemical properties and gastrointestinal stability of ZnONPs released from packaging materials. LDPE, spICP-MS, TEM, ZnO NPs
70  2020 Vascular Graft Pre-Treatment with Daptomycin Prior to Implantation Prevents Graft Infection with Staphylococcus aureus in an In Vivo Model. CFU, SEM
71  2020 Zn- and Ti-Modified Hydrotalcites for Transesterification of Dimethyl Terephthalate with Ethylene Glycol: Effect of the Metal Oxide and Catalyst Synthesis Method. BHET, DMT, EG, HTs, Zn-HT-glycine
72  2019 A Copper Oxide/Zinc Oxide Composite Nano-Surface for Use in a Biosensor. AFM, CRP, SEM
73  2019 A curvature-tunable random laser. ---
74  2019 A Flexible and Highly Sensitive Inductive Pressure Sensor Array Based on Ferrite Films. ---
75  2019 A Flexible Temperature Sensor Array with Polyaniline/Graphene-Polyvinyl Butyral Thin Film. ITO
76  2019 A Laser Capture Microdissection Protocol That Yields High Quality RNA from Fresh-frozen Mouse Bones. LCM
77  2019 A New Generation of Dihydropyridine Calcium Channel Blockers: Photostabilization of Liquid Formulations Using Nonionic Surfactants. DHP, NIM
78  2019 A Novel Approach of Promoting Adhesion of Reinforcing Cord to Elastomers by Plasma Polymerization. RFL
79  2019 A novel nucleic acid fluorescent sensing platform based on nanostructured films of intrinsically conducting polymers. ICPs, PANI, PPy
80  2019 A prototype of a portable optical sensor for the detection of transparent and translucent microplastics in freshwater. LDPE
81  2019 A thermoresponsive three-dimensional fibrous cell culture platform for enzyme-free expansion of mammalian cells. ---
82  2019 A thin film polyethylene terephthalate (PET) electrochemical sensor for detection of glucose in sweat. PGE
83  2019 Abundance and distribution of microplastics in the surface sediments from the northern Bering and Chukchi Seas. dw, muFTIR, PP
84  2019 Accurate quantification and transport estimation of suspended atmospheric microplastics in megacities: Implications for human health. ALK, EP, PA, PE, PP, PS, RY, SAMPs
85  2019 Adsorption behavior and selectivity mechanism of flotation reagents applied in ternary plastic mixtures. PE, PEG, PVC, SL
86  2019 An optimized density-based approach for extracting microplastics from soil and sediment samples. EPS, PE, PP, PS, PVC
87  2019 An Oxalate-Bridged Binuclear Iron(III) Ionic Liquid for the Highly Efficient Glycolysis of Polyethylene Terephthalate under Microwave Irradiation. BHET
88  2019 Analysis of Impact of Humidity and Temperature on Excimer Laser Ablation of Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polymethylmethacrylate, and Porcine Corneal Tissue. PMMA
89  2019 Anti-biofouling and functionalizable bioinspired chitosan-based hydrogel coating via surface photo-immobilization. AFM, HTCC, XPS
90  2019 Anticoagulant Polyethylene Terephthalate Surface by Plasma-Mediated Fucoidan Immobilization. XPS
91  2019 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated potencies in field-deployed plastics vary by type of polymer. AhR, LDPE, PAH, PP, PVC, REP
92  2019 At-line validation of optical coherence tomography as in-line/at-line coating thickness measurement method. OCT
93  2019 Athermal and Soft Multi-Nanopatterning of Azopolymers: Phototunable Mechanical Properties. AT-NIL, T-NIL, Tg
94  2019 Benchmarking the in Vitro Toxicity and Chemical Composition of Plastic Consumer Products. HDPE, LDPE, PLA, PP, PS, PUR, PVC
95  2019 Biocatalytic Degradation Efficiency of Postconsumer Polyethylene Terephthalate Packaging Determined by Their Polymer Microstructures. MAF
96  2019 Bioinert Control of Zwitterionic Poly(ethylene terephtalate) Fibrous Membranes. UV step
97  2019 Biomimetic Turbinate-like Artificial Nose for Hydrogen Detection Based on 3D Porous Laser-Induced Graphene. CVD, LIG, NPs, Pd
98  2019 Biosynthesis of monoethylene glycol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae utilizing native glycolytic enzymes. MEG
99  2019 Biotin-Avidin-Mediated Capture of Microspheres on Polymer Fibers. ---
100  2019 Catalytic amidation of natural and synthetic polyol esters with sulfonamides. ---