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Abbreviation : PF
Long Form : peak force
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Neuromuscular versus Mechanical Stretch-induced Changes in Contra- versus Ipsilateral Muscle. CM, EMD, ES, MVC, SM, VA
2019 Beyond Peak, a Simple Approach to Assess Rowing Power and the Impact of Training: A Technical Report. AF, DS, PP
2019 Different Knee and Ankle Positions Affect Force and Muscle Activation During Prone Leg Curl in Trained Subjects. D P, GL, SL
2019 Early initiation of home-based sensori-motor training improves muscle strength, activation and size in patients after knee replacement: a secondary analysis of a controlled clinical trial. Peak Amp, RMS iEMG, SMT, TKR
2019 Effect of Altering Body Posture and Barbell Position on the Within-Session Reliability and Magnitude of Force-Time Curve Characteristics in the Isometric Midthigh Pull. IMP, IMTP, PRFD
2019 Effects of Different Hand Widths on Plyometric Push-up Performance. PP, UB
2019 Effects of Eccentric Preloading on Concentric Vertical Jump Performance in Youth Athletes. CMJ, CSA, DJ, PP, PRFD, SJ
2019 Factors Affecting Performance on an Army Urban Operation Casualty Evacuation for Male and Female Soldiers. Dist, FC, HRR, IMTP, LBM, UO
2019 Influence of Reactive and Maximum Strength Indicators on Sprint Performance. CT, DJs, IMTPs, JH, RSI
10  2019 Isometric Midthigh Pull Performance Is Associated With Athletic Performance and Sprinting Kinetics in Division I Men and Women's Basketball Players. IMTP, RFD
11  2019 Normalization of Early Isometric Force Production as a Percentage of Peak Force During Multijoint Isometric Assessment. ---
12  2019 Relationships between Challenge Tour golfers' clubhead velocity and force producing capabilities during a countermovement jump and isometric mid-thigh pull. CHV, CMJ, IMTP, PI, RFD, vGRF
13  2019 Relationships Between Highly Skilled Golfers' Clubhead Velocity and Vertical Ground Reaction Force Asymmetry During Vertical Jumps and an Isometric Midthigh Pull. CHV, CMJ, DJ, IMTP, SJ, vGRF
14  2019 Relationships Between Muscle Architecture, Deadlift Performance, and Maximal Isometric Force Produced at the Midthigh and Midshin Pull in Resistance-Trained Individuals. CMJ, FL, MSP, MTP, VL
15  2019 Reliability and Validity of a New Portable Tethered Sprint Running Test as a Measure of Maximal Anaerobic Performance. HR, ICC, MF, MP, PP, PTSR, WAnT
16  2019 Stronger Is Better: The Impact of Upper Body Strength in Double Poling Performance. CT, DP
17  2019 The effects of added mass on the biomechanics and performance of countermovement jumps. CMJs, CON-T, ECT, FT, LDB, PP
18  2019 Unilateral Isometric Squat: Test Reliability, Interlimb Asymmetries, and Relationships With Limb Dominance. ND, RFD
19  2018 A Comparison of the Isometric Midthigh Pull and Isometric Squat: Intraday Reliability, Usefulness, and the Magnitude of Difference Between Tests. CV, ICC, IMTP, ISqT
20  2018 Between-Session Reliability of Isometric Midthigh Pull Kinetics and Maximal Power Clean Performance in Male Youth Soccer Players. CV, ICCs, IMTP, PC
21  2018 Comparison of Methods of Calculating Dynamic Strength Index. CMJ, DSI, ICC, IMTP, SJ
22  2018 Effect of Low-Pass Filtering on Isometric Midthigh Pull Kinetics. BW, IMTP, LOA, LPF, UF
23  2018 Effects of Knee Position on the Reliability and Production of Maximal and Rapid Strength Characteristics During an Isometric Squat Test. CVs, ICCs, RFD
24  2018 Force-Time Differences between Ballistic and Non-Ballistic Half-Squats. BAL, COHS, Imp50, NBAL
25  2018 Isometric Midthigh Pull Characteristics in Elite Youth Male Soccer Players: Comparisons by Age and Maturity Offset. IMTP
26  2018 Maximal Strength Training Improves Strength Performance in Grapplers. BJJ, CMJ, CON, MST, RFD
27  2018 Relationships Between Concentric and Eccentric Strength and Countermovement Jump Performance in Resistance Trained Men. CMJ, JH, PP
28  2018 Relationships between highly skilled golfers' clubhead velocity and force producing capabilities during vertical jumps and an isometric mid-thigh pull. CHV, CMJ, DJ, IMTP, RFD, SJ, vGRF
29  2018 Scheduling of eccentric lower limb injury prevention exercises during the soccer micro-cycle: Which day of the week? CK, CMJ, CON, IPP
30  2018 The Assessment of Isometric, Dynamic, and Sports-Specific Upper-Body Strength in Male and Female Competitive Surfers. DSD, DSI, TTP
31  2018 The Effect of Altering Body Posture and Barbell Position on the Between-Session Reliability of Force-Time Curve Characteristics in the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull. IMTP
32  2018 The Effect of Aspartate and Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Muscle Contractile Properties Among Trained Men. AMM, CBO, PLA, RFD
33  2018 Validity of an Isometric Midthigh Pull Dynamometer in Male Youth Athletes. PFBW, TEE
34  2017 MAOD
35  2017 Assessing Muscle-Strength Asymmetry via a Unilateral-Stance Isometric Midthigh Pull. CVs, ICCs, IMTP, ND
36  2017 Cluster Sets: Permitting Greater Mechanical Stress Without Decreasing Relative Velocity. CS2, CS4, MF, MP, MV, PP, PV, TUT, TW
37  2017 Effects of oncoming target velocities on rapid force production and accuracy of force production intensity and timing. RFD
38  2017 Maximum Strength, Rate of Force Development, Jump Height, and Peak Power Alterations in Weightlifters across Five Months of Training. JH, PP, RFD
39  2017 Methodological considerations in the calculation of the rate of force development scaling factor. RFD, RFD-SF
40  2017 The Effect of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage After a Bout of Accentuated Eccentric Load Drop Jumps and the Repeated Bout Effect. AEL, CMJ, DJs, EIMD, SJ
41  2017 The Effect of Hip Joint Angle on Isometric Midthigh Pull Kinetics. CV, ICCs, IMTP, RFD
42  2017 Upper-Body Strength Measures and Pop-Up Performance of Stronger and Weaker Surfers. DPU, FP POP, IPU, TTP
43  2017 Validity of Various Methods for Determining Velocity, Force, and Power in the Back Squat. 1RM, GYM, LPT, MF, MP, MV, PP, PV
44  2016 Comparison Between the Effects of Combining Elastic and Free-Weight Resistance and Free-Weight Resistance on Force and Power Production. PP, PV
45  2016 Does Muscular Force of the Upper Body Increase Following Acute, Direct Vibration? EMG, MF, RFD
47  2016 Maximal Velocity as a Discriminating Factor in the Performance of Loaded Squat Jumps. FT, SJ, Vmax
48  2016 Physical Differences Between Forwards and Backs in American Collegiate Rugby Players. CSA, MT, PA, PRFD, PV, VL
49  2015 A comparison of methods for determining the rate of force development during isometric midthigh clean pulls. avgRFD, CV, ICCalpha, RFD
50  2015 Acute Effects of Elastic Bands on Kinetic Characteristics During the Deadlift at Moderate and Heavy Loads. PP, PV, RM
51  2015 An Investigation Into the Relationship Between Maximum Isometric Strength and Vertical Jump Performance. CMJ, IMP, IMTPs, IPF, PP, SJ, VJ
52  2015 Carry-Over of Force Production Symmetry in Athletes of Differing Strength Levels. IMTP, WtD
53  2015 Effects of Concurrent Activation Potentiation on Countermovement Jump Performance. CAP, CMJ, ES, JH, RFD, TTPF
54  2015 Force-production asymmetry in male and female athletes of differing strength levels. CMJ, ES, IMTP, PP, WtD
55  2015 Iliac bone grafting of the intact glenoid improves shoulder stability with optimal graft positioning. ---
56  2015 Relationships Between Lower-Body Muscle Structure and Lower-Body Strength, Power, and Muscle-Tendon Complex Stiffness. CMJ, DSD, IMTP, LG, MTC, PV, SJ, VL
57  2015 Relationships Between Lower-Body Muscle Structure and, Lower-Body Strength, Explosiveness and Eccentric Leg Stiffness in Adolescent Athletes. CMJ, IMTP, LG, SJ, VL
58  2015 Using reactive strength index-modified as an explosive performance measurement tool in Division I athletes. CMJs, PP, RSImod
59  2014 Age-related changes in the rate of muscle activation and rapid force characteristics. MVC, RER, RFD
60  2014 Do the acute biochemical and neuromuscular responses justify the classification of strength- and hypertrophy-type resistance exercise? BL, CON, HYP, RE, RFD, STR
61  2014 Effect of Load on Peak Power of the Bar, Body and System during the Deadlift. PP, PV
62  2014 Exposure-response relationships for the ACGIH threshold limit value for hand-activity level: results from a pooled data study of carpal tunnel syndrome. ACGIH, AL, CTS, HAL, HR, TLV
63  2014 Improvement of outcomes with nonconcurrent strength and cardiovascular-endurance rehabilitation conditioning after ACI surgery to the knee. ACI, CON, EMD, FE, IKDC, KOOS, N-CON, RFD
64  2014 Kinetic comparison of the power development between power clean variations. HC, HP, JS, PPO, PV
65  2014 Pressure load on specific body areas of gestating sows lying on rubber mats with different softness. CA, CF
66  2014 Test-retest reliability of an insole plantar pressure system to assess gait along linear and curved trajectories. CA, CCW, CW, ICC, lin, PP
67  2014 The effects of running cadence manipulation on plantar loading in healthy runners. CT, FTI, PP, PTI
68  2013 Countermovement jump peak force relative to body weight and jump height as predictors for sprint running performances: (in)homogeneity of track and field athletes? CMJ, DJ, SJ, SLJ
69  2013 Risk of upper extremity biomechanical overload in automotive facility. TLV-ACGIH-HAL, UE-WMSD
70  2013 Validation of the ACGIH TLV for hand activity level in the OCTOPUS cohort: a two-year longitudinal study of carpal tunnel syndrome. ACGIH, AL, BMI, CTS, HAL, IRR, SD, TLV
71  2012 A suggestion of reference data for flow distribution at ankle and foot level using quantitative 99Tc-HDP three-phase bone scintigraphy. 99mTc-HDP, ROIs
72  2012 Difference in kinematics and kinetics between high- and low-velocity resistance loading equated by volume: implications for hypertrophy training. AP, PP, TI, TUT
73  2012 Divergent muscle functional and architectural responses to two successive high intensity resistance exercise sessions in competitive weightlifters and resistance trained adults. CI, HIRE, RFD, RT, VL, WL
74  2012 In vivo measurement of hindlimb neuromuscular function in mice. HEFT, HS, PRFD
75  2012 Neuromuscular responses to impact and collision during elite rugby league match play. GPS, PP, PRFD
76  2012 Relationships between salivary free testosterone and the expression of force and power in elite athletes. CMJ, F100ms, IMTP, PP, PRFD
77  2012 Scaling strength and power for body mass differences in rugby union players. BM, IB, LF, OB, PP, TF
78  2011 Markers of postmatch fatigue in professional Rugby League players. CMJ, PP, PRFD
79  2011 Relationships between force-time characteristics of the isometric midthigh pull and dynamic performance in professional rugby league players. CMJ, F100ms, PRFD
80  2011 The rate of force development scaling factor (RFD-SF): protocol, reliability, and muscle comparisons. RFD, RFD-SF, RFD-SF
81  2011 The reliability of linear position transducer and force plate measurement of explosive force-time variables during a loaded jump squat in elite athletes. CV, FP, GRFs, ICC, PT
82  2011 The role of rate of force development on vertical jump performance. CMJ, CV, PRFD, RFD, SJ, TPF, VJ, VJD
83  2011 Time course of stretching-induced changes in mechanomyogram and force characteristics. EMG, MMG, MTU, p-p, RMS
84  2011 Validating two systems for estimating force and power. GYM, MYO, PP
85  2010 Acute effects of elastic bands during the free-weight barbell back squat exercise on velocity, power, and force production. RFD
86  2010 Acute whole-body vibration elicits post-activation potentiation. PAP, RFD, RP, TP, WBV
87  2010 Evoked myotonia can be "dialed-up" by increasing stimulus train length in myotonic dystrophy type 1. FDI, RTs
88  2010 Reaching and grasping a moving target is impaired in children with developmental coordination disorder. DCD, MT, RT
89  2010 Relationship between isometric and dynamic strength in recreationally trained men. 1RM, RFD, VJ
90  2010 Relationship between relative net vertical impulse and jump height in jump squats performed to various squat depths and with various loads. JH, JS, PP, SJS
91  2010 Relationship between strength, power, speed, and change of direction performance of female softball players. BW, PP, PV, VJH
92  2010 Retest reliability of force-time variables of neck muscles under isometric conditions. RFD
93  2010 Sources of variability in iso-inertial jump assessments. MF, MP, PP, PV, RFD, rPP
94  2010 Timing and visual feedback constraints on repetitive finger force production. IRIs
95  2009 Bone mineral density and content of collegiate throwers: influence of maximum strength. BMD, PFa
96  2009 Changes in bar path kinematics and kinetics through use of summary feedback in power snatch training. 1RM, AF, PP, PS
97  2008 An examination of strength and concentric work ratios during variable range of motion training. 6RM, ROM
98  2008 Bimanual response grouping in dual-task paradigms. RT, SOAs
99  2008 Effects of stretching on maximal anaerobic power: the roles of active and passive warm-ups. AWU, CMJ, FT, PWU, SJ
100  2008 Eight weeks of ballistic exercise improves power independently of changes in strength and muscle fiber type expression. JS, PP, RFD