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Abbreviation : PF
Long Form : pulmonary function
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Acute severe radiation pneumonitis among non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with moderate pulmonary dysfunction receiving definitive concurrent chemoradiotherapy: Impact of pre-treatment pulmonary function parameters. CI, dCCRT, DVH, HR, MLD, NSCLC, OR, ROC, SARP
2020 Association between health-related quality of life outcomes and pulmonary function testing. EOS, EOSQ-24, HRQoL, PFT
2020 Characterisation of pulmonary function trajectories: results from a Brazilian cohort. BMI, FEV1, FVC, LT
2020 Effects of maxillomandibular fixation and rigid internal fixation on pulmonary function in patients with mandibular fractures. FVC, MMF, ORIF, PEFR
2020 Improvement of Pulmonary Function Measured by Patient-reported Outcomes in Patients With Spinal Muscular Atrophy After Growth-friendly Instrumentation. EOSQ-24, FVC, SMA
2020 Long-term effects of ivacaftor on nonpulmonary outcomes in individuals with cystic fibrosis, heterozygous for a S1251N mutation. BC, BMI, CF, CPET, EC, REE
2020 Long-term pulmonary function after posterior spinal fusion in main thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. AIS, FEV1, FVC
2020 Pulmonary function decreases moderately after accelerated high-dose irradiation for stage III non-small cell lung cancer. CRT, DLCO, FEV1, IMRT-DART, MCID, NSCLC
10  2020 Relationship between airway inflammation and airflow limitation in elderly asthmatics. EA, EDN, NE
11  2020 Relationship Between Pulmonary Function and Thoracic Morphology in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A New Index, the "Apical Vertebra Deviation Ratio", as a Predictive Factor for Pulmonary Function Impairment. AIS, AVDR, CAD, T1-diaphragm, TM
12  2020 The Effect of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Lung Function and Exercise Capacity in Patients with Burn: A Prospective Randomized Single-Blind Study. CON, DM, FVC, MEP, MIP, MVV, PCF, PR
13  2020 The impact of surgical chest wall damage caused by classic thoracotomy on pulmonary function and morphology. CT, FEV1, FVC, PSM, VATS
14  2020 The response ranges of pulmonary function and the impact criteria of weather and industrial influence on patients with asthma living in Vladivostok. ---
15  2020 Xiaoqinglong Decoction Protects the Lungs of AECOPD Mice through the AMPK/mTOR Signaling Pathway. CLA, Com C, ERS, NC
16  2019 Diaphragmatic mobility in children with spastic cerebral palsy and differing motor performance levels. ACP, CE, CP, DM, HC, NACP, RMS
17  2019 Effects of biomass burning on pulmonary functions in tribal women in northeastern India. LPG
18  2019 Effects of occupational exposure to dust on chest radiograph, pulmonary function, blood pressure and electrocardiogram among coal miners in an eastern province, China. BP, CWP, ECG
19  2019 Effects of smoking and physical exercise on respiratory function test results in students of university: A cross-sectional study. FEV1, FVC
20  2019 Inhalation of sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) alleviates NO2-induced pulmonary function and hematological impairment in rats. FRC, Hct, Hgb, NaHS, RBC, TG
21  2019 Pneumonia: host susceptibility and shared genetics with pulmonary function and other traits. BB, dbGaP, eQTLs, GWAS, HLA, NHGRI-EBI, SNP
22  2019 The influence of weather and climate on patients with respiratory diseases in Vladivostok as a global health implication. ---
23  2019 Vitamin D intake, serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D and pulmonary function in paediatric patients with cystic fibrosis: a longitudinal approach. CF
24  2018 Additive effect on pulmonary function and disability of intensive pulmonary rehabilitation following bronchoscopy lung volume reduction (BLVR) for severe emphysema. BLVR, PR
25  2018 Breathe Easy, Speak Easy: Pulmonary Function and Language Performance in Aging. FEV1, FVC
26  2018 Comparison of the effectiveness in pain reduction and pulmonary function between a rib splint constructed in the ER and a manufactured rib splint. CCO, ER, RFs, VAS
27  2018 Scutellaria baicalensis Attenuates Airway Remodeling via PI3K/Akt/NF-kappaB Pathway in Cigarette Smoke Mediated-COPD Rats Model. BUD, SB, SD, WB
28  2017 Associations between body composition, physical capabilities and pulmonary function in healthy older adults. AT, FEV1, FVC, PA, SAT, SEE, SM, STS, VAT
29  2017 Long-term lung function in children following lobectomy for congenital lung malformation. CLMs
30  2017 pneuRIPTM: A Novel Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography Monitor. LBI, RIP
31  2017 The influence of isolated thoracoplasty on the evolution of pulmonary function after treatment of severe thoracic scoliosis. CAT, iTP
32  2017 Visceral and subcutaneous abdominal adiposity and pulmonary function in 30-year-old adults: a cross-sectional analysis nested in a birth cohort. FVC, SAT, VAT
33  2016 Physical Activity in Early Adolescence and Pulmonary Function Gain From 15 to 18 Years of Age in a Birth Cohort in Brazil. FEV1, FVC, PEF
34  2016 Relationship between Body Composition and Pulmonary Function in Early Adult Life: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Nested in Two Birth Cohort Studies. BC, DXA, FFM, FM
35  2016 Right Heart Involvement in Patients with Sarcoidosis. LV, PH, RV
36  2015 Changes in pulmonary function after definitive radiotherapy for NSCLC. FEV1, FVC, PFTs
37  2015 Serum retinol levels and pulmonary function in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis. CF, IgG
38  2015 The inspiratory capacity/total lung capacity ratio as a predictor of survival in an emphysematous phenotype of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. CIs, DLCO, FEV1, FVC, HR, IC/TLC
39  2015 Treating heterogeneous emphysema by lung volume reduction surgery using one-way valve stent implantation. 6MWD, AECOPD, FEV1, FVC, LVRS
40  2015 Vitamin E intake, alpha-tocopherol levels and pulmonary function in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis. CF, CFA
41  2014 Impact of ethnicity and extreme prematurity on infant pulmonary function. EP, FVC, GA, PTC
42  2014 Occupational health surveillance: Pulmonary function testing in emergency responders. FEV1, FVC, NHANES, OSHA
43  2014 Scoliosis and chest cage deformity measures predicting impairments in pulmonary function: a cross-sectional study of 492 patients with scoliosis to improve the early identification of patients at risk. FVC, PFTs, TC, TK
44  2013 Changes in pulmonary function during the early years after inpatient rehabilitation in persons with spinal cord injury: a prospective cohort study. FEV1, FVC, SCI
45  2013 Lung function after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in children: a longitudinal study in a population-based cohort. GVHD, HSCT
46  2013 Poor baseline pulmonary function may not increase the risk of radiation-induced lung toxicity. COPD, CRT, DLCO, FEV1, FVC, MLD, NSCLC, RILT, SRILT
47  2013 Prognostic value of resting pulmonary function in heart failure. BC, DLCO, EF, FEV1, FVC, HF, VA
48  2013 Pulmonary function impairment may be an early risk factor for late-life cognitive impairment. MCI
49  2012 Is there a lower limit of pretreatment pulmonary function for safe and effective stereotactic body radiotherapy for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer? SBRT
50  2012 Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with bronchiectasis: pulmonary function, arterial blood gases, and the 6-minute walk test. 6MWD, ABG, PR
51  2012 Restrictive pulmonary function is more prevalent in patients with ankylosing spondylitis than in matched population controls and is associated with impaired spinal mobility: a comparative study. AS, BASMI, CRP, ESR, PFT
52  2012 SU-E-J-192: Static Breath-Hold MRI Based Measurement of Change in Pulmonary Function Following a Course of Radiation Therapy. RT
53  2012 The effect of exercise training on pulmonary function and aerobic capacity in adults with burn. ---
54  2012 The effects of Ang-1, IL-8 and TGF-beta1 on the pathogenesis of COPD. Ang-1, COPD, FVC, IL-8, TGF-beta1
55  2011 Effect of supine posture on airway blood flow and pulmonary function in stable heart failure. CTRL, FEV1, FVC, HF, HF
56  2011 Pulmonary function in pubertal synchronized swimmers: 1-year follow-up results and its relation to competitive achievement. FVC
57  2011 The nonspecific pulmonary function test: longitudinal follow-up and outcomes. NS, TLC
58  2011 [Pulmonary function in children following community-acquired pneumonia contracted at pre-school age]. CAP
59  2010 Increase in markers of airway inflammation after ozone exposure can be observed also in stable treated asthmatics with minimal functional response to ozone. EBC, MDA
60  2010 Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Lung Disease in Two Inner City Community Hospitals: Recognition, Prevalence, Co-Infection with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTB) and Pulmonary Function (PF) Improvements After Treatment. MAC, Mtb, NTM
61  2010 Repaired oesophageal atresia: respiratory morbidity and pulmonary function in adults. BHR, OA, RSRQoL
62  2010 Safety and cardiovascular behavior during pulmonary function in patients with Marfan syndrome. CG, ECG, FEV, FVC, MS, SE, TCA
63  2009 Evaluation of protease inhibitors and an antioxidant for treatment of sulfur mustard-induced toxic lung injury. i.p, PE, SM, TP
64  2008 Effects of rhubarb extract on radiation induced lung toxicity via decreasing transforming growth factor-beta-1 and interleukin-6 in lung cancer patients treated with radiotherapy. FEV1, FVC, IL-6, RILT, TGF-beta1
65  2008 Reduced aerobic capacity in patients with severe osteoporosis: a cross sectional study. ANOVA, BMD, CPET, OP
66  2007 Body composition and respiratory function in healthy non-obese children. FEV1, FFM, FM, OR
67  2007 Does harboring hostility hurt? Associations between hostility and pulmonary function in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in (Young) Adults (CARDIA) study. FEV1, FVC, SD, SES
68  2006 Beta2-adrenergic receptor genotype and pulmonary function in patients with heart failure. ADRB2, Arg, BMI, CHF, Gly, LVEF
69  2006 Chronic GVHD and pretransplantation abnormalities in pulmonary function are the main determinants predicting worsening pulmonary function in long-term survivors after stem cell transplantation. MT, NST
70  2006 Pulmonary function in military divers: smoking habits and physical fitness training influence. ---
71  2005 Office spirometry in primary care pediatrics: a pilot study. ---
72  2005 Pulmonary effects of submerged oxygen breathing: 4-, 6-, and 8-hour dives at 140 kPa. CV
73  2004 Effects of exogenous growth hormone on resting pulmonary function in children with thermal injury. GH
74  2003 Differential local and systemic tumor necrosis factor-alpha responses to a second hit of lipopolysaccharide after hemorrhagic shock. BAL, HR, i.p, IL, LPS, SAL, Sham, TNF-alpha
75  2002 Effect of chronic airway inflammation and exercise on pulmonary and systemic antioxidant status of healthy and heaves-affected horses. AI, BAL, PELF
76  2002 Effect of exercise training on pulmonary function in children with thermal injury. BC, NB
77  2002 Impact of respiratory illness on expiratory flow rates in normal, asthmatic, and allergic children. PEFR, RI
78  2000 Post-intubation pulmonary function test in Guillain-Barre syndrome. GBS
79  2000 Prediction of peak oxygen uptake in men using pulmonary and hemodynamic variables during exercise. HR, SI
80  2000 Pulmonary function and health-related quality of life in a sample of long-term survivors of the acute respiratory distress syndrome. HRQL
81  1998 [Changes in respiratory mechanics after cardiac surgery]. ---
82  1996 Pulmonary function during the first year of life following acute viral bronchiolitis. ANOVA, Crs, FRC, MI
83  1994 Toxicity of thoracic radiotherapy on pulmonary function in lung cancer. PFT, RT
84  1992 Risk factors for reduced pulmonary function in women. A possible relationship between Pi phenotype, number of children, and pulmonary function. COPD, FVC, MMFR
85  1992 The effect of maternal smoking during pregnancy on early infant lung function. ETS
86  1990 Pulmonary function measures in healthy infants. Variability and size correction. p.c, PEFV
87  1987 Assessment of genetic and nongenetic influences on pulmonary function. A twin study. DZ, MZ
88  1985 Pathophysiologic study of 3-methylindole-induced pulmonary toxicosis in immature cattle. 3MI
89  1985 Temporal pulmonary function changes in cervical cord injury. FRC
90  1982 Postural drainage: variability of patients' responses. PD, PFT