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Long Form : posteromedial
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Compensatory Hippocampal Recruitment Supports Preserved Episodic Memory in Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD, MTLs, TD
2020 Soft tissue injury patterns in posteromedial rotatory instability with dislocation compared with posteromedial dislocation of the elbow joint. LCLC, PMRI
2019 A combined prone and supine approaches for complex three column tibial plateau fracture with posterolateral articular injury. KOOS, PL, TPFs
2019 Bicruciate lesion biomechanics, Part1-Diagnosis: translations over 15mm at 90 of knee flexion are indicative of a complete tear. ACL, AL, BI, PCL
2019 Comparison of the Effect of the Combined Mechanism Ankle Support on Static and Dynamic Postural Control of Chronic Ankle Instability Patients. AM, CAI, CFO, CMAS, COP, SAS, SEBT
2019 Connecting PM and MAP in Bayesian spectral deconvolution by extending exchange Monte Carlo method and using multiple data sets. MAP, MCMC
2019 Cortico-hippocampal network connections support the multidimensional quality of episodic memory. AT
2019 Inbreeding depression load for litter size in Entrepelado and Retinto Iberian pig varieties1. IDL
2019 Level- and sport-specific Star Excursion Balance Test performance in female volleyball players. COMP, EG, PL, SEBT
11  2019 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of the Asymptomatic Elbow Predict Injuries and Surgery in Major League Baseball Pitchers. DL, MLB, MRI, UCL
12  2019 Posteromedial versus Anteromedial Hamstring Tendon Harvest for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Retrospective Comparison of Accidental Gracilis Harvests, Outcomes, and Operative Times. ACLR, AM, GR, PROMs, ST
13  2019 The Effect of Cryotherapy Application to the Knee Joint on Dynamic Postural Stability. ANT, COP, FD, PL, SEBT
14  2018 Dynamic balance asymmetries in pre-season injury-prevention screening in healthy young soccer players using the Modified Star Excursion Balance Test-a pilot study. AN, MSEBT, NSTAB, PL, STAB
15  2018 Effects of balance evaluation comparison of dynamic balance and Y balance. AT, DBT, PL, YBT
16  2018 Functional performance tests identify lateral ankle sprain risk: A prospective pilot study in adolescent soccer players. AN, AUC, FPTs, PL, SEBT, SLHT
17  2018 Performance and reliability of the Y-Balance Test™ in high school athletes. ANT, PL, YBT-LQ
18  2018 Relationship between core stability and dynamic balance in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. BMD, PL, SBT, SEBT
19  2018 Segregated Subnetworks of Intracortical Projection Neurons in Primary Visual Cortex. AL
20  2018 Surgical Management of Anterolateral and Posteromedial Incisural Tentorial Meningioma. AL
21  2018 The relationship between performance on the modified star excursion balance test and the knee muscle strength before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACL, CR, PL, SEBT
22  2017 Beveled posteromedial corner of the radial head: a three-dimensional micro-computed tomography modeling study. AL, AM, MCT, MSBT, PL, SBP
23  2017 Comparison of Posteromedial Versus Posterolateral Approach for Posterior Malleolus Fixation in Trimalleolar Ankle Fractures. AOFAS, ORIF, PL, PMF, ROM
24  2017 Correlation between time from injury to surgery and the prevalence of ramp and hidden lesions during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. A new diagnostic algorithm. ACL, PHMM
25  2017 In vivo posterior cruciate ligament elongation in running activity after anatomic and non-anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACL, AL, DSX, PCL
26  2017 The accuracy of bony resection from patient-specific guides during total knee arthroplasty. DL, DM, LTP, PL, PSI
27  2016 A comparative analysis of arthroscopic double-bundle versus single-bundle posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using hamstring tendon autograft. AL, DB, DBPCL, PCL, SB, SBPCL
28  2016 Connectivity Profiles Reveal a Transition Subarea in the Parahippocampal Region That Integrates the Anterior Temporal-Posterior Medial Systems. AT, PHC, PHC, PHR, PRCc
29  2016 Differences of Intra-Articular Graft Length between Sandwich-Style Reconstruction and Zhao-Style Non-Remnant-Preserving Double-Bundle Reconstruction of Posterior Cruciate Ligament. AL, PCL
30  2016 Dynamic balance as measured by the Y-Balance Test is reduced in individuals with low back pain: A cross-sectional comparative study. ANT, cLBP, PL, YBT
31  2016 Limited Added Value of the Posterolateral Approach. AL, DPL, TF
32  2016 Precise periodic components estimation for chronobiological signals through Bayesian Inference with sparsity enforcing prior. FT, IGSM, IP, JMAP, KL, PC, RT-BIO, VBA
33  2016 Y-balance normative data for female collegiate volleyball players. ANT, PL
34  2015 Association of y balance test reach asymmetry and injury in division I athletes. ANT, CS, DI, PL, ROC, YBT
35  2015 Consequences of tibial tunnel reaming on the meniscal roots during cruciate ligament reconstruction in a cadaveric model, Part 2: The posterior cruciate ligament. PCL, PL
36  2015 Cortico-hippocampal systems involved in memory and cognition: the PMAT framework. AT
37  2015 Dynamic Postural-Stability Deficits After Cryotherapy to the Ankle Joint. ANT, PL
38  2015 Effect of Prophylactic Ankle-Brace Use During a High School Competitive Basketball Season on Dynamic Postural Control. AM, FT, SEBT
39  2015 Effect of Prophylactic Ankle-Brace Use During a High School Competitive Basketball Season on Dynamic Postural Control. AM, FT, SEBT
40  2015 Fracture pattern characteristics and associated injuries of high-energy, large fragment, partial articular radial head fractures: a preliminary imaging analysis. AL, AM, CT, LCL, PL
41  2015 Immediate effects of Mulligan's fibular repositioning taping on postural control in athletes with and without chronic ankle instability. AM, CAI, FRT
42  2015 Laboratory Measures of Postural Control During the Star Excursion Balance Test After Acute First-Time Lateral Ankle Sprain. ANT, COP, FD, LAS, PL, SEBT
43  2015 Mechanical properties and morphological analysis of the transitional zone between meniscal body and ligamentous meniscal attachments. AL, AM, Elin, PL
44  2015 Radiographic study on the tibial insertion of the posterior cruciate ligament. AL, PCL
45  2015 Star Excursion Balance Test Performance Varies by Sport in Healthy Division I Collegiate Athletes. ANOVA, ANT, COMP, PL, SEBT
46  2015 Strain balance of papillary muscles as a prerequisite for successful mitral valve repair in patients with mitral valve prolapse due to fibroelastic deficiency. AL, MR
47  2015 Variations in Star Excursion Balance Test Performance Between High School and Collegiate Football Players. ANT, COMP, PL, SEBT
48  2014 Computed tomographic study of the patterns of oesteoarthritic change which occur on the mandibular condyle. AC, AL, AM, CC, CL, CM, CT, OA, PC, PL, TMJs
49  2014 Echocardiographic evaluation of mitral inflow hemodynamics after asymmetric double-orifice repair. AL, MV, TEE
50  2014 Effects of hip strengthening on early outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, ANT, Hip, IKDC, PL, ROM, VAS, YBT-LQ
51  2014 Effects of knee flexion angle and loading conditions on the end-to-end distance of the posterior cruciate ligament: a comparison of the roles of the anterolateral and posteromedial bundles. AL, PCL
52  2014 Graft tension of the posterior cruciate ligament using a finite element model. AL, PCL
53  2014 Kinematic analysis of selected reach directions of the Star Excursion Balance Test compared with the Y-Balance Test. ANT, PL, SEBT, YBT
54  2014 Star Excursion Balance Test performance and application in elite junior rugby union players. PL, SEBT
55  2014 Structural Properties of the Meniscal Roots. AL, AM, PL
56  2014 The influence of upper body fatigue on dynamic standing balance. ANT, PL
57  2014 Use of a fluoroscopic overlay to guide femoral tunnel placement during posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. AL, PCL
58  2014 Use of robust multivariate linear mixed models for estimation of genetic parameters for carcass traits in beef cattle. DIC, HCW, MN, PD
59  2013 Anatomical Study and Morphometric Analyses on the Femoral Insertions of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament. AL, PCL
60  2013 Application of multivariate heavy-tailed distributions to residuals in the estimation of genetic parameters of growth traits in beef cattle. BBW, DIC, MN, MS, MSt, PD, PPI
61  2013 Attachments of separate small bundles of human posterior cruciate ligament: an anatomic study. PCL
62  2013 Characterization of the orientation and isometry of Humphrey's ligament. AL, HL
63  2013 Improvement in dynamic balance and core endurance after a 6-week core-stability-training program in high school track and field athletes. AFT, AM, BET, SBT, SEBT
64  2013 Radiographic assessment of the femoral insertion of the posterior cruciate ligament. AL, PCL
65  2012 Age and gender as determinants of the bone quality of the greater tuberosity: a HR-pQCT cadaver study. AL, Conn.Dens, RC, SC, Trab N, Trab Th, VOI
66  2012 Anatomic characteristics and radiographic references of the anterolateral and posteromedial bundles of the posterior cruciate ligament. AL, PCL
67  2012 Anatomical study of the anterolateral and posteromedial bundles of the posterior cruciate ligament for double-bundle reconstruction using the quadruple bone-tunnel technique. AL, PCL
68  2012 Case report: Osteochondral avulsion fracture of the posteromedial bundle of the PCL in knee hyperflexion. ---
69  2012 New mechanism of the posterior elbow dislocation. PFER, PL
70  2012 Posterior-mean super-resolution with a causal Gaussian Markov random field prior. MAP, ML, MRF, SR
71  2011 From wall graft to roof graft: reassessment of femoral posterior cruciate ligament positioning. AL, HL, ICN, MFC, PCL
72  2011 Hip- and thigh-muscle activation during the star excursion balance test. GMax, GMed, SEBT, VM
73  2011 Optimal double screw configuration for subtalar arthrodesis: a finite element analysis. AL, AM, PL
74  2011 The posteromedial knee arthroscopy portal: a cadaveric study defining a safety zone for portal placement. ---
75  2010 Anatomic variations of neurovascular structures of the ankle in relation to arthroscopic portals: a cadaveric study of Chinese subjects. AL, AM, PL
76  2010 Investigating the effect of social changes on age-specific gun-related homicide rates in New York City during the 1990s. BCI
77  2010 The orientation-dependent visual spatial cut-off frequency in a spider. ---
78  2009 Age and body surface area dependency of mitral valve and papillary apparatus parameters: assessment by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography. AL, BSA, LV, MV
79  2007 Adaptations for vision in dim light: impulse responses and bumps in nocturnal spider photoreceptor cells (Cupiennius salei Keys). AM
80  2007 Evaluation of in situ graft forces of a 2-bundle tibial inlay posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction at various flexion angles. AL, PCL
81  2007 The attachments of the fiber bundles of the posterior cruciate ligament: an anatomic study. AL, PCL
82  2006 Arthroscopic visualization of the posterior subtalar joint in the prone position: a cadaver study. PL
83  2006 Changes in knee laxity and ligament force after sectioning the posteromedial bundle of the posterior cruciate ligament. PCL
84  2006 Topography of cortical projections to the dorsolateral neostriatum in rats: multiple overlapping sensorimotor pathways. CO, PR, PV, SII
85  2005 [Arthroscopic transtibial double-bundle posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using calcaneal-tendon allograft]. AL, PCL, PDT
86  2004 Comparison of methods for handling censored records in beef fertility data: field data. DCMISS
87  2004 Comparison of methods for handling censored records in beef fertility data: simulation study. HPD, SD
88  2004 Computer analysis of PCL fibres during range of motion. AL, PCL
89  2003 Mechanical properties of subchondral cancellous bone of the radial head. AL, AM, PL
90  2003 Organization of ipsilateral excitatory and inhibitory pathways in the human motor cortex. AL, AM, cMEPs, EMG, FDI, iMEPs, ISIs, iSP, TMS
91  1997 The anatomic origin of the posterior cruciate ligament: where is it? Reference landmarks for PCL reconstruction. AL, PCL
92  1997 Tonotopic organization of auditory cortical fields delineated by parvalbumin immunoreactivity in macaque monkeys. AI, AL, AM, PL
93  1996 Cytochrome c oxidase defects of the human substantia nigra in normal aging. Ail, AM, COX, PL
94  1990 Efferent optic nerve impulses in response to illumination of single eyes of orb weaving spiders. AL, AM, PL
95  1987 Cell lineage, cell death, and the developmental origin of identified serotonin- and dopamine-containing neurons in the leech. ---
96  1983 Retinotopic organization of striate and extrastriate visual cortex in the hooded rat. AL, AM, LI, LL, LM, VF
97  1983 Single unit studies in the visual cortex of rodents. AL, AM, LI, LL, LM, VF