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Abbreviation : PF
Long Form : peritoneal fluid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Mass cytometry analysis reveals a distinct immune environment in peritoneal fluid in endometriosis: a characterisation study. ---
2019 Alteration of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells, Chronic Inflammatory Cytokines, and Exosomal miRNA Contribute to the Peritoneal Immune Disorder of Patients With Endometriosis. EMT, HGF, MCP, MDSCs, miRNA, Mo-MDSCs
2019 Arrangement of myofibroblastic and smooth muscle-like cells in superficial peritoneal endometriosis and a possible role of transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGFbeta1) in myofibroblastic metaplasia. pEM, SM, TEM, TGF-beta1
2019 CD4+/CD8+ mucosa-associated invariant T cells foster the development of endometriosis: a pilot study. EMS, MAIT, PB
2019 Clinical Relevance and Immunosuppressive Pattern of Circulating and Infiltrating Subsets of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs) in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. EOC, HD, MDSCs, PB, PMN, TIME, TT
2019 Different Features of Tumor-Associated NK Cells in Patients With Low-Grade or High-Grade Peritoneal Carcinomatosis. CRS/HIPEC, PC
2019 Differential Levels of Regulatory T Cells and T-Helper-17 Cells in Women With Early and Advanced Endometriosis. PB, Th17, Treg
2019 Elevated heme impairs macrophage phagocytosis in endometriosis. CI, Ctrl-pMphis, EMS
2019 Endometriotic Peritoneal Fluid Promotes Myofibroblast Differentiation of Endometrial Mesenchymal Stem Cells. alpha-SMA, CTGF, MSCs, SUSD2
10  2019 Enhanced expression of TACE contributes to elevated levels of sVCAM-1 in endometriosis. PMA, TACE
11  2019 Expressions of natural cytotoxicity receptor, NKG2D and NKG2D ligands in endometriosis. PB
12  2019 HLA-G is upregulated in advanced endometriosis. CTRL, EDT, sHLA-G
13  2019 IL-2 and IL-27 synergistically promote growth and invasion of endometriotic stromal cells by maintaining the balance of IFN-gamma and IL-10 in endometriosis. ESCs, IFN, IL, MMP
14  2019 Interleukin-15 and Interleukin-7 are the Major Cytokines to Maintain Endometriosis. IL, PB
15  2019 Peritoneal fluid from women with endometriosis impairs human spermatozoa functionality. AAA, Con A, PNA, TP
16  2019 Pharmacokinetics of anidulafungin in critically ill patients with Candida peritonitis. AUC, PK
17  2019 Seminal plasma (SP) induces a rapid transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGFbeta1)-independent up-regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transdifferentiation (EMT) and myofibroblastic metaplasia-markers in endometriotic (EM) and endometrial cells. EM, EMT, RSID, SP, TGF-beta1
18  2019 Serum and Peritoneal Fluid Cytokine Profiles in Infertile Women with Endometriosis. ---
19  2019 The inoculum effect of Escherichia coli expressing mcr-1 or not on colistin activity in a murine model of peritonitis. ---
20  2018 Comparative clinicopathological and cytomorphological analyses of peritoneal carcinomatosis associated with metastatic breast carcinoma and primary peritoneal/ovarian carcinoma in patients with a history of breast carcinoma. MBC, PC, PPOC
21  2018 Curcumin improves growth factors expression of bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes cultured in peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis. COC, GDF9, Kitl, TCM199, TNF alpha
22  2018 Determination of 1,3-beta-D-glucan in the peritoneal fluid for the diagnosis of intra-abdominal candidiasis in critically ill patients: a pilot study. 1,3-BDG, IAC
23  2018 Diagnostic accuracy of serum miR-122 and miR-199a in women with endometriosis. IL-6, miR-122
24  2018 Elevated peritoneal fluid ceramides in human endometriosis-associated infertility and their effects on mouse oocyte maturation. EAI, MII
25  2018 Expression of inflammatory cytokines in serum and peritoneal fluid from patients with different stages of endometriosis. ---
26  2018 Micro-RNA profile and proteins in peritoneal fluid from women with endometriosis: their relationship with sterility. IL, MIP1beta, miRNA, MMP3, PAI-1, RANTES, TIMP-1, TSP-1, uPA, VEGF-A
27  2018 Peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis reduces SOD1 in bovine oocytes in vitro maturation. ---
28  2018 Recombinant TsP53 modulates intestinal epithelial barrier integrity via upregulation of ZO‑1 in LPS‑induced septic mice. DAO, LPS, MLN, rTsP53, T. spiralis, TJs, ZO
29  2018 Role of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Endometriosis Pain. BDNF, ESCs, mRNA
30  2018 Suppressive regulatory T cells and latent transforming growth factor-beta-expressing macrophages are altered in the peritoneal fluid of patients with endometriosis. LAP, PB, TGF-beta
31  2018 The involvement of multifunctional TGF-beta and related cytokines in pathogenesis of endometriosis. IL, TGF-beta, Th
32  2018 The role of complement components C1q, MBL and C1 inhibitor in pathogenesis of endometriosis. C1-INH, MBL
33  2018 Upregulation of Interleukin 35 in Patients With Endometriosis Stimulates Cell Proliferation. ESCs, IL-35, PB, PI
34  2018 Vasoactive intestinal peptide is upregulated in women with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. CPP, IL, VIP
35  2017 Circulating and peritoneal fluid interleukin-6 levels and gene expression in pelvic endometriosis. AT, IL-6
36  2017 Comparison of inflammatory cytokines in peritoneal fluid at source control surgery for abdominal sepsis. PAC, SCL, VAC
37  2017 Does peritoneal flap closure technique following transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) inguinal hernia repair make a difference in postoperative pain? A long-term quality of life comparison. IHR, TAPP
38  2017 Dysregulation of the ADAM17/Notch signalling pathways in endometriosis: from oxidative stress to fibrosis. ADAM, alpha-SMA, AOPPs, Cs, DIE
39  2017 Endometriosis Leads to an Increased Trefoil Factor 3 Concentration in the Peritoneal Cavity but Does Not Alter Systemic Levels. CA, TFF3
40  2017 Evaluation of PLGA containing anti-CTLA4 inhibited endometriosis progression by regulating CD4+CD25+Treg cells in peritoneal fluid of mouse endometriosis model. anti-CTLA-4, CLSM, EEC, PLGA, TEM
41  2017 Fas-Related Apoptosis of Peritoneal Fluid Macrophages in Endometriosis Patients: Understanding the Disease. sFas
42  2017 High-throughput mRNA sequencing of stromal cells from endometriomas and endometrium. ---
43  2017 Influence of ovarian cancer type I and type II microenvironment on the phenotype and function of monocyte-derived dendritic cells. moDCs, OC
44  2017 Multiplex profiling identifies distinct local and systemic alterations during intraperitoneal chemotherapy for ovarian cancer: An NRG Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology Group Study. i.p, PW
45  2017 Peritoneal Fluid From Infertile Women With Minimal/Mild Endometriosis Compromises the Meiotic Spindle of Metaphase II Bovine Oocytes: A Pilot Study. IVM
46  2017 Redox regulation of microRNAs in endometriosis-associated pain. ---
47  2017 SSeCKS/AKAP12 scaffolding functions suppress B16F10-induced peritoneal metastasis by attenuating CXCL9/10 secretion by resident fibroblasts. PC, PMF
48  2017 The Presence of Endometrial Cells in Peritoneal Fluid of Women With and Without Endometriosis. ---
49  2016 Activity of temocillin in a lethal murine model of infection of intra-abdominal origin due to KPC-producing Escherichia coli. KPC
50  2016 Acute-phase proteins as diagnostic markers in horses with colic. Hp, SAA
51  2016 Association of the Precursor of Interleukin-1beta and Peritoneal Inflammation-Role in Pathogenesis of Endometriosis. ELISA, IL, LPS, pro-IL-1beta, sIL-1R2
52  2016 Dienogest mediates midkine suppression in endometriosis. DNG, DNG, ESC, MK, MPA, NETA
53  2016 Increased percentage of Th17 cells in peritoneal fluid is associated with severity of endometriosis. PB
54  2016 Platelet-derived TGF-beta1 mediates the down-modulation of NKG2D expression and may be responsible for impaired natural killer (NK) cytotoxicity in women with endometriosis. MPV, NK, NKG2D, TGF-beta1, WBC
55  2015 Addition of MCP-1 and MIP-3beta to the IL-8 appraisal in peritoneal fluid enhances the probability of identifying women with endometriosis. DIE, PE
56  2015 Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA), nitric oxide metabolite, and estradiol levels in serum and peritoneal fluid in women with endometriosis. ADMA, ELISA, NO
57  2015 Behavior of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and tumor necrosis factor receptor 1/tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 system in mononuclear cells recovered from peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis at different stages. mRNA, mTNF-alpha, sTNF-alpha, TNF, TNFR
58  2015 Chemerin Expression in the Peritoneal Fluid, Serum, and Ovarian Endometrioma of Women with Endometriosis. IL-6, TNF-alpha
59  2015 Comparison of ovarian cancer markers in endometriosis favours HE4 over CA125. HE4
60  2015 Detection of fungal DNA in peritoneal fluids by a PCR DNA low-density microarray system and quantitation of serum (1-3)-beta-D-glucan in the diagnosis of peritoneal candidiasis. PC, PCR
61  2015 Dexamethasone attenuates the embryotoxic effect of endometriotic peritoneal fluid in a murine model. HTF, IVF, PF-E
62  2015 Endometrial expression of LIF and its receptor and peritoneal fluid levels of IL-1alpha and IL-6 in women with endometriosis are associated with the probability of pregnancy. gp130, IL, LIF, LIFR
63  2015 Influence of disease process and duration on acute phase proteins in serum and peritoneal fluid of horses with colic. APP, SAA, WBC
64  2015 Leptin, its receptor and aromatase expression in deep infiltrating endometriosis. ---
65  2015 Macrophage-derived chemokine CCL22 and regulatory T cells in ovarian cancer patients. EOC, PB
66  2015 Oxidation-sensitive nociception involved in endometriosis-associated pain. ---
67  2015 Peritoneal fluid modifies the microRNA expression profile in endometrial and endometriotic cells from women with endometriosis. miRNA, VEGF
68  2015 Soluble CD44 concentration in the serum and peritoneal fluid samples of patients with different stages of endometriosis. sCD44, TPC
69  2015 Soluble ST2 and IL-33: Potential markers of endometriosis in the Tunisian population. sST2
70  2015 Tacks, staples, or suture: method of peritoneal closure in laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair effects early quality of life. IHR, QOL
71  2015 Urine, peritoneal fluid and omental fat proteomes of reproductive age women: Endometriosis-related changes and associations with endocrine disrupting chemicals. EDCs, MS, OF
72  2014 An increased level of IL-6 suppresses NK cell activity in peritoneal fluid of patients with endometriosis via regulation of SHP-2 expression. AM, IL-6, NK, NRF, SHP-2
73  2014 Association of neutrophil extracellular traps with endometriosis-related chronic inflammation. MPO, NETs
74  2014 Can chemokines be used as biomarkers for endometriosis? A systematic review. PB
75  2014 Control values of ovarian cancer tumor markers and standardisation of a protocol for sampling peritoneal fluid and performing washing during laparoscopy. FIGO
76  2014 Diagnostic value of lactate levels in acute abdomen disorders. ---
77  2014 Dienogest improves human leucocyte antigen-DR underexpression and reduces tumour necrosis factor-alpha production in peritoneal fluid cells from women with endometriosis. DNG, HLA, TNF
78  2014 Expression of natural cytotoxicity receptors on peritoneal fluid natural killer cell and cytokine production by peritoneal fluid natural killer cell in women with endometriosis. NCRs, NK, TGF, TNF
79  2014 Increased levels of biglycan in endometriomas and peritoneal fluid samples from ovarian endometriosis patients. ---
80  2014 Soluble c-Met expression in the peritoneal fluid and serum of patients with different stages of endometriosis. HGF, sc-Met, TPC
81  2014 T regulatory lymphocytes in patients with endometriosis. PB
82  2013 A tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitor reduces the embryotoxic effects of endometriotic peritoneal fluid. TNF-alpha
83  2013 Additive effects of inflammation and stress reaction on Toll-like receptor 4-mediated growth of endometriotic stromal cells. ESCs, HSP70, IL-6, LPS, MF, TLR4, TNF-alpha
84  2013 Efficacy of a synthetic antimicrobial peptidomimetic versus vancomycin in a Staphylococcus epidermidis device-related murine peritonitis model. ---
85  2013 Elevated glycodelin-A concentrations in serum and peritoneal fluid of women with ovarian endometriosis. ---
86  2013 Evidence of neurotrophic events due to peritoneal endometriotic lesions. BDNF, NGF, NT-3
87  2013 Heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor improves intestinal barrier function and reduces mortality in a murine model of peritonitis. CFU, CLP, EGF, IEC, KO, MLN, WT
88  2013 Increased levels of oxidative stress markers in the peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis. ---
89  2013 Low-density lipoproteins oxidation and endometriosis. oxLDL
90  2013 Reduced hemopexin levels in peritoneal fluid of patients with endometriosis. ---
91  2013 Serum amyloid A and haptoglobin concentrations in serum and peritoneal fluid of healthy horses and horses with acute abdominal pain. Hp, RI, SAA
92  2013 Serum and peritoneal fluid levels of vascular endothelial growth factor in women with endometriosis. VEGF
93  2013 The effect of peritoneal fluid from patients with endometriosis on mitochondrial function and development of early mouse embryos. ATP, HTF, mtDNA
94  2013 The role of placental protein 14 in the pathogenesis of endometriosis. PP14
95  2012 Analysis of cytokines in the peritoneal fluid of endometriosis patients as a function of the menstrual cycle stage using the Bio-Plex platform. ---
96  2012 CA-125 concentration in serum and peritoneal fluid in patients with endometriosis - preliminary results. CA125
97  2012 Chemokine CCL2 enhances survival and invasiveness of endometrial stromal cells in an autocrine manner by activating Akt and MAPK/Erk1/2 signal pathway. ESCs
98  2012 Comparative analysis of CA 125, ferritin, beta-2 microglobulin, lactic dehydrogenase levels in serum and peritoneal fluid in patients with ovarian neoplasia. beta 2m, LDH, ROC
99  2012 Correlation of angiogenic cytokines-leptin and IL-8 in stage, type and presentation of endometriosis. ---
100  2012 Endometriosis-associated nerve fibers, peritoneal fluid cytokine concentrations, and pain in endometriotic lesions from different locations. ---