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Abbreviation : PF
Long Form : Peritoneal fibrosis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Modulate Fibrosis and Inflammation in the Peritoneal Fibrosis Model Developed in Uremic Rats. ASC, CG, CKD, PD, PM
2020 Asiaticoside inhibits TGF-beta1-induced mesothelial-mesenchymal transition and oxidative stress via the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway in the human peritoneal mesothelial cell line HMrSV5. HPMCs, MMT, PD, PMCs
2020 Elevated expression of HDAC6 in clinical peritoneal dialysis patients and its pathogenic role on peritoneal angiogenesis. alpha-SMA, CA125, ESRD, HDAC6, HPMCs, HUVECs, IL-6, PD, siRNA, TA, TGF-beta1, VEGF
2020 miR-15a-5p suppresses peritoneal fibrosis induced by peritoneal dialysis via targeting VEGF in rats. PD, VEGFR
2020 Noncoding RNAs in peritoneal fibrosis: Background, Mechanism, and Therapeutic Approach. circRNAs, lncRNAs, miRNAs, ncRNAs
2020 Peritoneal fibrosis and epigenetic modulation. PD
2020 The Relationship Between Pai-1 Gene Alterations and Fibrosis in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients. PAI-1, PD, UF
2020 Therapeutic effect of 1,25(OH)2-VitaminD3 on fibrosis and angiogenesis of peritoneum induced by chlorhexidine. CG, CTGF, HSP47, SD, VEGF
2020 Trehalose ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis by promoting Snail degradation and inhibiting mesothelial-to-mesenchymal transition in mesothelial cells. CG, PMCs
10  2020 Valsartan ameliorates high glucose-induced peritoneal fibrosis by blocking mTORC1 signaling. alpha-SMA, HG, mTORC1
11  2019 Arctigenin alleviates TGF-beta1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and PAI-1 expression via AMPK/NF-kappaB pathway in peritoneal mesothelial cells. AMPK, Arc, EMT, HPMCs, NF-kappaB, PAI-1, TGF-beta1
12  2019 Curcumin ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis via inhibition of transforming growth factor-activated kinase 1 (TAK1) pathway in a rat model of peritoneal dialysis. MTG, PD, PET, TAK1, UFV
13  2019 CXCR4-Receptor-Targeted Liposomes for the Treatment of Peritoneal Fibrosis. CXCR4, ECM, HPMCs, PD, STS IIA, TGF-beta
14  2019 Dimethylaminomicheliolide ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis through the activation of autophagy. DMAMCL, ECM, MCL, PD
15  2019 Evaluation of Candida peritonitis with underlying peritoneal fibrosis and efficacy of micafungin in murine models of intra-abdominal candidiasis. ---
16  2019 Involvement of STAT3 Signaling in High Glucose-Induced Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Human Peritoneal Mesothelial Cell Line HMrSV5. AGEs, EMT, MGO, STAT3, TGF
17  2019 Long noncoding RNA AK089579 inhibits epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of peritoneal mesothelial cells by competitively binding to microRNA-296-3p via DOK2 in peritoneal fibrosis. Dok2, EMT, JAK2, lncRNA, miR-296-3p, PMCs, STAT3
18  2019 MiR-200a ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis and functional deterioration in a rat model of peritoneal dialysis. CVF, EMT, PD, TGF-beta1
19  2019 Novel long non-coding RNA AV310809 promotes TGF-beta1 induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human peritoneal mesothelial cells via activation of the Wnt2/beta-catenin signaling pathway. ---
20  2019 Olive leaf extract counteracts epithelial to mesenchymal transition process induced by peritoneal dialysis, through the inhibition of TGFbeta1 signaling. EMT, ERK, JNK, MAPK, MCs, OLE, PD, PM, TGF-beta1
21  2019 Rapamycin inhibits peritoneal fibrosis by modifying lipid homeostasis in the peritoneum. ECM, PDS, PMCs, SCAP, SREBP-2
22  2019 ST2 blockade mitigates peritoneal fibrosis induced by TGF-beta and high glucose. HPMCs, PD, ST
23  2019 Tamoxifen and bone morphogenic protein-7 modulate fibrosis and inflammation in the peritoneal fibrosis model developed in uremic rats. CG, i.p, PD, PM, rBMP7, TAM
24  2019 The Role of Cathepsin B in Peritoneal Fibrosis due to Peritoneal Dialysis. CA, ECM, HPMCs, MMPs, PD, TIMPs, uPA
25  2019 Zinc supplementation inhibits the high glucose‑induced EMT of peritoneal mesothelial cells by activating the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway. EMT, HG, HPMCs, NQO1, Nrf2, PMCs, Zn
26  2018 A pathogenetic role for M1 macrophages in peritoneal dialysis-associated fibrosis. alpha-SMA, LC, PD, PDFs
27  2018 Astragalus Inhibits Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition of Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells by Down-Regulating beta-Catenin. EMT, GSK-3beta, PD, PMCs
28  2018 Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells facilitate the up-regulation of miR-153-3p, whereby attenuating MGO-induced peritoneal fibrosis in rats. EMT, hUCMSCs, PMCs, RPMCs
29  2018 Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 Activation Disrupts the Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor Pathway: A Novel Mechanism for Extracellular Matrix Accumulation in Human Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells. ECM, HPMCs, LDLR, mTORC1, PDS, SREBP
30  2018 MicroRNA-21 promotes the progression of peritoneal fibrosis through the activation of the TGF-beta/Smad signaling pathway: An in vitro and in vivo study. CTGF, RT-qPCR, TGF-beta, ZO-1
31  2018 RhoA/Rho-kinase triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition in mesothelial cells and contributes to the pathogenesis of dialysis-related peritoneal fibrosis. AGEs, AP-1, EMT, HPMCs, PD
32  2017 Anti-fibrotic effects of valproic acid in experimental peritoneal fibrosis. CG, HDACi, PD, PM, VPA
33  2017 Inhibition of CTGF ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis through suppression of fibroblast and myofibroblast accumulation and angiogenesis. CG, CTGF, GFP, PMCs
34  2017 Scavenging of reactive oxygen species by astaxanthin inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition in high glucose-stimulated mesothelial cells. alpha-SMA, AST, EMT, NF-kappaB, PMCs, ROS, TSMCs
35  2016 HL156A, a novel AMP-activated protein kinase activator, is protective against peritoneal fibrosis in an in vivo and in vitro model of peritoneal fibrosis. AMPK, CHX, EMT, HG, NG, RPMCs
36  2016 MicroRNA expression profiling in peritoneal fibrosis. LNA, miRNAs, PD
37  2015 Attenuation of methylglyoxal-induced peritoneal fibrosis: immunomodulation by interleukin-10. AAV, GFP, IL, MGO, PD, PDF
38  2015 Comparison of sirolimus and colchicine treatment on the development of peritoneal fibrozis in rats having peritoneal dialysis. i.p, PD
39  2015 Fluvastatin inhibits the expression of fibronectin in human peritoneal mesothelial cells induced by high-glucose peritoneal dialysis solution via SGK1 pathway. FN, HGPDS, HPMC, PD, PMC, SGK1
40  2015 Oral Astaxanthin Supplementation Prevents Peritoneal Fibrosis in Rats. alpha-SMA, AST, CG, IL-1beta, MCP-1, ROS, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
41  2015 Telmisartan attenuates peritoneal fibrosis via peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma activation in rats. MAPK, PD, PMC, PPARgamma
42  2015 TGF-beta₁-siRNA delivery with nanoparticles inhibits peritoneal fibrosis. NPs, PD, siRNA, TGF
43  2015 Th2-biased GATA-3 transgenic mice developed severe experimental peritoneal fibrosis compared with Th1-biased T-bet and Th17-biased RORgammat transgenic mice. CG, Tg, Th
44  2014 Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells transplantation facilitate experimental peritoneal fibrosis repair by suppressing epithelial-mesenchymal transition. ASCs, CG, EMT, PDGF-BB, VEGF
45  2014 Astragalus membranaceus inhibits peritoneal fibrosis via monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-1 and the transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1) pathway in rats submitted to peritoneal dialysis. FSP, MCP, PD, TGF-beta1
46  2014 Nanotechnology and adeno-associated virus-based decorin gene therapy ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis. AAV-decorin, alpha-SMA, ESRD, GNP, PD, TGF
47  2014 Peritoneal fibrosis induced by intraperitoneal methylglyoxal injection: the role of concurrent renal dysfunction. AGEs, alpha-SMA, MGO, MMP-2, PD, PDF, RAGE, RF, TGF-beta1
48  2013 Inflammation, neoangiogenesis and fibrosis in peritoneal dialysis. CRP, ESRD, GDP, IL, PD, PDF, PM, TNF-alpha, UF, UFF
49  2013 TGF-beta1 promotes lymphangiogenesis during peritoneal fibrosis. HPMCs, TGF-betaRI, UFF, VEGF-C
50  2012 Characterization of infiltrating macrophages in high glucose-induced peritoneal fibrosis in rats. TGF
51  2012 Differentiation of bone marrow-derived cells into regenerated mesothelial cells in peritoneal remodeling using a peritoneal fibrosis mouse model. BM, CG, GFP
52  2012 The monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1)/CCR2 system is involved in peritoneal dialysis-related epithelial-mesenchymal transition of peritoneal mesothelial cells. alpha-SMA, ECM, EMT, HPMCs, MCP-1, PD, PD, PMCs
53  2011 Beneficial effects of enalapril on chlorhexidine digluconate-induced liver peritoneal fibrosis in rats. alpha-SMA, PD, TGF-beta1, VEGF
54  2011 Rho-kinase inhibition ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis and angiogenesis in a rat model of peritoneal sclerosis. CHX, TGF, VEGF
55  2011 Tamoxifen downregulates connective tissue growth factor to ameliorate peritoneal fibrosis. CTGF, EPS, HPMC, TGF-beta
56  2011 Valsartan decreases TGF-beta1 production and protects against chlorhexidine digluconate-induced liver peritoneal fibrosis in rats. alpha-SMA, PD, TGF-beta1, VEGF
57  2010 Aliskiren ameliorates chlorhexidine digluconate-induced peritoneal fibrosis in rats. alpha-SMA, PD, TGF-beta1, VEGF
58  2010 Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2) is increased in peritoneal dialysis patients with high peritoneal solute transport rate. CTGF, HPMC, PD, UFF
59  2010 The effects of interferon alpha2b on chemically-induced peritoneal fibrosis and on peritoneal tissue MMP-2 and TIMP-2 levels in rats. CH, IFN, TIMP
60  2009 Tissue-type plasminogen activator deficiency attenuates peritoneal fibrosis in mice. alpha-SMA, MMP, MT1, PA, TGF-beta1, TIMP, tPA
61  2008 High glucose decreases collagenase expression and increases TIMP expression in cultured human peritoneal mesothelial cells. CAPD, ECM, HPMCs, PKCI
62  2008 Mineralocorticoid receptor blockade ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis in new rat peritonitis model. ACEI, ARB, MR, PAI-1, SGK1, TGF-beta
63  2007 A selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor decreases transforming growth factor-beta1 synthesis and matrix production in human peritoneal mesothelial cells. CAPD, Col I, COX-2, ECM, ELISA, HPMCs, MLEC, PGE2, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1
64  2007 In vitro study of peritoneal fibrosis. PD
65  2007 Peritoneal fibrosis intervention. PD
66  2006 Troglitazone inhibits synthesis of transforming growth factor-beta1 and reduces matrix production in human peritoneal mesothelial cells. CAPD, Col I, ECM, FN, HPMC, PPARgamma, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1
67  2004 Intraperitoneal enalapril ameliorates morphologic changes induced by hypertonic peritoneal dialysis solutions in rat peritoneum. ACEIs, i.p, PD, UF
68  2001 Dipyridamole inhibits human peritoneal mesothelial cell proliferation in vitro and attenuates rat peritoneal fibrosis in vivo. CAPD, DP, EIA, HPMC
69  2001 Dipyridamole inhibits PDGF-stimulated human peritoneal mesothelial cell proliferation. CAPD, HPMCs
70  2001 Dipyridamole inhibits TGF-beta-induced collagen gene expression in human peritoneal mesothelial cells. CAPD, HPMCs, TGF-beta
71  2001 Does enalapril prevent peritoneal fibrosis induced by hypertonic (3.86%) peritoneal dialysis solution? CA125, DX, ENA, i.p, PD, UF
72  2000 Long-term peritoneal dialysis is a risk factor of sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis for children. PD, PS, SEP
73  1998 Persistent transforming growth factor-beta 1 expression may predict peritoneal fibrosis in CAPD patients with frequent peritonitis occurrence. TGF-beta1
74  1997 Persistent transforming growth factor beta 1 expression may predict peritoneal fibrosis in CAPD patients with frequent peritonitis occurrence. CAPD, ECM, HPO, LPO, PET, PMNCs, TGF-beta1