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Abbreviation : PLS-DA
Long Form : partial least squares discriminant analysis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Analysis of individual red blood cells for Celiac disease diagnosis. CD, ROC
2021 Determination of milk fat authenticity in ultra-filtered white cheese by using Raman spectroscopy with multivariate data analysis. ---
2021 Metabolomic fingerprinting of volatile organic compounds for the geographical discrimination of rice samples from China, Vietnam and India. DD-SIMCA, HS-GC-MS, VOCs
2020 13C NMR-Based Chemical Fingerprint for the Varietal and Geographical Discrimination of Wines. NMR, PCA, VIP
2020 1H HR-MAS NMR and chemometric methods for discrimination and classification of Baccharis (Asteraceae): A proposal for quality control of Baccharis trimera. PCA, SIMCA
2020 1H NMR and multi-technique data fusion as metabolomic tool for the classification of golden rums by multivariate statistical analysis. PCA
2020 1H NMR-based metabolomic study of metabolic profiling for the urine of kidney stone patients. PCA
2020 1H NMR-based metabolomics for the discrimination of celery (Apium graveolens L. var. dulce) from different geographical origins. PCA
2020 A comparison of high-throughput plasma NMR protocols for comparative untargeted metabolomics. CPMG, LED, MA, NMR, TSP
10  2020 A comprehensive study of the aerial parts of Lonicera japonica Thunb. based on metabolite profiling coupled with PLS-DA. LJC, LJF, VIP
11  2020 A High Fat/High Sugar Diet Alters the Gastrointestinal Metabolome in a Sex Dependent Manner. chow, HFHS
12  2020 A novel UHPLC-HRMS-based metabolomics strategy enables the discovery of potential neuroactive metabolites in mice plasma, following i.p. administration of the main Crocus sativus L. bioactive component. AD, MVA, PCA, TC4
13  2020 A plasma metabonomics study on the therapeutic effects of the Si-miao-yong-an decoction in hyperlipidemic rats. PCA, SMYAD
14  2020 A rapid analysis method of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) using combination of computer vision and near-infrared. CV, HSYA, NIR, PLS, RPD
15  2020 A rapid sample preparation method for the analysis of stable isotope ratios of beef from different countries. DA, EA-IRMS, PCA
16  2020 A Specific Urinary Amino Acid Profile Characterizes People with Kidney Stones. ---
17  2020 A three-dimensional discriminant analysis approach for hyperspectral images. SVM
18  2020 Adipocytokines are not associated with gestational diabetes mellitus but with pregnancy status. GDM, PCA
19  2020 Alterations in the Glycan Profile of Mouse Transferrin: New Insights in Collagen-Induced Arthritis. CIA, IAC, mTf
20  2020 An HS-GC-IMS Method for the Quality Classification of Virgin Olive Oils as Screening Support for the Panel Test. HS-GC-IMS, VOOs
21  2020 An Innovative Multilevel Test for Hemoglobinopathies: TGA/Chemometrics Simultaneously Identifies and Classifies Sickle Cell Disease From Thalassemia. PCA
22  2020 An NMR-Based Chemometric Strategy to Identify Leishmania donovani Nucleoside Hydrolase Inhibitors from the Brazilian Tree Ormosia arborea. LdNH
23  2020 An unbiased lipidomics approach identifies key lipid molecules as potential therapeutic targets of Dohongsamul-tang against non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases in a mouse model of obesity. AST, Bax, Bcl-2, DST, HFHC, IR, IRS-1, LYPLA3, NAFLD, NTE, OGTT, p-AKT
24  2020 Analysis of corn and sorghum flour mixtures using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. LIBS, PLS
25  2020 Analysis of Volatile Components in Different Ophiocordyceps sinensis and Insect Host Products. GCGC-QTOFMS, HS-SPME
26  2020 Application of 1H and 13C NMR Fingerprinting as a Tool for the Authentication of Maltese Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ANN, EVOOs, NMR, PCA
27  2020 Application of ATR-FT-MIR for Tracing the Geographical Origin of Honey Produced in the Maltese Islands. ATR-FT-MIR, FFANN, LDA, SVM
28  2020 Application of genetic algorithm and multivariate methods in detection and measurement of milk-surfactant adulteration by attenuated total reflection and near-infrared spectroscopy. ATR, FTIR, GA, NIR, PCA, PLSR, SDS
29  2020 Application of High Resolution Mass Spectrometric methods coupled with chemometric techniques in olive oil authenticity studies - A review. CP-ANNs, EVOO, HCA, HRMS, LDA, OPLS-DA, PCA, RF, SOMs, SVM
30  2020 Applying univariate vs. multivariate statistics to investigate therapeutic efficacy in (pre)clinical trials: A Monte Carlo simulation study on the example of a controlled preclinical neurotrauma trial. LDA, PCA, RDA
31  2020 Aqueous humor metabolite profile of pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is distinctive. AH, IROA, PCA, PEX, POAG, SVM
32  2020 ATR-MIR spectroscopy as a tool to assist 'Tempranillo' clonal selection process: Geographical origin and year of harvest discrimination and oenological parameters prediction. ATR-MIR, PLS, SS, TA
33  2020 Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy combined with chemometric modelling for the classification of clinically relevant Enterococci. ATR FT-IR, PCA, PCR, SIMCA, SVM
34  2020 Attenuated total reflection: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for detection of heterogeneous vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus. ATR-FTIR, hVISA, MRSA, PCA, VSSA
35  2020 Authentication of barley-finished beef using visible and near infrared spectroscopy (Vis-NIRS) and different discrimination approaches. LT, Vis-NIRS
36  2020 Authentication of Greek PDO Kalamata Table Olives: A Novel Non-Target High Resolution Mass Spectrometric Approach. PCA, UHPLC-QTOF-MS
37  2020 Authentication of the Origin, Variety and Roasting Degree of Coffee Samples by Non-Targeted HPLC-UV Fingerprinting and Chemometrics. Application to the Detection and Quantitation of Adulterated Coffee Samples. HPLC-UV, PLSR
38  2020 Body fluid identification and assignment to donors using a targeted mRNA massively parallel sequencing approach - results of a second EUROFORGEN / EDNAP collaborative exercise. cSNPs
39  2020 Brain lipid profiles in the spontaneously hypertensive rat after subchronic real-world exposure to ambient fine particulate matter. MS
40  2020 Breath analysis of smokers, non-smokers, and e-cigarette users. HCA, MDA, PCA, VOCs
41  2020 Can We Trust Score Plots? ---
42  2020 Cerebral Lipid Dynamics in Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion Model by DESI-MS Imaging. ARA, BCCAO, DESI-IMS, DHA, HETE, VD
43  2020 Changes in Aroma Profile of Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes) during Different Stages of Hot Air Drying. PT-GC-MS
44  2020 Characterization and differentiation of boiled pork from Tibetan, Sanmenxia and Duroc(LandracYorkshire) pigs by volatiles profiling and chemometrics analysis. AHC, e-nose, OAVs, PCA
45  2020 Characterization and discrimination of microbial community and co-occurrence patterns in fresh and strong flavor style flue-cured tobacco leaves. FTLs
46  2020 Characterization of volatile sulfur compounds in soy sauce aroma type Baijiu and changes during fermentation by GCGC-TOFMS, organoleptic impact evaluation, and multivariate data analysis. GCGC-TOFMS, HS-SPME, OAVs, SSAB, SSARB, VSCs
47  2020 Characterization, Classification and Authentication of Turmeric and Curry Samples by Targeted LC-HRMS Polyphenolic and Curcuminoid Profiling and Chemometrics. LC-HRMS, PCA
48  2020 Chemical Characterization of Capsule-Brewed Espresso Coffee Aroma from the Most Widespread Italian Brands by HS-SPME/GC-MS. ECs, GC-MS, HS-SPME
49  2020 Chemical profiling and discrimination of green tea and Pu-erh raw tea based on UPLC-Q-Orbitrap-MS/MS and chemometrics. PRT, TGT
50  2020 Chemometric techniques coupled with NMR for matabolic profiling of lettuce exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbones. NMR, PAHs, PCA, TWW
51  2020 Chiroptical fingerprints to characterize lavender and lavandin essential oils. EOs
52  2020 Classification and Authentication of Paprika by UHPLC-HRMS Fingerprinting and Multivariate Calibration Methods (PCA and PLS-DA). PCA
53  2020 Classification and Quantification of Microplastics (<100 mum) Using a Focal Plane Array-Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging System and Machine Learning. SIMCA
54  2020 Classification for Penicillium expansum Spoilage and Defect in Apples by Electronic Nose Combined with Chemometrics. CARS, GA, KNN, LDA, PCA, PCA-DA, RMSEC, RMSEP, SI
55  2020 Classification of Neurological Patients to Identify Fallers Based on Spatial-Temporal Gait Characteristics Measured by a Wearable Device. AUC
56  2020 Co-cultured methanogen improved the metabolism in the hydrogenosome of anaerobic fungus as revealed by GC/MS analysis. GC/MS
57  2020 Coal Discrimination Analysis Using Tandem Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. LA-ICP-TOF-MS, LIBS, PCA, SVM
58  2020 Color discrimination and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry fingerprint based on chemometrics analysis for the quality evaluation of Schizonepetae Spica. GC-MS, HCA, PCA, SS
59  2020 Combining metabolomics with bioanalysis methods to investigate the potential toxicity of dihexyl phthalate. DCFH-DA, DHP, ESI, LC-MS, LC-Q-TOF-MS, qPCR, ROS
60  2020 Combining multivariate image analysis with high-performance thin-layer chromatography for development of a reliable tool for saffron authentication and adulteration detection. CCD, HPTLC, MIA, PCA, UASE
61  2020 Common disbalance in the brain parenchyma of dementias: Phospholipid profile analysis between CADASIL and sporadic Alzheimer's disease. CADASIL, CSF, ePC, ePE, GM, LPC, LPE, PA, PE, PLs, PS, SAD, sMC, WM
62  2020 Comparative metabolic expressions of fermented soybeans according to different microbial starters. LAB
63  2020 Comparison of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy for the detection of breast cancer based on serum samples. AUROC, PCA, RS, SERS
64  2020 Comparison of Volatiles in Different Jasmine Tea Grade Samples Using Electronic Nose and Automatic Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Followed by Multivariate Statistical Analysis. ATD-GC-MS, e-nose, HCA, VOC
65  2020 Complex Chemical Data Classification and Discrimination Using Locality Preserving Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis. LPPLS-DA
66  2020 Cross comparison of seminal plasma proteins from cattle and buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). emPAI, PCA
67  2020 Deciphering the Active Compounds and Mechanisms of Qixuehe Capsule on Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis Syndrome: A Network Pharmacology Study. APTT, FIB, PT, PV, QS-BSS, QXH, TCM, TT, WBV
68  2020 Deep Spectral-Spatial Features of Near Infrared Hyperspectral Images for Pixel-Wise Classification of Food Products. HSI, PCA, SVM
69  2020 Detection and identification of fungal growth on freeze-dried Agaricus bisporus using spectra and olfactory sensors. e-nose, HSI, MIR, NIR, PCA, PLSR, RMSEC, RMSEP, RPD
70  2020 Detection of fraud in high-quality rice by near-infrared spectroscopy. NIRS, SVM
71  2020 Determination of L-theanine in tea water using fluorescence-visualized paper-based sensors based on CdTe quantum dots/corn carbon dots and nano-porphyrin combining chemometrics. LOD, PLSR
72  2020 Determination of the levels of tryptophan and 12 metabolites in milk by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry with the QuEChERS method. ---
73  2020 Development of an inexpensive Raman-compatible substrate for the construction of a microarray screening platform. PA
74  2020 Difference in Biomarkers Between COVID-19 Patients and Other Pulmonary Infection Patients. COVID-19
75  2020 Differences in plasma metabolites related to Alzheimer's disease, APOE epsilon4 status, and ethnicity. AA, AD, APOE, AUC, CH, NHW
76  2020 Differentiating wild, lake-farmed and pond-farmed carp using stable isotope and multi-element analysis of fish scales with chemometrics. ---
77  2020 Discovering Temporal Patterns in Longitudinal Nontargeted Metabolomics Data via Group and Nuclear Norm Regularized Multivariate Regression. MTL, OPLS-DA
78  2020 Discrimination and Identification of Aroma Profiles and Characterized Odorants in Citrus Blend Black Tea with Different Citrus Species. GCGC-TOFMS, HS-SPME
79  2020 Discrimination of Cultivated Regions of Soybeans (Glycine max) Based on Multivariate Data Analysis of Volatile Metabolite Profiles. GC-MS, HCA, HS-SPME
80  2020 Discrimination of diesel fuels marketed in Morocco using FTIR, GC-MS analysis and chemometrics methods. FTIR, GC-MS, PCA
81  2020 Discrimination of grass pollen of different species by FTIR spectroscopy of individual pollen grains. EMSC, FTIR, NMF
82  2020 Discrimination of milk species using Raman spectroscopy coupled with partial least squares discriminant analysis in raw and pasteurized milk. ---
83  2020 Discrimination of narcotic drugs in human urine based on nanoplasmonics combined with chemometric method. SPR
84  2020 Distinguishing legal and illegal cigarettes by applying paper spray mass spectrometry and chemometric tools. PS-MS
85  2020 Effects of palmitic acid (16:0), hexacosanoic acid (26:0), ethephon and methyl jasmonate on the cuticular wax composition, structure and expression of key gene in the fruits of three pear cultivars. HA, MeJA, PA
86  2020 Enrichment of phospholipids using magnetic Fe3O4/TiO2 nanoparticles for quantitative detection at single cell levels by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. LODs
87  2020 Evaluation of Gas Explosion Injury Based on Analysis of Rat Serum Profile by Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabonomics Techniques. GEI, HR, MBP
88  2020 Evaluation of the Deterioration State of Archaeological Wooden Artifacts: A Nondestructive Protocol based on Direct Analysis in Real Time - Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) Coupled to Chemometrics. DART-MS
89  2020 Excavation of coffee maturity markers and further research on their changes in coffee cherries of different maturity. 5-CQA, CQAs, RSM, VIP
90  2020 Excitation-emission matrix fluorescence spectroscopy coupled with multi-way chemometric techniques for characterization and classification of Chinese lager beers. k-NN, LDA, PARAFAC
91  2020 Exhaled breath analysis by use of eNose technology: a novel diagnostic tool for interstitial lung disease. HCs, ILDs, ROC
92  2020 Exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) promotes cadmium (Cd) accumulation in Sedum alfredii Hance by regulating the expression of Cd stress response genes. ABA, Cd, MDA, PCA, Zn
93  2020 Exploring the metabolomic diversity of plant species across spatial (leaf and stem) components and phylogenic groups. GC-TOF-MS
94  2020 Fast detection and quantification of pork meat in other meats by reflectance FT-NIR spectroscopy and multivariate analysis. PCA, PLSR
95  2020 Flash Gas Chromatography in Tandem with Chemometrics: A Rapid Screening Tool for Quality Grades of Virgin Olive Oils. ---
96  2020 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Based Complementary Diagnosis Tool for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children and Adolescents. ASD, ATR-FTIR, PCA
97  2020 Frankincense and myrrh and their bioactive compounds ameliorate the multiple myeloma through regulation of metabolome profiling and JAK/STAT signaling pathway based on U266 cells. MYC, OPLS-DA
98  2020 Fructo-oligosaccharides from Morinda officinalis remodeled gut microbiota and alleviated depression features in a stress rat model. CUMS, DP, ERIC, FOSs, GM
99  2020 Gastric Bypass with Different Biliopancreatic Limb Lengths Results in Similar Post-absorptive Metabolomics Profiles. BPL, MVA, NMR, RYGB, T2D
100  2020 Geographical identification of Chianti red wine based on ICP-MS element composition. REE