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Abbreviation : PF
Long Form : particle filter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Method of Multiple Dynamic Objects Identification and Localization Based on Laser and RFID. BC, PCC, RFID
2020 A Novel Cooperative Localization Method Based on IMU and UWB. AACOPF, DR, EKF, IMU, UWB
2020 Estimation of Traffic Stream Density Using Connected Vehicle Data: Linear and Nonlinear Filtering Approaches. AKF, CV, KF
2020 High-precision initialization and acceleration of particle filter convergence to improve the accuracy and stability of terrain aided navigation. NLMTP, TAN, TAP
2020 Improved Dynamic Obstacle Mapping (iDOMap). DOMap, EKF, iDOMap, iDOMap, LIDAR
2020 Particle filter combined with data reconciliation for nonlinear state estimation with unknown initial conditions in nonlinear dynamic process systems. PDF
2020 Tracking by Risky Particle Filtering over Sensor Networks. APF, GPF, IoT, KLDPF, RPF, RSS, SPF
2019 An Improved Particle Filtering Algorithm Using Different Correlation Coefficients for Nonlinear System State Estimation. ---
2019 Assimilating spatiotemporal MODIS LAI data with a particle filter algorithm for improving carbon cycle simulations for bamboo forest ecosystems. GPP, LAI, NEE, TER
10  2019 Lamb Wave-Minimum Sampling Variance Particle Filter-Based Fatigue Crack Prognosis. LW-MSVPF, LW-PF, MSV, PHM, PZT, SV
11  2019 Oscillations-free PID control of anesthetic drug delivery in neuromuscular blockade. NMB
12  2019 Particle filter de-noising of voxel-specific time-activity-curves in personalized 177Lu therapy. EBRT, TAC, TIA
13  2019 Particle Filtering for Localization of Broadband Sound Source Using an Ocean-Bottom Seismometer Sensor. OBS
14  2019 Particle filtering of dynamical networks: Highlighting observability issues. ---
15  2019 Pedestrian Positioning Using a Double-Stacked Particle Filter in Indoor Wireless Networks. DR, DSPF, MEMS, RF, RSS
16  2019 The Quest for Model Uncertainty Quantification: A Hybrid Ensemble and Variational Data Assimilation Framework. HEAVEN
17  2018 A Hierarchical Voting Based Mixed Filter Localization Method for Wireless Sensor Network in Mixed LOS/NLOS Environments. HVMF, LOS, NLOS, SRUKF, TDOA, TOA, WSN
18  2018 A novel cooperative localization algorithm using enhanced particle filter technique in maritime search and rescue wireless sensor network. KLD, MSR, NCLA, SOLAS, WSN
19  2018 A particle filter for ammonia coverage ratio and input simultaneous estimations in Diesel-engine SCR system. SCR
20  2018 A Residual Analysis-Based Improved Particle Filter in Mobile Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks. KF, NLOS, RAPF, WSNs
21  2018 A Robust Terrain Aided Navigation Using the Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter Trained by Long Short-Term Memory Networks. DEM, LSTM, RBPF, RNN, TAN, UAV
22  2018 Comparison of hyperspectral classification methods for the analysis of cerium oxide nanoparticles in histological and aqueous samples. EDFM, HSI, NPs, RSLs, SAM, SFF, SHW, SL
23  2018 DTM-Aided Adaptive EPF Navigation Application in Railways. DTM-aided, PPP, SPP
24  2018 Efficient Online Learning Algorithms Based on LSTM Neural Networks. GRU, LSTM
25  2018 Error Modelling for Multi-Sensor Measurements in Infrastructure-Free Indoor Navigation. IMU, PDF, SLAM
26  2018 Indoor Pedestrian Localization Using iBeacon and Improved Kalman Filter. DR, KF, RF, SKPF, UKF
27  2018 Measuring the Acoustic Release of a Chemotherapeutic Agent from Folate-Targeted Polymeric Micelles. EKF, KF
28  2018 Skill (or lack thereof) of data-model fusion techniques to provide an early warning signal for an approaching tipping point. EnKF, MCMC, PC
29  2018 Smartphone-Based Cooperative Indoor Localization with RFID Technology. PDR, RFID, RSS
30  2018 Weighted Measurement Fusion Particle Filter for Nonlinear Systems with Correlated Noises. CF-PF, WMF-PF
31  2017 A Survey of Recent Advances in Particle Filters and Remaining Challenges for Multitarget Tracking. ---
32  2017 A tool to automatically analyze electromagnetic tracking data from high dose rate brachytherapy of breast cancer patients. EEMD, EMT, HDR-BT, MDS, SSA
33  2017 A Weighted Measurement Fusion Particle Filter for Nonlinear Multisensory Systems Based on Gauss-Hermite Approximation. CF-PF, WMF-PF
34  2017 Bayesian Device-Free Localization and Tracking in a Binary RF Sensor Network. BS, DFL, GML, RF, RSS-based
35  2017 GNSS/Electronic Compass/Road Segment Information Fusion for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Collision Avoidance Application. AR, CA, CV, GNSS, ITS, RNP, RTK
36  2017 New Particle Filter Based on GA for Equipment Remaining Useful Life Prediction. AIC, GA, RUL, SPT, SVM, TVAR
37  2017 Robust particle filter for state estimation using measurements with different types of gross errors. ---
38  2016 Comparison of three nonlinear filters for fault detection in continuous glucose monitors. EKF, UKF
39  2016 EEG-fMRI Bayesian framework for neural activity estimation: a simulation study. EEG, fMRI, SMC
40  2016 INS/GNSS Tightly-Coupled Integration Using Quaternion-Based AUPF for USV. AUKF, AUPF, GNSS, INS, UKF, USVs
41  2016 Outlier Detection in GNSS Pseudo-Range/Doppler Measurements for Robust Localization. GNSS, NLOS, PR, RB
42  2016 Particle Filter with Novel Nonlinear Error Model for Miniature Gyroscope-Based Measurement While Drilling Navigation. DCM, KF, MEMS, MGWD, NNEM
43  2016 Time-Dependent Gene Network Modelling by Sequential Monte Carlo. ---
44  2015 A comparative study of soft sensor design for lipid estimation of microalgal photobioreactor system with experimental validation. EKF, UKF
45  2015 A hidden Markov model for reconstructing animal paths from solar geolocation loggers using templates for light intensity. ---
46  2015 Compressed sensing for wideband wavenumber tracking in dispersive shallow water. CS, HLA
47  2015 De-noising and retrieving algorithm of Mie lidar data based on the particle filter and the Fernald method. EnKF, SNR
48  2015 Incorporating advanced language models into the P300 speller using particle filtering. BCI, HMM
49  2015 Integration of GPS precise point positioning and MEMS-based INS using unscented particle filter. EKF, GPS, INS, MEMS, UKF, UPF
50  2015 Modified particle filtering algorithm for single acoustic vector sensor DOA tracking. DOA, MPF, MPF-MUSIC, RMSE
51  2015 Robust evolutionary particle filter. DE
52  2014 A novel prediction method about single components of analog circuits based on complex field modeling. RUP
53  2014 Cascaded Kalman and particle filters for photogrammetry based gyroscope drift and robot attitude estimation. KF
54  2014 Comparison of filtering methods for the modeling and retrospective forecasting of influenza epidemics. EAKF, EnKF, MIF, pMCMC, RHF, SIRS
55  2014 Detection and tracking of a moving target using SAR images with the particle filter-based track-before-detect algorithm. SAR, SNR, TAD, TBD
56  2014 Human-manipulator interface using particle filter. AMT
57  2014 Modeling of nonlinear biological phenomena modeled by S-systems. CSEC, EKF, RMSE, UKF, VBF
58  2013 A continuous-time adaptive particle filter for estimations under measurement time uncertainties with an application to a plasma-leucine mixed effects model. MTU, PK/PD
59  2013 Efficient minimum error bounded particle resampling L1 tracker with occlusion detection. BPR
60  2013 Sequential bearings-only-tracking initiation with particle filtering method. BOT, PDF
61  2013 Tracking of time-evolving sound speed profiles in shallow water using an ensemble Kalman-particle filter. EnKF, PPD, SSP
62  2013 [Research on engine remaining useful life prediction based on oil spectrum analysis and particle filtering]. RUL, SOA
63  2012 Influence of deficit irrigation and kaolin particle film on grape composition and volatile compounds in Merlot grape (Vitis vinifera L.). SBSE-GC-MS
64  2012 Multivariate and multiscale data assimilation in terrestrial systems: a review. DA, EnKF, MVMS, MVSS, UVMS, UVSS
65  2012 Particle filter with a mode tracker for visual tracking across illumination changes. ---
66  2012 Sequential geoacoustic inversion at the continental shelfbreak. ---
67  2011 Particle Filter with State Permutations for Solving Image Jigsaw Puzzles. ---
68  2011 Respiratory rate extraction from pulse oximeter and electrocardiographic recordings. ECG, PPG
69  2011 Spectral estimation of nonstationary EEG using particle filtering with application to event-related desynchronization (ERD). AR, ERD, TVAR, TVARMA
70  2011 The Unscented Kalman Filter estimates the plasma insulin from glucose measurement. EKF, UKF
71  2011 Tightly coupled low cost 3D RISS/GPS integration using a mixture particle filter for vehicular navigation. GPS, KF, MEMS, RISS
72  2010 An autoregressive model-based particle filtering algorithms for extraction of respiratory rates as high as 90 breaths per minute from pulse oximeter. AR, NN, OPS, PDA, WNN, WPDA
73  2010 Deform PF-MT: particle filter with mode tracker for tracking nonaffine contour deformations. PF-MT
74  2010 Geoacoustic and source tracking using particle filtering: experimental results. SSP
75  2010 Parallel particle filters for online identification of mechanistic mathematical models of physiology from monitoring data: performance and real-time scalability in simulation scenarios. JSPE, SE
76  2009 Actin filament tracking based on particle filters and stretching open active contour models. SOAC
77  2009 Audio-visual active speaker tracking in cluttered indoors environments. ---
78  2009 Shape Guided Contour Grouping with Particle Filters. ---
79  2008 Audio-visual active speaker tracking in cluttered indoors environments. ---
80  2008 Hydrologic Remote Sensing and Land Surface Data Assimilation. EnKF
81  2004 [Dynamic contour tracking of medical images based on improved particle filter]. ---