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Abbreviation : PF
Long Form : parallel fiber
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 beta-Adrenergic Receptors/Epac Signaling Increases the Size of the Readily Releasable Pool of Synaptic Vesicles Required for Parallel Fiber LTP. beta-AR, beta-ARs, LTP, PC, PKA, RRP
2020 Binding of Filamentous Actin to CaMKII as Potential Regulation Mechanism of Bidirectional Synaptic Plasticity by beta CaMKII in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells. CaMKII, LTD, PP2B
2020 Deletion of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor impacts on the ultrastructure of the cerebellar parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses. CB 1 -KO, CB 1 -WT, PC
2020 Is Purkinje Neuron Hyperpolarisation Important for Cerebellar Synaptic Plasticity? A Retrospective and Prospective Analysis. CF, PN
2020 Ocular Reflex Adaptation as an Experimental Model of Cerebellar Learning -- In Memory of Masao Ito -. CF, FL, HOKR, HVOR, LTD, LTP, PCs
2020 SK2 channels in cerebellar Purkinje cells contribute to excitability modulation in motor-learning-specific memory traces. EBC, KO, VOR
2020 The Origin of Physiological Local mGluR1 Supralinear Ca2+ Signals in Cerebellar Purkinje Neurons. CF, PNs
2019 Assessment of Long-term Depression Induction in Adult Cerebellar Slices. LTD, OKR, PC, VOR
2019 Complex spike clusters and false-positive rejection in a cerebellar supervised learning rule. CFs, LTD
10  2019 Control of Presynaptic Parallel Fiber Efficacy by Activity-Dependent Regulation of the Number of Occupied Release Sites. APs, AZ, HFF, LFD, SVs
11  2019 Interneuronal NMDA receptors regulate long-term depression and motor learning in the cerebellum. cKO, GCs, hOKR, LTD, LTP, MLIs, NMDARs, NMDARs, NO
12  2019 Kainate Receptor-Mediated Depression of Glutamate Release Involves Protein Kinase A in the Cerebellum. eEPSCs, KA, PKA
13  2019 Rack1 Controls Parallel Fiber-Purkinje Cell Synaptogenesis and Synaptic Transmission. LTD, PCs
14  2018 Cell type-specific plasticity at parallel fiber synapses onto Purkinje cells in the posterior caudal lobe of the mormyrid fish cerebellum. CF, LTD, LTP, mPCs, PCs
15  2018 Cerebellar Kainate Receptor-Mediated Facilitation of Glutamate Release Requires Ca2+-Calmodulin and PKA. AC, eEPSCs, KAR, PKA
16  2018 Chronic Ethanol Consumption Impairs the Tactile-Evoked Long-Term Depression at Cerebellar Molecular Layer Interneuron-Purkinje Cell Synapses in vivo in Mice. CB1, CF, EtOH, LTD, LTP, MLIs, NO, PC, SNAP
17  2018 Climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synaptic pathology across essential tremor subtypes. CF-PC, ET
18  2018 Electrophysiological Excitability and Parallel Fiber Synaptic Properties of Zebrin-Positive and -Negative Purkinje Cells in Lobule VIII of the Mouse Cerebellar Slice. PCs
19  2018 Impact of NMDA Receptor Overexpression on Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Activity and Motor Learning. LTD, LTP, NMDARs, NR2B, PC, VOR
20  2018 Loss of Ethanol Inhibition of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor-Mediated Currents and Plasticity of Cerebellar Synapses in Mice Expressing the GluN1(F639A) Subunit. CF, EPSCs, EtOH, LTD, NMDARs, PC, WT
21  2018 New Features on the Expression and Trafficking of mGluR1 Splice Variants Exposed by Two Novel Mutant Mouse Lines. KI, KO, mGluRs, PC, PSD, Tg
22  2018 Occurrence of long-term depression in the cerebellar flocculus during adaptation of optokinetic response. LTD, OKR, PC
23  2018 Propofol Inhibits Cerebellar Parallel Fiber-Purkinje Cell Synaptic Transmission via Activation of Presynaptic GABAB Receptors in vitro in Mice. GABAA, NMDA, PC, PF-PC EPSCs, PKA, PPR
24  2018 Purkinje Cell Signaling Deficits in Animal Models of Ataxia. CF, GluD2, LTD, mGlu1, PC
25  2017 Climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synaptic pathology in tremor and cerebellar degenerative diseases. CF-PC, ET, MSA, PD, SCA1
26  2017 Early VGLUT1-specific parallel fiber synaptic deficits and dysregulated cerebellar circuit in the KIKO mouse model of Friedreich ataxia. CNS, FRDA, KIKO
27  2017 Long-term depression in Purkinje neurons is persistently impaired following cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in mice. CA/CPR, CFs, EPSCs, LTD
28  2017 Long-Term Depression of Intrinsic Excitability Accompanied by Synaptic Depression in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells. CF, LTD, LTP-IE, PC, PCs
29  2017 Native metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 depresses synaptic transmission through an unusual Galphaq transduction pathway. MLI
30  2017 Progressive impairment of cerebellar mGluR signalling and its therapeutic potential for cerebellar ataxia in spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 model mice. mGluR, mGluR1, SCA1
31  2016 Contribution of postsynaptic T-type calcium channels to parallel fibre-Purkinje cell synaptic responses. PC
32  2016 Coordinated regulation of endocannabinoid-mediated retrograde synaptic suppression in the cerebellum by neuronal and astrocytic monoacylglycerol lipase. 2-AG, CF, DSE, MAGL, PCs
33  2016 Effects of norepinephrine on spontaneous firing activity of cerebellar Purkinje cells in vivo in mice. LC, MLI, NE, PC, SS
34  2016 GluD2 Endows Parallel Fiber-Purkinje Cell Synapses with a High Regenerative Capacity. KO, PCs, PFs
35  2016 Plasticity of the developmentally arrested staggerer cerebellum in response to exogenous RORalpha. CF, EGL, mGluR, PC, RORalpha
36  2016 [Influence of cefuroxime sodium on synaptic plasticity of parallel fiber-Purkinje cells in young rats]. CS, EPSC, LTD, PCs
37  2016 [Protective effect of succinic acid on cerebellar Purkinje cells of neonatal rats with convulsion]. AP, EPSC, LTD, PB, PCs, SA
38  2015 A Model of In vitro Plasticity at the Parallel Fiber-Molecular Layer Interneuron Synapses. MLIs
39  2015 A use-dependent increase in release sites drives facilitation at calretinin-deficient cerebellar parallel-fiber synapses. CR, PPF, Pr, STP, WT
40  2015 Cerebellar synaptogenesis is compromised in mouse models of DYT1 dystonia. CF, hMT, PCs
41  2015 Parallel fiber to Purkinje cell synaptic impairment in a mouse model of spinocerebellar ataxia type 27. FGF14, mGluR1-EPSC, PPF, SCA27
42  2015 Properties and molecular identity of NMDA receptors at synaptic and non-synaptic inputs in cerebellar molecular layer interneurons. LTD, MLIs, NMDARs, PF-PC
43  2015 Propofol effects on cerebellar long-term depression. mGluR1, PC
45  2014 A new mouse allele of glutamate receptor delta 2 with cerebellar atrophy and progressive ataxia. Cbln1, CF, GC, PC, SCDs, UHVEM
46  2014 Activity-dependent gating of calcium spikes by A-type K+ channels controls climbing fiber signaling in Purkinje cell dendrites. CF
47  2014 Bidirectional plasticity of Purkinje cells matches temporal features of learning. CS, LTD, US
48  2014 Cerebellar long-term potentiation: cellular mechanisms and role in learning. LTD, LTP
49  2014 Enhanced AMPA receptor function promotes cerebellar long-term depression rather than potentiation. EPSCs, LTD, LTP
50  2014 Functional contributions of glutamate transporters at the parallel fibre to Purkinje neuron synapse-relevance for the progression of cerebellar ataxia. PN
51  2014 Intracellular calcium dynamics permit a Purkinje neuron model to perform toggle and gain computations upon its inputs. CF
52  2014 Quantification of the density of cooperative neighboring synapses required to evoke endocannabinoid signaling. SSE
53  2014 Target- and input-dependent organization of AMPA and NMDA receptors in synaptic connections of the cochlear nucleus. AMPA, AN, IMPs, NMDA, PF-FC synapses
54  2014 The synaptic targeting of mGluR1 by its carboxyl-terminal domain is crucial for cerebellar function. CF, KO, LTD, PCs, TRPC
55  2013 Cerebellar LTD vs. motor learning-lessons learned from studying GluD2. LTD
56  2013 Ethanol affects NMDA receptor signaling at climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synapses in mice and impairs cerebellar LTD. AMPA, CF, LTD, NBQX, NMDA
57  2013 Imaging calcium waves in cerebellar Bergmann glia. BG, CCD, TTX
58  2013 Long-term potentiation of inhibitory synaptic transmission onto cerebellar Purkinje neurons contributes to adaptation of vestibulo-ocular reflex. GABARAP, LTD, PN, RP
59  2013 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor activation blocks long-term potentiation at cerebellar parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses via cannabinoid signaling. LTD, LTP, mAChRs, oxo-m, THL
60  2013 Optimal properties of analog perceptrons with excitatory weights. CF, PC
61  2013 Reevaluation of the role of parallel fiber synapses in delay eyeblink conditioning in mice using Cbln1 as a tool. EBC, LTD, LTP, PC
62  2013 The cerebellum: a new key structure in the navigation system. LTD, PC
63  2013 Type 1 inositol trisphosphate receptor regulates cerebellar circuits by maintaining the spine morphology of purkinje cells in adult mice. PC
64  2012 Adaptation of granule cell to Purkinje cell synapses to high-frequency transmission. MF, PC
65  2012 Cerebellar long-term depression requires dephosphorylation of TARP in Purkinje cells. DHPG, K-glu, LTD
66  2012 GABAA receptors increase excitability and conduction velocity of cerebellar parallel fiber axons. APs
67  2012 Neuronal glutamate transporters regulate glial excitatory transmission. BG, EAATs, PC
68  2012 Non-Hebbian spike-timing-dependent plasticity in cerebellar circuits. CF, EPSPs, LTD, LTP, STDP
69  2012 Presynaptically released Cbln1 induces dynamic axonal structural changes by interacting with GluD2 during cerebellar synapse formation. GluD2, NRX
70  2012 Purkinje cell loss and motor coordination defects in profilin1 mutant mice. CGNs
71  2012 Selective loss of AMPA receptor subunits at inhibitory neuron synapses in the cerebellum of the ataxic stargazer mouse. GCs, MF, PF-In, PF-PC, TARPs
72  2012 SK2 channel modulation contributes to compartment-specific dendritic plasticity in cerebellar Purkinje cells. CF, EPSPs, IE
73  2012 Synapse type-independent degradation of the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol after retrograde synaptic suppression. 2-AG, BG, MGL, MGL-KO, PC
74  2012 TRPC-Mediated Current Is Not Involved in Endocannabinoid-Induced Short-Term Depression in Cerebellum. mGluR1, PC, TRPC
75  2011 Abnormalities in the climbing fiber-Purkinje cell circuitry contribute to neuronal dysfunction in ATXN1[82Q] mice. CF
76  2011 Altered Purkinje cell responses and calmodulin expression in the spontaneously ataxic mouse, Pogo. LTD, PCs, PPF
77  2011 Basolateral amygdala inactivation impairs learning-induced long-term potentiation in the cerebellar cortex. BLA, LTP, PC
78  2011 Climbing fiber synapse elimination in cerebellar Purkinje cells. CFs, PCs
79  2011 Disruption of metabotropic glutamate receptor signalling is a major defect at cerebellar parallel fibre-Purkinje cell synapses in staggerer mutant mice. mGluR, PCs, RORalpha, SCA1
80  2011 Genetic deletion of monoacylglycerol lipase alters endocannabinoid-mediated retrograde synaptic depression in the cerebellum. 2-AG, CF, DSE, eCB, EPSCs, MAGL, PC
81  2011 Glutamate receptor delta2 is essential for input pathway-dependent regulation of synaptic AMPAR contents in cerebellar Purkinje cells. AMPARs, CF, KO, PCs
82  2011 Mutant PKCgamma in spinocerebellar ataxia type 14 disrupts synapse elimination and long-term depression in Purkinje cells in vivo. CF, LTD, PCs, SCA14, TRPC3
83  2011 Receptive Field Remodeling Induced by Skin Stimulation in Cerebellar Neurons in vivo. CF, PC
84  2011 Sustained firing of cartwheel cells in the dorsal cochlear nucleus evokes endocannabinoid release and retrograde suppression of parallel fiber synapses. CWCs, DCN
85  2010 Ablation of glutamate receptor GluRdelta2 in adult Purkinje cells causes multiple innervation of climbing fibers by inducing aberrant invasion to parallel fiber innervation territory. CFs, PCs
86  2010 AMPA receptor activation controls type I metabotropic glutamate receptor signalling via a tyrosine kinase at parallel fibre-Purkinje cell synapses. AMPARs, mGluR1s, sEPSC
87  2010 Differential regulation of Purkinje cell dendritic spines in rolling mouse Nagoya (tg/tg), P/Q type calcium channel (alpha1(A)/Ca(v)2.1) mutant. CF, HVEM, PC, VDCC
88  2010 Electrophysiological characteristics of cells in the anterior caudal lobe of the mormyrid cerebellum. CF, CLa, EPSPs
89  2010 Flap loop of GluD2 binds to Cbln1 and induces presynaptic differentiation. GluD2, NTD, PN
90  2010 Intrinsic plasticity complements long-term potentiation in parallel fiber input gain control in cerebellar Purkinje cells. CK2, LTP, PKA
91  2010 On the induction of postsynaptic granule cell-Purkinje neuron LTP and LTD. CF, LTD, LTP
92  2010 Purkinje cell NMDA receptors assume a key role in synaptic gain control in the mature cerebellum. CF, D-APV, LTD, LTP
93  2010 Synapse formation and maintenance by C1q family proteins: a new class of secreted synapse organizers. ---
94  2009 Cbln1 accumulates and colocalizes with Cbln3 and GluRdelta2 at parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses in the mouse cerebellum. ---
95  2009 Cbln1 binds to specific postsynaptic sites at parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses in the cerebellum. ---
96  2009 Developmentally regulated Ca2+-dependent activator protein for secretion 2 (CAPS2) is involved in BDNF secretion and is associated with autism susceptibility. BDNF, CAPS2, CDT-DB, GCs, NT-3, PCs
97  2009 Differential modulation of cerebellar climbing fiber and parallel fiber synaptic responses at high pressure. CF, CNS, ISIs, PPD, PPF
98  2009 Distribution of the SNAP25 and SNAP23 synaptosomal-associated protein isoforms in rat cerebellar cortex. CF, GABAergic, MFs, PC, Pr, SNAP25, VGLUT1
99  2009 Formation and maturation of parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses in the Staggerer cerebellum ex vivo. CFs, PCs
100  2009 Functions of glutamate transporters in cerebellar Purkinje cell synapses. CF, mGluR1, PCs